"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Eryn Non Dae.

Formed: 2001
From: France
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Eryn Non Dae. News

Below is our complete Eryn Non Dae. news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Eryn Non Dae. Premiere Full-Album Stream

Eryn Non Dae. premiere the full-album stream of the band's brand new album "Abandon Of The Self", out in stores now via Bandcamp.

Check out now "Abandon Of The Self" in its entirety below.

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Eryn Non Dae. Debut New Song "Halo"

French band Eryn Non Dae. debut a new song entitled "Halo", taken from their upcoming new album "Abandon of Self", which will be released on March 9th via Debemur Morti Productions. Abandon of Self was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band’s long-time collaborator Mobo, and the artwork was created by the band’s bassist Mickaël André.

Check out now "Halo" below.

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Eryn Non Dae. Signs With Debemur Morti

Debemur Morti Productions is extremely proud to announce the signing of adventurous French band Eryn Non Dae. The band comments:

"We always felt that our previous labels signed us without really knowing what the band was all about. This resulted in some discomfort on both sides. Something new and exciting is coming with our agreement with Debemur Morti Productions.

"Regarding what they have done since 2003, we feel that we share a common vision about what a record can be, a work of passion, time and dedication. This is what Eryn Non Dae. had been about since day one. Creating the new album has been a strange journey and we are excited and very impatient to embrace a new era with Debemur Morti Productions!" More...

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Eryn Non Dae. Releases New Music Video

Eryn Non Dae. has teamed up with Metalinjection.net to premiere a new music video for "Hidden Lotus."

The video was directed by Arnaud Gransagne and can be found below. "Hidden Lotus" comes off the "Meliora" album out now through M&O Music.

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Axis Of Metal Releases Second Compilation

Axis of Metal has now released a second free online compilation (check out the first one here), which can be streamed or downloaded via Bandcamp or in the player below. Axis of Metal also commented:

"Axis Of The Underground Volume 2 will treat your eardrums to the thrashiest of metal, heinous black metal, putrid death metal, empowering traditional metal, methodical doom metal, boundary pushing progressive metal, the grooviest of groove metal, avant-garde madness, and bouncy folk metal among many other genres and incarnations of heavy sounds.

"We’ve loaded our heavy metal shotgun and are discharging the most comprehensive of compilations to satisfy even the pickiest of nay-sayers and nitpickers. Axis Of The Underground is our way to give back to the genre that has brought all of us years and years of elation and enjoyment. So sit back, crack a cold one, or roll a herbal cigarette and hit play on the bandcamp player below, and be prepared to be whisked away to a heavy metal nirvana. "

1. Obduracy - Virtue And Vice 04:38
2. Razorwyre - Knights Of Fire 03:23
3. Wings Denied - Clockwork 04:50
4. Desultor - Black Monday 03:13
5. Monsterworks - Freewill 04:28
6. Rusted Brain - Caught In The Fire 02:29
7. Scythia - Sailor's Accolade 03:19
8. Symptom - Into The Scalding Spring 05:43
9. Eryn Non Dae - Hidden Lotus 06:12
10. Lich King - In The End, Devastation 04:36
11. Cultfinder - Archangel Burial 02:51
12. Derelict - Shackles Of Indoctrination 05:14
13. Infiltrator - Crush The False 05:59
14. Mares Of Thrace - The Gallwasp 04:36
15. Cryptopsy - Damned Draft Dodgers 03:57
16. Entropy - Encryption 07:11
17. Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds 04:35
18. Fatality - Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep 05:25
19. Gypsy Chief Goliath - St. Covens Tavern 05:56
20. Adrenechrome - Titans Fall 03:18
21. Invective - Systemic 03:22
22. Dire Omen - Deserving Of Ash 03:09
23. Mortor - Under The Flag 03:00
24. Bushwhacker - Forest Lord 08:09
25. Abstract Violence - S.N.M. 03:25
26. Seprevation - Sea Of Thoughts 03:02
27. Luna Azure - Meadows Of Spring 06:43 More...

