"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Ex Nihilo

Formed: 2007
From: Nashville, TN, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded


Ex Nihilo is a phrase in Latin which translates to “from nothing.” The band itself has risen from nothing in the past few months and is now in the process of becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Ex Nihilo came together initially as a group of friends who all shared a love for progressive heavy metal and a drive to create powerful, bombastic, and boundary-shattering music. The band first began throwing out ideas and jamming late in 2007, with enough success to realize their collective potential to do something great. The members each share a similar musical background, having worked on projects previously that allowed them each to hone their skills, which would eventually be used for the face-melting music they are making today.

As a musical outfit, Ex Nihilo hopes to open up Nashville's local music scene to something different. With combined musical influences of bands such as Death, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Judas Priest, Between The Buried and Me, Opeth, and Megadeth, they seek to shatter preconcieved notions of what metal "should" be.

The way they see it, diversity and change are highly respectable and wish to bring aspects of different genres of metal into their own sound to make their mark on the world.

Be prepared -- Ex Nihilo is about to make the ground shake with their thundering anthems.

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