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Formed: 1997
From: Chicago, IL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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SOiL Guitarist: New Singer Is Better Fit

WhatDidIMiss recently conducted an interview with SOIL guitarist Shaun Glass. An excerpt from the chat follows:

WhatDidIMiss.com: Now you guys had to look for and choose a new singer recently, and you didn't even need a reality show to do it. How did you find AJ [Cavalier] and what made him the guy for you?

Shaun Glass: "AJ is amazing. We had a few people try out and they did OK, but Wayne Static [STATIC-X] called me and said, 'Remember DIESEL MACHINE? Well, they're done and I think AJ would fit perfect with [you] both musically and personally.' So he came out, sang a few older songs and wrote a few new songs with us and it was locked down and we knew we had the right singer. Too bad we didnt have him from day one as he really jells a lot better (with us) than the former singer."

WhatDidIMiss.com: Now losing someone like your singer has to be hard in a lot of ways. And now it looks like your former frontman has joined up with another band [DROWNING POOL]. What are your feelings about that?

Shaun Glass: "I honestly dont care what he does. I know we are doing the best SOIL can be, and to them, good luck!"

WhatDidIMiss.com: How is the band chemistry now? Are you guys anxious to hop on tour again or would you rather write more material?

Shaun Glass: We actually have just finished the bulk of the album and actually four songs have already been recorded. As for the chemistry, the five of us get along like family."

WhatDidIMiss.com: Well both your new tracks with AJ ("Jaded" and "Give It Up") rock and they also showcase the band's ability to write great riffs. When writing new material, do you find it easier to write as a band, or is there a different process?

Shaun Glass: "We usually get the music fully done, then give it to AJ, and most of the time he nails it. If we have some ideas, we all talk about it to make everyone happy and make the song the best it can be. Also, I think the two songs out there are just a taste of what we have in store for the new album in 2006."

Read the entire interview at WhatDidIMiss.com.

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New Drowning Pool Singer: I Will Make You Proud

DROWNING POOL have posted a message on their official web site confirming that they have recruited former SOIL frontman Ryan McCombs to replace their last vocalist, Jason "Gong" Jones, who left the band in early June.

Commented Ryan in a statement: "When I walked away from music to be with my family nearly a year ago, my wife told me that if I ever got the chance to do it again with good people like [DROWNING POOL's] CJ, Stevie and Mike she would want me to do it. She could always hear in my voice the love and respect that I have for them by the way I would speak of them. Those close to me have wished for a long time that I would get the opportunity to once again do what I love to do — create music, with people I love being around and in an environment that I could stand to breathe in. DROWNING POOL has given me this opportunity and for them, their fans, Jo and Charlie Williams, and, of course, their son Mr. Dave 'STAGE' Williams, I will do everything and anything I can to make you proud of the name you all worked so hard to build.

"Thanks for the confidence and the acceptance that has been shown already. As soon as I can get through 'Tear Away' without watering up like a little bitch, I'll be ready to rip some shit up out there with y'all..."

Recently on Soil's Web site, bassist Tim King vilified McCombs, saying he will "be singing the very songs he hailed as 'average,' " and capped off his tirade with "Drowning Pool can have him. Now we have the better singer [in A.J. Cavalier] and the better band."

The revamped DROWNING POOL will be making a one-off appearance at this year's Ozzfest on August 25 at the Smirnoff Music Center in Dallas, Texas. The band will perform on the main stage in front of their hometown crowd in what promises to be the group's debut live appearance with McCombs.

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30 Second Clip Of New SOiL Song Online

A 30-second clip of brand new SOiL music, 'Jaded', has been posted online at 94.7 The Zone's official website. The clip is the 2nd taste of new music from the Chicago based act, this time it showcases the versatility of new frontman AJ Cavalier. Head to this location to listen to the clip of 'Jaded'.

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Drowning Pool Announce Official Vocalist

Through sources close to the band, that former SOiL frontman Ryan McCombs is officially DROWNING POOL's new lead singer. McCombs will be "unveiled" on August 25 on the main-stage of OZZFEST 2005 in Dallas, Texas, a city where he has recently been spotted spending a lot of time. The band will perform a full set at the Smirnoff Music Centre.

In other news, DROWNING POOL's second (and now former) lead singer, Jason 'Gong' Jones, is actively involved in the recording process with his new band AM CONSPIRACY in Orlando, Florida, and a re-energized SOiL, with their new leadman AJ Cavalier, have posted up their first video for the song 'Give it Up' online - it can be viewed at either SOiLMusic

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SOiL Rare Gibson SG Guitar Up For Auction On EBay

SOiL guitarist Shaun Glass has thrown his rare 2004 Gibson SG guitar up for sale on E-Bay. This very rare, limited edition 6 string has seen "light use, and is in excellent condition". To view, and to bid on the peiece, click here.

