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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Daemonicus news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Daemonicus Checks In From The Studio

Daemonicus recently entered C.C.H.B. studio to record the band's second full-length album with producer Krille Krilltrack Englund. The band has now issued the following recording update:

"Back in C.C.H.B. studio aka Syndens Näste! We have manage to set the most brutal guitar sound ever! I'm not gonna fill you in on all details but I can promise you that is sounds awesome. Engl with a twist of the classic HM2 pedal and a bunch of other cool stuff did the trick.

"Embracing Her Remains and Grandeur of Total Devastation is the name of two tracks that we have finished the guitars on! Stay tuned for more metal-updates!" More...

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Daemonicus Issues Studio Update

Swedish death metal band Daemonicus has issued the following update about entering the recording studio:

"Hell-O! Daemonicus have finally entered C.C.H.B. studio for the recording of the second full length album. The producer is the all mighty Krille Krilltrack Englund. Krilltrack was also the producer and mix/master of our latest EP '11th Hour.'

"This full length album will contain 10 tracks off pure brutality. Stay tuned for more updates as we go along!"

Images from the studio can also be found by heading over to this location.

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Daemonicus Recording Drums

Swedish death metal act Daemonicus has issued the following update about recording drums for a new album:

"Recording drums for the new album! Yeah that's right! Today the mighty Johan Hallbäck started to record the drums for Daemonicus next full-length album. 10 songs will be recorded and they are all amazingly brutal.

"One of them named 'Blood Red November MDXX' can be heard at our myspace right now (in demo version though). The recording is taking place in this fine studio www.fenixrecording.com. Stay tuned for more info and updates."

You can also check out footage of Daemonicus performing live at this location.

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Daemonicus Posts Live Footage

Sweden's Daemonicus has posted a live video clip of the band performing the song "Dechristianization," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the clip:

"We've posted a clip of us performing the song Dechristianization in Sundsvall, Sweden. We had the opportunity to open up for Syn:drom at their release party for 'with flesh unbound.' More clips to come."

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Daemonicus Recruits New Drummer

Sweden's Daemonicus has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"Daemonicus is very proud to announce that our new drummer is the extremely talented Johan Hallbäck, who supported Daemonicus in our 2 previous shows in Uddevalla and Sundsvall. His aggressive playing style really makes him stand out. So the next Daemonicus album will be a real treat. Our summer break is finally over and now we are back in business again. So stay tuned for the latest news and updates about the next record and all other shit & stuff. Welcome Johan!"

Johan also gave the following brief comment: "I have a history of playing thrash and black metal, and that's something I would like to add a little bit of in Daemonicus."

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Hate Ammo Splits With Bassist

Hate Ammo has checked in with the following update about parting ways with bassist Olov Norberg and recruiting new member Martin Pudas:

"Olov Norberg has decided to leave the band due to personal stuff. We thank you for the time you put into Hate Ammo during the past 2 years. We will also give a big welcome to our new bass grinder, Martin Pudas (also in Daemonicus) Expect some new stuff such as new myspace, homepage, new tracks etc. in a short time."

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Daemonicus Comments On Upcoming Live Shows

Sweden's Daemonicus has issued the following statement about using a session drummer for their upcoming tour dates:

"We are ready to thrash Uddevalla! It has been a long time since last time wrote, much has happened in the Daemonicus-camp as the loss of our drummer. At the the same time many positive things lurking in our dungeon, and right now we are thrilled because: WE ARE ON THE ROAD AGAIN! Even if it is just for one day it feels great! Our destination is Uddevalla in the south part of Sweden to play at 'club Get' For this gig we asked the great drummer from 'Flagelant' etc. Keep yourself updated!"

The upcoming Daemonicus shows are as follows:

4/24 2010 Club Adrian Uddevalla, Västra Götalands län
5/22 2010 Pipeline Sundsvall

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Daemonicus Recruits Session Drummer

Sweden's Daemonicus, who recently parted ways with their drummer Magnus Boström, has issued the following announcement about recruiting a session drummer for upcoming live shows:

"Daemonicus is proud to introduce Johan from the band Flagellant as session drummer for our upcoming gigs in Uddevalla and Sundsvall. Right now we are rehearsing a lot to be as tight as ever and kick some Uddevalla ass! Make sure to be there and pick up some t-shirt's and CD's. Destroy!"

