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From: United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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hAND Parts With Two Members

Post metal band hAND has issued the following year end recap and announcement about parting ways with two members:

"We hope you all had a great festive season and are looking forward to the new year! There's been a few changes in the hAND camp very recently and we wanted to update you all on what's been happening.

"Firstly and simply put hAND are currently back to a two piece temporarily, both Dan and Tom have decided to call it a day with the band. Tom has moved away and can't dedicate the time any more, and Dan has fallen out of love with drumming and put down the sticks. There's no hard feelings at all and we're still great friends, but we are very sorry to see them both go.

"Myself and Kieren have been discussing / talking things over for a couple of weeks around all aspects of the band, as any change is an opportunity for re-invention. It's likely that the new hAND will still benefit from a kick-ass live drummer, and so we're keen to see if there's anyone like-minded out there interested in becoming our new sticksman.

"As such, this is the first official call to drummers - if you're talented, expressive, share our passion for the driving, the intricate and the unusual, please get in touch! Any interested parties should message us on here and we'll take it from there. Cheers & Happy New Year."

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hAND Checks In With Activity Update

U.K. prog band hAND has checked in with the following statement about upcoming activity in the new year:

"Hello everyone,

"There's just time before Christmas to say we hope you have a great time over the holidays and an awesome new year! We'd like to thank you for all your continued support in 2013, it really means a lot to us, so thank you

"We hope you've enjoyed all the behind the scenes footage for Kintsugi so far, we have two rather special videos coming up in the new year for you which we are really excited about. We're taking a break over Christmas and some time in January as most of the band are overseas for a little while. When we get back it will be full steam ahead with promo, new tracks, new merch, and launch gigs!

"Have a great one everybody, we wish you all the best!" More...

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hAND Issues Album Update

Prog outfit hAND has checked in with the following update about recording a new album:

"Lots has been happening, first things first, Kintsugi album recording is only 4 weeks away now. We are seriously getting excited (and maybe a bit panicked) about this. We are recording this album in 3 stages, starting with preproduction; tracking the guitar, bass and synth on our home set-up before we head to the studio. This is well underway and sounding delish! Next will be the tracking of the drums and vocals, experimenting with amps and mics and re-amping guitars and bass - that's at the studio in Wales (as well as a few other things) - then a short break before the mixing and production begins.

"Onto the E.P - writing has been going really well and it has certainly been an interesting process. In terms of being finished it's around 75% done, but we are putting it on hold now till after album recording as we need to focus our efforts on Kintsugi.

"We have lots of ideas for what to do for the release of Kintsugi, the word 'vinyl' is being thrown around quite a lot… One thing we definitely want to do is have pre-order bundles with various merch items, including some special limited-edition deluxe bundles. Once the artwork is finalized (which should be pretty soon) we'll be running polls on our FB / Twitter pages to see what items you want included in these bundles. Of course we'll let you know when these go up!

"Stay tuned, of course we'll be posting video, photo and all kinds of updates from the studio and over the next few months! Enjoy the sunshine!"

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hAND Gearing Up To Record New Album

U.K. prog rockers hAND have signed to Brutal Elite Records for the release of their upcoming third album "Kintsugi."

The four piece is due to head to Seriously Heavy Studios in July to begin recording the new album. After meeting up with producer Nick Hemingway the band comments, "After talking things over with Nick we can't tell you how hyped we are about this album; we reckon it is going to sound a bit different to the last two production wise, we have so many ideas already!"

Check out a video update below, or a free sampler of some of the band's previous work is available to download via Bandcamp. More...

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hAND Posts New Album Video Update

UK prog metal act hAND has released a video interview with front woman Kat Ward. She talks about the writing process, the ideas behind the new songs, and a gives a full rundown of all the tracks from the band's upcoming third album.

Check out the new album video update below, or find more info on hAND over at the group's official website right here.

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hAND Posts Back Catalog Online For Streaming

The prog quartet hAND has recently launched a brand new Bandcamp site featuring the group's entire back catalog. Check out all the music from hAND right here, or listen to "Breathing" in the player below.

The band comments: "It's a great way of managing digital sales, and asking the fans what they want to pay for our music. It allows us more control, and hopefully to bring more to the fans."

To celebrate the launch of the site, the band has also decided to offer the entire hAND full back catalogue for free download until 10th December. Available content includes the debut album "Deadroom Journal," which Kerrang said has "Jarring instrumental jams that would leave Coheed and Cambria blushing."

hAND is a 4 piece female fronted progressive rock / metal band from Sussex, and is currently working on a third album due to be recorded next year. More...

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hAND Working On New Music Video

Progressive metal act hAND has announced a collaboration with international demoscene group to produce the band’s first music video. The piece will accompany hAND’s chiptune-inspired track “Level 1,” which is taken from the band's upcoming third album. hAND comments:

"The video will be available in downloadable executable and prerendered forms. The design, production and development process is expected to take many months, with the initial stages already underway.

"The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing 'demos,' which are audio-visual presentations that are generated and run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off coding, artistic, and musical skills by producing something unique, exciting and visually stunning.

"The demoscene first appeared during the 8-bit era on computers such as the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari 800 and Amstrad CPC, and came to prominence during the rise of the 16/32-bit home computers (mainly the Amiga or Atari ST). The demo scene is widespread, with around 50 ‘demoparty’ events - which host competitions, collaborations and meetups - held every year."

hAND is a 4 piece female fronted progressive rock / metal band from Sussex. The band's second album 'Breathing” was released in 2011 via Femme Metal Records and Brutal Elite Records, and more info on hAnd is available right here.

