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Batillus Announces U.S. Live Shows

New York doom quartet Batillus has announced an upcoming tour in support of the band's new album "Furnace." Kicking off in March, the trek will include Brooklyn's Hull and a stop at SXSW in Texas. The dates are as follows:

Fri 3/11 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Ominous Black
Sat 3/12 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ U.S. Christmas, Balaclava
Sun 3/13 - Johnson City, TN @ Hideaway w/ U.S. Christmas
Mon 3/14 - Little Rock, AK @ Downtown Music w/ The Body
Fri 3/18 - Austin, TX @ Triple Crown Tattoo w/ Pack of Wolves, Mutilation Rites SXSW
Sat 3/19 - Austin, TX @ Lovejoy's - Brooklyn Vegan / Profound Lore Showcase w/ Tombs, Castevet, The Body, Dark Castle, more * SXSW
Sat 3/19 - Austin TX @ Shiner Bar w/ Pack of Wolves, Mutilation Rites SXSW
Mon 3/21 - New Orleans, LA @ TBA w/ The Body
Tue 3/22 - Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective
Wed 3/23 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Reservoir w/ Caltrop
Thu 3/24 - Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ Caltrop, Billows
Fri 3/25 - Montclair, NJ @ Meatlocker
Sat 3/26 - New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall w/ Horseback, Caltrop
* no Hull

Metalsucks.net also recently posted a song from "Furnace" online, titled "And the World is as Night to Them," at this location.

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Hull Finishing New Album

Brooklyn, New York sludge rockers Hull, who kicked off the year with a performance opening for doom legends Pentagram, are gearing up for a two week tour with Batillus this March. The tour will run through SXSW and draw to a close at a special Manhattan performance at The Studio at Webster Hall on March 26th with Caltrop and Horseback. The show is sponsored by BrooklynVegan and 1000 Knives. Stay tuned for a full tour announcement in the coming days.

In related news, Hull will release the "Viking Funeral" EP, initially self-released in 2005, on vinyl via Science of Silence records this spring. The limited edition wax version will come in 180 gram blood red/black swirl vinyl with the song on one side, a laser etched image on the other, and a parchment insert with the detailed Viking Funeral saga. The release also features a sticker and digital download info all wrapped in a "Viking Funeral" poster and wax-stamped with the band's logo.

Hull is putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to the band's Sole Lord debut, issued via The End Records in 2009. Their sophomore full-length will be co-produced by Brett Romnes (who played drums on the Viking Funeral EP) and mixed by Billy Anderson (Sleep, High On Fire, Neurosis, EHG, Melvins et al). The record is slated for release this summer with another bout of live dates to follow.

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"NYC Sucks" Compilation Available For Download

Volume 1 of "NYC Sucks," the completely free compilation album from MetalSucks.net is out now, featuring some of the best metal bands from the New York metal scene. This volume features fourteen songs by as many bands, who run the gamut of genres, from death to tech to prog to grind to black to hardcore to doom and more. "We truly feel that this is a great sampling of all that New York’s thriving metal scene has to offer, and we’re beyond proud to be sharing it with you — absolutely, 100% free of charge," states MetalSucks.

You can stream or download the compilation here. It contains high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and as well as a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands.

Here's the "NYC Sucks: Volume 1" tracklisting:

1. East of the Wall, “The Ladder”
2. Made out of Babies, “Invisible Ink”
3. Tiger Flowers, “Cuts”
4. Black Anvil, “The Evil of All Roots”
5. Naam, “Frosted Tread”
6. Batillus, “The Children of the Night Make Their Music”
7. Meek is Murder, “Sundowners” (demo)
8. The Binary Code, “Encircled”
9. Castevet, “Stones”
10. Hung, “Desert of Sad”
11. Wizardry, “The Falconer”
12. Pyrrhon, “King of All Tears”
13. Mutant Supremacy, “Epitaph”
14. Incendiary, “Victory in Defeat”

Volume 2, featuring thirteen more great bands and songs, will be out on February 22nd.

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Unearthing The Experimental Underground, Part 2

The big names in metal get a lot of press and are famous for a reason, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a treasure trove of high quality metal bands hiding out in the underground. Each week with the Unearthing the Underground column we take a look at unknown bands in a specific genre or location that deserve to be heard by a wider audience.