The upcoming Daemonicus live shows are as follows:

4/24 2010 Club Adrian Uddevalla, Västra Götalands län
5/22 2010 Pipeline Sundsvall

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Daemonicus Parts Ways With Drummer

Swedish death metallers Daemonicus have issued the following update about parting ways with their drummer:

"Our drummer and good friend Magnus Boström have decided to leave the band. Magnus was asked to fill in for two gigs in the summer of 2006. We asked him 3 weeks before the gigs if he was up for it and he accepted. And has been our sick and twisted drummer since then. But now he decided that the time has come for him to pass the torch. We wish him all the best with his new projects and we are sure that we will see him drinking beers in our bar... Puss på morkan grisnacken."

Magnus Boström also issued the following statement:

"After 4 years of pure fun and old school death metal mayhem I've decided to leave the band. My time in the band has really developed me as a drummer and as a person and we are still the best of friends. I wish all our fans the best when Daemonicus is moving on to the next level. I will continue playing in some new projects further on."

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Daemonicus Issues Tour Recap

Daemonicus has issued the following post-tour recap:

"So we finally made it home! After spending the last three weeks out on the road in Europe, we arrived safe and sound back in Umeå yesterday. So how do we sum up our very first tour? Heaven & Hell.. is a good description i suppose. We really got to experience the up's and down's of touring. But when all is said and done we had a great fucking time and we met some of the nicest people Europe has to offer. Plus we've got tons of stories. I don't even know where to start.

"The three shows we did in Romania was a lot of fun. The crowd were amazing to say the least. I felt that we were so psyched to play and have the best time ever, and we fucking did! Unfortunately Negura Bunget had to cancel some shows. Which led to the cancellation of the supporting acts as well. Then our van got broken into, and we lost all our fucking clothes and some cameras, computers, drum equipments and such. Our driver Marcus Nygren even got his passport stolen and we were forced to leave him in Greece just to be able to get back to Sofia in time to do the last gig. More...

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Daemonicus Issues Road Report

Swedish metallers Daemonicus have issued the following road report from their current tour with Negura Bunget:

"Finnally we got a hold of an internet connection and a couple of minutes to spare. So of course we gotta post a blog. It is day 9 on the road and we are sitting in a kick-ass apartment in the middle of Bucharest. As usual the weather is colder than we hoped for but its a little bit milder now at least. About the apartment, our tour manager Mr.Coro booked us in a really nice place in which we will be staying a couple of days to relax with a lots of beer and the usual stuff.

"I'll try to keep you up to speed about the days since our last post. After the first show in Bucharest as opening act for the big Rumanian band Negura Bunget, which was a great show. We headed for Galati to play a smaller venue which was called Abyss Bar. Together with a the really cool guys from the band Eufobia we had a killer time and played our asses of. As soon as we arrived at Abyss the heavy drinking started. As soon as you've finished your beer they stood next to you with a refill. Talk about service minded. I gotta tell you about the jam-session as well. After we were finished with our set, a guy named Mauritz (I think it was) asked if we wanted to get a jam going. Said and done, some of us and some of the guys in Eufobia and some local people got a kick-ass jam going on. One of the funniest things I've ever had the privilege to witness. More...

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Daemonicus Announces More European Tour Dates

Swedish metal band Daemonicus has announced more "Spirit of the Land - Balkan Tour" European tour dates with Negura Bunget and Eufobia. The complete tour schedule is as follows:

22.01.2010 RO Bucharest @ Suburbia Club
23.01.2010 RO Galati @ Abyss Bar w/ Eufobia
24-01-2010 RO Suceava @ Vox Club
30.01.2010 GR Thesalloniki @ Harley Bar
31.01.2010 BG Sofia @ The Box Club
01.02.2010 MK Skopje @ Havana Club

The band has also posted a new song, "11th hour," from the upcoming Daemonicus EP at their MySpace page.

