"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Death Angel

Formed: 1982
From: San Francisco, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Death Angel News

Below is our complete Death Angel news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Death Angel Announces New Bassist

Thrash act Death Angel has issued the following statement about finding a new bass player:

"Death Angel is pleased to announce, and welcome new bassist Sammy Diosdado to the line up! A bay area native who formerly played with the S.F. Hardcore band The Sick. Also in San Francisco's Punk n' Roll outfit All Time Highs! featuring Mark Osegueda from Death Angel on lead vocals. With his in your face punk assault on bass, and on stage he was the perfect fit to fill the shoes of former bassist, and founding member Dennis Pepa who brought the punk attitude to Death Angel on albums, and on stage! Vocalist Mark Osegueda states "I could not be more thrilled! People in the Bay Area who have seen Sammy on stage know what I'm talking about, and now it is time for the rest of the world to see! Sammy just Plain ROCKS! So I urge all Death Angel fans to welcome Sammy to the Death Angel family, and come see us live when we come to your town that will be all the convincing you will need that we made the right choice!!!"

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Will Haven Confirmed For Chi Cheng Benefit Show

Following Death Angel's announcement that they'll be taking part in the benefit show for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, Will Haven and Testament vocalist Chuck Billy have also confirmed their participation.

The benefit show takes place this Saturday, November 29th at Fat City in San Francisco. The show is only $12 and tickets can be purchased at the door.

Cheng is reportedly currently still in a coma following a car accident.

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Death Angel Vocalist Talks About Bassist Leaving

Death Angel vocalist Mark Osegueda recently spoke with Ground Control about a number of topics including the departure of long-time bass player Dennis Pepa, the legacy of Death Angel and more. An excerpt from the chat is available below.

Q: Alright. Well, I just read that (bassist) Dennis Pepa has left the band?

A: "Yeah, Unfortunately this is Dennis' last show with the band, which is... sad, but, you know, when one reaches the end, one reaches the end. I know I've done it before (laughs). I wish him well, we all do, and he wishes us well. We are going to carry on and start auditioning new bassists, but we are going to keep writing until we find one, and we will continue when we find one and start doing some shows when they come our way."

Read the full article at Ground Control.

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Death Angel To Perform Benefit Show For Deftones

Legendary thrash metal band Death Angel has posted the following message online:

"A lot of you may have heard that Chi Cheng from the DEFTONES was in a car accident and is in a coma. There is a benefit show for him and his family this Saturday (November 29th) at Fat City in San Francisco. The Death Angel boys are going to jam out some tunes for the cause with other great bands joining in. Come show your support."

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Death Angel Auditioning New Bassists

Thrash metal legends Death Angel has posted the following message online:

"As many of you may or may not know, (bassist) Dennis (Pepa) has departed from the band. We wish him all the best.

"So now it's time for someone new to join the pack! We are now accepting applications for this position... do you have what it takes? If you wanna give it a shot, please send bio, photo, demo and or link to your website / MySpace page so we can check you out!

Send your info to: deathangelbass@gmail.com

"We look forward to hearing from you. Oh yeah, better have your passport in order as we are doing a week of dates in Australia in March and who knows what else... let's JAM!"

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Death Angel Bassist Quits The Band

More than 25 years after co-founding Death Angel with his brother Gus Pepa (guitar) and cousins Mark Osegueda (vocals), Rob Cavestany and drummer Andy Galeon, bassist Dennis Pepa has left the band.

“I’ve been with Death Angel since its inception in the ’80s and believe it is time for me to move on,” he said in a statement to Blabbermouth.net. “Throughout my career with the band, I’ve brought a punk-influenced edge to the Death Angel sound, and as an open-minded musician in need of change, I’d like to diversify and explore other opportunities within and beyond the genre of metal.”

Pepa insists he harbors no ill feelings towards his band members. “The Death Angel guys are my family, both literally and figuratively speaking, and I wish them luck on their future endeavors. Many thanks to the fans, who have extended their support and friendship. I look forward to being involved in new music projects and continuing to connect with all of you.”

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Death Angel And Armored Saint To Tour Australia

Old school metal fans in Australia will be in for a treat in March as Death Angel and Armored Saint will be teaming up for a tour. No word yet if any more bands will be on the bill.

