"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Mind Piece

Formed: 2006
From: NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Mind Piece Gives Update, Seeking New Singer

Following many months of inactivity, New York hardcore band Mind Piece has issued an update. Here's a statement from the group:

"It's been almost a year to the day since we played a show (a real show). There's been a lot of talk, there's been a lot of hype, a lot of misconceptions, and there have been a lot of questions. Something came to our attention within the past two weeks, pissed us off, and prompted us to write this blog. So here it is:

"Mind Piece started in July '06 with three members. We wrote the six song demo and worked on those songs for months before eventually inviting our vocalist into the band. There were a slew of things that started to slow the band down, right about the time we were finishing up our tour in November of '07 with Terror. The first was getting our name dragged into a particular problem between people in New York. Mind Piece as a band never had any crew affiliation. Some minor conflicts and disagreements between band members about shows and whatever else added to the tension. At the time two of us were in school full time (we bullshitted/convinced our professors to let us go on tour for a week and half and we still passed somehow), and one of us was eating cheese sandwiches and grits behind bars for a short time (show up to your court date kids). Because of all this we became discouraged with hardcore and as a band in general. We decided to go on a hiatus to deal with whatever bullshit we faced as a band as well as individually (finishing school, etc.).

"During this hiatus our vocalist tried to take over the band in a number of ways. We started seeing flyers listing Mind Piece and even 'Mind Piece (Last Show)' at an out of state show (a surprise to the three of us each time). This was among tons of other ridiculous bullshit, like him changing our name without telling us. Recently it's come to our attention that Mind Piece played a four-song set in Long Island, and apparently this Mind Piece cover band was preparing to play a winter tour. The three original members of Mind Piece weren't at this show, didn't play this show, and had no idea of this happening until after the fact. Our now former vocalist took our songs and played them behind our backs with other people.

"This leads us to say that the real Mind Piece is here to play music with and for our friends. We're not here for drama or to feed any of our egos. With that being said, the three original members of Mind Piece never actually stopped writing music, and we have a bunch of new material written. Whoever was in school is now graduated and whoever was in jail is now emancipated. Maybe we'll keep the name, maybe we won't, maybe fuck yourself.

"We'll be looking for a new vocalist in the very near future. MORE DETAILS TO COME. Questions, comments, concerns, and hate mail to: mindpiecenyc@gmail.com"

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