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Autumns Eyes

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Band Photo: Autumns Eyes (?)

Formed: 1999
From: CT, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Leading a new season in music, Daniel Mitchell runs a new, cutting edge solo metal project named Autumns Eyes. A deep combination of heavy metal, classic rock, and unique sound effects with an abundance of ultimate creativity and artistic direction similar to the great film composer Danny Elfman. Such bands as In Flames, Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir, and many other greats join the ranks of inspiration that make up what has become a revolutionary new approach to music. New sound. High Energy. A new season has come.

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Autumns Eyes Posts Rock And Shock Footage

U.S. solo metal act Autumns Eyes has posted a video recap from the final day at Rock and Shock 2011. You can check out the clip below.

In conjunction with the Rock and Shock appearance, Autumns Eyes is also running a Halloween costume contest sponsored by Metalunderground.com. The current entries and information on entering the contest are available here.

Autumns Eyes will also soon be releasing the new album “Please Deceive Me.” The track listing is as follows:

1. Ichabod
2. Blood In the Woods
3. Anxiety Spiders
4. Please Deceive Me
5. So Close to Shadow
6. Pangea
7. Cobwebs and Crosses
8. Red Wine and Resin
9. Haunting Your Daughter
10. The Wooded Road

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Autumns Eyes Checks In With Rock And Shock Blog

This past weekend, solo metal act Autumns Eyes took a trip to Massachusetts for the 2011 Rock and Shock Convention. Front man Dan Mitchell just posted a recap about the whole event at the Autumns Eyes Blog. An excerpt follows:

"Its probably well known by now that Im not much of a public person. This past weekend at Rock and Shock completely changed that. I am extremely thankful and lucky to have such amazing fans who contact me here online, but to meet them in person is a completely different experience. Not only did it change my mind, but it also inspired me to pursue more public outings. Such as more conventions, and even the long awaited live show!"

You can check out the full report by heading over to this location. Autumns Eyes has also been hosting a Halloween Costume Contest sponsored by MetalUnderground.com all month.

This years entries have all ready started pouring in, which you can check out here. If you'd still like to enter the contest, you can do so at the Autumns Eyes website.

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Autumns Eyes To Appear At Rock And Shock

Autumns Eyes will be appearing at the vendors section of this years Rock and Shock Horror Movie and Heavy Metal Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts. The three day event will feature horror movie and music icons such as Robert Englund from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, KISS legend Ace Frehley, the one and only Gary Busey, and many more.

Fans who dress for the occasion can enter Autumns Eyes Halloween Costume Contest for a chance to win a free copy of the upcoming album "Please Deceive Me". So if you plan on stopping by to see Autumns Eyes, make sure you come in costume. Further details on Rock and Shock can be found this location.

The artwork for the upcoming "Please Deceive Me" album is available here, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Ichabod
2. Blood In the Woods
3. Anxiety Spiders
4. Please Deceive Me
5. So Close to Shadow
6. Pangea
7. Cobwebs and Crosses
8. Red Wine and Resin
9. Haunting Your Daughter
10. The Wooded Road

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Autumns Eyes Reveals "Please Deceive Me" Details

The upcoming tenth release from Autumns Eyes, titled “Please Deceive Me,” will officially be released to the public this Halloween, October 31st. Plagued by injury related surgeries, founding member Daniel Mitchell had to postpone the release for quite some time before he could continue work on the project.

A music video for the track “Haunting Your Daughter” is scheduled for release this Halloween, which marks the second official music video from the solo act following 2008's low budget horror video for “Feast of the Dead."

Autumns Eyes also recorded a cover of the Type O Negative track "Love You To Death" for Metalunderground.com's "All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele."

The track listing for “Please Deceive Me” is as follows:

1. Ichabod
2. Blood In the Woods
3. Anxiety Spiders
4. Please Deceive Me
5. So Close to Shadow
6. Pangea
7. Cobwebs and Crosses
8. Red Wine and Resin
9. Haunting Your Daughter
10. The Wooded Road

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Autumns Eyes Uploads New Album Teaser Clip

Autumns Eyes has now posted the fourth in a series of teaser trailers for the one-man band's upcoming album "Please Deceive Me." You can check out the clip, which features a sample of the vocals on the album, in the player below.