The tour dates are as follows:

March 10th - Brisbane - The Tivoli Theatre
March 11th - Melbourne - Billboard The Venue
March 12th - Sydney - The Forum
March 13th - Adelaide - HQ
March 15th - Perth - The Capitol

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Death Angel Confirmed For Magic Circle Festival

San Francisco thrash metal pioneers Death Angel have been confirmed as the latest addition to a stellar Magic Circle Festival lineup. The Magic Circle Festival will be held in Bad Arolsen/Germany from July 9 to 12, 2008. Death Angel will be performing as a special guest at the MCF Events Hall on Thursday, July 10th.

The latest festival itinerary is as follows:

17:30 - 18:15 BENEDICTUM
18:45 - 19:45 MSG
20:15 - 21:15 TED NUGENT
22:00 - 23:15 ALICE COOPER More...

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Voice Connection Interviews Death Angel Vocalists

Death Angel's Mark Osegueda and Rob Cavestany sat down with The Voice Connection to discuss singing, song-writing and their brand new CD "Killing Season." Here's an excerpt:

Valerie: First of all, thank you for accepting to do this interview. I’m going to dive right into the singing related questions because I know you don’t have a lot of time. How would you define your singing styles? Obviously Mark is the lead singer but you both sing well and you both have very contrasting styles…

Mark: Absolutely! Mine is power rock based. The ultimate goal is to sound somewhat between Bon Scott meets Bruce Dickinson and Dio! It's a powerful base thing. A lot of times I just let my power take me where it wants to go. I can hold notes long and attack with a very resilient voice. I can't necessarily say that's where it's started but I'm fortunate enough that it has gone more powerful over the years where for a lot of people it’s gone the opposite.

Rob: It's a pretty good description! That's how I picture him when he's singing. That's why he's the lead singer and I'm the coming relief! We do have contrasting styles so we just have to reconcile in that way. I find it really difficult to sing the style Mark is singing, which I love but my voice just doesn't sing that way. My singing is more melodic. We speak alike because we grew up together but when we're singing we have two different colours of sound in our music to use.

Read the full article at The Voice Connection.

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Light This City Drops Off Tour

Light This City has dropped off their current tour with Death Angel, God Forbid, and Soilent Green, and has also cancelled their appearance on the upcoming Thrash and Burn Tour, with Darkest Hour et al. Rumors suggest that the San Francisco band has in fact broken up.

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Death Angel Announces European Shows

Bay Area thrashers Death Angel have announced several headlining European dates this summer, which are as follows:

20 - Hellfest - Clisson, France
21 - Kobetasonik Festival - Bilbao, Spain
22 - Mephisto - Barcelona, Spain
24 - Festhalle Ruegerholz - Frauenfeld, Switzerland
25 - Hafen - Innsbruck, Austria
26 - Boogaloo Klub - Zagreb, Croatia
28 - Noc Plna Hvezd Festival - Trinec, Czech Republic
29 - Hunterfest - Szczytno, Poland
30 - Firlej - Wroclaw, Poland

2 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
3 - Patronaat - Haarlem, Netherlands
4 - Underground - Cologne, Germany
5 - Waldrock Festival - Burgum, Netherlands
6 - La Scene Bastille - Paris, France
8 - Double Six Lyon - Vaise, France
9 - Die Rohre - Stuttgart, Germany
10 - Magic Circle Festival - Bad Arolsen, Germany
11 - 59 to 1 - Munich, Germany
12 - Evolution Festival - Milan, Italy

More dates are expected to be released soon.

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"Get Thrashed" DVD Release Date Announced

"Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal" will be released on DVD in August. The DVD features footage and interviews with thrash legends ranging from Metallica to Kreator to Hirax. You can read an interview with director Rick Ernst at this location.

The complete list of bands interviewed is as follows:

Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Godsmack, Hatebreed, Megadeth, Testament, Overkill, Death Angel, Shadows Fall, Meshuggah, In Flames, Strapping Young Lad, Stone Sour, Superjoint Ritual, Lamb of God, Vio-lence, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction , Nuclear Assault, Voivod, Chimaira, Biohazard, Fozzy/WWE Superstar Chris Jericho, Sepultura, Kittie, The Haunted, DRI, Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, Heathen, Hirax More...

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Death Angel Comic Book Revealed

Artist Joshua Emerick, who has previously worked with THE BEATLES, CKY, SOCIAL DISTORTION and SONIC YOUTH, has created a DEATH ANGEL themed comic book in collaboration with the bands members. Other possible contributors include ROB ZOMBIE and comedian Brian Posehn, who most recently put out a stand up comedy/Metal record via Relapse Records. The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted with the renowned comic and toy oriented magazine, Wizard:

Wizard: So how much can you tell me about the DEATH ANGEL project?

