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Band Photo: Impious (?)

Formed: 1994
From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Impious Music Video Available Online

Impious has posted a music video online for the song "I Am The King," which is off the band's "Death Domination" album. You can check out the new music video in the clip below.

You can also check out the Impious addition to Metalunderground's Pit Stories by heading over to this location.

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Impious Streaming New Song Online

Swedish metallers Impious released their latest album "Death Domination" on November 24th, 2009. The band has issued the following statement about streaming a new track from the album:

"We just posted the epic track 'And The Empire Shall Fall' to our MySpace player. The song is almost 6 minutes long and it features a lot of different instruments and elements. It's about Armageddon, the end of days, and how hell will be brought upon earth when man fights in vain to survive. Check it out and tell us what you think!"

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Impious Posts Music Video Recording Photos

Swedish metallers Impious have posted a series of still photographs online from the recording of their upcoming music video for the track "Dead Awakening." The photos can be viewed at this location. "Dead Awakening" is from the band's latest album "Death Domination," which was released in the U.S. on November 24th.

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Tales From The Pit: A Front Flip Facial

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories. This week IMPIOUS drummer Mike Norén shares a story from a show they played in Germany:

"We did a show with Cataract at Markthalle in Hamburg back in 2005. I stood next to the stage and watched the entire Cataract set; I was really into the 'With Triumph Comes Loss' album at that time. And on the last song 'Reborn from Fire' I ran right out on stage, threw myself head first towards the monitors, grabbed them just before my head was about to smash into them and did a front flip right off stage. I remember my feet smashing into these German kids’ heads right before my entire bodyweight came slamming down on top of them. After the show a kid came up to me and told me in broken English/German how I 'put my foot in his head.' It was great fun."

I'm not so sure that kid has such fond memories of that night as Mike does! Perhaps it was lost in translation, but no blood, no foul.

Impious' new album "Death Domination" was just released in North America this week and will see an Asian release on December 23rd. You can check out some of their music here.

Check back every Tuesday for a new tale from the mosh pit.

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Impious Announces New Album Asian Release Date

Impious have announced that their new album "Death Domination" will see an Asian release on December 23rd. The Asian version will also feature a previously unreleased song titled "The Reapers End." The entire album "Death Domination," with the exception of the new track "The Reapers End," is currently available for streaming at this location.

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Impious Streaming Entire New Album Online

Swedish death metallers Impious are currently streaming their entire new album "Death Domination" online at this location.

Guitarist Valle Adzic comments about the album: “Death Domination is our sixth album, and I must say it's the first time I'm actually really happy about how the end result turned out. It just gets my engines pumping, you know? We're talking about ultra brutal death metal here, but still it has those memorable hooks somehow. Death Domination is a team effort that's as honest as it can get. We're not trying to be original or something, we've simply just worked hard on making the best songs we can come up with, and then get that on tape. I think people will notice that rock solid energy and confidence, and I hope they'll appreciate the album as much as we do. It's our fastest most aggressive record to this date for sure.”

"Death Domination" will be available on these dates in the following locations:

North America - 11.24.09
Germany/Austria/Switzerland: 20.11.09
Europe: 23.11.09

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Impious Streaming New Song "Dead Awakening"

Impious have posted a new song online titled "Dead Awakening," which is off their upcoming album "Death Dominaiton." The track features guest vocals by Andreas Khörven Nilsson from the Gothenburg band Hope Over Fear and can be heard at this location.

Death Domination will be released on the following dates:

November 23rd - Europe
November 24th - America

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Impious Postopones Album European Release Date

Sweden's Impious have announced that the European release date of their upcoming album "Death Domination" has been postponed from November 6th to November 23rd. The track "Abomination Glorified" from the new album can be heard at the Impious MySpace page.

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Impious Streaming New Song Online

Impious has issued the following update about streaming a new song online:

"Today we added ABOMINATION GLORIFIED to our playlist! The song is the opening track of our new album DEATH DOMINATION which will be released on November 6th in Europe, and November 24th in North America!

"The song is one of the fastest songs we've ever written and pretty much gives you a glimpse of what our new album is all about!"

