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Latest Pitchshifter News

Below is our complete Pitchshifter news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Onslaught Guitarist Speaks On Damnation Festival

Guitarist Nige Rockett of British thrash metallers Onslaught has posted the following message regarding the bands appearance at the festival:

"This is gonna be a fucking killer show and definitely the best UK festival for 2008. The line-up is truly awesome, boasting the Premier, most Extreme Metal bands from all genres this country (UK) has had to offer over the past 25 years...Hats off to the promoters for getting this one together. This could well be our last UK appearance before we wind up the Killing Peace' promotion, so hope to see you all there.......... for what I guarantee will be one insane fucking day."

The lineup for Damnation festival is as follows:


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Pitchshifter Plan Shows, CD For 20th Anniversary

Pitchshifter are to play London Astoria on October 12 and Nottingham Rock City on October 13. The band also intend to record a new studio album to coincide with their 20th anniversary.

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Victory Pill Signs To Corporate Punishment

Corporate Punishment has announced the signing of UK elctro-industrial rock band VICTORY PILL, featuring ex-Pitchshifter/Prodigy guitarist Jim Davies, and ex-Prodigy drummer Kieron Pepper.

Victory Pill is the brainchild of JIM DAVIES, whose much documented first break came in the form of The Prodigy, where he shaped his style playing on several tracks on their breakthrough Fat Of The Land album. He also supplied guitars on the bands next two records. Jim toured worldwide with the band including a headline slot at Reading 2001

"I started playing guitar, solely rock/metal. My turning point was when 'dance' bands like The Prodigy started using guitars. I loved all the squelchy synth sounds and textures which I started to replicate on the guitar. I also started to get more into effects and sounds which I think is when I developed a bit of a unique style for myself."

A fan and regular stage-diver at Pitchshifter gigs, Jim approached JS Clayden after a show in 1997. "We got talking and he suggested I add some guitars to some of their tunes. He gave me a demo of www.pitchshifter.com. I added some guitars for a track called "Please Sir" after which the band invited me to Nottingham to record it. I ended up playing on 6 tracks and was asked to join the band", where he went on to co-write the albums Deviant and PSI .

Jim's last gig for Pitchshifter was immortalized as the Bootlegged, Distorted live album. "My last gig with them was a massive high and I will always remember it as such."

A unique brand of Modern Rock with a dark, electronic side, VICTORY PILL came to fruition after Jim's departure from PSI, when he teamed up with former Prodigy drummer Kieron Pepper.

"I had a big writing session over a few months which resulted in nearly 20 tunes. I played the tracks to Kieron and realized that I needed to get a band together. I tried vocals for the first time and it seemed to work well". With Kieron on board as a Bass player and second vocalist, VICTORY PILL was formed.

VICTORY PILL will release their self-titled debut in the US and CANADA on 10/23 via CORPORATE PUNISHMENT/ KOCH, and in the UK on 10/1 via OTHERSIDE/ UNIVERSAL.

You can check out several tracks from the upcoming album on the band's MySpace page.

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Pitchshifter Announce UK Tour Dates

PITCHSHIFTER has scheduled two U.K. dates in October:

Oct. 12 - London, UK @ Astoria
Oct. 13 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City

Says vocalist J.S. Clayden: "We all felt pretty bad about the Underground Uprising fest show not happening, but to move forward into a positive future we're putting two killer U.K. shows together. The lineup is being solidified right now. We're excited about getting back out there and kicking it with the U.K. crowd at two of the venues where we feel most at home. Thanks to you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing you down the front!"

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This Is Menace Announce Fall UK Dates

THIS IS MENACE, the UK project from PITCHSHIFTER bassist Mark Clayden and drummer Jason Bowld, have lined up the following UK dates for this fall:

1 - Oxford - Zodiac
2 - Birmingham - Academy Ii
3 - Glasgow - Cathouse
4 - Leeds - Cockpit
5 - Manchester - Academy 3
6 - London - Underworld
7 - Portsmouth - Wedgewood
8 - Brighton - Concorde 2

Support on the tour, dubbed "The Scene Is Dead", comes from THE GHOST OF A THOUSAND and LOSING SUN. This Is Menace are expected to issue their new album, The Scene Is Dead, in September.