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Disturbed Frontman Compelled To Do Dimebag Benefit

Within an hour of the shooting at the Alrosa Villa that left "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and four others dead, Disturbed frontman David Draiman's phone began ringing off the hook. And it didn't stop for almost 24 hours. Right then and there, he knew "Instead of dwelling on the facts of his death, we're trying to focus on the way he lived." — Disturbed's David Draiman that something had to be done to pay tribute to his slain friend.

"I started making phone calls the day after I got the news. I knew that something had to be done to honor his memory. But then I was watching TV, and I saw that his family was auctioning off a bunch of his possessions on eBay," Draiman said. "I was like 'Damn, is the situation that dire?' If it had come to that, then I also knew that we had to do something to help his loved ones out."

So Draiman decided to organize a benefit concert for the Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund, which helps Abbott's family pay funeral expenses. More...

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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More Info On Damageplan Nightclub Shooting

Scoop of the Columbus, Ohio radio station The Blitz 99.7 FM has confirmed to Blabbermouth.net that Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul was uninjured in the shooting incident at a Columbus nightclub which resulted in the death of Paul's brother, Dimebag Darrell. According to Scoop, who attended the concert and briefly saw Vinnie following the incident, Paul was in a complete state of shock and expressed his desire to be with his brother right after the shooting occurred.

A friend of Scoop's, Kevin Minerd, who also attended the concert, told Blabbermouth.net that the gunman entered the stage from the left side and walked over to the right side where Dimebag was standing before grabbing the guitarist and pumping several bullets into him. Additional shots were fired, although it's presently unclear which other member of Damageplan, if any, was killed in the incident.

"A Columbus police officer, when he arrived, engaged the shooter, and the shooter is also dead, and if the officer hadn't acted when he did and how he did, we'd probably be looking at more dead, because this guy was actively shooting," Sergeant Brent Mull, public information officer, told MTV News.

"We have 200-plus patrons that we have sequestered inside three city buses," Sergeant Mull explained. "We are interviewing them one by one. The ones that were inside and witnessed this, ran for their lives and were in fear for their lives. They are victims too, and we want to take care of them."

As news of Dimebag's (born Darrell Lance Abbott in Dallas, Texas on August 20, 1966) bizarre and tragic demise rippled through the metal community, the news was met with shock and sadness.

"I'm speechless," friend and Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson told MTV. "This is totally unreal. Dimebag is a fucking legend and this is total bullshit."

"This is insane and this is beyond travesty," Killswitch Engage frontman, and former Damageplan tour partner, Howard Jones said. "This is beyond anything I've ever heard. This shouldn't happen in or outside of the rock and metal community. He will be missed and mourned as a person, as a musician, and as a friend."

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, whose band has toured with Pantera and has featured Dimebag guest appearances on their albums, stated in a posting on Anthrax's web site, "I am devastated as I'm sure we all are. All I can convey at this moment are my condolences to Rita and Vinnie and the whole family. My heart is with you."

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx offered the following: "Dime, I will never forget all the times you made us laugh. I'm so happy we got to spend the day together in London recently… We should all live our lives as full as you have. I will miss you, as will all of us... This is a sad day."

Rich Ward (Fozzy, Stuck Mojo): "Darrell was as nice as they come. During the times that I spent with him, I wondered why he played in such a heavy band. Not that he didn't have the ability to school all of us that dared to share a stage with him, but because he seemed like such a gentle and kind man. He had a great sense of humor and was someone that everyone in the room gravitated toward. He never carried himself like the big rock star that he really was, instead he came across humble and appreciative. I consider it a privilege to have known him, as he was one of the 'real' guys in the business and as Zakk [Wylde] would say, 'one of the boys'!"

Shaun Glass (Soil): "Today I am saddened to say I lost my friend and hero it sickens me that someone would take away a person that brought so much joy to so many people. Love ya, Double D."

Jon Dette (ex-Slayer, Testament): "My brother just called to tell me that Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed on stage tonight. Words cannot express the sadness I'm feeling right now and my condolences go out to Vinnie Paul and the Abbott family for their loss. This is a huge tragedy for the music world."

