"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Plecto Aliquem Capite

From: Sri Lanka
Last Known Status: Active

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"Astral Mantras of Dyslexia" Samples Posted Online

Advance samples from the upcoming FUNERAL IN HEAVEN / PLECTO ALIQUEM CAPITE split LP "Astral Mantras of Dyslexia" have been posted online and can be heard below:

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"Astral Mantras of Dyslexia" Split EP Announced

Sri Lankan black metal band Funeral In Heaven recently announced their upcoming split release with Plecto Aliquem Capite. The split is entitled "Astral Mantras of Dyslexia." The track listing, artwork and release details will be revealed shortly.

Plecto Aliquem Capite recently released a free two-track EP entitled "As The Sane Crumbles."

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Sri Lanka's P.A.C. Releases "As The Sane Crumble"

Sri Lanka's Experimental/Noise/Black Metallers Plecto Aliquem Capite have returned once again with a brand new 2 track EP aptly titled "As The Sane Crumbles." The band has decided to make the EP which is hosted by Ziekte Records and Hypnotic Dirge Records, available to all for free download on the internet. Download the EP here.

In other news, frontman Buddhika of the three-piece project, issued an update regarding the release and future collaborations, etc.


"Its been a while since any of the band members brought up anything about the band but this project is far from over. but Plecto Aliquem Capite is not dead!!!!

"An ep titled 'As the Sane Crumble' has been completed with yours truly on vocals,Kasun on drums and harp and Pravin on Guitars, this features two new tracks which are, Cemetery of the Deep and Disembowelment which we performed live at RockStorm 2009 in Kandy. The ep will be released online via our record lable - Zeikte-Nl in the near future.

"However the split with Yhdarl finally saw the bleak reality of day thanks to the lable and is now available for four euros at thier website. Make of that what you will...

"Stoned Guru Ramblings has also been completed, and is set to be released as a split ep with Hela Black Metallers Funeral In Heaven.

"The release of the video to Moses seems very unlikely as neither of us can spend time or exert the energy to edit it.

"On a more personal note, I would like to say that I was out of the scene just to sort shit out with my life and Im still in the process of doing that, but I never forgot to sit back and watch the drama unfold in the metal scene, heck at times I felt really privileged when I got to know that there was a lot of shit about me eventhough I wasnt directly involved with the metal scene for a while :P Thank you for including me in your little episodes and all that. (I Just couldnt resist saying that)

"Lets draw our attention to PAC again because that is the main purpose for this,There will be a lineup change in the near future, and the new line up would comprise of me on vocals and Lyrics,Kasun on Drums,Violin and the occasional strumming of the guitar and any other stringed instrument we can find in the studio.Roshan a.k.a Pitta from PLNS,Raven06 and MDR on Guitar and Sanka on Vocals and Violin

"Expect some more disturbing music from PAC, I would love to tell you what it sounds like in advance but I sincerely don`t know myself.

"Last but not least I wish to extend my heartiest wishes to Pravin whos been fucking up the minds of people with PAC since we started, he will be leaving for higher education so all the very best!

"Cheers, Buddhi."

Visit the bands' Myspace page here

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Sri Lanka Pt 2

Each week in "Unearthing the Metal Underground," we'll be putting a few quality underground bands in the spotlight in an attempt to get the word out about them. The column has returned for the new year to expose three more great projects from the Sri Lankan metal scene. Today I'll be introducing three more bands from Colombo, Sri Lanka, where the metal scene is the most active.

Back in the 90’s, metal was practically unheard of in Sri Lanka. Very few people were into rock music, which is what almost every Sri Lankan non-Metal fan calls any type of music with distorted guitar parts. At a time when the Internet was only available to the public very few places in Colombo and file sharing programs were unheard of, a very small, underground community existed who shared CD-R’s of videos and mp3 albums in a country which is known for its fairly conservative views that lead to society labeling rock music as the Devil’s music and the usual bullshit. This is, of course, nothing new in the realm of metal and its origins.


Then came 1999, the year which gave birth to a project who today are known as one of most significant metal bands in Sri Lanka, Stigmata. Responsible for Sri Lankan metal anthems such as "Andura" and "Jazz Theory" and after 1 EP and 2 Full Lengths titled "Morbid Indiscretion," "Hollow Dreams" and "Silent Chaos Serpentine" respectively, Stigmata is currently recording their third and yet untitled full length, which will hopefully be released this year. They are also one of the two bands (the other being psychadelic grunge unit Paranoid Earthling) who have performed outside Sri Lanka in countries such as Malaysia, Maldives and India.

Check out Stigmata on their MySpace page and the live video of "My Malice" below.


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Sri Lanka's Raaksha Gears Up For As Agony Unfolds

Sri Lanka's Hela Metal outfit Raaksha has recently issued an update, announcing a split release between Black Metal/Noise project, Plecto Aliquem Capite, also from Sri Lanka and Pogrom from Canada. This Split which is as announced an Online Release supported by Canada's Funeral Rain Records, includes 3 tracks from each band, song information is as follows;

Raaksha - Susaana Rujawa (A dedication to the great Ritigala Jayasena later known as Mahasona)
Pogrom - Anvil
Plecto Aliquem Capite - Seevali (Which will be featuring Marlin Jayakody from Raaksha on Yak Bera, and Pitta from PLNS as guest guitarist)

Frontman Marlin of Raaksha commented; "Raaksha under went a massive change of our lineup and there were many issues over the past couple of months regarding the band members. We are happy to announce that all issues have been sorted out and Raaksha is alive and kicking once again. The new Track titled "Susana Rujawa" which speaks about the sorrow and the pain of parting of the Legendary Folk Hero Ritigala Jayasena, Will be featured in the Three way Split with the Plecto Aliquem Capite and Pogrom. The Split, which is titled "As Agony Unfolds" will be released through Funeral Rain Records (Canada) And SLUM Records (Sri lanka).

The past has been bloody, the future would be even more wretched. But we will not quit. We have thought of stopping live performances for the time being and focus more on our up coming EP Titled "Mahason Haalla" with all new compositions and guest artists."

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Plecto Aliquem Capite Releases New Single Online

Plecto Aliquem Capite from Sri Lanka has releases "Rewards Of Seeking Wisdom," online.

Deranged front-man Buddhika Karunasekara of Plecto comments; "This track is about Depression and Loneliness, what we perceive as the rewards of seeking wisdom."

The two offerings, "Rewards Of Seeking Wisdom" by Plecto Aliquem Capite and "Morbid Consciousness" by Yhdarl, are be featured on the split release that is set to be distributed via The SLUM Records and Hela Distributions And Promotions in the near future.

"Rewards Of Seeking Wisdom" is available to the public at the band's Myspace Page.

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Plecto Aliquem Capite To Release Split Ep

Noise black metallers from Sri Lanka, Plecto Aliquem Capite are in the process of releasing a split release with Belgium drone/black metal project, Yhdarl.

Buddhika from P.A.C. Comments; "Mastering of the two tracks is already done. These two tracks will fuck your mind up. The track that Yhdarl will be contributing is titled "Morbid Conciousness," which is a 25min portrait of bleakness, More good news on the way"

"Atrocities," Plecto Aliquem Capite's online released EP has been reviewed on Hierophant-nox.

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