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Formed: 2004
From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Valkyrja News

Below is our complete Valkyrja news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Valkyrja Announces New Vocalist, Tour Dates

Swedish black metal cult Valkyrja has announced two pieces of momentous news: the full dates for a first North American tour alongside Finnish band Archgoat, and the addition of brand-new vocalist, RSDX. A statement from founding guitarist S.W. reads:

"We have worked together for over a decade. We moved in the shadows and set ablaze what is to us known as Valkyrja. A journey fed by the passion for the forbidden, towards a horizon yet unknown, a strive constantly distracted by worldly matters. A creation that exceeds any individual value.

"With grief, I hereby announce that the now-former vocalist A.L will no longer participate in Valkyrja as you know it. As his presence and our creations go beyond any outer circumstances, he will, though, always have his part. Despite that, nothing can stop the wild fire we once started. We have now prepared under the surface, and we are finally ready to reveal the news. We hereby welcome our new singer RSDX, who is willing to burn and feed the hungry flames with utter dedication!"

Following on from last full-length, "The Antagonist's Fire," Valkyrja is now prepared to spread the gospel across North America. As direct support to Archgoat, Valkyrja's first North American tour will span March and early April and spread disease through 17 cities.

S.W. continues: "With hunger, we prepare a journey to territories yet untouched. Twelve years have passed since this constellation was born, and it is now time to hit USA and Canada. These will be the first appearances of Valkyrja in 2016. Come closer - embrace the flames of perdition." The full list of confirmed dates/venues for 'The Grand Luciferian March' tour are as follows: More...

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Kaltenbach Open Air Streaming Short Video Recap

Austria's only true metal underground festival, Kaltenbach Open Air, is streaming a short video recap of its 10th anniversary edition below (courtesy of Stormbringer). This year's edition of the festival had the following bands live on stage: Marduk, Dark Funeral, Agalloch, Krisiun, Anaal Nathrakh, Rotting Christ, God Dethroned, Valkyrja, Benighted, Thulcandra, Hideous Divinity and Darkfall.

Check it out now below.

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Kaltenbach Open Air Running Order Announced

Austria's Kaltenbach Open Air is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and has already announced the running order for all three days. Tickets and all informations about the festival can be found HERE.

Check out the official Running Order 2015 below: More...

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Crown Added To Kaltenbach Open Air Line Up

Industrial doom outfit Crown will be playing at this year's edition of the Kaltenbach Open Air Festival (replacing the black metalers of Hellsaw who recently called it quits). Hailing from France, Crown (not to be confused with The Crown) consists of two men and a machine who tune their neutron guitars to the Richter scale, and deliver the sound of a molten universe collapsing.

The Kaltenbach Open Air is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and deploying following bands among many others: Marduk, Dark Funeral, Agalloch, Krisiun, Anaal Nathrakh, Rotting Christ, God Dethroned, Valkyrja, Benighted, Thulcandra, Darkfall. Tickets and all informations about the festival can be found HERE .

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Eindhoven Metal Meeting Reveals Full Band Lineup

The Eindhoven Metal Meeting is very proud to announce that with the addition of In Solitude, Valkyrja, Thanatos, Skyforger, Dust Bolt, The Committee, and Miasmal, the line-up for this year's edition - set to take place December 12 & 13th, 2014 at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - is now complete.

The Dutch all-female death metal band Sisters Of Suffocation will also perform on Friday, December 12th at the official after party at the Dynamo Club together with the cover-bands Mercyfull Fake and Forever Twisted. Entrance is free with an Eindhoven Metal Meeting ticket!

The full festival billing is as follows (in alphabetical order): More...

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Valkyrja Streaming Full New Album

Swedish black metal kings Valkyrja today stream the entirety of their new album, "The Antagonist's Fire" (reviewed here). Give the full album a listen at Zero Tolerance here.

Released last week by new label home World Terror Committee, "The Antagonist's Fire" follows Valkyrja's second album, "Contamination," released in 2010 by Metal Blade. The new album's track listing is as follows: More...

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Valkyrja Streaming New Song

Swedish black metal outfit Valkyrja is today streaming the new track "Yearn to Burn," which can be heard in the player below, courtesy of Stereogum.com.