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Eryn Non Dae. Unveils New Album Details

Eryn Non Dae. has revealed the band's second album "Meliora" is set to drop on October 8th, 2012. You can stream snippets from the songs on "Meliora" at this location. The following press release was issued about the album:

"Eryn Non Dae. push the limits of their metal further still: Meliora is both cerebral and organic, complete with dynamic relief, softer abstract and atmospheric passages of contained energy appear and transport the listener. From this highly textured mosaic the concept comes to life: this time coming from a long introspective process. Meliora speaks of the metamorphosis of a man into a higher being. This transformation is born from a realization of inner truth. On this inexorable journey towards the end, a light may be found.

"The lyrics of Meliora swing between appeasement and resignation, with references to mythology and alchemy. Filled with actual experiences, the album expresses a physical and psychic quest. The lyrics are raw and fragile, vindictive and sensitive, bleak yet filled with goodwill and hope. Meliora is, finally, a fragment of pure humanity."

The album's track listing is:

1. Chrysalis
2. The Great Downfall
3. Scarlet Rising
4. Ignitus
5. Muto
6. lack Obsidian Pyre
7. Hidden Lotus

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Eryn Non Dae. Finishes New Album

French act Eryn Non Dae. has announced the band has now completed the mixing and mastering process for an upcoming, as-yet-untitled new full-length album. The follow-up to "Hydra Lernaia" (reviewed here) was recorded at ConKrete Studio.

Some of the announced song titles at this point include "Chrysalis," "The Great Downfall," "Black Obsidian Pyre" and "Scarlet Rising." Full details on the finalized track listing, title, and release date will be announced as they are made available.

In the mean time, you can check out more info on Eryn Non Dae. over at the band's official Facebook profile.

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Prog Sphere Offering Free Compilation Download

Grayceon has issued the following announcement about the song "Shellmounds" being included on a free digital compilation album:

"We are pleased to be a part of Prog Sphere's Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness-Part V! This compilation includes bands from all over the world and is FREE to download from their site.

"Grayceon's track, 'Shellmounds,' is included in the compilation, so get over there and download it today and enjoy some great music for FREE!"

The album can be downloaded directly at this location and the track listing is as follows:

EXIVIOUS – Waves of Thought
MIOSIS – The Lucid
AGNOSIA – Adrift Into Lie
FORNOST ARNOR – The Tragedy of Delusion
AZURE AGONY – Mystic Interiors
RELOCATOR – The Alchemist
ECHOES – Despair
BLOTTED SCIENCE – Laser Lobotomy
HEMINA – And Now to Find a Friend
NEUROMIST – Reason Crusade
EXIST – Writhe
ALLEY – Days for Gray
A FOREST OF STARS – Raven’s Eye View
FINNR’S CANE – The Hope for Spring
ERYN NON DAE. – Existence Asleep
7th NEMESIS – Distorted Mass (of Unformed Matter)
GRAYCEON – Shellmounds

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Eryn Non Dae. To Record New Album

French metal act Eryn Non Dae. has issued the following announcement about entering the studio to record a new album:

"The new album of Eryn Non Dae., still untitled at the time of writing, will be about metamorphosis. 'Chrysalis,' 'The Great Downfall,' 'Black Obsidian Pyre' or 'Scarlet Rising' are a few of the titles which will be featured on END.'s new offering. In August, the band will head for Mobo's Conkrete Studio to record the successor of 'Hydra Lernaïa.'"

Additional details on the upcoming album's title, track listing, and release date will be announced as they are made available.

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Eryn Non Dae Posts Video Interview

Avant garde metal band Eryn Non Dae have posted a three-part interview that includes questions from fans. Conducted in French, the videos have English subtitles for the mono-linguists. The first video is below and the last two are after the jump.


