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Formed: 2009
From: unknown
Last Known Status: Active

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Sevendust To Play ShipRocked Cruise

Sevendust has checked in with the following update about performing at the 2010 edition of the ShipRocked cruise:

"Sevendust would like to extend a special invitation for you to join them on the high seas this November! ShipRocked is the ultimate rock and roll cruise vacation, with a backstage pass! This amazing floating music festival and fan experience will travel to the premier Bahamian port, Nassau, with a special stop at the pristine private island of Coco Cay Bay. You and the band will be sailing onboard one of the cruise industry's most acclaimed new luxury liners, the MSC Poesia, from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on November 11th, returning on November 14, 2010.

"The lineup for ShipRocked 2010 features over a dozen artists performing on multiple stages throughout the ship. Alongside Sevendust are Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Cinderella Tesla, Drowning Pool, 10 Years and Black Stone Cherry, and the all-star super group HAIL!, which features band members from Megadeth, Dream Theater and Sepultura. And if that's not enough to wet your appetite, The Letter Black, Aranda, Lynam, Broken Teeth, the Niki Barr Band and Pianotarium will also be joining you onboard! More...

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Hail! to Continue Tour Despite Paul Gray's Passing

Metal supergroup Hail! has issued a statement through their MySpace page announcing the continuation of the planned European tour despite the tragic passing of Paul Gray, who was a member of Hail!'s rotating cast. The group counts as its members Andreas Kisser, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Paul Bostaph, David Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, Jimmy DeGrasso and Roy Mayorga. The full statement reads as follows:

"On Monday we were dealt a devastating blow with Paul’s passing two days before our departure. We discussed the situation and unanimously thought that in the face of this tragedy we needed to remain strong and push forward because Paul would have vehemently insisted that the show must go on. In a desperate situation we made an emergency call to James Lomenzo and James responded with a Herculean effort, on only one day’s notice, to fly to Portugal and rescue the Rock In Rio Festival. His immediate and unselfish call to arms single-handedly saved this entire tour."

Hails' European dates are as follows, and more tour and band information can be found at their MySpace.

May 30 - Lisbon, Portugal - Rock In Rio Festival (Megadeth/Motorhead)
June 1 - Novosibirsk, Siberia - Izjum
June 2 - Tomsk, Siberia - Fakal
June 3 - Omsk, Siberia - Kristall
June 4 - Ekaterinburg, Russia - TeleClub
June 5 - Moscow, Russia - Tochka
June 6 - Kiev, Ukraine - Bingo
June 8 - Helsinki, Finland - Dante's Highlight
June 9 - Tallin, Estonia - Rock Cafe
June 11 - Kouvala, Finland - House Of Rock
June 12 - Tampere, Finland - Sauna Open Air Festival
June 14 - Madrid, Spain - Rock In Rio Festival (Metallica/Motorhead)

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Hail! Annnounces New Live Shows

Hail!, which includes Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, Ripper Owens from Judas Priest, and David Ellefson of Megadeth, has announced the following upcoming tour dates:

5/30 2010 Rock In Rio Festival Lisbon
6/1 2010 Izjum Novosibirsk, Siberia
6/2 2010 Fakal Tomsk, Siberia
6/3 2010 Kristall Omsk, Siberia
6/4 2010 TeleClub Yekaterinburg
6/5 2010 Tochka Moscow
6/8 2010 Tavastia Helsinki
6/9 2010 Rock Cafe Tallin
6/11 2010 House Of Rock Kouvala
6/12 2010 Sauna Open Air Festival Tampere
6/14 2010 Rock In Rio Festival Madrid

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Hail! Issues Band Update

Andreas Kisser of Hail! has issued the following update about the band's time in New York:

"For everybody asking, here’s a brief rundown of our schedule in New York. Sunday night, January 24th - after a long day of travel we all made it to town. Tomorrow we rehearse a whole new set for the first time and then are headed to Eddie Trunk’s radio show in the evening.