Metal is unique in the musical world for the many different varieties to be found within it’s overall borders. “Experimental” or “Avant-Garde” metal bands are those groups that head outside the standard boundaries of the stylistic breakdowns, combining different sounds or even making up entirely new ones. Whether it’s extremely discordant vocals, a meshing of non-metal music with heavy atmosphere, or even random bouts of circus music, experimental metal typically has something that prevents the mainstream from recognizing it. These bands usually manage to get a small, but devoted, cult following that enjoys the odd juxtapositions and flagrant disregard for what’s socially acceptable in music.

In the last Unearthing the Experimental Underground we looked at the Czech Republic’s Oblomov, Poland’s Furia, and Italy’s Viscera///. This time around we’ll dig into U.S. based act Hallowed Butchery, as well as Virus and Source of Tide from Norway.

Hallowed Butchery

Maine based multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fairfield is the mastermind behind solo act Hallowed Butchery, which was previously known as Hallowed Butchery of the Son. Metalunderground conducted an interview with Ryan, in which he discussed the name change and the project’s upcoming work.

Hallowed Butchery frequently uses the stylistic elements of doom, with long, lingering guitar tones and slow moving music. There’s also a good deal of black metal to be heard in the music, along with some truly odd sounds that often defy easy description. One of the project's more experimental works is the fourteen minute epic “Coffin Life,” which was included on a recent split with New York’s Batillus. The song chronicles the life, demise, and surprising afterlife of a man who commits suicide, going through several distinct changes in style. A clip from the epic song can be heard at the band’s MySpace page.

The video below also contains the track “The Kennebec” from the band’s debut EP “Funeral Rites for the Living.” More...

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MetalSucks Announces Free Compilations

MetalSucks.net has announced two free compilations coming early next year, featuring underground bands from the ever growing New York City metal scene. Entitled "NYC Sucks," Volume 1 will contain 14 songs by as many bands and will be released on January 18th. Volume 2, containing 13 tracks, will be released on February 22nd. Both compilations will be available for download on MetalSucks, will contain high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and will include a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands.

Here are the bands featured on volumes 1 and 2:

Volume 1: (Jan 18)
1. East of the Wall
2. Made out of Babies
3. Tiger Flowers
4. Black Anvil
5. Naam
6. Batillus
7. Meek is Murder
8. The Binary Code
9. Castevet
10. Hung
11. Wizardry
12. Pyrrhon
13. Mutant Supremacy
14. Incendiary

Volume 2: (Feb 22)
1. Wetnurse
2. Tombs
3. Moth Eater
4. Hull
5. The Austerity Program
6. Defeatist
7. Goes Cube
8. Krallice
9. Empyreon
10. Abacinate
11. ikillya
12. Atakke
13. The Ghost in Black and White

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Batillus Contributes Song To NYC Compilation

Batillus has issued the following announcement about contributing a track to a compilation album featuring New York City heavy metal bands:

"We’re honored to announce that we’ve been included in a compilation of the best underground heavy music from New York, curated by the one and only MetalSucks.net. We’re on the first of two volumes (cover here), which will be released on January 18th.

"The comp includes tracks from Made Out of Babies, Black Anvil, Tombs, Naam, Castevet, Hull, The Austerity Program, Goes Cube, Wetnurse, Krallice, Defeatist, and many more. There’s more information over at MS."

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Batillus Contributes Track To "Small Doses" Comp

Batillus has issued the following announcement about contributing material to a compilation album:

"We were recently asked to participate in a compilation project involving 100 grind / noise bands from around the world curated and released by Andy Koettel via his Mortville label. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to do something a little out of the ordinary, a one-of-a-kind miniature representation of one of our songs that would act as an introduction to an audience that might not otherwise ever know about us.

"Here’s an explanation from Andy: 'This is the one everyone’s been waiting for, the final nail in Mortville’s coffin! This was easily the most ambitious project I’ve taken on in my 13 years of doing the label and it took me 13 months to put it all together. “Small Doses” is a 100 band international grind/noisecore CD compilation with all bands averaging 30 seconds. 100 bands in 44 minutes packaged with a 40 page booklet (including 5 pages of essays) and a die-cut folder.'"

A teaser video for "Small Doses" can be found after the jump. More...