You can also find the previously uploaded teaser trailers here and at this location.

Additionally, Autumns Eyes recently took part in Metalunderground.com's digital album "All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele" by recording a cover of Type O Negative's "Love You To Death."

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Autumns Eyes Posts "Please Deceive Me" Teasers

Autumns Eyes has posted up two new teaser trailers for the band's upcoming album "Please Deceive Me," which can be viewed below and after the jump. The previously uploaded teaser clip is still available here.

The solo metal act contributed a cover of the Type O Negative song "Love You To Death" for Metalunderground.com's recently released Peter Steele digital tribute album. A video interview of Dan Mitchell from Autumns Eyes discussing the album is also available at this location.


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Autumns Eyes Releases Teaser Videos For New Album

Leading up to the tenth album release titled "Please Deceive Me" from solo metal act Autumns Eyes, founder Dan Mitchell has been posting teaser clips of the recordings on the Autumns Eyes Facebook page. Originally slated to be released last year, the album was halted by injury related surgeries undergone by Dan as well as the Peter Steele tribute album, "All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele." While no official date has been set for a release, the album is expected to be available very soon. Visit the Autumns Eyes Facebook Page and for more info regarding "Please Deceive Me" visit www.autumnseyes.com.

Check out one of the short teaser videos below:

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Site Update

Peter Steele Tribute Album Officially Released

A year ago we lost one of heavy metal’s iconic voices with the untimely death of Type O Negative’s Peter Steele. Twelve bands hailing from Europe and both North and South America have lent their talents to pay tribute to the gothic metal giant and ensure his music continues to be played by fans all across the world.

In collaboration with Beneath the Woods studios and a dozen of the finest underground bands, Metalunderground.com is very proud to announce that “All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele” is now officially available. All twelve tracks from the album and a PDF booklet containing words from the bands are available for $3, which covers the costs of the mechanical license and the transaction fees. Metalunderground.com will be donating any leftover profits to charity.

You can buy your copy of the album as an immediate digital download starting today.

We would like to personally thank all of the bands involved for their fantastic contributions, and to all our readers who have stuck by us throughout the years. There's a little something for everyone in this tribute album, and we hope you'll love it just as much as we do.

Dan Mitchell of Beneath The Woods Studios also added, "My original idea was to find bands that were only interested in paying tribute to Peter, and not getting caught up in the politics of it all. No talks of money, labels, suits, or anyone trying to suck the life out of it. Just a straight up tribute. While we had people from Dave Ellefson to Anathema showing interest, their schedules are too busy from prior commitments.

“If you look back at Type O Negative's catalogue, they covered various songs by artists that were much different from the original. There were most definitely fans of Neil Young who hated their rendition of 'Cinnamon Girl,' and Seals and Crofts fans who hated 'Summer Breeze.' There were even fans of Sabbath who hated Type O's rendition of a Sabbath song.

“However, Johnny Kelly put it best when he said ‘These are what those songs would have sounded like if WE wrote them, its our interpretation of the material.’ That was actually his response to me commenting on how ‘different’ the music on this tribute is.”

To hear what the bands have to offer with their cover songs, two teaser trailers are available below. The groups involved in the tribute have also conducted a series of interviews with Metalunderground to talk about Peter Steele’s legacy and the future of metal icons. You can read about how Autumns Eyes, Dark Hound, and Fairytale Abuse approached their cover songs and how Peter Steele influenced them. More...

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Second Peter Steele Tribute Teaser Revealed

Update: the tribute album is now available for download!

As April 14th draws near, Metalunderground.com will be paying tribute to the late Peter Steele, whose iconic vocal talents in Type O Negative helped shape the musical landscape for a generation of music lovers. The anniversary of Peter’s passing will see the release of “All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele,” which includes twelve cover tracks graciously donated by underground bands from across the world and from various genres of metal. In memory of Peter’s own various covers, each song provides a unique interpretation on Type O Negative or Carnivore.

A second trailer has now been posted online with clips from each of the songs on the tribute, in order to give past and future Peter Steele fans a chance to get acquainted with the bands honoring his legacy. The teaser trailer can be found below. An interactive version of the album’s digital booklet, created by Dan Mitchell of Beneath the Woods studio, is also available for all to view at this location.