"Tuesday we’re doing a taping for Sirius Radio and hopefully going to hook up with former Iron Maiden legend, Paul Di’anno. When we heard that Paul was playing BB King’s the night after us we flipped because we thought it might provide the opportunity to play together because we’re all HUGE Maiden fans. He has another gig so unfortunately we couldn’t pull it off. Paul is a true metal warrior and he deserves all of our respect for his major contribution to birthing the metal scene. HAIL! Paul Di’anno.

"Due to his announcement on radio last week, we will confirm that Overkill vocalist, Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth, will be joining us onstage for some fun. Overkill have been crushing the scene for 25 years and it is an honor to have Bobby play with us. The foundation of HAIL! is to pay tribute to all the great musicians and bands that have committed their lives and broke their asses to keeping our lifestyle and scene alive and with their 15th studio record, Ironbound, being released in a few weeks, Overkill epitomizes that commitment. HAIL! Overkill. In true HAIL! fashion, we have some other surprises guests and our first east coast date is destined to be huge. You’re not going to want to miss this!"

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Westlake and The Pig interviews Dave Ellefson

In this podcast, Dave talks about his new projects: F5, Hail!, and the new album by Angels of Babylon "Kingdom of Evil." Westlake and the Pig play one of the new singles "Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen," off the album. The new album is scheduled to be released January 29th.

Ellefson has also a new channel on youtube called the "Rock Shop." New episodes are frequently posted.

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Hail! Announces U.S. Shows With Mike Portnoy

Hail!, which includes Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, Ripper Owens from Judas Priest, and David Ellefson formerly of Megadeth, have announced their first U.S. shows. The shows will take place at BB Kings in New York City on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 and at Showcase Live in Foxborough, MA just outside Boston on Wednesday, January 27th. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater will be joining Hail! for drum duties on the dates. “We can’t hold all the rabid fans off any longer,” said singer Tim “Ripper” Owens, “We only have a few days together on the east coast so we’re bringing it to you!”

Andreas Kisser also commented: “We’re really excited! Although it’s only a few shows, and obviously we’d love to play a full tour of the entire US, New York and Boston are two great cities to start with and the fans there are tremendous. Between Mike Portnoy playing drums with us and all the friends we know in this area (hint, hint) I’d ask Santa for a tent and start camping out now for my tickets! These shows are going to be sick!’

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Hail! Issues Lebanon Road Report

Hail!, the band comprised of Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, Ripper Owens from Judas Priest, David Ellefson formerly of Megadeth, and Paul Bostaph from Slayer, has issued the following report from Lebanon:

"We're here! After several months of planning and 25 hour flights, we arrived in Lebanon last night. Long flights but we made it and everybody is in good spirits. Our hosts from RockRing, Roy Naufal and Maher Mardini, were very excited to greet us and I'm not sure they actually thought we were real. LOL It took a lot of work to pull this all together and it's proof that when everybody works together as a team, good things result. The hotel is really nice, large suites overlooking downtown and the ocean. The layout of the coastline is very similar to Santa Monica/Malibu.

"We went out to dinner with our 'entourage' and had a nice meal and nice conversation as we were warmly welcomed with open arms. After dinner we went to a small rock bar and the drinking continued. After a few rounds we moved to another bar and did some shots of Jagermeister and more beers. It was great to have Paul out with us - he's obviously a ridonkulous drummer and a great guy. He understands our HAIL! mentality and fit in immediately. Welcome aboard mate! We got a 3:00 am tour of the city and coast and (after a brief yack stop for one of our local friends LOL) we got back to the hotel where Andreas and I chilled on the balcony with some more beers until about 5:00. Beautiful evening. More...

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Hail! To Play In Lebanon

Hail!, the band comprised of Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, Ripper Owens from Judas Priest, David Ellefson formerly of Megadeth, and newly announced sticks man Paul Bostaph from Slayer, will be the first metal band to play live in Lebanon. On November 20th, Hail! will play the historic concert at Hektic Hall in the capitol city of Beirut.

“Breaking ground on an international level is what HAIL! is all about,” explained manager Mark “Abba” Abbattista, “when we first started discussing the idea of HAIL! we wondered how far we could actually push the reality of a dream. Anybody can come up with a good idea, but to create a model that no one else has ever before conceived and then to execute that plan to the level that we have makes our chests swell with pride.”