The track hails from the band's new album album "The Antagonist's Fire" (reviewed here) released today internationally on W.T.C. Productions. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Betrayal Incarnate
2. The Cremating Fire
3. Madness Redeemer
4. Yearn to Burn
5. Eulogy (Poisoned, Ill and Wounded)
6. Season of Rot
7. Treading the Path of the Predator More...

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Valkyrja Streaming New Track "The Cremating Fire"

Swedish black metal band Valkyrja is streaming the new track "The Cremating Fire" over at Decibel Magazine at this location (also streaming in the player below). The song appears on the upcoming release "The Antagonist's Fire," which is out November 11th on WTC Productions.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Betrayal Incarnate
2. The Cremating Fire
3. Madness Redeemer
4. Yearn to Burn
5. Eulogy (Poisoned, Ill and Wounded)
6. Season of Rot
7. Treading the Path of the Predator

Check out "The Cremating Fire" here: More...

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Valkyrja Reveals New Album Details

W.T.C. Productions has announced November 11th as the international release date for Valkyrja's new album, "The Antagonist's Fire."

Valkyrja's third album to date and first for W.T.C., "The Antagonist's Fire" follows the band's second album, "Contamination" (reviewed here), released in 2010 by Metal Blade. The following press release was issued about the new album:

"Furious yet poised, feral yet professional, here the Swedish black metal kings go from strength to strength, employing a variety of tempos and textures - including a pronounced usage of classic heavy metal lead work - whilst staying deadly committed to timeless black metal orthodoxy. Each track explodes into burning black fire and reaches near-anthem status before song's end, twisting the listener into a state of feverish possession."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Betrayal Incarnate
2. The Cremating Fire
3. Madness Redeemer
4. Yearn to Burn
5. Eulogy (Poisoned, Ill and Wounded)
6. Season of Rot
7. Treading the Path of the Predator More...

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Valkyrja To Record New Album

Sweden's Valkyrja will begin recording the follow-up to "Contamination" (reviewed here) later this month, and the band has now issued the following statement about the upcoming release:

"It has been over three years since the completion of the second album. Since then, no words have been said concerning audio to follow.

"As always - determined to reach further, ascending higher and descending even deeper.
As always - prepared to announce the discontinuation of Valkyrja if all past deeds could not be exceeded.

"A discontinuation did however not seem to be the action to follow. The silence that has covered the question whether a sequel to 'Contamination' would ever surface or not has been far from present in our hearts, as a work of monstrous proportions has been going on since the second album was named and announced. Three years of overwhelming work whose entity has grown into a sick and twisted piece of violence, now finally ready to be put onto tape.

"The manifestation of the third album will begin during the last days of October, once again delivered by the hands of Tore Stjerna in his Necromorbus Studio.

"These lines are the first, last and only ones to be written concerning the third weapon until we reveal its final form with all relevant information.

"Spread the word..."

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Valkyrja To Play Huginns Awakening Fest

Swedish act Valkyrja has been confirmed for the upcoming Huginns Awakening Fest IV, which is set to take place on April 14th, 2012 in Belgium. Valkyrja also recently posted footage online of the band's performing at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting performance, which can be viewed below. For more on the band's recent touring, check out the group's latest road report at this location.

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Valkyrja Checks In From The Road

Valkyrja has checked in with the following road report and statement about canceling the band's Rites of Darkness festival appearance:

"Since the 5th of December, Valkyrja no longer shares space with Vader, Gorgoroth and the Massive Music crew. The gig in Athens marked our last date under this flag and we salute our new allies as well as our old brothers in arms. D.G. and Thelberg for peerless executions, Massive Music and all their unmatched associates, devoted ones from the many crowds, whose immense energies fed the many fires, and all who drank with us from the grail of the nightside during our venture. Only one gig remains of 'The Final Contamination,' this being the attendance at Eindhoven Metal Meeting. The last nail is about to taste the hammer...

"As the live gallery is about to be expanded with visuals from the past assaults, we ask for your participation. If you have media, in any form, contact us for your contribution.

"As several other bands, Valkyrja has been forced to cancel the Rites of Darkness Festival in Texas. Thanks to Dani and all the other involved parts, we refused 10 additional European shows of the VADER/GORGOROTH/VALKYRJA tour in order to make it to their - so called - event. We've heard excuse after excuse, but there are no longer any possibilities for us to make our arrangements in time. Let it be known: this is ONLY their fault and we hold them responsible in every single way!

