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Band Photo: Nothingface (?)

Formed: 1995
From: Washinton, DC, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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Knives Out! Premieres "Whistle Past The Graveyard"

Formed in 2008 in their hometown of Baltimore, MD, five friends - members of HellYeah, Nothingface, Dog Fashion Disco and PolkaDot Cadaver - have come together to form Knives Out!

Today Knives Out! premieres a new lyric video for the song "Whistle Past The Graveyard", taken from the upcoming new album "Left In The Lurch", which will be out in stores August 19th via Razor To Wrist.

Check out now "Whistle Past The Graveyard" below.

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Knives Out! Streaming "Fuck My Way To Hell"

Formed in 2008 in their hometown of Baltimore, MD, five friends - members of HellYeah, Nothingface, Dog Fashion Disco and PolkaDot Cadaver - have come together to form Knives Out!

Today the band premieres a new song entitled "Fuck My Way To Hell", taken from the upcoming new album "Left In The Lurch", which will be out in stores August 19 via Razor To Wrist Records.

Check out now "Fuck My Way To Hell" below. More...

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Hellyeah Finishing New Album, "Stampede"

HELLYEAH is currently in Dallas, Texas putting the final touches on their sophomore release titled-"Stampede" (Epic Records), due out July 13th. Once finished, the band will hit the road for a worldwide tour throughout the summer (dates below).

"Stampede," the follow up to the band's 2007 self-titled debut, is being recorded, produced and mixed by Vinnie Paul and Sterling Winfield. Vocalist Chad Gray says of the album “I couldn’t wait to write this record. I can’t wait for our fans to hear it and I definitely can’t wait to hit the fucking stage and play it! Stampede represents every emotion that you’ve ever had and everything that screams HELLYEAH! There’s no smoke and mirrors with what we are. What you see is what you get. And what your get is Five guys bringin’ it, a head full of music, bleeding ears and most likely….Drunk!”

Check out Vinnie and Sterling’s report from the studio and hear a snippet of a brand new song on the band’s YouTube page (and below).

HELLYEAH will debut the first track from STAMPEDE to fans on April 21st.

To promote their upcoming effort, HELLYEAH hits the road for the following tour dates: More...

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Hellyeah To Release New Album In 2010

Hellyeah, the southern tinged metal "supergroup" founded by members of Nothingface, Mudvayne and Vinnie Paul of Pantera/Damageplan fame, has announced that they will be releasing their second studio album around the April/May mark of next year with plenty of touring to follow. Drummer Vinnie Paul has also stated the album is half-done at this point in time. No-one is sure whether the band will release the new album through Epic Records again or through Paul's own label, Big Vin Records. The debut sold around 500,000 copies.

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Nothingface Posts "One Thousand Lies" Demo Online

Despite their recent break up (again), Nothingface has released yet another demo of their new material for download. You can download the "One Thousand Lies" demo here. This rough "first draft" demo was written and recorded by Nothingface (Holt, Maxwell, Gaal, Houck) and recorded in March 2008. Head over to Nothingfacearmy.com to download other previously release demos.

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Headline News

Nothingface Disbands Once Again

Last week, on Thursday and Friday, August 13-14, a series of posts were made by Nothingface members on their MySpace blog before being removed. Tom Maxwell apparently fired the first shot (thanks Blabbermouth for Tom's message, as it was nowhere to be found anymore):

"In the past couple weeks, I've decided that I cannot move forward or continue to work with NOTHINGFACE anymore. This has nothing to do with my NF bandmates Bill Gaal or Chris Houck, but directly with band vocalist Matt Holt. It's in my belief/opinion that Matt no longer has the passion, drive or artistic capabilities to continue in a musical direction. His lack of work ethic and desire to be part of the writing process or to track vocals for the music that has been written has pushed me to make the decision to not be part of NF any longer. It's a shame and I sincerely apologize to all the fans that have stood by us waiting for new music from the original lineup. I don't want to point fingers or lay blame but in fairness to myself, Bill and Chris we tried very hard with the best intentions to bring you all killer new music. Unfortunately, and with regret, I do not think that it's going to happen.

