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From: San Francisco, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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InACage To Donate EP Sales For Cancer

San Francisco metal band InACage has issued the following update:

"We are proud to announce that our new EP 'Remains' is now available @ the Los Gatos Public Library! A special thank you to the entire staff! Los Gatos rocks! It will also be available soon through the Santa Clara County Public Library in weeks ahead! More info to follow."

"We hope you will help support our cause and purchase the EP ($5.00). 15 % of each album sold will be donated to the American Cancer Society. As some of you are aware, Darren Reinholz (our guitar player and bro) mixes chemo therapies for a living @ Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley (the same hospital I was born at). My grandfather currently has it in his spine, Stephanie's grandfather died from it in 2008 and we have had more family and friends than we care to count who have either had it @ one time or another or have unfortunately passed away from it. We hate the hell out of it! It runs deep. The other reason is that we would like to at least break even so we can record another album towards the end of the year. HAHA! In fact, we already have quite a bit of new material in the works!"

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InACage Issues New Album Update

San Francisco metal band InACage has issued the following update on the progress of their new album:

"We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!"

"We would also like to give you an update on our cd. We received the master copy this week and are happy with the results. It will be released in about 2 weeks."

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InACage Announces Departure of Vocalist

San Francisco's InACage has issued the following update regarding the departure of their vocalist, Jackie Souza:

"We have hit a minor setback with our recording process. We are disappointed to announce that our singer Jackie Souza will no longer be singing with INaCAGE. Therefore, we are back to being a power trio and Tony is once again handling all the vocals." More...

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InACage Begins Recording New EP

San Francisco metal band InACage has issued the following update regarding the progress of their upcoming EP:

"The time has finally come. And we emphasize the FINALLY! As of last Saturday, August 22 we began the first stages of our recording sessions with Stephanie laying down her drum tracks. We are recording with our long time friends who own 40 acres of land in the country. They have done a terrific job of building their own professional recording studio and we are very thankful to be recording our EP there. Beautiful scenery, away from all the noise so we can make our own and surrounded by dear friends! Good times!" More...

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Inacage Performing For Cancer Patients

California's Inacage has issued the following statement about performing for cancer patients:

"My bro and INaCAGE guitarist Darren Reinholz will be performing for cancer patients @ Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley with his blues band this afternoon. For those of you who are not aware, Darren mixes chemo's for a living for the hospital. The main reason as to how he became involved with this very special project.

"Not sure what song it will be, but Darren will be singing and playing a Stevie Ray Vaughn song! Something I personally am really looking forward to hearing!

"Come out and show support if you have some time! They will be performing from 4-5.

"Thanks, have a great weekend and take care!"

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Inacage Bassist Celebrates Two Years Of Sobriety

Bassist Anthony Pereda of California metal band Inacage has issued the following statement about reaching two years of sobriety:

"Hello all,

"I'm proud and thankful to say that today I have been sober for 2 years straight. After drinking for 15 it seemed like the chances of quitting for good were unlikely considering how much I love alcohol! lol.

"I still do! NA beer is nice because I love the taste! Clausthaler from Germany is my favorite! Miss the awesome micro brews though. Ha! However, there isn't a substitute for wine. Uh....grape juice doesn't do the trick. A glass of Merlot would be nice. OR A SHOT OF JACK! )=o)

"The first year was brutal! The 2nd was easy! I find it a little strange that it went by this fast but when you're in the process it seems like forever! Id also like to add that I did this on my own. I didnt go to AA meetings or become a reborn christian like many feel they have to do in order to have enough strength to quit. I say whatever works for you and if you accomplish your goal and are happy then more power to you! For me, I rather not attend meetings and hear sob stories while talking about alcohol for 2 hours! All that would do is make me want to go out and drink as soon as the meeting was over! As for being reborn? I don't need to go to church to help me quit. They have wine too! I'd take the whole goblet from the priest and down it! The only support I have needed is from my family and friends. THANK YOU MOM, STEPHANIE, ARIEL, DARREN, MIKE, MY AUNTS, UNCLES & COUSINS AND ANYONE ELSE WHO MAY HAVE ENCOURAGED ME ALONG THE WAY!! ALL OF YOU HAVE BEEN VERY HELPFUL AND I DONT THINK I WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS WITHOUT YOU! More...

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Inacage Issues Band Status Update

California metal band InACage has issued the following update about their current status and future live shows:

"We are getting real close to having a solid 9 song set down with Stephanie on drums and Darren on guitar. As for Mike, we still talk every weekend and get together when we can but schedules and location have made it difficult . Mike is my bro till the end and we both would prefer for things to be different but for now things are the way they are. Still got to get some shots of him and his new truck! I have been procrastinating. Perhaps next weekend.

"As for the prolonged delays, as already mentioned, the situation with Mike contributed to it but more importantly a drummer. It was relatively easy to find one but again, schedules, styles and location made it difficult. Personality was also a concern. You have to be able to hang out and kick it and not try to be the twirling drum stick freak rock star. lol Nothing personal gang just being brutally honest like I always am. ;)

"Back to where we are at now, our 9 song set is getting tighter with every practice and Stephanie has been an absolute joy to watch and listen to as she has tackled the drumming job with authority and determination. We certainly wouldn't have anything going on if it wasn't for her and her wonderful talent. Darren has been coloring the picture with his sick riffs and licks to help make the overall sound well rounded. As for myself, my biggest concern is not forgetting my lines. Haha! Memorizing Stephanie's fascinating and eloquent poetry has not been an easy task. Some lines are literally a tongue twister due to the amount of sylables tied in with how it is being phrased with the rhythm and tempo. More...

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