"The 'Contamination' vinyl will be delayed due to a fire at the printing factory. Only a handful of surviving copies remain. More details to follow... More...

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Valkyrja Performance Footage Posted Online

Fan-filmed footage has been posted online of Sweden's Valkyrja performing the song "Welcoming Worms" at the band's November 19th, 2011 show. You can check out the footage below. "Welcoming Worms" is off the band's "Contamination" album (reviewed here).

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Valkyrja Performance Footage Avaialble

Fan-filmed footage has been posted online of Swedish act Valkyrja performing a live show in Manchester last week. You can check out the footage below. Valkyrja also recently announced recruiting live guitarists for the band's current crop of tour dates, with a full statement available here.

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Valkyrja Announces Live Guitarists

Sweden's Valkyrja has issued the following announcement about the live guitarists to perform with the band on upcoming tour dates:

"The first assault of the 'Under the Sign of Hell Tour 2011' is only a few days and the knives has been sharpened to carve deep! As we won't participate each night - the 4th of December at Atheens being our last contribute, the Valkyrja part of the tour has been titled 'The Final Contamination' to, for the last time, highlight the 'Contamination' album and later put all focus on the future.

"We are proud to announce the live guitarists for this tour: D.G. (Frostmoon Eclipse, ex-Glorior Belli / 1st - 16th of November) and Thelberg (Spazmosity, 17th of November - 4th of December).

"New items from Ketzer Records are added to the web store. However, the store will be closed until mid-December. We refer to responsible labels and official distributors in the meantime.

"The 'Contamination' vinyl will be available in mid-November. Expect nothing but another high quality release from W.T.C Productions."

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Vader Comments On Upcoming Tour With Gorgoroth

Vader has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming "The Sign of Hell" tour with Gorgoroth and Valkyrja:

"The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011 with Gorgoroth, Vader, and Valkyrja and their guests is getting closer! We start the tour with a show in Berlin on November 1st and visit Rostock the on next day. The following shows go as previously announced. There was a change of club in Goteborg - we will play in Parken instead of Musiken Hus.

"There are also some new shows added to the schedule - we give a show in Plymouth (UK) and Hengelo (the Netherlands). We will also visit Prague (the Czech Republic), Kosice (Slovakia), Skopje (Macedonia) and Novi Sad (Serbia).

"Unfortunately, we won't play in Budapest and Grenoble. Soon we will provide you with the names of bands supporting the main line-up of our tour. During 'The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011' the bands will promote their newest albums: Gorgoroth's 'Under The Sign Of Hell,' Vader's great received 'Welcome To The Morbid Reich' (Nuclear Blast) and Valkyrja's 'Contamination' (Metal Blade)!"

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Gorgoroth Updates "The Sign Of Hell" Tour Schedule

Gorgoroth will be embarking on the European "The Sign of Hell" tour with Vader and Valkyrja this coming November, and the band has now added on even more dates. The currently confirmed itinerary is as follows:

01.11.2011 - Germany, Berlin @ SO36
02.11.2011 - Germany, Rostock @ Alte Zuckerfabrik
03.11.2011 - Denmark, Copenhagen @ The Rock
04.11.2011 - Denmark, Aalborg @ Aalborg Metal Festival, Stadthalle
05.11.2011 - Sweden, Gothenburg @ Parken
06.11.2011 - Sweden, Stockholm @ Klubben
09.11.2011 - UK/England, Manchester @ Moho Live
10.11.2011 - UK/England, Liverpool @ The Masque
11.11.2011 - UK/Northern Ireland, Belfast @ Spring & Airbrake
12.11.2011 - Ireland, Dublin @ The Village
13.11.2011 - UK/Scotland, Glasgow @ Classic Grand
14.11.2011 - UK/England, London @ Camden Underworld
15.11.2011 - UK/England, Bristol @ The Fleece
16.11.2011 - UK/England, Plymouth @ White Rabbit
17.11.2011 - Holland, Amersfoort @ De Kelder
18.11.2011 - Holland, Rotterdam @ Baroeg
19.11.2011 - Belgium, Louvain-la-Neuve @ Mass Deathtruction Festival, La Ferme du Biéreau
20.11.2011 - Germany, Essen @ Turock
22.11.2011 - Holland, Hengelo @ Metropool
24.11.2011 - France, Savigny-le-Temple @ L'Empreinte
25.11.2011 - Switzerland, Solothurn @ Kofmehl
26.11.2011 - Germany, Lichtenfels @ Christmas Metal Festival, Stadthalle
27.11.2011 - Czech Republic, Prague @ Rock Café
29.11.2011 - Austria, Vienna @ Szene
30.11.2011 - Slovakia, Kosice @ Collosseum
01.12.2011 - Romania, Cluj-Napoca @ Euphoria Music Hall
02.12.2011 - Bulgaria, Sofia @ Yubileina Hall
03.12.2011 - Greece, Thessaloniki @ Eightball Club
04.12.2011 - Greece, Athens @ Gagarin 205
06.12.2011 - Macedonia, Skopje @ Havana
07.12.2011 - Serbia, Novi Sad @ Route 66
08.12.2011 - Slovenia, Ljubljana @ Menza Pri Koritu
09.12.2011 - Italy, Rome @ Init Club
10.12.2011 - Italy, Pinarella di Cervia @ Rockplanet
11.12.2011 - France, Montpellier @ Secret Place
13.12.2011 - Portugal, Porto @ Hard Club
14.12.2011 - Portugal, Lisbon @ Cine-Teatro de Corroios
15.12.2011 - Spain, Seville @ Fanatic
16.12.2011 - Spain, Valencia @ Durango
17.12.2011 - Spain, Barcelona @ Mephisto