The anniversary of the death of an icon is a bittersweet one. While we may never get to hear what Peter had in store for us next, we can still remember him and retrace the steps he already took on his musical career. Commenting on his passing a year ago, Tennessee’s Dark Hound added “Never bowing to be what anybody else wanted him to be, Peter forged his own way and his own style and sound, something every musician should hope to accomplish. That spirit and his music will continue to inspire us and countless bands to come. R.I.P. Peter Steele, thank you for what you've left us.”

“All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele” will be available on April 14th, 2011 in digital format with a PDF booklet for $3 (three U.S. dollars), which is solely to cover the cost of mechanical licensing and transaction fees. Any remaining money left over will be given to charity. In addition, free desktop and iPhone wallpapers based on the cover artwork will be made available for anyone to download.

The artwork can be viewed below, and the album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Auvernia - I Don't Wanna Be Me
2. Fairytale Abuse - Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
3. Stabbingback - Halloween in Heaven
4. Emancer - Girlfriend's Girlfriend
5. Dead Shape Figure - Dead Again
6. Enthrope - Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
7. Dark Hound - Life is Killing Me
8. A Band of Orcs - Green Man
9. In.Verno - Everything Dies
10. Blind Greed - Christian Woman
11. Revilement - Sex and Violence
12. Autumns Eyes - Love You To Death

All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele cover art

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Peter Steele Tribute Teaser Posted Online

Update: the second teaser trailer, which features clips from all twelve songs on the tribute, is now available at this location.

As was previously announced, Metalunderground.com will be releasing an exclusive tribute album to Peter Steele, who passed away last April. A dozen bands from across the world came together to contribute to the album and honor the icon of doom and gloom. The cover artwork for the tribute, which follows the iconic Type O Negative style and was created by Dan Mitchell of Beneath the Woods studio, has now been revealed and can be viewed below.

All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele cover art

To whet the fan’s appetites and give a taste of what’s to come, a teaser trailer is also now available that showcases clips from two of the cover songs appearing on “All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele.” Check out the video below to hear segments from the gothic recreation of “Love You To Death” by Autumns Eyes and the power metal rendition of “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” by Auvernia.

Speaking on Peter’s influence in the musical world, Argentina based band Auvernia commented, “Type O Negative - and specially Peter Steele as their front man and composer - has been inspirational for us in terms of diversity in music. They were not afraid to experiment, to melt genres such as thrash and goth for the sake of the compositions, that way creating their own trademark. If we also add musicianship, personality and attitude, then you have an icon. That's the legacy we take from Peter Steele and his band, for their heritage is there, within all their music.”

The track order has now been finalized for the tribute album, which features bands from such diverse locations as Finland, Taiwan, Norway, Denmark, Spain, and even the U.S.

1. Auvernia - "I Don't Wanna Be Me"
2. Fairytale Abuse - "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)"
3. Stabbingback - "Halloween in Heaven"
4. Emancer - "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend"
5. Dead Shape Figure - "Dead Again"
6. Enthrope - "Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)"
7. Dark Hound - "Life is Killing Me"
8. A Band of Orcs - "Green Man"
9. In.Verno - "Everything Dies"
10. Blind Greed - "Christian Woman"
11. Revilement - "Sex and Violence"
12. Autumns Eyes - "Love You To Death"

“All For None, None For All: A Tribute To Peter Steele” will be available in digital format through Metalunderground.com for a small fee, required to cover the mechanical licensing fees and transaction costs. Any leftover profits will be donated to charity. Stay tuned for additional details on the release of this multinational tribute to one of metal’s fallen legends.

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Headline News

Metalunderground To Release Peter Steele Tribute

Update: The tribute album is now available for download! The teaser trailer and cover artwork for the tribute album are also available at this location.

Last year the musical world was dealt a serious blow when gothic metal titan Peter Steele tragically passed away at the age of 48. While Peter may be gone, his music and his legacy live on, and they continue to inspire musicians around the world.

To honor Peter’s memory on the anniversary of his passing, and lead a new generation of metalheads to his music, heavy metal news site Metalunderground.com has teamed up with a dozen underground bands from across the globe to release an exclusive tribute album. The tribute, entitled “All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele," was done in collaboration with Dan Mitchell of Beneath The Woods Studio and features twelve stellar cover songs from many stages of Peter’s career in both Type O Negative and Carnivore.