"I just want to say thank you and express my gratitude to all the NOTHINGFACE fans that have supported us over the years. Hailz to you all!!!!"

Bill Gaal responded with this:

"Well, we gave it our best shot, but Nothingface is done. I think Tom said it all in his posting, so there's not much more I'm going to say right now. We're all at different points in our lives, and have all approached music with different levels of ambition and desire over the years. Sometimes those desires match up, but and at this point it just isn't working. This has always been a band with very strong personalities, and we've been able to work through our differences in the past, but those days are over.

"I came back into this band last year with the intention of writing a great record with the original lineup, and I'm sorry that it will not be happening. I apologize to all of the fans out there who stuck by us through this process and who were excited to hear a new record. I was excited to!

"Although I do not think there will ever be a reunion between the 4 of us ever again, there may be projects that some of us collaborate on in the future.

"Thanks again to all of the Nothingface fans all around the world, your support has been unwavering over the years and I've always appreciated that."

Chris Houck made a forum post on Friday in response to the discussions sparked by those short-lived MySpace blogs, which seems to reinforce that the band is done. More...

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In For The Kill To Record New Album

IN FOR THE KILL will be hitting the studio next month to begin recording their sophomore effort for SICK6 Records. The alternative rock project, which is masterminded by NOTHINGFACE bassist Bill Gaal, will feature numerous guest appearances and will feature NOTHINGFACE drummer Chris Houck on most tracks. In the meantime, you can check out some of their prior material from their debut album "Kingdom Sessions: Volume One" on their MySpace player or iTunes.

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Hellyeah To Enter The Studio Next Month

Hellyeah, the Southern flavoured supergroup featuring former Pantera/Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul as well as members of Mudvayne and Nothingface, has announced that they will be entering the studio next month to record their second album. The band will be hitting the studio on May 15th.

Speaking on label situations, Vinnie Paul states; "We don't know. We're free agents right now. We had a one-disc deal with Epic, and they're practically begging us to come back. We sold nearly 500,000 records for them, which is practically unheard of these days. That's like going platinum 10 years ago."

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Nothingface Posts Free Download Of "Blue Skin"

Nothingface has announced the the start of "New Music Tuesdays" on their official Nothingface MySpace page. Here's what the band had to say about it:

"Check out the Official Nothingface MySpace page every week on "New Music Tuesday"!! We will be posting old demos for free download, new pictures, old pictures, updated news, new video, old video, and anything else that we can give to you guys! We'll keep it up until we run out of stuff, or until the new record is done.

"This week, its a free download of the demo version of Blue Skin from the Violence record, plus some new studio footage from the last writing sessions! Check out the 'FREE STUFF' section of our MySpace page for the FREE downloads! Enjoy."

You can download the demo of "Blue Skin" here.

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Nothingface To Re-Release Classic Album

Washington, D.C. based metalers NOTHINGFACE will release their sought after original debut album recorded in 1995 through indie labels, SICK6 Records and Play The Assassin, later this spring.

Limited to 500 vinyl copies worldwide, the 10 song self-titled Nothingface debut (re-mastered by Drew Mazurek (Hellyeah, Linkin Park, GWAR) will be released on a 140 gram clear vinyl with blood splatter imprints on Tuesday, May 26th. Six of the tracks would show up on the band's DCide Records label debut, "Pacifier," while the other 4 have gone unheard until now.

The album will also be available via iTunes and other digital outlets through SICK6 Records.

The orignal line-up, Matt Holt (vocals), Tom Maxwell (guitars), Bill Gaal (bass), and Chris Houck (drums) are currently writing and recording their first new music with the original lineup since 2000’s TVT release, "Violence," and the last recorded output since 2003’s "Skeletons." The band hopes to have a full length ready for release before the end of the 2009.

Here is the tracklisting for the re-release:
1. Defaced
2. Perfect Person
3. Severed (Unreleased)
4. Useless
5. Self Punishment
6. Hitch
7. Carousel (Unreleased)
8. Deprive (Unreleased)
9. Godkill (Unreleased)
10. Communion

The band has posted one of the re-mastered tracks, "Godkill," on their Myspace page.