Emerick: "The DEATH ANGEL project started from when I did the CKY comic book. And what happened was that Darren Miller, who was the lead singer for CKY, also had a Death Metal band and the record label he's working through let me know that DEATH ANGEL was doing a comic book. And I was like, 'Yeah! I'll do it!' cause a lot of my work to date has been a lot of rock pieces. I've done a lot of artwork for the BEATLES' magazines, for SONIC YOUTH, SOCIAL DISTORTION, I did CKY's tour shirts and their comic books."

Wizard: In the DEATH ANGEL comic, how collaborative was it? How many writers did you have working with you?

Emerick: "I brought in the writer that I grew up with. We used to make comics when we were kids and we stayed close friends and he did the CKY book for me. We did a couple things for Cartoon Network for proposals for shows. I kept him on with me when I got a new writer who came in. He's a stand up comedian and he's helping on the book as well. And Dennis Pepa, the bass player [of DEATH ANGEL], he's actually the one I've been talking to the most, though. He's the one we're forming the comic book company with."

Wizard: You mentioned bringing in a comedian. Is the comic going to be like a "Metalocalypse" thing where you're making fun of Metal while also celebrating it?

Emerick: "Pretty much, yeah. The first series has a lot to do with how music is being taken over by corporate music offices and everything. But when it comes to the one-liners and punch lines, that's where the comedian comes in and adds his flavor to it."

Wizard: So it's a struggle with the corporatization of Rock and Roll?

Emerick: "Yeah, what happens is since they're called DEATH ANGEL, we have the Angel of Death - the Grim Reaper - come in and he knocks them all off. And somehow they go to an alternate universe. It's kind of like 'Akira', based in the future where everything's a mess: a post-apocalyptic setting. And there's the main villain, Ludwig, and ironically he's death. He's the one controlling this thing called the 'Sonic Beatdown', that's one of DEATH ANGEL's new singles that they released. I guess it's the B note that he's controlling and using to take control of the world pretty much. And DEATH ANGEL is going to come in and try to make things better and help people out."

Wizard: Help people out by rocking?

Emerick: [Laughs] "Pretty much, yeah! [Laughs] They're pretty much going to get together as a team and they're gonna make the 'Sonic Beatdown' instrument turn against the leader and try to reverse everything and try to bring harmony back to the world. There's all kinds of mech robots, there's machines that are half robot, half human, half animal."

Wizard: That sounds pretty awesome!

Emerick: "Yeah, the writers did a really good job on this one. I'm really happy with it and I'm halfway done with the book now with penciling and inking. And I'm just really happy with it now."

Read the full article at Wizard Universe.

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God Forbid To Release DVD

New Jersey metallers, GOD FORBID will be releasing a DVD entitled "Beneath the Scars of Glory and Progression," which will be released on June 10th. The DVD features a sold-out perform Fance at the Starland Ballroom in the group's hometown, all of their promotional videos, and an hour documentary.

Doc Coyle issues the following comments regarding the DVD, "Hey, it's Doc checking in from the 4th day of the 'In Thrash We Trust' tour with Death Angel, Soilent Green and Light This City. So far it's been a blast. The first two shows were with Testament, and they were excellent. We are sharing a bus with Death Angel and they are really some of the nicest guys I have ever met. There is a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm that they carry with them. Man, do they destroy live! I wasn't too familiar with them before the tour, but I can see why they are considered legends. Soilent Green and Light This City are kicking ass too. Great people and awesome bands." More...

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Death Angel Checks In From The Road

Guitarist Rob Cavestany of DEATH ANGEL recently checked in from the “In Thrash We Trust Tour” with GOD FORBID, SOILENT GREEN and LIGHT THIS CITY:

“First night of the ‘In Thrash We Trust Tour’, right on the heels of our European Tour, and we are ready to kick ass for another month straight! It feels great to finally be out on the road again man; almost like a weight has been lifted off our backs. We had a lot of problems getting out their for ‘The Art of Dying’ and now it’s time to make up for those lost moments in time. Seeing the look on our fans faces, and hearing them scream their lungs out night after night is the best feeling in the world, and we’ve been away from that for too long. Anyone that comes to a DEATH ANGEL show knows that we love to play live and we welcome everyone to share that incredible feeling with us. We are stronger than we’ve ever been and now is the time to see us more than ever! See you all out there on the road! ‘Killing Season’ has begun!”

Here are the confirmed tour dates: More...