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Balfor Confirmed For Eindhoven Metal Meeting

Ukrainian black metallers Balfor have been confirmed for this year's edition of Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2011. The two-day festival event will be held on the 16th and 17th of December 2011. For further details, head over to the festival's website at this location. The currently announced billing is as follows:

Morbid Angel
Heaven Shall Burn
God Dethroned
The Rotted
Milking The Goatmachine
Mar De Grises
Dawn Of Disease

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"Under The Sign Of Hell" Tour Dates Announced

The first batch of dates for the "Under the Sign of Hell Tour 2011" have now been announced, and can be viewed below. The tour features Gorgoroth, Vader, Valkyrja and currently unnamed guests on select dates. More shows for the tour are expected to be revealed soon.

03.11.2011 (DK) Copenhagen / The Rock
04.11.2011 (DK) Aalborg / Aalborg Metal Festival
05.11.2011 (SWE) Goteborg / Musikens Hus
06.11.2011 (SWE) Stockholm / Klubben
09.11.2011 (UK) Manchester /Moho Live
10.11.2011 (UK) Liverpool / The Masque
11.11.2011 (IRE) Belfast / Buttom Factory
12.11.2011 (IRE) Dublin / The Village
13.11.2011 (UK) Glasgow / The Classic Grand
14.11.2011 (UK) London / Underworld
15.11.2011 (UK) Bristol / Fleece
17.11.2011 (HOL) Amersfoort / De Kelder
18.11.2011 (HOL) Rotterdam / Baroeg
19.11.2011 (BEL) Louvain-la-Neuve / La Ferme du Biereau
20.11.2011 (GER) Essen / Turock
24.11.2011 (FR) Savigny le Temple / Empreinte
25.11.2011 (CH) Dietikon / Sounddock21
26.11.2011 (GER) Lichtenfels / Stadthalle
29.11.2011 (A) Wien / Szene
01.12.2011 (ROM) Cluj Napoca / Euphoria Music Hall
02.12.2011 (BUL) Sofia / Jubileina Hall
03.12.2011 (GRE) Thessaloniki / 8ball
04.12.2011 (GRE) Atheens / Gagarin 205 More...

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Valkyrja Announces European Shows With Gorgoroth

Sweden's Valkyrja has checked in with the following announcement about upcoming European tour dates with Gorgoroth and Vader:

"'The Sign of Hell Tour 2011' will be the tour to keep your eyes upon when the current season of light and warmth has withdrawn.

"Fronted by two of the titans of their kind, Gorgoroth and Vader will - alongside Valkyrja as support - set course toward a crusade with over 45 stops of mayhemic violence upon the European soil. This collection of utter carnage can be experienced between the end of October and the end of December.

"It is decided, in celebration of this unity, to make the first stop on the tour the official release date for the vinyl edition of the album 'Contamination.'

"An update will follow within the near future including specifics for both the tour and the vinyl edition, we advice you to stay vigilant and await this glorious commemoration of darkness with eager hearts!"

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