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Johan Lindstrand To Appear On New Impious Album

Impious has issued the following update about Johan Lindstrand making a guest appearance on their upcoming album "Death Domination:"

"We recently added our long time friend Johan Lindstrand (One Man Army, ex-The Crown) to the Death Domination mix. Johan contributed to the album by doing some vocals on the songs 'The Demand'. It's great to finally have Johan adding to our sound again for the first time in years! Johan is an amazing vocalist and he totally rip shit up on this track!"

Johan Lindstrand also commented on the colloboration:

"I've known Impious since they first started back in '94. Both on a personal, friendly level as well as on a professional level. I played the drums on their first demo and now I do some guest vocals on their new album. Always a pleasure to do stuff with them and especially on this new one that I feel is their strongest one yet. It's one hell of a speed ride with a lot of passion to it and I feel very honoured that they asked me to join them on a song. They will do great with Death domination."

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Impious Reveals New Album Release Date

Sweden's Impious has issued the following update about the release date and cover artwork for their upcoming album:

"Death Domination will be out on the European market on November 6th, 2009. Asian and American dates will follow.

"We are also proud to present the cover artwork, created by the talented Marcello Vasco. A new myspace design will be presented with the album release.

"A new song will be presented on Myspace on the 1st of September. More information on this will follow!"

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Impious Launches New Facebook Page

Swedish metallers Impious have announced that their upcoming album will be titled "Death Domination" and will see a winter release through Metal Blade Records. The band has also issued the following short update about launching a new Facebook page:

"Got Facebook? Then please help us spread our music by joining our group! It means everything to us! IMPIOUS on Facebook here."

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Impious Announces New Album Title

Impious has issued the following announcement about the title of their upcoming album:

"We have chosen DEATH DOMINATION as the title for our new album! The album will be released this winter through Metal Blade Records!

"The title symbolizes how death rules over all, and how man seeks to religion as a feeble comfort against what will happen when death takes us. Without death, religion is powerless. And only in death will religion fill it's purpose.

"It was extremely important to us that the title would fit our new songs and artwork perfectly. We needed a short yet powerful title that would show just how confident we are about our new material. This album will by far be the most crushingly brutal album we've ever made and we believe this title says it all!

"Drums and guitars are all recorded and Erik is right now finishing up the bass tracks. Meanwhile, Martin and Valle are finishing the lyrics for the album that Martin will begin recording in a couple of days. More...

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Impious Recording New Album

Impious has issued the following statement about recording new material:


"We've finally started to record our new album! Things are going really good right now. Usually we get all kinds of problems when we record. Anything from broken soundboards to ghost attacks are regular to us. But this time everything's been great so far. But you never know..

"We've been working on our new songs for a pretty long time and now we are very happy with how they all sound. We can't wait for this album to be done.

"The drum tracks are all done and we've started working on the guitars. We are working on 12 songs, but every song might not end up on the album. We might save a song or two for b-sides or for other releases.

"We will add some pictures from the recording as it progresses and we'll try to update you guys as often as we can."

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Impious Set To Record New Album

Swedish metallers Impious have issued the following update about preparing to record a new album:

"We've been very busy the past couple of weeks writing and arranging our new songs, and they're all turning out pretty fucking sweet. This will without a doubt be the most brutal and diverse IMPIOUS album to date! It’s fast, it’s catchy, it’s heavy and it is extremely intense! We can’t wait for you guys to hear what we’ve created! During May we'll take our songs to the rehearsal room and jam out the last ideas and perfect our tunes before we start tracking June 1st!

"The recording will take place in our very own Valle Adzic's Studio Deadline.This is the first album ever we'll produce and engineer by ourselves and we're pretty stoked about delivering this baby without any other people involved. This album will truly represent what the fuck IMPIOUS is all about!

"We would also like to tell you that we’ve hired the awesome and wickedly talented artist Marcello Vasco to create one of the most sinister and malignant looking album covers ever! Marcello is extremely talented and we’re absolutely positive that everyone will crap their pants when they see what Marcello has created for us! More...

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Impious Gives Songwriting Update

Swedish deaththrashers IMPIOUS have posted a new blog about the songwriting process on their upcoming yet untitled new album.

