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Band Photo: Slayer (?)

Formed: 1982
From: Huntington Beach, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


The thrash metal sound of Slayer was formed in Huntington Beach, CA in 1982. Comprising Tom Araya (bass, vocals), Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar) and Dave Lombardo (drums), they made their debut in 1983, with a track on the compilation Metal Massacre III. After that the rest has been history. The band played at breakneck speed with amazing technical precision, but the intricacies of detail were lost in a muddy production. Araya's lyrics dealt with death, carnage, Satanism and torture, but were reduced to an indecipherable guttural howl. But this chaos called music is what set the ways for Slayer and many bands to follow.

Through the years, Slayer has been hit with much controversy over their lyrics, including lawsuits. But through the years Slayer has managed to build a following from coast to coast. Slayer has played such tours as Monsters of Rock, Ozzfest, and recently toured the U.S. co-headling with Pantera.

Now almost 20 years later, Slayer is still playing just as hard as ever. Will Slayer ever stop? Not likely, considering they are keeping up with thrash bands half their age, after all they did start it!

Latest Slayer News

Below is our complete Slayer news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Slayer Announce Winter N. American Tour

Slayer will hit the road on January 24 for a four-week North American tour. The dates are in support of the band's latest album, "Christ Illusion," this lineup's first new studio album since 1990's "Seasons In The Abyss," and its highest-charting album ever (#5 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums Chart). Unearth will open all shows.

"Over the past few months, we've had a great time headlining 'Unholy Alliance' in North America and Europe, bringing a killer five-act bill to the fans," said Slayer's King. "But we're looking forward to this next tour, where it's just Slayer and Unearthed, playing venues where we can be right in the fans' faces."

These North American dates come on the heels of Slayer's successful international tour which, between August and November, took the band to SRO shows in the UK, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. While in Germany, the band paid a special visit to the U.S. Troops of the 52nd Services Squadron located on the Spangdahlem U.S. Air Force Base.

Confirmed dates for Slayer's winter 2007 North American tour with Unearth in support are as follows: More...

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Canadian Tour Dates Added To Slayer, Unearth Tour

Some Canadian tour dates have been inserted into the schedule for Slayer and Unearth's North American tour. Here are the latest tour dates:

January 25th 2007 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
January 26th 2007 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern LG
February 7th 2007 London, ON John Labatt Centre
February 8th 2007 Hamilton, ON Copps Coliseum
February 9th 2007 Ottawa, ON Scotia Bank Place Theatre
February 22nd 2007 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
February 23rd 2007 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues

More Slayer and Unearth tour dates to follow.

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Initial Slayer And Unearth US Tour Dates Revealed

Unearth has been tapped to support Slayer on the group's upcoming North American tour, which will kick off in January. The following tour dates have been confirmed thus far, with many more to follow:

1/25 Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
1/26 Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern LG
2/22 Myrtle Beach, SC @ House Of Blues
2/23 Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House Of Blues

Presale tickets will soon be available here.

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Slayer To Visit US Troops In Germany

The members of the thrash band SLAYER - Kerry King/guitars, Tom Araya/bass, vocals, Jeff Hanneman/guitars, and Dave Lombardo/drums - will take a few hours off from their current European "Unholy Alliance Tour" schedule to pay a visit to the 52nd Services Squadron located on the Spangdahlem U.S. Air Force Base in Germany on Wednesday, November 8. With a sizeable chunk of Slayer's core audience being enlisted men and women, this will be the band's first-ever visit to a military base.

The band, whose latest release, "Christ Illusion," deals with the brutality of war and religions fanaticism, scrutinizing America's role in Iraq and Afghanistan, will spend a couple of hours meeting and chatting with the soldiers, signing autographs, and possibly viewing a fighter aircraft or two.

