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Band Photo: Pestilence (?)

Formed: 1986
From: Enschede, Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Pestilence news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Pestilence Posts Drum Audition Video

Resurrected death metal band Pestilence recently announced that they replaced their previous session drummer Peter Wildoer with Yuma Van Eekelen. Pestilence has now posted online Yuma Van Eekelen's drum audition video, which can be viewed below.

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Pestilence Recruits New Drummer

Front man Patrick Mameli of the resurrected death metal outfit Pestilence has released the following statement about recruiting a new drummer:

"The waiting has come to an end. Pestilence has found a new drummer for the upcoming U.S. tour and maybe even the next Pestilence album! After, actually, a short period of time, after many mails and auditionings, our minds (Patrick Mameli and Patrick Uterwijk's) were already set in the same direction. Somebody caught our attention. Someone really special and driven. His blasts and double-bass drum parts are amazing and furious!! His way of thinking about Peter (Wildoer's) parts are phenomenal and give just the right vibe to the already recorded songs for the 'Resurrection Macabre' album. Video footage of the infamous audition will follow shortly.

"His name is Yuma Van Eekelen. Remember that name! He's gonna be VERY BIG pretty soon! He is a very worthy replacement of Peter Wildoer, who will remain a drumgod! Let's go back to Yuma for a second! We will follow up shortly with an update on this guy and show you parts of his audition so y'all can see this guy's skills.

"So, people, please don't send in more stuff because PESTILENCE has found a NEW DRUMMER!!! Stay tuned on what happens next!!!"

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Pestilence Auditioning New Drummers

Pestilence has issued the following announcement about auditioning new drummers:

"Brothers, as you all might know, the mighty Jeroen is back in the Pestilence camp!!! To make things even more interesting, we, Pestilence, are currently auditioning new drummers. We like to keep things top secret because we want to give everybody a fair chance. But things are getting gestalt now and ya'll be ready to be blown away pretty soon!!! We always like to stirrrr things up and come up with new combinations to keep the Pestilence style fresh!! Everybody knows/knew that the incredible Peter Wildoer, is and was a session drummer for the Resurrection Macabre album. Now it's time for some new blood. We will always try to top our previous album...so we WILL find the next unhuman line up! Hang in there and spread the word...... NEXT GENERATION PESTILENCE DRUMMING!!!!"

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Pestilence Recruits Former Bassist

Pestilence has been rejoined by their former bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura) after a 15 year hiatus. Jeroen commented: "After such a long period of time it's great to be part of Pestilence again. I'm convinced that this cooperation will result in brilliant technical death metal. In order to avoid misunderstandings I want to emphasize that I will continue to work with my German colleagues of Obscura as well."

Patrick Mameli of Pestilence stated: "I'm very happy to welcome Jeroen once more to the Pestilence camp. Also a big thanks goes out to Tony Choy, who succesfully participated on the 'Resurrection' album and tour. We all wish him the best of luck in the future!!! Tony is just too busy that we had to find a suitable replacement. I'm convinced that Jeroen, just like Tony on 'Resurrection' , will put his signature on this new Pestilence album, that fans really don't have to compare these two great bass players with eachother. Both have a great style. Also, I would like to stress that, by no means, this collaboration with Jeroen, will result in a 'Spheres' part 2, since this is not our goal. Our goal is to create the most brutal and technical Pestilence album ever. I'm currently composing new songs with the 8 string IBANEZ, which will give Pestilence a new dimension in our own style. Keywords: Low, chuncky and a-tonal morbidity!!! So be ready to be blown away!!!"

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Pestilence Issues Tour Recap

Patrick Mameli of Pestilence has issued the following tour recap and information about an upcoming album:

"Dear readers,

"Well, the touring, the festivals and the travelling, it all has come to an end for us. I think we covered pretty much all the countries in ..Europe.. we really wanted to go to!

"Also, I want to give props and a big thank you, to the guys in the band, Choy, Wildoer and Uterwijk for their input and strength to finish this tour. Also a warm shout goes out to all the fans that have attended our show(s). We really appreciate this!! Now we will have a nice and long break to regroup and I have already started working on new material for the upcoming new Pestilence album. It’s so exciting to compose new songs using the RG2228GK ( 8-string ) provided by HOSHINO/IBANEZ.

"Again, I will try to push the limit to new musical heights. The new material will be nothing like you’ve ever heard before from Pestilence yet I will be trying hard to maintain the Pestilence style to a maximum. By now everybody should be used to the fact that no Pestilence album sounds alike. This new material will be out of this world!!! So hang in there, and for now Peace."

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Obscura Bassist Comments on Metal Mixing

Dutch bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling (OBSCURA/Ex-PESTILENCE) says most bassists should be more audible in death metal recordings. "In many of the death metal productions the bass guitar is simply absent or inaudible in the mix, which is a shame. Perhaps this is one of those aspects that will change as the genre evolves. We are lucky to have bassists like Steve DiGiorgio and Alex Webster, both of whom have contributed greatly to the death metal style of bass playing."

Further information can be found at www.jeroenthesseling.com and www.warwick.de More...