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Eryn Non Dae Post Live Video

Avant Garde Metal band Eryn Non Dae has posted live performance of "Existence Asleep" which is the third track from 2009 full length "Hydra Lernaia." It can be viewed below:

Eryn Non Dae. Existence asleep live pro shot

Eryn Non Dae. | MySpace Music Videos

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Eryn Non Dae. Posts Live Video Of "Pure" Online

Eryn Non Dae. has posted live peformance video footage of the song "Pure," off their latest album, "Hydra Lernaia."

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Eryn Non Dae. Posts Video Clip Online

Post-apocalyptic French metal monsters ERYN NON DAE. shot a video for the song, "The Decline And The Fall." The artistic short movie can be viewed at www.vs-webzine.com.

"Hydra Lernaia," ERYN NON DAE.’s debut album, was released weeks ago on Metal Blade Records. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mobo at ConKrete Studio in Bordeaux, France.

The tracklisting for "Hydra Lernaia" is as follows:

1. When Time Elapses
2. Blistering Hate
3. Existence Asleep
4. The Decline And The Fall
5. Lam Tsol Oua
6. Through Dark Skies
7. Opposites From Within
8. Echoes Of Distress
9. Pure

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Eryn Non Dae. Uploads New Song Online

Post-apocalyptic French metal monsters, Eryn Non Dae. have just uploaded the 2nd song from their upcoming debut album Hydra Lernaia. You can check out "The Decline And The Fall" on their MySpace player.

Eryn Non Dae. is currently filming a video for this song which should be ready in just a few weeks!

"Hydra Lernaia" will be available everywhere on June 23rd.

As per its mythological definition - the mythical nine-headed serpent, slain by Hercules, that grew two heads in place of each one that was cut off, unless the wound was cauterized - Hydra Lernaia explores nine human feelings as many-sided problems that present new difficulties each time one aspect of them seems to be solved or overcome. Each song is a feeling; each feeling is an incurable disease that tortures the heart of man.

The "Hydra Lernaia" track listing is as follows:

1. When time elapses
2. Blistering hate
3. Existence asleep
4. The decline and the fall
5. Lam Tsol Oua
6. Through dark skies
7. Opposites from within
8. Echoes of distress
9. Pure

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Eryn Non Dae. Posts New Album Teaser Video

ERYN NON DAE. has posted a teaser clip for their highly anticipated new album, "Hydra Lernaia", which is scheduled for release by Metal Blade Records all over Europe on the 19th / 22nd of June 2009, and the US release on the 23rd of June. The clip can be viewed below: More...

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Eryn Non Dae. Reveals New Album Details

Innovative French metallers ERYN NON DAE. (formerly END.) have set "Hydra Lernaia" as the title for their debut album, which is due June 19/22 in Europe.

"Hydra Lernaia" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mobo at ConKrete Studio in Bordeaux, France.

The tracklisting for "Hydra Lernaia" is as follows:

1. When time elapses
2. Blistering hate
3. Existence asleep
4. The decline and the fall
5. Lam Tsol Oua
6. Through dark skies
7. Opposites from within
8. Echoes of distress
9. Pure

"Hydra Lernaia" will be released as a Digipak CD all over Europe on the 19th / 22nd of June 2009. The US will release the album on the 23rd of June.

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End. Changes Name To Eryn Non Dae.

The innovative French metal outfit End. has changed their name to ERYN NON DAE.

"There are simply too many bands with a similar name out there", the members of the band explained in a press release. "Of course we would have loved to keep the name but our label pointed to us that it would be wiser to start under a new banner and they are right. The three words of ERYN NON DAE. do not only start with the initials of END, it is also a dark and eerie name that fits our music perfectly!".

ERYN NON DAE. delivers complex and brutal structures while at the same time adding doses of dark and apocalyptic moods, keeping you addicted.

ERYN NON DAE. just finished working on their first album which is set for release in June of 2009. More details on the album will be revealed soon.

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