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Batillus To Write New Album

New York based doom metal outfit Batillus has issued the following update about taking time off live shows to write a new album:

"Tonight. Naam. Cough. Sea of Bones. Batillus. Charleston. Last show for many months, as we’ll be hibernating through the winter to write the followup to a record that isn’t even out yet. Come out and help us help the Charleston get rid of all their whiskey. Sea of Bones are first, then us, then Naam, then Cough."

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Batillus Announces Final Show Of The Year

Batillus has checked in with the following update about performing the band's final live show of 2010:

"Let us destroy what’s left of your holiday cheer on Saturday, December 11th at the Charleston in Brooklyn along with Cough, Naam, and Sea of Bones. We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while; quality lineup + recent tours + new albums = great show with lots of people.

"It’s the last show we have planned until March, so if you’ve been among the missing lately, come on out and reaffirm your pagan values in the electrifying smelliness of Brooklyn’s grottiest basement.?"

The promotional poster for the show can be found here.

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Batillus Checks In From The Road

Batillus has checked in from the band's current tour with the following road report:

"Here we are, day three of our five day tour with Author & Punisher and Theologian. I’m typing from AJ’s house in Weymouth, MA as Peterson showers, Willi thumbs through a deck of 'Bachelorette Party Dare' cards, and Fade and Joey (our lovely merch girl) snooze the morning away. Last night we played at a place in Somerville called Starlab– a sort of punk-house-slash-recording-studio-slash-showspace. The tiny room was packed for most of the night, and Author & Punisher, after experiencing some difficulties with his equipment the night previous, played a solid set to finish the show off.

"Author & Punisher… if you’re unfamiliar, this is the solo project of a UCSD graduate and mechanical engineer at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research Tristan Shone. He builds custom MIDI controllers that are part machine, part sculpture, and part musical instrument. The music is industrial, doomy, and droney, but watching him perform is really the draw. It’s like he’s in the command chair of some futuristic android killing machine as he manipulates his bizarre contraptions to create and warp sounds.

"At the Wallingford, CT show two nights ago, there was a guy standing next to me during Theologian’s set eating ramen noodles raw from the package. And then last night, there was a girl sitting casually on a sofa brushing her teeth (sans toothpaste) while holding a conversation with her friend. Let’s see what sort of oddball human behavior Albany can muster up tonight…"

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Batillus Comments On Signing To Seventh Rule

Seventh Rule Recordings recently announced the signing of New York doom act Batillus. The band has now checked in with the following statement about the signing:

"Seventh Rule Recordings will be releasing our debut full-length LP, to be called ‘Furnace,’ in the spring of next year. We have been talking with the label for some time, getting acquainted, and it’s clear that Seventh Rule and Batillus are on the same page artistically and ethically and we are extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to work with such a like-minded label. Seventh Rule has released the music of bands such as Indian, Coffinworm, Buried at Sea, and Plague Bringer, among others, and we’re honored to join their ranks.

"‘Furnace’ will be released by Seventh Rule in North America and the UK in CD, vinyl, and digital formats, and by Vendetta Records in continental Europe on vinyl only. Vendetta, which recently released a split 12? LP featuring Batillus and Hallowed Butchery, has been a strong supporter of the band for a year now."

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Batillus Signs To Seventh Rule

Seventh Rule Recordings has issued the following announcement about signing New York doom act Batillus:

"Seventh Rule proudly welcomes Brooklyn doom quartet Batillus to its stormy roster. With songs that move from bristling blast beats to subterranean crawls, Batillus (buh-TILL-us) cohere the extremes of heavy music into a surge of massive riffing, rolling over and descending on the listener with the force and intensity of a sudden storm.

"The New Yorker describes Batillus as 'a sludgy four-piece that slows monstrous Black Sabbath riffs to a crawl to produce highly textured compositions of droning doom-metal,' and Revolver calls their music 'beyond-atmospheric blackened doom.'