For pre-sale and release information, visit playtheassassin.com.

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Nothingface Posts First New Podcast

Nothingface has posted the first of their promised updates in the form of a podcast, in which they answer a number of fan questions. You can download the audio here.

As previously reported, the band is currently in the studio writing and recording new material and also has plans to re-release their debut album.

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Nothingface Enters The Studio, Posts Video Footage

Nothingface has broken their silence and announced that they are in the studio writing and recording new material and have posted new studio footage. They also have plans to re-release their debut album. Here's the update from the band:

"Hey there boys and girls, its 2009, and just like we promised, here come's some new Nothingface goodies!!!! The band is at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore MD for the next 2 weeks writing and recording. There will be new studio footage posted every few days (if not every day), so keep checking back!

"We have posted high definition versions of all the video's ('Ether' video coming soon...) on Youtube, as well as the videos from the writing sessions from last year. Check them all out right from our Myspace page.

"Oh yeah, we now have 'Twitter' feed. We'll be updating it as we go, sending you the good stuff right from the studio. Check it out at www.twitter.com/nothingface1. And last, but not least, we are putting the finishing touch's on the re-release of our very first album (pre- Pacifier)!! This was the one that started it all and got us our first record deal. It's been re-mastered and the new artwork is almost finished (its SICK!!!). We are working out a deal for a limited edition 'Vinyl' release of the album as well, so get ready..." More...

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Nothingface To Collaborate On Writing In February

Being spread out across the country and cagey about future plans, Nothingface has commented that they will be getting together to do some serious writing in February next year. Here's the post from the band:

"Alright, here's the deal.....We've got a few surprises in the works for 2009, hopefully we will be able to start rolling them out at the beginning of the year! We are hard at work on a new record, but that is always a long process with Nothingface, and it's not made any easier by the fact that we all live all over the country now...but its coming together and its going to be killer. We are getting together in February for an extended writing session, we'll try to get some video up from that as well. Keep an eye out for updates on our MySpace page, it will be the first place that you'll hear any news."

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Nothingface Posts Short Message of Reassurance

Since announcing plans to reunite earlier this year and reportedly working on new material, Nothingface has been fairly quiet in the news. With all of the members' side projects including Hellyeah, Noise Within, and Knives Out!, one might wonder if Nothingface is still on track with their reunion.

Now, the band has issued a short message of reassurance:

"To the fans... Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the support over the years!

"Nothingface is very much ALIVE and WELL...

"The Violence Returns in 2009"

Nothingface reunited earlier this year and started writing and recording music for a new album, marking the first time the band's original members have worked together as a unit since their "Violence" record in 2000.

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Ex-Hellyeah Bassist Suing Country Singer

Jerry Montano, the former bassist of Nothingface, Hellyeah, and Danzig is to sue country singer John Rich after the two had an altercation at a hotel recently. Montano claims that Rich became violent and belligerent over a girl, which led to the incident between the two. Montano claims he is suing for an undisclosed amount relating to cuts, permanent scarring, scrapes, swelling and bruising to his lips, jaw, face, teeth and nose. The bassist had apparently previously been warned of Rich's behaviour when drunk.

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Hellyeah, Nothingface Members Form Knives Out!

Formed in 2008 in their hometown of Baltimore, MD, five friends - members of HellYeah, Nothingface, Dog Fashion Disco and PolkaDot Cadaver - have come together to form a new band, KNIVES OUT! The band consists of:

Todd Smith (Dog Fashion Disco) - vocals
Jasan Stepp (Dog Fashion Disco) - guitar
Tommy Sickles (ex-Nothingface) - drums
Dave Cullen (PolkaDot Cadaver) - bass
Tom Maxwell (Hellyeah) - guitar

You can check out a few songs from the currently unsigned back on their MySpace page.