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Pestilence Posts New Music Online

Dutch metal band, Pestilence, has posted some tracks on their MySpace page from their latest album, "Resurrection Macabre." The album was released on April 28th.

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Ensemble Salazhar Seeking Record Deal

Dutch band ENSEMBLE SALAZHAR is looking for a record label. Founded in 2005 by guitarist Ronald Bekking and Jeroen Paul Thesseling (OBSCURA, ex-PESTILENCE) with the intent to bring world music into dialogue with other modern styles. "We are currently working on the final recordings and it’s time to find the right label to release a debut album," according to Thesseling.

Four promo tracks of ENSEMBLE SALAZHAR can be found at www.jeroenthesseling.com.

Thesseling joined the German progressive death metal band OBSCURA in late 2007, with which he recorded their second full-length album, "Cosmogenesis," released in early 2009 via Relapse Records. Recently OBSCURA embarked on their first-ever North American tour alongside CANNIBAL CORPSE.


Ronald Bekking – Guitar, Guitar Synth
Hans Grotenbreg – Piano, Rhodes Piano
Jaap van Keulen – Percussion, Samples
Jeroen Paul Thesseling – Bass

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Headline News

Pestilence Denied Entry Into The United States

Pestilence will not headline today, May 24th, at the Maryland DeathFest due to their detainment at the US border. Band leader Patrick Mameli and guitarist Patrick Uterwyck were kept in custody for several hours and sent back to the Netherlands late yesterday.

Upon entering the US and stopping at customs they discovered their paper work, which was sent to them, for their travels was not properly completed for the required working visas. Originally they were told all was in order and to proceed on the trip to the US. They spent a total of 44 hours in flights and detainment.

“We are extremely sad and disappointed not being able to perform on the MDF. Not having received the proper information on our visa application, we were under the impression that what we received from the securing visas and working permits office was the actual working permits,” explains band leader Patrick Mameli. “We were kept under custody by the border security police for 4 hours trying to do everything in our power to let us pass, but all our efforts failed. They sent us home on the next plane. Hopefully we will be given another chance to perform for you, our fans!”

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Pestilence Posts "Devouring Frenzy" Video Online

Netherlands based death metal veterans Pestilence has posted their new music video online for the song, "Devouring Frenzy." You can check it out below. The song comes from the bands latest studio album, "Resurrection Macabre." More...

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Pestilence Posts New Song Online For Free Download

Dutch metal band, Pestilence, has posted a new song to their official MySpace page. “Devouring Frenzy” is the last of 3 songs that the band has added before the release of “Resurrection Macabre” on April 28th.

The new album was recorded in Denmark, with producer Jacob Hansen. The new incarnation of Pestilence consists of original band member Patrick Mameli, the American bass wizard Tony Choy (Atheist, Cynic, a.o.) and powerhouse drummer Peter Wildoer (Arch Enemy, Darkane, a.o.). Guitar player Patrick Uterwijk will join the band for the live shows. More...

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Lay Down Rotten Posts Second Video Blog Online

German death metal band, LAY DOWN ROTTEN, have uploaded a second video blog from the studio. Click here and watch guitarists Daniel Jakobi and Nils Förster laying down tunes for the new LAY DOWN ROTTEN album, "Gospel Of The Wretched." "Gospel Of The Wretched" was recorded at the Desert Inn studios in Germany and mixed by the infamous Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath) at Unisound studios in Örebro, Sweden. More...

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Too Much Is Never Enough: Technical Metal in 2009

Earlier in the year Metal Underground presented its annual “Best Of” awards and with his finger always on the pulse, deathbringer mentioned a new dominance in metal leading us into 2009. Maybe you’ve noticed the extra acoustic interludes, the blazing shred solos, the disjointed poly-rhythms or maybe you haven’t - but either way a cloud of progressive influence has undoubtedly emerged over the metal scene. Not just in our minds here at MU, but in the minds of fans Opeth, Cynic, Meshuggah, Nachtmystium and Ihsahn stood out with impressive 2008 releases. Even more excitement and interest has been generated by collaborations between Ihsahn and Opeth, and 2009 hasn’t let up with Mastodon’s progressive opus “Crack The Skye” and Obscura’s “Cosmogenesis” leading the charge.

So what magic is at work here aside from great prog-metal releases? Larger bands such as the explosive power metal act DragonForce and progressive groovers Mastodon have played a large part in the uprising of the pursuit of extreme talent for more mainstream metal fans - opening legions of otherwise clueless greenhorns to the bar of instrumental ability. Old hands such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and numerous thrash acts have also not been untouched by the progressive aura and have regained the thirst for pushing technical boundaries - a truly founding ideal of metal if ever there was one. Another force at play here is the power the internet has had in exposing technical freak shows like Necrophagist as well as many young tech-metal heads being introduced to metal and fostered through 90s progressive acts such as Tool or Dream Theater. Not enough for you? Let’s take a little trip back in time then. More...

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Pestilence Posts Another New Song Online

Netherlands based death metal act Pestilence has posted another new song from their forthcoming new studio album, "Resurrection" online. You can check out the song "Devouring Frenzy" by heading to the bands official Myspace.