"Seventh Rule will release 'Furnace,' the first full length by Batillus, in the coming spring months, with full U.S. touring by the band to follow. 'Furnace' was recorded by Sanford Parker (Yob, Unearthly Trance, Nachtmystium, Pelican) at Semaphore Studios in Chicago. "

The upcoming Batillus tour dates are as follows:

11/14 New York, NY @ Bowery Electric w/ Evoken + Man's Gin + Moth Eater
11/19 Wallingford, CT @ Red Scroll Records w/ Author and Punisher + Theologian
11/20 Somerville, MA @ The Starlab w/ Author and Punisher + Theologian
11/21 Albany, NY @ The MarketPlace Gallery w/ Author and Punisher + Theologian
11/26 Philadelphia, PA @ The Rotunda w/ Author and Punisher + Theologian
11/27 Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron w/ Author and Punisher + Theologian
12/11 Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston w/ Naam + Cough + Sea of Bones

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Batillus Announces New Live Shows

New York based doom metal act Batillus has announced the following upcoming U.S. tour dates:

10/2 2010 Acheron w/ Kowloon Walled City, Liturgy Brooklyn, NY
10/13 2010 Kung Fu Necktie w/ Unearthly Trance, Suma Philadelphia, PA
10/21 2010 Shinebox CMJ Showcase @ Death By Audio Brooklyn, NY
10/23 2010 MetalSucks CMJ Showcase @ Fontana's New York, NY
11/19 2010 Redscroll Records Wallingford, CT
11/20 2010 Starlab Somerville, MA
11/21 2010 Valentine's Albany, NY
11/27 2010 The Charleston Brooklyn, NY

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Batillus Solidifies Tour Dates w/ KWC

Batillus has solidified their upcoming tour with Kowloon Walled City for this month. Here are the latest tour dates:

Sat 9/18 NYC – Cake Shop w/ Riff Cannon (early show, doors 5pm)
Sun 9/19 Boston, MA – Great Scott w/ Disappearer, Riff Cannon
Mon 9/20 Providence, RI – AS220 w/ Tongue Dynasty, Witch King
Tue 9/21 Baltimore, MD – Hexagon w/ Oak, Salome, Akris
Wed 9/22 Pittsburgh, PA – Garfield Artworks w/ Drought, Ancient Shores
Thu 9/23 Knoxville, TN – The Pilot Light w/ New Brutalism
Fri 9/24 Atlanta, GA – Eyedrum – Forward to the Apocalypse Fest (w/ Thou, Man Will Destroy Himself, more)
Sat 9/25 New Orleans, LA – Koenji House (2608 Magazine @ 3rd) w/ Thou
Sun 9/26 Baton Rouge, LA – Rachel Haus w/ Thou
Mon 9/27 Birmingham, AL – Magic City Wholesale w/ Black Hole Kids
Tue 9/28 Raleigh, NC – DIVEbar Raleigh w/ Machete! (free!)
Wed 9/29 Chapel Hill, NC – The Reservoir w/ Machete! (free!)
Thu 9/30 Richmond, VA – Strange Matter w/ Lord By Fire
Fri 10/1 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie w/ Fight Amp, Ladder Devils (7:30 pm)
Sat 10/2 Brooklyn, NY – The Acheron w/ Liturgy

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Batillus Announces New Tour Dates

New York doom act Batillus has issued the following update about going on tour and releasing a new split album:

"We're going on tour with our friends Kowloon Walled City in September. If you can help with any of the TBAs, get in touch. Also we have a split 12" coming out on the German-based label Vendetta next month with Maine-based solo doom project Hallowed Butchery. Our side features the same tracks that were on our second EP (the 'Beard Destroyer Tour EP,' recorded last summer by Brendan Tobin of Made Out of Babies), superbly remastered by James Plotkin. The cover photo for the split is by Scott Irvine and the layout is by Ryan Scott Fairfield (Hallowed Butchery)."

The track listing for the split is as follows:

Side A - Batillus
1. The Division
2. The Children of the Night Make Their Music
3. Beyond the River

Side B - Hallowed Butchery
1. An Introduction
2. Coffin Life

You can also catch Batillus live on the following dates: More...

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Batillus To Enter The Studio

New York doom metallers Batillus have issued the following statement about preparing to enter the recording studio:

"When I know I have to get up in three hours, I find it difficult to sleep at all, no matter how tired I am. I'm so worried about sleeping through my alarm and getting on the road late (and potentially missing the next show) that I just wind up lying there in a half-sleep waiting for the fast-approaching moment where I'll have to drag my ass out of bed, slam a gallon of coffee, and get on the highway. That's what happened to us last night: we returned to our local housing site after a show at some townie dive called JR's Bar in south south Philly around 2am, then woke up at 5am in order to get on the road by 6am to make our load-in time in Indianapolis tonight.