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Ex-Hellyeah/Danzig Bassist Involved In Hotel Brawl

Former Nothingface/Hellyeah/Danzig bassist Jerry Montano was reportedly involved in a fight early this morning with country musician John Rich (of Big and Rich fame). Police arrived at the hotel around 4:28 AM and are currently investigating the incident, although no arrests have been made at this time. Neither musician has pressed charges against one another.

This is not the first time Montano has been the source of controversy, he was relieved of his duties from the supergroup Hellyeah last year after becoming drunk and disorderly at the band's album release party and making offensive statements regarding firearms. He was replaced by former Damageplan bassist Bob "Zilla" Kakaha.

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Nothingface Working On New Material

Blabbermouth.net reports: The original NOTHINGFACE lineup — Matt Holt (vocals), Bill Gaal (bass), Chris Houck (drums) and Tom Maxwell (guitar; also in HELLYEAH) — regrouped earlier this year and started writing and recording music for a new album. This marked the first time the band's original members had worked together as a unit since NOTHINGFACE's "Violence" record in 2000. Gaal says: "I've been working with my brothers in NOTHINGFACE, trying to get this new record finished. The big problem right now is that we are all living in different parts of the country, so we can't get together as often as we would like like. But to all 'The Sick' out there, don't worry, we've got a pretty epic record in the works and this is probably the first time since 'An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity' [1998] that we are all really on the same page about what we're trying to accomplish. It should be pretty amazing!"

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New Nothingface Reunion Teaser Online

It's been quite some time since Baltimore-based alt-metal band Nothingface reunited for some shows. Now the band is reportedly making yet another album (their first since 2003’s "Skeletons") with their original lineup: vocalist Matt Holt, guitarist Tom Maxwell (also of HELLYEAH), bassist Bill Gaal, and drummer Chris Houck, and a teaser has been posted online on YouTube (embedded below). More...

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Members of Snot, Nothingface & Prong Form New Band

NOISE WITHIN is the name of the new Los Angeles-based project featuring singer Boris Bouma (EPIDEMIC), bass player John "Tumor" Fahnestock (SNOT, AMEN, LO-PRO), guitarist Aaron Slipp (PRONG) and drummer Tommy Sickles (NOTHINGFACE). Four of the band's tracks — "Opportunity", "Privilege", "In the Room" and "829" — are currently available for streaming on the NOISE WITHIN MySpace page.

Bouma had just entered Billboard at 34 and was touring with his band EPIDEMIC. Fahnestock had toured the world as a founding member of SNOT and later AMEN, and was now doing the same with LO-PRO. However, when a widespread panic hit the recording industry, Elektra and Geffen Records left both their bands homeless.

Having lived through the death of Lynn Strait, singer from SNOT, and the loss of two recording contracts, John took a break from music and started a T-shirt business, 313 Merch.

Boris, having moved to Hollywood from his native Holland across the Atlantic to chase his dreams, devoted himself to drugs.

Forming any type of band wasn't on the agenda, until the universe placed the two backstage at a NINE INCH NAILS show, where they both worked as roadies to finance their new careers. Not only had the paths that lead them there been similar, they shared a taste for music, "King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime" by FAITH NO MORE being one of their favorites.

Boris had been piling up material, and with the help of Aaron Slipp, who after being PRONG's touring guitarist now was a free agent, the first NOISE WITHIN demo's were made with a drum computer.

After a long search, a drummer was found in Tommy Sickles.

"We are doing this for our pleasure, at our convenience", the one-year sober Boris says. "In my previous bands music became a job, and the studio may as well have been a cubicle. NOISE WITHIN didn't meet through the classifieds or management, we're friends. Van-proof. I really long to smell these guys asses and feet."

About the dying industry, he raves. "I think it's awesome. Kids have been ripped off for years, and stealing music is a natural result. Everything changes, and labels that resist that will go under. In the end, music will survive. There will always be music."

"The last label I was on gave us half a million in advance — ridiculous. We ended up sculpting our music to the taste of marketing guys. NOISE WITHIN recorded a demo in six hours, for one-hundred and fifty bucks — old school."

If schedules allow it, NOISE WITHIN will play its first shows in 2008.

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