David Ellefson added “This truly is a monumental occasion - to do something for the first time ever is a rare and special opportunity. I can’t believe that it was 25 years ago, but remember how astounding it was when Iron Maiden went behind the iron curtain and played in the eastern bloc? I relate it to that and I am thrilled to be a part of something that has this kind of historic significance.” More...

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Paul Bostaph To Join Hail! On Tour

Hail! has announced that drummer Paul Bostaph (Slayer, Testament) will be accompanying them for their upcoming tour dates in November and December. Bostaph will be joining bassist David Ellefson, singer Ripper Owens (former JUDAS PRIEST, current YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) and guitarist Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA).

Asked how Paul Bostaph came to play with Hail!, Ellefson replied “After Jimmy DeGrasso became unavailable due to his touring commitments with Alice Cooper, Roy Mayorga came aboard and just slammed for us. His playing throughout the Scandinavian dates was unbelievable, but now he’s heading back into the studio with Stone Sour, so he’s unavailable for the next round of shows. We immediately thought of Paul. With Alex Skolnik out playing with Trans-Siberian Orchestra a small window opened in the Testament schedule where Paul became available and we jumped at the opportunity.”

Kisser chimed in, “Come on, he’s Paul Bostaph! Think about it, he’s played with three of the greatest thrash bands of all-time, Slayer, Testament, and Exodus. What symbolizes more of the spirit of HAIL! then that?! It’s an honor to play with him."

Ripper continued, “Our goal is to make every HAIL! show a special once-in-a-lifetime event. We strive to make every show different and no two shows have been the same. Look at our set lists on this last run, we must have played 15-20 new songs and half of them we never even rehearsed! I even played a guitar solo one night! We had guest jams with friends from DIMMU BORGIR, MERCYFUL FATE, GORGOROTH, MESHUGGAH, DRAIN S.T.H., KING DIAMOND and we want every fan to know that what they experience at a HAIL! concert will never happen again. We will continue to keep it fresh and exciting and playing with Paul will certainly do that.”

Bostaph shared his excitement, “To play with Tim, Andreas and Dave? Talk about an honor, these guys are metal gods! I thought it was super cool when I first heard about HAIL! and what they were doing. Now to be a part of it is amazing. I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait.”

The exact tour dates with Bostaph will be announced shortly.

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Hail! Issues New Tour Recap

Hail!, the group featuring David Ellefson, Jimmy Degrasso (ex-Megadeth), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Tim "Ripper" Owens, has issued the following recap of their recent European tour dates:

"SEPTEMBER 9 2009 (9,9,09, or maybe upside down 666?) We finished up our Denmark shows on Tuesday September 8 and flew Finnair flight #666 to Helsinki on Wednesday (‘Hell, and fire, were sworn to be released’). Aside from some hellish turbulence on landing the flight was otherwise non-eventful and was our only day off on the tour.

"SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 Ironically, the venue in Helsinki was an old church refurbished into a hip night club and music venue called DANTE'S HIGHLIGHT (seems a bit sacrilegious, doesn't it?). In its honor, during the set Andreas broke into ‘The Number of The Beast’, which we all joined in on up until the second verse when we realized we didn't exactly know the rest of the song very well without rehearsing it! Actually, that's been a cool trait of HAIL!, where we bust into songs not on the set list for about 90 seconds and then stop part way through, pretty much playing them off the cuff. It's comes from inspiration and is certainly something most metal bands never get to do outside of a casual and relaxed setting like this.

"We also invited Helsinki up-and-comer Jules Navari from PROFANE OMEN onstage to sing ‘Walk’ with us, which he kicked ass on. Later, Andreas and Roy finished ‘South of Heaven’ and segued into SLAYER's ‘Jesus Save's’. Must have been in honor of the church and flight #666! More...