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hAND Working On New Album

U.K. prog metallers hAND are currently in the midst of writing their as-yet-untitled third album. It will be a concept album exploring the nature and fluidity of sexuality, as well as differing relationship structures between human beings. The band recently commented:

"Currently we are half way done with writing the new album, with lots of further ideas and demos floating around for the remaining half. One of the tracks we have been working on is Chiptune inspired; we’ve been having a lot of fun utilizing synths and different effects to get a quirky and fun sound for that track. On others we've stripped it right back to just Kat and a piano, we wanted to get some real emotional depth in this piece. It is a broad subject to approach, but we feel the end result will be an interesting and engaging experience.”

A free download of the demo version for the song "Anthem" off the upcoming album is available from the band's official website. hAND is a 3 piece, female fronted progressive rock / metal band from Sussex. The group's second album “Breathing” was released in 2011 via Femme Metal Records and Brutal Elite Records.

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Femme Metal Compilation Track Listing Revealed

The release date of the upcoming 2011 Femme Metal Records compilation CD "Melody & Malice" has been set for September 26th, 2011. You can check out the artwork and track listing for the compilation below.


1. Deadlock - "Virus Jones"
2. Exoterik - "Revive"
3. Regardless Of Me - "Until I Die"
4. Kittie - "Cut Throat"
5. In This Moment - "A Star Crossed Wasteland"
6. Mongrel - "Zombies Of War"
7. hAND - "Fate Sewn On"
8. Decadence - "Vulture"
9. UnSun - "Whispers"
10. Katra - "One Wish Away"
11. Crystal Viper - "Blood Of The Heroes"
12. Winter Storm - "The Embrace"
13. The Agonist - "And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep"
14. Alerion - "Turn Of Fate"
15. Sarah Jezebel Deva - "The Corruption of Mercy"
16. Jaggedy Ann - "Skin Of Your Teeth"


1. Magica - "Wait For Me"
2. Witchburn - "Bleed The Stone"
3. Edenbridge - "Higher"
4. The Mariana Hollow - "Your Halo"
5. Luna Mortis - "Ash"
6. Beneath The Stares - "Guilty Bystander"
7. Achilla - "Mirrors"
8. Amberian Dawn - "Talisman"
9. Lacuna Coil - "Spellbound"
10. Triosphere - "The Anger And The Silent Remorse"
11. Solsikk - "Relish In Nervous Delights"
12. Noctis Notus - "Scarlet Storm"
13. Arch Enemy - "I Will Live Again"
14. Further From The Truth - "Drifter"
15. Evil's Desire - "Touched By Insanity"
16. Rising Dream - "Religion For The Weak" More...

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Femme Metal Fest 2009 at the Asylum, Birmingham

The Femme Metal Fest 2009, the first of what is set to be an annual event, was a huge success, with a great turnout and amazing performances. Before the Femme Metal Festival had even started, anticipation was running high outside the Asylum in Birmingham, where I took the opportunity to ask my fellow festival-ers who they were looking forward to watching. Unsurprisingly, symphonic metal band Delain came out on top, with everyone I asked excited at the prospect of witnessing their first ever UK gig. More...

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Metalunderground.com Sponsors Femme Metal Fest

Metalunderground.com is proud to sponsor this weekend's Femme Metal Festival, a new UK festival that showcases female fronted metal/rock/gothic music. The festival is held in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK. This year's event is the first of what is to be an annual festival.

The festival is a two-day event, taking place on November 7th and 8th at different venues in Birmingham and London, respectively, and features some excellent female fronted and all female bands in metal, including up and comers Delain, Sirenia, hAND, Soulgrind, Winter In Eden, and more. Here are the details and respective line-ups:

November 7th at The Asylum in Birmingham
38-43 Hampton Street,
B19 3LS
Tel: 0121 233 1109

Winter In Eden (replacing Godyva)
Winter Storm

November 8th at The Peel in Kingston, London:
TEL- 0208 546 3516

Sanity Falls
Crimson Tears

Tickets are available only from the Femme Metal Store. Price per ticket per day is £12.50 + 50p for recorded delivery.

In the weeks leading up to the festival, Beth, our dedicated U.K. correspondent, has been interviewing the bands on the roster. You can check out our extensive coverage here and expect more interviews and coverage from the Saturday show as well.

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Femme Metal Festival Changes Sunday's Venue

Due to a huge demand to move the second day of the Femme Metal Festival to a more accessible location, it is now going to be held in The Peel in Kingston, London on Sunday, November 8, 2009 (same date and line-up, new venue). The venue is smaller than the previous one, but given the location makes it much more accessible. You can find out more about the venue on their website.

The line up for this day still remains as:

Sanity Falls
Crimson Tears

The line-up for Saturday, November 7th at The Asylum in Birmingham remains as:

Winter Storm

For more information about the festival, visit femmemetalfestival.com. Tickets are on sale at the Femme Metal Store only.

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hAND Announces Live Shows

UK gothic metal band hAND, who just signed to Femme Metal Records, has announced a couple of live shows:

Jan 15th – Hobbits venue, Carlton Street, Weston-Super-Mare BS23 1UA. hAND are headlining this event with support from My Silent Wake and The Drowning. Doors open 7.30pm, 16+ £2 entry.

Jan 31st – The Golden Cross, Hay Lane, Coventry CV1 5DL. Female Fronted Metal Showcase featuring hAND, Drag, Near Dark, Little Girl Screaming and Scarlets Wake. Doors 7.30pm £2 entry.

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Femme Metal Records Signs A.D.D. and hAND

Femme Metal Records has announced the signing of UK gothic metal band hAND as well as Illinois hard rock/metal band A.D.D.

Expect a new EP from hAND late 2009. In the meantime, you can check them out here.

A.D.D. Will be releasing a longer verison of their previously released CD, "Elements of Emptiness," very soon on their new label. Until then, you can check them out on their MySpace page too.

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