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Autumns Eyes

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Band Photo: Autumns Eyes (?)

Formed: 1999
From: CT, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Leading a new season in music, Daniel Mitchell runs a new, cutting edge solo metal project named Autumns Eyes. A deep combination of heavy metal, classic rock, and unique sound effects with an abundance of ultimate creativity and artistic direction similar to the great film composer Danny Elfman. Such bands as In Flames, Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Dimmu Borgir, and many other greats join the ranks of inspiration that make up what has become a revolutionary new approach to music. New sound. High Energy. A new season has come.

Autumns Eyes Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Autumns Eyes.


Autumns Eyes Chats About Upcoming EP

Solo metal act Autumns Eyes, which consists of sole member Dan Mitchell, is gearing up to cap the summer with the release of new EP "Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets," which follows last year's full-length album "Please Deceive Me" (reviewed here).

The EP comes out August 6th and consists of instrumental re-imaginings of some of the project's earliest material, which has never before been officially released.

As we near the release date, Dan got in touch with Metalunderground to chat about "Broken Leaves and Haunted Streets," along with a nerdly talk about upcoming epic movies, anthology horror flicks, and movie scores.

Read the full interview below, and to get a dose of all things horror and metal, head over to the official Autumns Eyes website. More...

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Autumns Eyes Talks New Album In Video Interview

Approaching the long awaited album titled "Please Deceive Me," Autumns Eyes front man Dan Mitchell chats with MetalUnderground.com about the new album, horror movies, "Lulu," and more in a new video interview available below. A full transcription of the interview is also available after the jump. More...

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Autumns Eyes Discusses The Passing Of Peter Steele

New England based, one-man metal project Autumns Eyes has taken a break from working on the upcoming album "Please Deceive Me" to contribute a cover song and handle the engineering duties for Metalunderground.com's upcoming Peter Steele tribute.

Drawing on a wide range of influences and working with many different styles, Autumns Eyes has released symphonic black metal heavy outings like "Surrender the Fire," as well as less heavy and more progressive albums such as "Abandoned Expression."

Following-up our last interview, which focused more on horror movies, Autumns Eyes mastermind Dan Mitchell has now posted a new video interview to discuss the upcoming tribute album. You can watch the clip below to hear Dan talk about his exposure to Type O Negative and learning about Peter Steele passing away last year.

A text transcription of the interview is available below, and a variety of free Autumns Eyes songs are available for download at the band's official website if you'd like to get familiar with the music before the release of the Peter Steele tribute album. More...

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An Interview With Dan Of Autumns Eyes

New England one man band Autumns Eyes has recently started offering five albums for free download in celebration of the band's 10th anniversary. The project also recently shot a music video for the song "Feast of the Dead" in a classic slasher movie style. Autumns Eyes mastermind Dan spoke with me about the band's recent activity and his take on the horror movie genre. More...

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