More details to follow. More...

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The Underground Uprising Festival Cancelled

The Underground Uprising festival, due to take place on December 15 at the Astoria in London has been cancelled. The cancellation is due to 'personal events' that have affected headliners Pitchshifter. Also due to appear on the bill were Sikth, Breed 77, Architects and Gallows.

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Interview With Newly Re-formed Pitchshifter Posted

Dan Rayner, of British rockers Pitchshifter, was recently interviewed by RockMidgets.com about the re-forming of the band, what the band members have been doing during their "indefinite hiatus", the band's roots, and what's next for Pitchshifter. Also, a new, limited edition EP, entitled "None For All, And All For One", is now available from the official Pitchshifter site in both unsigned and signed versions. Some excerpts from the interview follow:

Obvious question, but why have Pitchshifter got back together now?

Dan: Well, we never really broke up. If you read the small print, it says, indefinite hiatus. And I don't know, I guess that's a cover all clause, but Pitchshifter has evolved into something really quite interesting now. Obviously musically, we were always an interesting, progressive band, but as a group of individuals now, it's kind of a really nice network of people with divergent sorts of tastes and talents. We've all got a lot of other stuff going on. There's no label pressure because we are the label and there's no 18 months touring or recording schedule and people forcing us to do stuff we don't want to do. It means now that we're completely hegemonic and we can do whatever we want. When we feel the time is right, we all put gaps in our schedules and we all come back together and that's what happens. We don't sort of sit down and have a strategy meeting. We don't all like fly in like Thunderbirds, but after a while it just starts to feel right and I'll have a conversation with Jase or John to see what's going on, and it just comes together like that.

But you've not all been quiet have you? Members of Pitchshifter have been in various bands...

Yeah, sure. John's (J.S. Clayden, vocals - Ed. PSI Ed.) over in LA. He's doing a lot of management for people but he's also spending most of his time running PSI Records. As well as being a regular record label for Pitchshifter they also released This Is Menace stuff, which is Mark (Clayden, bass - Ed.) and Jason's (Bowlds, drummer - Ed.) massive side project that's sort of taken over the rock world, with every singer you can think of appearing on their groups of albums. They're recording a new album as we speak. I heard some of it the other day, it sounds amazing. Then me and my brother (Tim - Ed.), we're in Drawbacks, which is a sort of production thing, couple of producers that we are, and occasionally getting time to go out and do gigs and put an EP out. We've got a new EP called I-Bomb coming out in May, but we spend most of our time remixing other people, like 'Menace for instance, and doing production for people, and production music. John pushes our music into film and stuff in LA, that's how we hook up, still working within the Pitchshifter family when we're not Pitchshifter.

That brings us onto the Pitchshifter ethic, which is extremely DIY and very steeped in punk rock. You've got your own record label, and as you say, online you interact directly with your fans. They don't get some street-teamer or label dogsbody. How important is the DIY attitude to Pitchshifter?

Oh, it's a matter of importance. Pitchshifter has been around a long time now, but I feel that at this point, although we're not the most prolific we've ever been, we're really sort of satisfied with the way things are, because we do have that to and fro interface with people. We can respond to what they like and what they don't like, and at the same time, we respond most importantly to what we like about life. We do what we like, and not in an arrogant way. And there's no pressure, there's no marketing machine, and yet Pitchshifter has such a good fan base that we can do this. We don't need the leviathan of the music industry to be pushing our music because people know where to find us. You know, the DIY thing was there at the beginning and it's there now more than ever.

The one thing I've got to say about PSI is you use your influence and experience to support the underground and the underdogs. I think you were the first guys to take Lostprophets out on tour, and Skindred. And of course, This is Menace are opening for your tonight. Do you get to choose the opening bands?

Well, we had Architects last night in Portsmouth and they were really pretty good. And we're friends with In At The Deep End Records at Nottingham, and of course we find out about new bands from them, find out what they're putting out, what they're interested in. Nottingham is a really vibrant town. I mean Mark is the only one that's based there at the moment. Most towns are shutting down all their music venues to make executive style flats, but Nottingham, luckily, has Rock City, the sort of nucleus of the music scene up there, so Mark's always got his ear to the ground with new bands. He'll always try and bring them out on tour to give them a leg up, and that's something we all really care about. Like I said before, we have to look after music, nurture it.