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Vreid To Join Pestilence On European Tour

Vried will be joining Pestilence on their European tour in April. Hváll of Vreid commented on this development:

"Pestilence is one of those dinosaurs that will never die. They have been away for 15 years, but are now back stronger than ever. Back in the early 90’s Pestilence, Death and Carcass were top notch in my book, and songs like ‘Out of the Body’, ‘Twisted Truth’ and ‘Parracide’ are timeless classics. Some weeks ago we were asked to join the Pestilence reunion European tour as special guests – this is a great honour for us.

"We have just finished a tremendous European tour with Kampfar and Iskald. We did not know what to expect as this was a headliner tour, but the response was amazing. The venues were crowded, the audience gave us killer feedback, and the shows in London, Paris and Bischofswerda were some of the highlights. The new songs were working out very well live, and the live set these days is without doubt the strongest set ever.

"The Skogstur was the first part of the Milorg tour 09. The second part will start at the Inferno festival in Oslo, and from there we go to London with Pestilence. The Pestilence tour will once again bring us to the great rock cities of Paris and London, as well as new venues in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Here are the tour dates featuring Vreid with Pestilence: More...

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Slipknot, Down And More Added To Graspop 2009

The organizers of this years Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Dessel, Belgium has announced some more bands for the festival in the form of Slipknot, Down, Exodus, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Motley Crue, Gojira, The Gathering, Buckcherry, Marilyn Manson, Jon Olivia's Pain, Pestilence and August Burns Red.

The lineup is now as follows:

Heaven And Hell
Motley Crue
Marilyn Manson
Lacuna Coil
Dream Theater
God Forbid
Sacred Reich
August Burns Red
Papa Roach
Jon Olivia's Pain
Blind Guardian
Wolves In The Throne Room
Legion of The Damned
Laaz Rockit
Scar Symmetry
Parkway Drive
Negura Bunget

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Pestilence Posts New Song "Hate Suicide" Online

Dutch death metal legends Pestilence has posted a brand new song online entitled, "Hate Suicide." The song comes from their forthcoming new album, "Resurrection Macabre" which is their first in fifteen years. You can check out the song at the bands official Myspace page.

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Bands Announced For 2009 Maryland Death Festival

Below is a list of bands for each day of MDF 2009, which will take place May 22 - 24. There are several different scenarios on the table as far as stage setup goes, so we won't be announcing exact set times until sometime in March. Set times will be planned so you don't have to pick and choose what band you want to see because two are playing at one time.

Individual day tickets will go on sale on Monday, January 19th.

You can expect doors to open around 3:30 pm on Friday and 12:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. These are only estimates, but not off by more than 30 minutes or so. More...

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Loads More Bands Confirmed For Hellfest

Plenty more bands have been confirmed for this years edition of France's biggest metal festival, Hellfest. Among the new names confirmed are Deicide, Gojira, Pentagram, Amebix and Soilent Green. A press release from the festivals organizers reads as follows:

"Hello everyone!

As promised, here is the list to be added to that of December 2008!

Nobody will be surprised to see names to satisfy all those who are fans of Hellfest and it will be Christmas all over again!

"Who can already boast having seen the fathers of American Doom PENTAGRAM, the American Black Sabbath founded by Bobby Liebling who, unfortunately, didn't have as much fame but, nevertheless remains THE reference for all fans of these slow and wicked musics! The first and only date in Europe will be at Hellfest! the real godfather of US Doom!

"Not to forget without whom such artists as Neurosis, Napalm Death, Sepultura and many others, would never have found their different sounds! The inventor of Crust, AMEBIX is back in Europe for one date only, connaisseurs will be happy and all others will listen attentively as extreme music wouldn't be the same without them! More...

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Pestilence Announces European Tour Dates

Dutch metallers, Pestilence, have recorded their first record in 15 years. The album, entitled "Resurrection Macabre," [cover art] features eleven new tracks and the limited edition first print will include three re-recordings chosen by fans. "Out Of The Body," "Chemo Therapy," and "Lost Souls" were voted most.

In order to promote "Resurrection Macabre Pestilence" will embark on a European tour. The tour dates are as follows:

04/09 - Inferno Festival - Oslo, NOR
04/10 - Atak - Enschede, NL
04/11 - Paaspop - Schijndel, NL
04/12 - Underworld - London, UK
04/13 - Underground - Cologne, DE
04/14 - Nouveau Casino - Paris, FR
04/16 - Transilvania Live - Erstfeld, CH
04/17 - Backstage - Munchen, DE
04/18 - Rock Planet - Pinarella, IT
04/19 - Sonar Club - Colle Val d'Elsa, IT
04/21 - Viper Room - Vienna, AT
04/22 - Steinbruch Theater - Darmstadt, DE
04/23 - Easy Schorre - Halle, DE
04/24 - Schutzenhaus - Oelnitz, DE
04/25 - P3 - Purmerend, NL
04/26 - Biebop - Vosselaar, NL
04/28 - AN Club - Athens, GR
04/29 - Milos Giorgiou - Thessaloniki, GR More...

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