"some music was meant to stay underground..."

The Sickening

Formed: 2003
From: Kristiansund, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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The Sickening Announces "Sickness Unfold" Album

Xtreem Music just issued the following announcement about releasing upcoming "Sickness Unfold" album from The Sickening:

"As always, here at Xtreem Music we're never with the trends, so for us, brutal death is not about -Core or Hip-Hop shit... call us old fashioned (yes, please!), but for us brutal death is about brutality!! Who, brutal ]death lover, don't miss the good old days of... for example... the first Deeds Of Flesh album?? When brutal death was pure and unadultered?? Luckily, Norwegians The Sickening share with us that vision and here they have returned with hell of a fucking brutal 2nd album entitled 'Sickness Unfold!

"No modern riffing, no ridiculously-heavy sounding production or senseless compositions. 'Sickness Unfold' comes with a fucking sharp production vomiting 9 own songs and a Vile cover, full of killer riffs and no bullshit!"

Due out July 20th via Xtreem Music, the track listing is as follows:

1. Sickness Unfold
2. Fixed On Killing
3. Unnamed Horror
4. Throat Hole Ejaculation
5. Lord of Decay
6. A Mind Deranged
7. Powertool Sodomy
8. Suffer For My Pleasure
9. Consumed By Hate
10. Abort (the Fetus) [Vile cover] More...

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Blastfest Adds Six More Bands

It was already a lineup bursting at the seams with cream of the crop metal, but with some stage time still available Norway’s Blastfest has just gone and upped the ante once again with the announcement of six new bands.

The melodeath heroes from Dark Tranquility have joined the ranks alongside Gothenburg brothers At The Gates. Additional announcements include Paradise Lost, Satan, Dead To This World, The Sickening, and Byfrost.

Acts already announced for the 2015 Bergen festival include Decapitated, Primordial, Rotting Christ, Destruction and Asphyx amongst others, and with more yet to be announced. More...

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Band Lineup Announced For Eisenwahn Festival

Germany's Eisenwahn Festival will take place from July 29th until July 30th at the motocross racetrack of Obersinn.

Legion of the Damned will perform along with bands such as Sepultura, Amagortis, Benediction, Bigball, Clitsplit, Cripper, Debauchery, Die Grauen Herren, Heretic Soul, Hour Of Penance, Jack Slater, Kraanium, Negator, Onslaught, Tankard, The Crown, The Sickening, Torture Squad, and Trinity Site.

For further information on the Eisenwahn festival navigate over to this location.

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Sulphur Signs To Dark Essence Records

Bergen, Norway based blackened death metal band SULPHUR has signed to Dark Essence Records for the release of their 2nd album, "Thorns In Existence."

Joining SULPHUR’s original line up of Thomas Skinlo Høyven on Vocals, Øyvind Madsen on Guitars, Keybords & Programming, and Eivind Huse on Guitars, are Erik Heggarnes (ex-Aeternus, ex-Gorgoroth, Bourbon Flame) on drums and Vegar Hovland on bass. The new album was produced by Bjørnar Nilsen at Conclave Studios, and will be released late this fall. More...

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The Sickening Reveals Debut Album Details

Xtreem Music has issued the following statement about the debut album from Norwegian death metal band The Sickening:

"Norwegian brutal Death Metallers THE SICKENING have inked a 2-album deal with XTREEM MUSIC. The band, featuring ex-BLOOD RED THRONE's drummer Beist, is heralding the flag of new wave of Norwegian brutal Death with a style that's heavily influenced by bands like SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA & CANNIBAL CORPSE with more modern touches in the vein of KATAPLEXIA, DISAVOWED, INVERACITY... no groovy slamming stuff, just straight forward brutal Death!!

"Their debut album, tentatively named "Death, Devastation, Decay!" is already recorded and currently being mastered in Sweden by the infamous Deathmaster Dan Swäno. 11 songs of relentless and brutal-as-fuck Death Metal including a cover of CANNIBAL CORPSE's "Hammer Smashed Face" in a way more brutal and bizarre style will be included on this debut opus that will undoubtely put THE SICKENING in the map of the current brutal Death Metal scene.

"Release schedule for this album hasn't been settled yet, but it's expected sometime this summer 2009 while the band is hardly working on shows not only in their homeland, but also in various festivals across Europe."

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The Sickening Inks Deal With XTreem Music

Norwegian death metal band The Sickening has issued the following statement about their recent signing to XTreem Music:

"We are proud to announce that we have signed to XTREEM MUSIC for 2 records! We have had talks with Dave Rotten of XTREEM MUSIC about the details and today the deal was sealed. This means that our debut record will be out during the first half of 2009.

The Sickening play DEATH METAL... XTREEM MUSIC is the DEATH METAL label... what more is there to say?

Watch out for more details regarding our debut!!"

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