The songs covered, which include interpretations running the gamut from depressive rock to power metal to death metal and many stops in-between, are as follows:

Auvernia - “I Don't Wanna Be Me”
Fairytale Abuse - “Black No. 1”
In.verno - “Everything Dies”
Dead Shape Figure - “Dead Again”
Revilement - “Sex and Violence”
Emancer - “Girlfriend's Girlfriend”
A Band of Orcs - “Green Man”
Enthrope - “Wolf Moon”
Stabbingback - “Halloween in Heaven”
Dark Hound – “Life Is Killing Me”
Autumns Eyes – “Love You To Death”
Blind Greed – “Christian Woman”

A final track listing is still being determined.

Discussing his own exposure to Type O Negative, Fairytale Abuse vocalist Simon Pederson explained, “I remember very clearly when one of my friends introduced me to Type O Negative back in the early 90´s. I was quite impressed by the ambiance and melancholia of the music but even more by the depth and character of Peter Steele´s vocals. Since then their albums still regularly find their way to my CD player.” Simon then went on to add, “Peter Steele is for us without doubt one of the most significant forefathers within the entire melodic metal genre. So when being asked to deliver a song for his tribute we were doubtless that we had to participate and are honored to do so.” More...

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Autumns Eyes' Dan Mitchell Has Hand Surgery

Dan Mitchell of one-man metal band Autumns Eyes has issued the following update following having surgery on his hand:

"Many of you had some questions about a surgery I was supposed to have. Well Im happy to report I finally got it done today. It was a fairly complex procedure where they knocked me out to remove a growth that was buried deep and attached to nerves in my right hand. They put my arm inside a giant block that looks like swiss cheese to prevent movement and keep it elevated. 4-6 weeks of recovery and hopefully I’ll be back to normal! Once Im healed up I can go back to finishing all the new material for Autumns Eyes, which Im extremely anxious to get started on. The only downside right now is having to use my left hand for EVERYthing…so now let the perverted jokes begin…"

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Autumns Eyes Gives Video Tour Of Studio

In response to fans who have been asking about Beneath the Woods Studio, Autumns Eyes has put together a short video touring some of the equipment used to record Autumns Eyes material.

The band recently issued an update announcing a new music video and plans for a DVD release.

Check out the video below:

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Autumns Eyes Gives Update, Announces Video and DVD

Autumns Eyes has issued and update on the progress of upcoming album "Please Deceive Me" as well as announcing a new music video and first DVD release:

"In an attempt to distract myself from infusing apples with poison/candies with razors, I have decided its time for another update. Its no secret that October is indeed a month of inspiration and creation for Autumns Eyes. With the completion of 'Please Deceive Me' slowly creeping up on the ears of its unfortunate listeners, a new breed of visual abominations approaches to coincide with the release. In other words, new music videos.

"The first video scheduled is for the track 'Haunting Your Daughter,' which has a very '80s Horror Movie/Nightmare on Elm Street' sound to it. It will also contain an intro track titled 'Red Wine and Resin,' a creepy 'Goblin' inspired instrumental song which sets the stage for the story.

"While keeping on the video subject, I suppose its a good time to announce the very first DVD release from Autumns Eyes. A date has yet to be scheduled, but the DVD will contain several music videos, documentaries, interviews, and a few surprises to be announced at a later date."

Autumns Eyes is also holding a Halloween Costume Contest. All you need to enter is a photo of yourself in your Halloween Costume before the deadline of November 5th. Winners will be announced one week after Halloween. Here are the prizes:

1ST PRIZE: 3 Items of your choice from the Autumns Eyes Store
2ND PRIZE: 2 Items of your choice from the Autumns Eyes Store
3RD PRIZE: 1 Item of your choice from the Autumns Eyes Store

To enter, visit this link and submit your photo.

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Autumns Eyes Seeking Extras For Music Video

Autumns Eyes is seeking extras for their new music video. Here the update from the band:

"If you are currently a resident of the New England area, or interested in traveling, Autumns Eyes is searching for extras to appear in the next music video. The video will follow the style of a horror movie, and will include lots of blood and gore. So be ready to get bloody! If you are interested please send an email to info@autumnseyes.com or visit the Autumns Eyes contact page here to submit your inquiry."