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Daemonicus Announces European Tour

Swedish metallers Daemonicus have announced they will be embarking on the "Spirit of the Land" European tour alongside Negura Bunget. The currently confirmed dates are as follows, with more expected to be announced soon:

1/22 2010 RO Bucharest @ Suburbia Club
1/30 2010 GR Thesalloniki @ Harley Bar
1/31 2010 BG Sofia @ The Box Club
2/1 2010 MK Skopje @ Havana Club

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Daemonicus To Tour With Negura Bunget

Swedish metallers Daemonicus have issued the following update about a finishing their EP and hitting the road with Negura Bunget in Europe:

"At last we can announce that Daemonicus will be heading out on a European tour early next year. No dates or venues have been confirmed yet but we will be opening for the Rumanian folk/black metal band Negura Bunget. Also Eufobia from Bulgaria will thrash Europe together with us!

"The tour will take of in the end of January 2010, and will include Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia and Greece. Final dates to be announced as soon as possible! Other than that we can announce that the EP is all done now and all that remains are to spread it all over the world like viral infection it is."

Specific dates on the tour will be announced as they become available.

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Daemonicus Writing New Material

Swedish metallers Daemonicus have issued the following update about writing new material and releasing a new EP:

"Hey mates! Just sitting around writing some brutal new riffs for the next album! It will be a killer that's for sure, but more on that in the future. I listened to a working progress mix of the main track from our upcoming EP. It sounds really really good and I cant wait for it to get all finished! As we stated earlier it will be a 4 track EP containing 2 covers and 2 Daemonicus songs. I must give away the covers right now cause I think they turned out awesome! Death - Crystal Montain & Paradise Lost - Falling Forever. The last one we are especially pleased with!

"Anyways. Now that we have finished the EP chapter, we can begin the tour planning for real. Stay tuned for more info about the when and whereabouts! I'm of to finish my beer and continuing writing those old-school death riffs that we all love!"

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Daemonicus Recruits New Bassist

Swedish metallers Daemonicus have issued the following statement about recruiting new bass player Martin Pudas:

"Hell-o y'all metalheadz out there!

"I thought it would be a great idea to introduce myself in this way, as it's been a lot of questions lately about who I am... Well, my name is Martin and I'm the new bass-dude in the Swarm of Death, a.k.a. Daemonicus! I'm glad as hell and very proud to be a member in this unholy assemble, and I hope I will provide a lot of death, rotten stench, slimy worms, poisonous mushrooms, and dark influences to Daemonicus future tunes...haha! I'm a kind of crazy with a lot of stupid ideas, and I often go berzerk live... So I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming shows! I am endorsed by Woodo Guitars and my present main axe is a brutally good-looking and awesome Woodo B6 Black Walnut.

"I am(/was?) the growlmeister in the band Mesolimbic (techdeath-band formerly known as Knife In Christ) but as there's been no action at all in there for a time, I have decided to give all my energy into the evilness of playing bass in the greatest deathmetal-band of them all; Daemonicus! - DIEmonicus, haha... I've also appeared in a bunch of unknown crap-bands earlier, but enough about that for now. I'm really excited to amuse, abuse, meet and greet you all metalheads out there on the road! Stay tuned in this blog for more info and news, upcoming tour dates, new merch, etc... I can say foh sure, it's a lot going on right now in the Daemonicus camp! So again, stay tuned and remember: Keep it BRUTAL!

"Over and out."

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Daemonicus Issues New EP Recording Update

Swedish metallers Daemonicus have issued the following update about recording drums for their new EP:

"The drums on 4 tracks of terrible guts and gore is complete... This EP will contain 2 brand new Daemonicus songs and 2 covers yet to be revealed.

"Our new studio/bar has been a fuckin great success so far! To be continued..."

Images from the recording session can also be found here.

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Daemonicus Records New Album

Swedish death metal band Daemonicus has completed recording their new album. They entered Ballerina Audio (Naglfar, Vintersorg, TME etc.) earlier this month and over the course of ten days recorded ten songs "of pure aggression and gore."

The album is slated for a February/March 2009 release through ViciSolum Productions.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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