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Arsis Replaces Soilent Green On Death Angel Tour

ARSIS have been announced as the replacements for SOILENT GREEN on the following dates of the upcoming “In Thrash We Trust” tour, which features DEATH ANGEL, GOD FORBID, and LIGHT THIS CITY:

June 4 - St. Louis, MO @ Pop’s
June 5 - Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
June 6 - Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room
June 7 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s
June 8 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House
June 9 - Montreal, QC @ Foufounes
June 10 - Quebec City, QC @ L’Anti
June 11 - New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club

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Light This City Offers Third In-Studio Update

San Francisco’s LIGHT THIS CITY has posted the band’s third in-studio video update exclusively at Revolver magazine’s website. Focusing on vocal tracking, the footage features commentary from the band, snippets of music, and a brief look at Testament mainman Chuck Billy’s vocal contributions to LIGHT THIS CITY’s forthcoming record, the band’s fourth. Also contributing a guest vocal spot on the album is lead scream John from labelmates The Funeral Pyre.

“We have been in the studio in Oakland, CA with engineer Zack Ohren tracking the follow up to Facing the Thousand, which should see a release date in September,” said drummer Ben Murray. “We couldn’t be more excited on how these new songs have turned out, and we are SURE that you guys will love them. Stay tuned for more info on the album as well as more video journals as the recording progresses.”

LIGHT THIS CITY was also recently added to the In Thrash We Trust tour alongside Death Angel, God Forbid, and Soilent Green, along with two shows alongside Testament, which will start May 1 in Michigan and conclude June 11 in New York City, criss-crossing the United States and parts of Canada along the way. Meanwhile, the band will play a handful of regional shows in April before hitting the road with the In Thrash We Trust tour package.

Here are the latest Light This City tour dates: More...

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Death Angel Become Lords Of The Underworld

Camden's Underworld venue has hosted some great performances from many of the old school thrash and death metal legends. Death Angel would be no exception.

The first band to hit the stage was Austria's Demolition. The band demonstrated some really good sounds in the vein of older death metal acts and were quite possibly the heaviest band of the night. Whilst they were good at what they did, they received only a limited reaction from the audience, which was a shame because they were pouring their heart and soul into the set. Demolition was a good live band that restores your faith that there is "real" death metal still going. More...

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Death Angel's "Dethroned" Video To Premiere

DEATH ANGEL’s video for "Dethroned," a track off their latest album, "Killing Season," will debut online on Thursday, April 17th on Headbangers Blog and on-air on MTV2's Headbangers Ball this Saturday, April 19th at 11 p.m. EASTERN / 8 p.m. PACIFIC.

Director/producer Robert Sexton had this to say about his ties to DEATH ANGEL and how the gig practically landed in his lap:

“I’m excited about this video and I think D.A. fans are going to go nuts for it. It’s a great song and there are a lot of layers to the story and to the visuals. There’s something new to see every time you watch it, and DEATH ANGEL’s performance decimates. My band Genocide opened for DEATH ANGEL at an all-ages show in a Masonic Hall in Grand Haven, Michigan in the late ‘80s. Years later, I ran into Mark Osegueda at an absinthe party at Kirk Hammett’s house in San Francisco. Mark informed me that DEATH ANGEL were doing their new album, and I asked to be put in the mix to direct the video. Keep your eyes open for the ‘unclean’ edit that’s bound to surface somewhere… and keep watching the skies.”

DEATH ANGEL will launch a North American co-headlining “In Thrash We Trust” tour with God Forbid on May 1st in Michigan, with support coming from Soilent Green and Light This City. The band’s first tour since 1990, guitarist Rob Cavestany says, “We couldn’t be more stoked! ‘In Thrash We Trust’ will be our first full-blown tour since we hit the road for Act III eighteen years ago and we are gonna bring it! ‘Killing Season’ has begun!!!”

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Mercenary European Tour Diary Available

Danish metallers MERCENARY are keeping a diary from their current European tour with DEATH ANGEL at Sounds2move.de.

"Isolation (The Loneliness In December)", the new video from MERCENARY, can be viewed here. The track comes off the band's new album, "Architect of Lies", which was released last month through Century Media Records.

Featuring artwork by Niklas Sundin (ARCH ENEMY, DARK TRANQUILLITY), "Architect of Lies" was made available as a regular CD and a special limited-edition version featuring the bonus track "Death Connection" and a bonus DVD containing live footage filmed at Bang Your Head!!! festival 2007 and Summer Nights festival 2007, a detailed studio report and the promo video for "My World Is Ending". More...

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