Upon returning home just before Thanksgiving, Slayer will take the holidays off and then launch a headlining tour of the U.S. Dates are still being confirmed and will be announced shortly, but the intended cities for the tour include:

Tucson, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
Reno, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
Fargo, ND
Sioux Falls, SD
Kansas City, MO
Atlantic City, NJ
Providence, RI
New York, NY
Hamilton, ONT CANADA
Rochester, NY
Youngstown, OH
Columbus, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Myrtle Beach, SC
Orlando, FL
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Washington, D.C.

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Slayer Post 'Eyes Of The Insane' Video Online

SLAYER's video for the song "Eyes of the Insane" has been posted online exclusively at MP3.com.

Directed by Iranian filmmaker Tony Petrossian (SLIPKNOT), "Eyes of the Insane" is a first-person narrative about the horrors leading up to the final moments of a solder at war. The entire video is a single, long and tight close-up of the soldier's eye with images clearly reflected within his pupil and iris and perfectly choreographed with the rhythm of the music. Reflected are disconcerting images of para trooping into enemy territory, gunfire, helicopters and tanks, explosions, poignant flashbacks of his wife and child and home, and the images of his death. Two endings were filmed — one where the soldier dies from his combat injuries, and the other where he commits suicide. More...

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Tony Hawk's Project 8 Soundtrack Revealed

Details on the soundtrack for the next game in the Tony Hawk skateboarding video game series have been released. Tony Hawk's Project 8 will feature 56 songs from bands including notables Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Slayer, Immortal, Thine Eyes Bleed, The Sword, Bad Religion, the Ramones, and the Cure among others.

The complete list follows: More...

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Win 2 tickets to Unholy Alliance

The online radio station, 4QRadio.com, has announced a competition to win 2 tickets to the Unholy Alliance at Birmingham's NEC Arena. The winners will get to meet Lamb Of God. Head over to 4QRadio.com and for more details on how to win listen to the latest show.

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Slayer's Latest Album Recalled From India

Mumbai-based EMI Virgin India Ltd has announced that it will recall all copies of Slayer's new album "Christ Illusion", after protests by Catholic Secular Forum (CSF), also based in Mumbai. Joseph Dias, general secretary of CSF, issued a statement early this week in which he takes "strong exception" to the album's cover artwork, which depicts "Christ with a missing eye and amputated arms." Dias also added that, "[the CSF] also condemn the track, 'Skeleton Christ' as the lyrics are an insult to Christianity." The CSF took further action, sending a memorandum to the police commissioner of Mumbai to the effect that the album "will affect the sensibilities of the Muslims on the track 'Jihad' and secular Indians who have respect for all faiths."

EMI India's marketing manager, Kaveri Khullar, stated in an interview that "We met with the CSF and were apologetic while assuring them that all copies of the album would be pulled out. We have no plans of re-issuing it in any way." Christ Illusion had only been on the shelves for a week, but Khullar didn't confirm the number of copies released, saying only that "There weren't too many that we launched anyway."

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Final Saw III Soundtrack Tracklisting Revealed

The current reigning champ of all of the horror film franchises – Saw – will have the third and most psychologically intense installment of the series – Saw III hit theaters on October 27th. Fans of the series will be excited to hear that the Saw III Soundtrack (Artists' Addiction Records) will feature twenty tracks from of some of the hardest, bone crushing rock bands on the planet including: Blue October, Slayer, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Ministry, and many others. Brand new exclusive tracks from Static X "No Submission," and Drowning Pool "No More," are stand out songs on the Saw III Soundtrack.

Saw III (Twisted Pictures & Lionsgate) stars Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell. Jigsaw has disappeared. With his new apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith), the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) and Jeff (Angus Macfayden) are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard.

Saw star Shawnee Smith makes a cameo singing backup vocals on Hydrovibe's track "Killer Inside" on the Saw III Soundtrack.

"I've am a huge fan of this band Hydrovibe!," commented Shawnee. "Heather St. Marie has a breathtakingly beautiful voice as powerful as my character in the Saw films: Amanda. I'm thrilled our female fan base has a movie and a soundtrack to sink our patent leather stilettos into."

