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Dilapidated Hooker Twat

From: San Diego, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


From a statement released by Dilapidated Hooker Twat:

Dilapidated Hooker Twat was spawned on December 2007 after a shitty Suicidal Tendencies concert was attended by Chris Decapitation. Due to the shitty set Chris Decapitation got pissed off and drunk then decided to record random shit in an attempt to make either great Grindcore, or half assed Noisecore. Dilapidated Hooker Twat promote the downfall of modern music and hatred towards groups of people for whatever ignorant reason you can come up with. Morals, values, and strong family ties are gay! Chris Decapitation is also the founder of Piss Poor Productions which will be used to promote all his different projects.

Band Members:
Chris Decapitation - Everything

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Dilapidated Hooker Twat - "Your First Time" Demo cover image - Click to read review

Dilapidated Hooker Twat - "Your First Time"


"I still don't care for grindcore, but this was pretty funny."

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