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Autumns Eyes Posts New Studio Footage Online

Solo metal band Autumns Eyes has posted studio footage highlighting the recording sessions for the upcoming new album, "Please Deceive Me." Check out he video below:

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Autumns Eyes Gives Album Update

One-band black metal outfit Autumns Eyes is current mixing the new album, "Please Deceive Me," and Dan Mitchell has issued an update about the process:

"As mixing began on the new release 'Please Deceive Me' I wanted to focus on two rules of thumb; breathe dynamics into each song so they each have a life of their own, and create sounds and effects naturally rather than using pre-recorded ones. When trying to add atmosphere to an Autumns Eyes song, I always shoot for the typical “night time crickets” sound or any number of free thunder clap sound effects you can download for free at just about every sound effects website. Its my way of establishing to the listener that this is where the music comes from and draws inspiration. Granted it can be some what cliche, but at least this time around its undergone a more organic process.

"Instead of using pre-recorded samples and sounds, I recorded my own right in the woods of Connecticut where both my studio and I reside. This gave a broader range of creativity and sonic possibilities right off the bat. While recording outside, I was able to capture my own reverb as well. If your not familiar with audio engineering, reverb is basically that “echo” sound you hear on instruments and vocals that give both atmosphere and depth to what you hear. Using Apple Logic Studio 9's Impulse Response Utility I was able to capture any environment I wanted in my own back yard. Basically the process started with a laptop, a pair of speakers, and a microphone. A frequency sweep is played through speakers in the woods where a microphone records the sweep and sends it into the laptop. The program then removes the audio frequency sweep, and captures the reverberation from the environment the sweep was played in. Now the reverb can be saved and later applied to any vocal/instrument/sound during the mixing process.

"It might sound like overboard to some and may even be used sparingly throughout the album, but its those subtle differences that make the end result more unique. One of my favorite albums of all time is 'October Rust' by Type O Negative, and its the small details of that record that give you a sense of atmosphere and emotion. From the bird chirps on the intro to 'Green Man', to the sounds of branches creaking and twisting during the beginning of 'Wolf Moon'. Adding such elements to your record make it more organic and memorable. In our age of digital recording, where especially in metal, it seems like a group of dogs chasing each others tails. There are a ton of bands just mimicking what the other is doing, and trying to cash in on it. Im not trying to break away from the genre with this release, but Im definitely trying to show people that there can be a broader range of sound in metal instead of just blast beats and screaming."

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Unearthing The Solo Metal Underground Part 2

Each week in "Unearthing the Metal Underground," we spotlight a few quality unsigned bands in an attempt to spread the word and expose acts that make the underground great. This week we’re returning again to the realm of solo extreme metal to uncover three more one-man bands.

Unlike our last foray into the world of solo musicians, these three groups aren’t restricted entirely to the black metal style. Instead we’ll be covering a wide range of musical projects that showcase how creativity and professional musicianship can flourish in the unlimited freedom of a solo band. More...

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Autumns Eyes Posts Debut Album For Free Download

The 2001 album from Autumns Eyes titled "Remember the Victim" has been added to the list of full albums available for download on the Autumns Eyes website. "Remember the Victim" was the first full length album recorded by Autumns Eyes. Practice sessions for this album were held at the Berklee School of Music, as the album was both written and recorded in Boston, MA.

You can download this album and others for free at Autumns Eyes' download page.

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Autumns Eyes Discusses Recording Bass Guitar

Autumns Eyes has issued the following recording update:

"After a long and tedious process of rhythm guitar tracking, I have finally moved on to bass guitars. The single most important foundation of a song recording is the rhythm section, mainly drums and bass. This is the backbone to any kind of melody you lay over top of it, and will solidify the listeners decision to continue listening or stop and move on to the next song. I'm putting a lot of effort and detailed attention into the recording of bass guitars."

"A lot of metal bands or solo musicians who attempt to record the bass on their own treat it as just a 'big guitar' that can get by with only playing the root notes to the power chords their rhythm guitars are playing. I want the bass to be it’s own individual instrument, that when required can blend with the power of the kick drum and deliver that sonic punch in the gut that a good heavy song should have. Im using my usual Yamaha RBX 765a 5-String on this recording simply because I love the feel of it, and it has active pickups that give the recording a good kick in the ass." More...

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