Here is the final track listing for the Saw III soundtrack (as well as a couple of audio streams): More...

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Saw III Soundtrack Tracklisting, Release Revealed

Warcon Enterprises has set an October 24 release date for the "Saw III" soundtrack. The tentative list of tracks that are set to appear on the effort is as follows:

SLAYER - "Eyes Of The Insane" (exclusive remix)
MASTODON - "The Wolf Is Loose"
LAMB OF GOD - "Walk With Me In Hell"
HELMET - "Monochrome"
ALL THAT REMAINS - "This Calling"
DRAGONFORCE - "Fury Of The Storm"
CHARLIE CLOUSER - "Score Suite" (exclusive)
AS I LAY DYING - "Empty Hearts"
EVERY TIME I DIE - "Guitared & Feathered"
HYDROVIBE - "Killer Inside"
BLUE OCTOBER - "Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek"
OPIATE FOR THE MASSES - "Naked" (unreleased track)
DRY KILL LOGIC - "My Dying Heart" (unreleased track)

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Kings Of Death and Speed Metal On 'Horror" DVD

The third volume of the "Horror Pain Gore Death" DVD collection of horror music videos (horror films mixed with metal music) from established and obscure death, thrash and '80s metal bands will be released on September 26. The complete track listing for the set is as follows:

CANCER - Blood Bath
EXODUS - A Lesson In Violence
SLAYER - Criminally Insane
MENTORS - Peepin' Tom
MORTA SKULD - Consuming Existence
SODOM - Outbreak Of Evil
NECKTIE - Hostages
BLÜDWÜLF - The Horror
SLAUGHTER - Fuck Of Death
TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Thrashing Death
SEXCREMENT - Menstrual Money Shot
SAVAGE GRACE - Into The Fire
SUFFOCATION - Infecting The Crypts
KREATOR - Pleasure To Kill
SEPULTURA - R.I.P. (Rest In Pain)
VENOM - Don't Burn The Witch

For more information, click here.

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New Live Videos From Slayer Online

Check out three new tour clips featuring some tasty live metal from Slayer's recent tour stop in Vancouver in support of their new album "Christ Illusion."

Video: "Blood Red"
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Video: "Cult"
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Video: "Eyes Of The Insane"
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Slayer's upcoming European tour dates are as follows: More...

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This Week In Metal - August 31st, 2006 *Late*

Im aware of the fact that its a little late, and pushed closely together with TWIM for 9-8-06 but nonetheless I would hate to see you guys miss out on a week of news. So without further ado the records chart courtesy of CMJ :

22SlayerChrist Illusion 32
31SYLThe New Black41
44All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideals42
56The Human AbstractNocturne35
6-Bury Your DeadBeauty & The Breakdown26
7 *GwarBeyond Hell17
85UnearthIII: The Eyes Of Fire35
107Shadows FallFallout From The War41

Hatebreed becomes our third #1 ever, beyond Shadows Fall and SYL. It is amazing for them as a band to completly jump Slayer. All That Remains maybe just hitting stride in their young career, the success of this album and the sales and touring they are doing are pushing them over the top of their genre. Bury Your Dead returns to the chart with strong sales following a bouncey chart release. And the boys from Shadows Fall look like their run of 4 weeks in the chart might end as they slip to the #10 slot.

Onto the singles, courtesy of MusicMatch:

15Stone Sour30-30/15041
21UnearthThe Glorious Nightmare31
38SYLYou Suck33
43The Human AbstractCrossing the Rubicon22
54MastodonThe Wolf Is Loose24
69Shadows FallWill To Rebuild41
86Lamb of GodRedneck42
97All That RemainsThis Calling27

Not much change to the charts other then that of Stone Sour resurging to the #1 slot after never reaching it within the first four weeks. Between The Buried and Me makes a debut with Malpractice and the bottom of the chart holds strong with Slayer staying in the #10 slot. All four #1's in the charts 4 weeks remain, including the only 2 songs to be on all 4 weeks.