Orange County, California-based sextet Bleed The Sky (recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records): "It's a sad day in heavy metal, Dimebag Darrell formerly of Pantera, was shot and killed while performing with Damageplan in Ohio. We would more than likely not be a band if it wasn't for him, and can't possibly imagine the pain that his brother and his family must be in. RIP, brother, heavy music will never be the same without you."

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Soil Finds New Vocalist

Soil have a new vocalist. A.J. Cavalier, formerly of New York band Diesel Machine, replaces the recently departed Ryan McComb. Cavalier will start work on an album with Soil very shortly.

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SOIL Acoustic Version Of 'Redefine' Posted Online

A SOIL e-card, featuring an acoustic version of the title track of the band's last studio album, "Redefine", can be accessed online at this location.

The acoustic version of "Redefine" was recorded in June 2004 at Chasin Jason studio (owned by Dimebag Darrell of Damageplan) in Dallas, Texas with producer Vinnie Paul (Damageplan, ex-Pantera). Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Mercyful Fate, Damageplan) engineered the session.

SOIL recently parted ways with singer Ryan McCombs and are currently seeking a replacement. The band, who recently split with J Records, have started writing material for the follow-up to this year's "Redefine", tentatively due sometime next year.

SOIL's J Records debut, "Scars" (2001), has sold nearly 230,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Its follow-up, "Redefine", has shifted less than 75,000 units to date.

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Vote For Best Metal Videos Of The New Millennium

MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball and Revolver magazine are teaming up to bring you the Best Metal Videos of the New Millennium (so far) picked by you. So put your pedal to the metal and vote for your favorite video here. Then, catch the two-hour premiere Saturday, August 21 at 10 PM during Headbanger’s Ball, on MTV2. Plus check out the final list in the October issue of Revolver.

Videos you can vote for: More...

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Soil Parts Ways With J Records

Chicago's Soil have officially parted ways with J Records, the label that released the band's last two full-length offerings. The group's 2001 effort, "Scars," has sold 222,082 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan, while its follow-up, 2004's "Redefine" has shifted 64,832 units to date. Soil have plans to stay out on the road in the States until September.

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Adrift Working On New Album

Adrift are currently hard at work in pre-production with producer John Hughes II at the production board, on their full-length as-yet untitled album, to be recorded at ARS Studios in Orlando, Florida.

More information, from an official posting on the bands site, reads as follows:
"Mastering will take place at AudioHammer Studios with Jason Suecof, who you will remember as the producer of Adrift's recent widely heralded and critically received demo, including the classic, "Empty Dreams." Adrift has hired a professional graphic design firm to handle the artwork, art and graphic design of the CD and CD booklet, which will be as good if not better than most industry releases. After the record is done, mastered and manufactured (early September), Adrift plans to tour in support of it. The record will be independently released, and Adrift is currently seeking distribution deals to bring the music to the masses. Of course, the record will be available from this website, but Adrift is looking to put their records in stores near YOU for your convenience"

Pictures from Soil and Shinedown hanging out with Adrift and co. are also viewable online here.

Working song titles are below: More...

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Soil Recording Acoustic Tracks w/ Vinny Paul

SOIL are currently at Chasin Jason studio (owned by Dimebag Darrell of DAMAGEPLAN) in Dallas, Texas recording a few acoustic tracks with producer Vinnie Paul (DAMAGEPLAN) during two days off from the SHINEDOWN/SOIL tour. Sterling Winfield (PANTERA, MERCYFUL FATE, DAMAGEPLAN) is engineering the sessions. More details will be made available soon.

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Confirmed Headbangers Ball Tour Dates

DROWNING POOL’s official website has posted dates for the upcoming Headbanger’s Ball Tour, which also features HATEBREED, DAMAGEPLAN, SOIL and UNEARTH.

Confirmed dates include:


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SOiL To Be Fourth Band On Headbangers Ball Tour

The 4th band for the upcoming Headbanger's Ball Tour with HATEBREED, DAMAGEPLAN, and DROWNING POOL, will be SOIL.

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Soil Bassist Talks About New Album, 'Redefine'

SOIL bassist TIM KING explains what fans can expect as their new album Redefine hits stores March 23 rd on J Records, "Basically, we were on the road for Scars for 13 months straight, and we just experienced so much personally and musically. What we did on this one was, we just took all those experiences and maturity and put it on the new record. In some ways, the new record is more melodic and a bit more aggressive while it still has some great harmonies and new musical pieces. We experimented a lot with new sounds, and like, acoustic instruments. For example, I used a twelve string bass on a couple of parts on the new record and just overall, it's more of a mature growth record--but it still has all of the anger and momentum of Scars."

Read the full article at Electric Basement.

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