"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Torture Division

Formed: 2007
From: Orebro, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Torture Division News

Below is our complete Torture Division news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Ram To Play Nordfest

Sweden's Ram, which recently signed to Metal Blade Records, will be performing at the Nordfest 2011 in Sundsvall. Full details on the festival are available in the promotional poster below.

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Torture Division Completes Vocal Recording

Torture Division has issued the following studio update:

"Time flies by faster than a blastbeat. In September we announced that the tunes for 'Evighetens Dårar II' were completed… Now it’s fucken February already and we don’t even know why it’s taken us this long to complete it since we need like a few hours in the studio when we actually get there… Anyways, J finished up his vocals this past Saturday so all we are waiting for now is some guest vocals that we hope will happen. We are not going to wait around forever for those to come in so if it takes more than a few days we will scrap the idea and use those vocals on the last part of trilogy2 instead. Or as J himself said over at the forums:"

“- So.. went to the studio this morning at 11.30. At 13.30 I walked out of there. Finished all four songs with some added shit. It is getting close now guys and it sounds fucking fantastic!!! Don’t jump out of your speedos now though coz we still wanna have some guestvocals on this one so we need to figure some things out first. But we are one step closer and you guys have one foot in the grave…” More...

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Torture Division Offering Demo As Free Download

Torture Division has issued the following update about offering their demo "Evighetens Dårar" as a free download:

"So yeah – we lied to you. We already recorded the demo at hand and wanted to surprise you bastards. You didn’t see this coming, now did you? You can now officially obey us. Take this info below, send it to magazines and whatnot. Spread the word. 'Evighetens Dårar' is available here. Congratulations, you just got another piece of the world’s best death metal. For free. We can’t thank Dan Swanö enough for the incredible work he’s done for us again, not to mention the fantastic material we’ve composed all by ourselves. Dan has once again turned our shitty files into something extremely massive and if we could (being heterosexuals is a problem) we’d marry the fucken guy. Thank you, Dan, thank you so fucken much."

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Torture Division Begins Recording New Album

Sweden's Torture Division has issued the following announcement about recording a new album:

"Today the recording starts!

"Yes, Tobben will today start (and most likely finish) the recording of his drums for our next demo, the first of three in the second trilogy. 3 songs will be put down and here are the song titles and the actual demo title:

"Heretics! Now! Eld och plågor Traumatic inhuman severance

"We don’t know in what order the tunes will be on the finalized product just yet, but that’s not of much importance. Also the demo will be called 'Evighetens dåra'”. Tobben will once again record his drums with Mats of Senseless Recordings. K will put down the guitars using his beloved Ibanez Xiphoses in his home studio The Dungeon and J will once again work with Jonas Åhlén in A.R.T. Studios for bass and vocals. Dan Swanö will, as always, take care of the mixing and everything as soon as he’s been handed the files.

"We are completely jacked up to get this demo done as it’s been a while now since we released our latest recording, the tremendous Christmas single 'Suffer the shitmass'. Stay tuned for studio updates as we go along and prepare for another slab of the world’s best death metal."

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Torture Division Wants Fan Contributions For Demo

Torture Division vocalist J has issued the following statement about seeking fan contributions to their upcoming demo:

"As you know I am working on the lyrics for the next demo. And here is a chance for you to participate on the next recording!!!! We want as many as possible to record the following: An approx 2 second long 'HAIL!!!'. We want this to be fucking massive so please record as many as you like, try to make them sound different, record your friend, your mom, your parrot… Record it however you want, you can record it on your cellphone if you like and just send the file to us. If you have any questions about it just go ahead. The Lordi will answer asap. Ain’t this fucking sweet?"

Guitarist K also added the following:

"And as J said… Make the recording as decent as possible, turn it into a mp3 or any other decent format and mail it to torturedivision@gmail.com and I’ll make sure it comes to good use. Yes, we will use all of the contributions that are sent to us. We’d also like for you to spread the word on this and get as many people as possible into this thing. Bring it up on yer Facebook/MySpace whatever, anything to make people aware of this. This is a small thanx to all of you who have been supportive of what we do with Torture Division, you who always buy our merch and are generally cool as shit. We are accepting contributions up until we say otherwise, but you at least have some months to do this shit since drums are planned for the end of this month."

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Torture Division Issues Band Update

Sweden's Torture Division has issued the following update about their recent shows and plans for recording:

"You all know we have been busy doing some gigs following up our first trilogy (and the Christmas EP). Next weekend is the third and final gig in a little over a month and after that we are back to composing for the next trilogy. Yes, it will all be available for free on our site as soon as anything’s completed, as always. We already have the concept thought out and it’ll be interesting to see if you notice it somewhere down the line. There’s some riffs and ideas lying around that we can start to work into songs now when we are finished with the planned gigs. The army of three are looking forward to compose some new death metal for all of you and the plans are to get the 2nd trilogy out in 2009. We’ll do our best to make sure that happens.

"In the meantime, purchase the CD that Abyss Records are releasing any day now and keep an eye out for the LP on Vic Records. Stay tuned, fucko’s."

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Torture Division Issues Show Recap

Torture Division has issued the following statement about the recent Close Up Boat show:

"We had a fantastic time at the Close Up Boat and wanna thank everyone involved for making it an unforgettable day of death metal and carnage. Naturally Peter Andersson, Sophie Linder and Close Up Magazine’s editor Robban deserves the biggest cheers. Not to forget our fantastic Sillboy of Vicious Art who helped out with pretty much everything at all time. You guys are phenoms.

"It was tremendous to see so many people there so early in the day and we can never thank you enough for showing us your support. We take a bow to the heroes creating the pits and to everyone in the front row who did nothing but help us to create a great show and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Thank you people, thank you so much. Also, thanx to Peter Herneheim who helped us out with some new band photos that we will display at this site asap (you can watch some of them at our MySpace in the meantime if you feel like it), he also took a bunch of live shots that we will post when we get them. In the meantime we are now gearing up for the House Of Metal Festival and the gig in Karlstad. Those 2 events will have a hard time beating what the Close Up Boat did for us, but our expectations are sky rocketing, just so you know, haha… More...

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