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Kerrang! Announce Award Winners

This years winners for the 13TH ANNUAL: KERRANG! AWARDS have been announced. A quick run-down can be found below, with Welsh heroes LOSTPROPHETS running out big winners with multiple awards:

Best Band On The Planet - My Chemical Romance
Best British Band - Lostprophets
Best Live Band - Muse
Best Album - Lostprophets (Liberation Transmission)
Best Single - Bullet For My Valentine (Tears Don't Fall)
Best Video - Fall Out Boy (Sugar, We're Going Down)
Best British Newcomer - Bring Me The Horizon
Best International Newcomer - Aiden
Classic Songwriter - Placebo
Spirit Of Independence - Prodigy (above)
Kerrang! Hall Of Fame - Slayer
Kerrang! Legend - Angus Young (AC/DC)

A full article describing the ceremony and the winners can be found online at the BBC.

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This Week In Metal - August 24th, 2006

A third week, and to my surprise Slayer isn't number 1. Strapping Young Lad keeps the #1 spot for the second straight week. Meanwhile Slayer is at their heels and I would bet good money they takeover the top spot next week. Hatebreed's new album Supremecy could be the only thing that comes inbetween all of that but I highly doubt it. All That Remains holds strong as one of 4 bands that have stayed in the top 10 since TWIM was brought back. The second biggest highlight of the chart is the fact that All Shall Perish has broken thru and taken a spot inside the top 10. I've been a fan of these boys for a while and its amazing to see their name share spots with the likes of Shadows Fall and Unearth. And now for the chart courtesy of CMJ :

11Strapping Young LadThe New Black31
2*SlayerChrist Illusion 12
42All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideals32
57UnearthIII: The Eyes of Fire25
610Human AbstractNocturne26
7 3Shadows FallFallout From the War31
94Between the Buried and MeThe Anatomy Of34
10*All Shall PerishThe Price Of Exsistance110

And now for the tunes, with a drastic change in this weeks chart. Unearth jumps from seven to first, while Slayer's Cult drops from first to tenth. Only six songs stayed on the chart, while we had four really strong debuts from great bands. Hatebreed, Mastodon and the new ATR single. Not to mention the ever-growing popularity of Human Abstract debuts. The singles chart is always shaky as the seeming flavor of the week is always ahead here, and now for the music, courtesy of MusicMatch:

17UnearthThe Glorious Nightmare21
2*The Human AbstractCrossing The Rubicon12
4*MastodonThe Wolf Is Loose14
54Stone Sour30-30/15032
62Lamb of GodRedneck32
7*All That RemainsThis Calling17
810Strapping Young LadYou Suck28
93Shadows FallWill To Rebuild31

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Metal, Rock and Alt. Music Doing Well In Billboard

Below are the Top Billboard 200 Charts for this week's rundown in rock/alternative/metal:

#12 - BREAKING BENJAMIN - Phobia @ 50,208
#19 - HINDER - Extreme Behavior @ 35,452
#27 - RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Stadium Arcadium @ 28,841
#28 - STONE SOUR - Come What(ever) May @ 28,124
#30 - THE FRAY - HOW TO SAVE A LIFE @ 26,836
#38 - AFI - Decemberunderground @ 21,049
#41 - BLUE OCTOBER - Foiled @ 19,893
#44 - SLAYER - Christ Illusion @ 17,702
#49 - BUCKCHERRY - 15 @ 15,899
#50 - SNOW PATROL - Eyes Open @ 15,728

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Slayer Pulls From Monterry Mexico Festival

Los Angeles thrashers SLAYER have cancelled their previously announced appearance at the third edition of the Monterrey Metal Fest, set to take place Saturday, September 23, 2006 at the Coca Cola Auditorium in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. SLAYER, who were scheduled to headline the event, cited "personal reasons" as the cause of the cancellation.