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David Ellefson To Appear At Noctis III Metalfest

David Ellefson of Hail! and formerly of Megadeth has issued the following announcement about appearing as a guest panelist at the Noctis III Metalfest:

"I’ll be a guest panelist at the NOCTIS III METALFEST October 2nd in Calgary, AB, Canada. A host of us will be doing panels and speaking on a variety of music and industry related topics. More info on the event can be found online at this location.

"See you there!"

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Hail! Posts Live Performance Footage Online

Hail!, the group featuring David Ellefson, Jimmy Degrasso (ex-Megadeth), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Tim "Ripper" Owens, has posted a series of videos online from their recent performance in Denmark. The video clips can be viewed below. More...

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Hail! Issues Tour Recap

Hail!, the group featuring David Ellefson, Jimmy Degrasso (ex-Megadeth), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Tim "Ripper" Owens, has issued the following recap of their Scandinavian tour:

"It’s August 29, and HAIL! is set to plunder with the Vikings and Norsemen across Scandinavia for the next weeks. We all arrived in Norway’s northern city of Trondheim on Sunday August 30. Ripper, Abba and I flew from the USA while Andreas came up from Oporto, Portugal where he played a festival with SEPULTURA the night before.

"New to the outfit on this tour is our friend and skins man Roy Mayorga, now of the famed group STONE SOUR. I first saw Roy play with SOULFLY on OZZFEST 98. His hair was red and he was a ball of fury behind the drums. Today, his hair isn’t red, but his playing is still the ball of fury it ever was. It’s good to have him on board this month. He came over from Glasgow, Scotland where he was recording in weeks prior with punk legends AMEBIX.

"Norway is my father land, originally spelled ‘Elevsen’ and traced back to the late 1600s. Our promoter Havard (‘Howard’ to us Americans) gave me and Abba a factual tour of the city, informing us the Trondheim airport is technically in the city called HELL. Now, we can officially say ‘We’ve been through and hell and back’! More...

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Hail! Announces European Tour Dates

Hail!, the group featuring David Ellefson, Jimmy Degrasso (ex-Megadeth), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Tim "Ripper" Owens, has announced the following European tour dates:

9/1 Blaest Trondheim, Norway
9/2 Garage Bergen, Norway
9/3 Rush Stavanger, Norway
9/4 Luftslottet Grimstad, Norway
9/5 Glassheim Jevnaker, Norway
9/6 Feelgood Halden, Norway
9/7 The Rock Copenhagen, Denmark
9/8 Voxhall Aarhus, Denmark
9/10 House Of Culture Helsinki, Finland
9/11 Wasteland Gavle, Sweden
9/12 Klubben Stockholm, Sweden

“This is going to be amazing!” remarked David Ellefson, “After just playing Sweden Rock and a bunch of dates with Ripper in Europe last month, we can’t wait to come back! Everywhere we went the response was amazing and we are really excited to give all the Scandinavian fans a chance to see HAIL! play” More...

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Hail! Announces New 2009 Tour Dates

David Ellefson, Jimmy Degrasso (ex-Megadeth), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Tim "Ripper" Owens (Yngwie, ex-Iced Earth, Judas Priest) recently formed the metal group called Hail! and toured across Chile in January. The band has announced the following extra 2009 tour dates:

Sun April 26 Athens, Greece Kytarro
Tues April 28 Budapest,Hungary t/b/a
Wed April 29 Zagreb, Croatia Boogaloo
Thurs April 30 Innsbruck, Austria Hafen
Fri May 1 Vienna, Austria Maifet

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Metal Legends Touring Chile Under One Band Name

Guitarist Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen, Iced Earth, Judas Priest), bassist David Ellefson (F5) and Jimmy DeGrasso (F5 & Alice Cooper) will be touring Chile January 22-27 for five very exclusive shows under the collective name HAIL! Their set list will honor their own genres of metal as well as the classic music that inspired their careers.

Cities and dates are as follows:

January 22 Santiago, Chile - Rock & Guitarras
January 23 Valparaiso, Chile - El Huevo
January 24 Concepcion, Chile - Havana Club
January 25 Puerto Montt, Chile - Arena Puerto Montt
January 27 Antofagasta, Chile - Rock & Soccer

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