Finally, what are your plans now you are back together?

Finish our tour. London tonight, Nottingham tomorrow, which should both be brilliant gigs. London is sort of a home town for me and Tim, then Nottingham is the spiritual home of the band and we're big friends of the owners of Rock City, so they always look after us. There's always a great crowd there, being the band's home town. So get that done, and then we're going off to do some remixes for various people. John's flying straight back to LA. There's some discussion about a few European things in the pipeline, but again, we're not going to say we must do it because that's what our lives depend on. We'll see if everyone's around and if it's something we really want to do, and then we'll do it again. It's not out of sight, out of mind, but the more time we spend together, the more time we talk about Pitchshifter. It's funny in that way. If we don't do anything, we don't talk about it; do more stuff, and we talk about doing more stuff.

Read the full article at Rock Midgets.

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Headline News

Pitchshifter Return After 2 Year Hiatus

PITCHSHIFTER are returning to the scene after a two year hiatus. Every single ticket buying fan will get a free new PITCHSHIFTER 6 track CD put in their hands at the show. The new PITCHSHIFTER 6 track EP entitled 'All For One And None For All' features the first new material since 2001's 'PSI' album. The CD features 2 brand new previously unreleased PITCHSHIFTER songs, 3 brand new previously unreleased remixes and one special treat. There is no plan at this time for PSI Records to release the EP commercially.

Scheduled tour dates, and the poster for the upcoming tour, can be found here.

Openers include:

SKINDRED: London and Nottingham
MURDER ONE: All dates
ARCHITECTS: Portsmouth

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Doheny Split Up

DOHENY, the California-based band formed by ex-THE CULT touring bassist Billy Morrison (on guitar) and former PITCHSHIFTER frontman Jon "J.S." Clayden, have officially split up. Clayden is believed to be planning more PITCHSHIFTER live dates, while Morrison is currently involved in a brand-new project, the details of which have yet to be revealed.

Prior to their break-up, DOHENY had demoed material with veteran producers Mike Clink (GUNS N' ROSES, METALLICA) and Scott Humphrey (ROB ZOMBIE, POWERMAN 5000, TOMMY LEE). The band, who never managed to secure a record deal, were rounded out by rhythm guitarist Sean Kipe and drummer Colin LaRocque.

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ex-Pitchshifter, Iron Monkey Members Join Forces

TAKEN BY WOLVES, the new British black metal formed late last year by founding PITCHSHIFTER member Stuart Toolin and ex-IRON MONKEY guitarist Steve Watson, will be making their live debut as the support band for INSISION on Saturday, June 25 at Nottingham's Rock City (in the basement). Completing the group's current lineup is CREATED WITH KNIVES instigator Stumpy. Demo and video material has already been completed and the band are currently seeking a record deal.

For more information, contact tbw@stumpyonline.co.uk.

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Pitchshifter Launch 'P.S.I.entology' Web Site

Pitchshifter have launched a web site dedicated to their upcoming DVD release, "P.S.I.entology". PSIentology.com features "a whopping montage clip of different sections of the DVD at various sizes for differing connection speeds," reads a posting on the group's web site.

In other news, Pitchshifter vocalist J.S. Clayden and bassist Mark Clayden have confirmed This Is Menace as the first signing to their PSI Records label. A preview of the This Is Menace demo track "Dead Man" can be heard at this location. The complete song will be available as one of the bonus features on the upcoming Pitchshifter DVD.

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Ex-Machine Head and Pitchshifter Cover St. Anger

Former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader has teamed up with ex-PITCHSHIFTER/current DOHENY frontman J.S. Clayden to record a cover version of METALLICA's "St. Anger". The recording is expected to appear on a Cleopatra Records compilation, due later in the year.

Says J.S. "I've known Logan for a while and it was a no-brainer to ask him to join me on guitar for the track. We rocked it out in a few days and I'm really happy with the result. I'm sure the purist out there will freak because this version is mangled with breakbeats and drum and bass elements, but I think the end result is respectful of the original with an interesting spin. Although DOHENY is my new baby, I am still doing 'PITCHSHIFTER'-style mixes in my spare time for projects that sound fun like this one."

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