This year's Monterrey Metal Fest is being billed as "Hell and Heaven United" due to the fact that the festival will include appearances by reunited Christian hard rockers STRYPER and Satanic death metallers DEICIDE. The concert, which promises to be the "biggest and baddest version yet," will feature eight of the biggest names in heavy metal music from all over the world on the main stage and 12 up-and-coming international and Mexican bands on the second stage.

"Christ Illusion" first-week chart positions:

Germany: #2
Finland: #2
Canada: #3
Sweden: #4
USA: #5
Austria: #6
Holland: #8
Australia: #9
Norway: #10

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Slayer Kicks Off Tour In Support Of New Album

The mighty SLAYER, whose new album, "Christ Illusion", debuted at No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard charts last week, will kick off its 2006 international concert tour playing two of England's biggest annual music festivals — Leeds on Friday, August 25 and Reading on Sunday, August 27. In addition to the U.K. appearances, the international dates will have SLAYER headlining major outdoor festivals as well as their own concerts in South America, Mexico, Singapore, and Japan. The South American dates will mark SLAYER's first tour there in more than eight years.

Leg Two of SLAYER's international concert tour will kick off October 20 in Holland when SLAYER tops the bill on the European edition of the "Unholy Alliance Tour: Preaching to the Perverted". The core lineup of the European "Unholy Alliance Tour" will be SLAYER, IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, LAMB OF GOD, and THINE EYES BLEED, and is the first major festival to tour outside of the United States. The U.S. "Unholy Alliance Tour" (which SLAYER headlined with LAMB OF GOD, CHILDREN OF BODOM, MASTODON and THINE EYES BLEED) stormed across North America in June and July.

According to SLAYER's longtime manager Rick Sales, "We wanted to make 'The Unholy Alliance Tour' an annual, global event, and are all very excited that we're making that happen. Like the U.S. tour, we're offering a unique, heavy, and diversified lineup, as well as a great production. Fans are going to get their money's worth."

Confirmed dates for SLAYER's 2006 international concert tour are as follows:

Aug. 25 - Leeds Festival, Leeds, England
Aug. 27 - Reading Festival, Reading, England
Sep. 1-2 - Via Funchal, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sep. 03 - Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Sep. 06 - Fundicao Progresso, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sep. 09 - Velodrome, Santiago, Chile
Sep. 12-13 - Estadio Pepsi Music, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sep. 15 - Palacio de los Deportes, Bogota, Colombia
Sep. 17 - Poliedro, Caracas, Venezuela
Sep. 21 - Arena, Guadalajara, Mexico
Sep. 23-25 - Salon 21, Mexico City, Mexico
Oct. 13 - Max Pavilion, Singapore
Oct. 15 - Loudfest, Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 16 - Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 17 - Zepp Loud Park, Osaka, Japan

Unholy Alliance Tour: Preaching to the Perverted:

Oct. 20 - Bosch Baroniehal, Den, Holland
Oct. 22 - Mazda Palace, Milan, Italy
Oct. 23 - Eishalle Deutweg, Zurich, Switzerland
Oct. 25 - Phillpshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany
Oct. 26 - Arena, Berlin, Germany
Oct. 27 - Zenith, Munich, Germany
Oct. 28 - Boblingen Sporthalle, Stuttgart, Germany
Oct. 30 - Arena, Cardiff, Wales
Nov. 01 - NEC, Birmingham, England
Nov. 02 - SECC, Glasgow, Scotland
Nov. 03 - Arena, Manchester, England
Nov. 05 - The Point, Dublin, Ireland
Nov. 07 - Palais Omnisport de Bercy, Paris, France
Nov. 08 - Messe Parke, Trier, Germany
Nov. 09 - Brabanthal, Leuven, Belgium
Nov. 12 - Jahalli, Helsinki, Finland
Nov. 13 - Jahalli, Tampere, Finland
Nov. 15 - Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 16 - Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden
Nov. 17 - Valbyhallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov. 19-20 - Brixton Academy, London, England