"We've been working pretty intense with our new tunes for a couple of weeks now and the gettin's good. We've got a couple of new songs that sound sooo fucking brutal. We can't wait to unleash these bad boys upon you! In a couple of days we'll team up with the dark demons of hell in the studio and write some additional songs. We're also in the midst of getting the new artwork ideas together, and I know that - with the Devil's collaboration - this artwork is going to be wicked.

"So in short, we're getting our shit together. Prepare for a more extensive news update in a couple of weeks. We might even post some teasers for ya! Evil regards from the depths of hell"

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Impious Writing New Material

Impious has issued the following update:

“We are currently writing tons of new stuff and we are working very hard on our new songs. If everything goes according to plan we'll start recording a pre-production in a couple of weeks and when we are totally satisfied with the songs, we'll move on and start recording the songs for real.

"All we can give away at this moment is that our new stuff is by far the most brutal stuff we've ever written. It's super fast, super heavy and it will without a doubt rip you guys a couple of new assholes. It will be so worth waiting for. We'll let you guys know what´s happening as the journey progresses.”

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Impious Reveal New Album Working Title

Sweden's IMPIOUS check in with the following update:

"Unfortunately the festival in Belgium on April 5th has been cancelled. No further info has been given to us. This means there will be no shows in the Benelux region that weekend. We are very sorry for that. A lot of people, especially from Belgium have been writing to us and letting us know they looked forward to seeing the show. We hope you people will get a new chance after this summer. Or you will simply have to take a short trip to Holland in February/March."

"We also wanna thank all the people who supported us in Osnabrück the other weekend! We didn't expect much, but you proved to be a very cool crowd indeed!!!"

"In other news, the new songs are taking shape and we even have a working title for the album. Are you ready? We're probably gonna call it Numbers. Why? Well, we don't feel like explaining ourselves right now. And besides, it might change 10 times by the time the album is out." More...

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More Bands Confirmed For New England Metal Fest

Polish and Dutch death metal bands BEHEMOTH and GOD DETHRONED have been added to the lineup of the ninth annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, presented by ESP Guitars & Basses and Krank Amps on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28.


The festival will join forces with Metal Blade this year to celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary. The main and side stages will both exclusively feature Metal Blade bands on Saturday, topped off by a once-in-lifetime performance that will bring together musicians from Metal Blade’s stellar roster of bands.

Bands confirmed for Friday are: More...

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Impious Complete Recording, Announce Track Listing

Swedish Powerhouse Impious has finished recordings for their forthcoming new album "Holy Murder Masquerade."

"The album was mainly recorded at my own 'Studio Deadline'", comments guitarist Valle Adzic. "Only drums were recorded at Studio Mega. Simply because when it was time for recording the drums, my studio wasn't quite finished."

The new album is different to its predecessor. "We had one goal: To make the songs more simple and memorable. We wanted more songs that people can easily sing along with on concerts. When we were done with the album, we realized we had a little bit more melodies than before, and the average tempo was a bit slower. But it still sounds like Impious... just a little bit more Impious than before."

"Holy Murder Masquerade" is a concept album, a real bloody one indeed. "We hired this Italian guy Andrea Cavaletto who does horror comics for a living. The whole booklet is made like a comic book, with the lyrics inserted in those speech balloons just like in an ordinary comic book. We also hired professional voice actors to bring life to the characters. The story is about this guy, Trent, who is a true servant of God; at least according to his own sick mind. He's soon to complete his work and the listener/reader gets to follow him as he arrives at his final destination. There are a lot of deaths, violence, blood, etc... It's a brutal story indeed."

"I actually came up with the comic idea after reading a review where it said the music was very good, but not original. That got me thinking... I didn't want to change our music, so what was there more to change? Well, the lyrical part! And from that moment everything just came to me. Why not make a concept album where the listener can follow the whole story both sonically, lyrically and even visually?? So we did! It took us thousands and thousands hours of work, but we did it! This way you get a whole new experience, and you definitely miss out on very much if you just download the album on the internet."

"When we recorded the title track "Holy Murder Masquerade" we felt that the song needed some screaming vocals. So we contacted long time friend Thomas Backelin from Lord Belial, and he was happy to do it."

The cover was done by Justin Kamerer who has done work for bands like Slayer, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Black Sabbath, and more.

Here is the tracklisting: More...

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