"In spite of the fact that JR's isn't set up to host live music-- much less loud live music-- and the fact that during our last song the Ampeg SVT head belonging to Chris from Riff Cannon through which Willi was playing toppled off the speaker cabinet and onto the floor, the show was decent. We played well, and Riff Cannon played spectacularly. I'm bummed we barely got to hang out with those guys, though. Since they never made it to New York for Thursday's show due to van troubles and since we had to get to sleep immediately following last night's show due to our aforementioned 6am van call time, we hardly had a chance to hang with them. It's soul-crushing just imagining all the fun we would have, should have, could have had. More...

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Batillus Recording New Album

New York doom metallers Batillus have checked in with the following band update:

"Hello everyone, it's been a long time since our last real update. Much has happened, much is happening, and much will happen in the very near future... This is a long one, so bear with us. First, we have a couple shows upcoming with our good friends Riff Cannon. We're still looking for a show in Cleveland on Saturday, May 1st to round out that weekend as we make our way to Chicago. If you can help out please get in touch.

"Why are we going to Chicago, you ask? We're recording our debut full-length in May at Volume Studios with the much-lauded Sanford Parker (Yob, Rwake Unearthly Trance, Nachtmystium, Pelican). We have seven songs written clocking in at nearly an hour, of which we expect probably five to make it to the final LP. After doing a pair of EPs on an extremely limited budget and a tight schedule, we're very much looking forward to taking our time this go-around and coming out of the studio with something that really represents us as a band; something that we can really be proud of. More details on the full-length will be announced in time.

"Next, we are excited to announce that we have a split 12" coming out this summer via the Berlin-based Vendetta Records. The split is with Maine's Hallowed Butchery (aka Ryan Scott Fairfield) and our side will contain three tracks previously only available on the extremely-limited (as in 75) 'Beard Destroyer Tour EP,' which is now sold out. The cover image is by Scott Irvine and the rest of the artwork and layout will be done by Fairfield. More...

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A Storm Of Light Announces Guest Musicians

A Storm of Light has issued the following announcement about guest musicians appearing on their upcoming tour:

"We are pleased to have a couple of guests with us on the upcoming tour. Will Lindsay from Wolves in the Throneroom will be joining us on second guitar, and Geoff Summers of Batillus will be playing live drums. We are really looking forward to this one. Nerissa Campbell will be performing with us at our NYC record release show November 18 at Ace of Clubs."

A Storm of Light's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

10/24 Damnation Festival at Leeds University Leeds
10/25 Fighting Cocks with Minsk Kingston
10/26 Trillians with Minsk - FREE SHOW New Castle
10/27 Corporation with Minsk Sheffield
10/28 Bar Academy with Minsk London
10/29 Engine Room with Minsk Brighton
10/30 Simplon with Minsk Groningen
10/31 Cafe Nova with Minsk Essen
11/1 Baroeg with Minsk Rotterdam
11/2 Conne Island Leipzig
11/3 Ikra Club with Minsk Moscow
11/4 Cassiopeia with Minsk Berlin
11/5 Usine with Minsk Geneva
11/6 Ebullition with Minsk Bulle
11/7 W2 with Minsk Den Bosch
11/8 Schlachthof with Minsk WIESBADEN
11/9 Hafenklang with Minsk Hamburg
11/11 Init Club with Minsk Rome
11/13 Ritmo Y Compas with Minsk Madrid
11/14 TBA with Minsk Braga
11/15 Revolver Bar with Minsk and Black Sun Lisbon
11/18 Ace of Clubs BELATED RECORD RELEASE SHOW New York City, New York

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Batillus Offering Free MP3 Download

New York doom metallers Batillus have issued the following announcement about offering their new song "The Division" as a free download:

"Alright people, you've listened to 'The Division' on our streaming myspace player thing. Now, take the song home with you and put it on your iPod for convenient access while on the go!"

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Batillus Streaming New Song Online

New York doom metallers Batillus are currently streaming a new song online titled "The Division." The song can be heard on the band's official MySpace page.

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