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Slayer's Tom Araya Expecting 'Jihad Backlash'

One of the big tracks on SLAYER's new album, "Christ Illusion", entitled "Jihad", is written from a perspective of a 9/11 terrorist. Asked in an interview with The Sun if this has caused any problems, vocalist/bassist Tom Araya responded, "The record has just come out in the States so we haven't had to deal with it much. But I know it's coming."

SLAYER's 1986 classic, "Reign in Blood", is seen as the benchmark for new metal and the best pure heavy metal album of all time.

It was the most extreme record of its period, with a three-pronged attack of heaviness, speed and controversial subject matter.

Tom says: "'Christ Illusion' comes close, but, in my opinion, nothing can surpass 'Reign in Blood' for intensity and impact. No one had heard anything like it before. In the 20 years since then, people have got more desensitised. What was over the top then, might not be now."

Tom says the reason the band have remained tight, hungry and aggressive over the years is because they've never followed any trends.

He says: "The fact we started out playing what we liked is behind our success and we have never adjusted to what is popular. It's just been, 'Plug in, turn it up, let's go."

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This Week In Metal - August 17th, 2006

A new top album ? Its true, this week Strapping Young Lad takes over the top spot from Shadows Fall. Both of these bands are very deserving, but we crown our second #1 in as many weeks. Last weeks top 7 managed to stay on the chart, but jump around a little bit. While we have 3 brand new albums debuting this week, with one going as high as #6 in Voivod's Katorz. This is quite possibly the best album these guys have released and they are finally getting the notority they deserve. Not far behind them in the new releases is Unearths' III: The Eyes Of Fire, which is amazing considering it hasnt been released in alot of areas yet but the pre-orders are astounding. I see a #1 in the future for these guys, but who can knock off the consistancy SYL is showing. All That Remains also leapfrogged The Shads into the #2 slot and the big jumper was Between The Buried And Me gaining three slots, which is hard to do considering the company they are in. Meanwhile, Cellador dropped from 8th to 11th. Acacia Strain from 9th to 14th and BYD to 12th. New albums already making a storm up the charts are Slayers "Christ Illusion" with pre-ordering alone landing it inside the top 20. Hatebreed's Supremecy is also showing strong and will reach the top 10 next week. Also in responding to the comments I am considering making this, and the singles list a top 15. If you think its a good idea please respond so, or if thats too much tell me to keep it at 10. \m/.

12SYLThe New Black21
23All That RemainsThe Fall of Ideas 22
31Shadows FallFallout From The War21
47BTBAMThe Anatomy Of24
54DragonforceImhuman Rampage24
7 -UnearthIII: The Eyes of Fire17
86Stone SourCome What(ever) May26
95Cattle DecapitationKarma.Bloody.Karma25
10-Human AbstractNocturne110

Now for the singles, with a very familiar band to anyone who visits this site, taking over as #1. Lamb of God also stays strong moving up 1 to #2. Shadows Fall and Stone Sour round out the top 4 with a big jumper for the week Celtic Frost's Ground moving up to number 5. Threat Signal holds strong and then we get to three really strong debuts by 3 really strong bands. SYL's new ozzfest anthem boasts the #9 spot as a highlight of the new songs. Roudning out the top 10 is BLS with Concrete Jungle.

23Lamb of GodRedneck22
31Shadows FallWill To Rebuild21
42Stone Sour30-30/15022
58Celtic FrostGround25
67Threat SignalRational Eyes26
7*UnearthThe Glorious Nightmare17
8*TerrorStrike You Down18
9*Strapping Young LadYou Suck19
109Black Label SocietyConcrete Jungle29

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