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The Reticent

From: NC, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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The Reticent To Release Conceptual Album

Grammy nominated Christopher Hathcock has returned with the fourth album from The Reticent. Heaven & Hell Records is pleased to announce the October 5th release of "On The Eve Of A Goodbye." The album was produced by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Wretched, Scale The Summit), and will be released on limited edition CD with complete lyrics.

Check out the official video for album track "The Girl Broken" at this location, as well as "The Comprehension" video in the player below.

This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and intense offering from The Reticent to date. An uncompromising autobiographical concept record, "On the Eve Of A Goodbye" is certain to exceed all expectations, boasting 73 minutes of stirring progressive metal that must be heard in its entirety to grasp the full magnitude.

"On The Eve Of A Goodbye" is an autobiographical concept album. All of the tracks serve to detail the day before, day of, and day after the suicide of The Reticent's mastermind Chris Hathcock's childhood friend, Eve. The songs chronicle his concern for her, her deterioration into self-hatred, and culminates with the tragic act and its aftermath. Not only a stylistic contrast to previous releases, this album is also intensely more personal than past Reticent albums (which were already emotional purges). The album is intended to be heard as a single entity rather than a collection of tracks. More...

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The Reticent Recruits New Guitar Player

North Carolina-based band The Reticent just issued this announcement online about recruiting a new guitarist:

"Greetings beautiful people. The Reticent is very pleased to officially welcome for the first time ever a fifth member!

"The incredibly talented shredder Travis Stiwalt, from our buddies Skinkage, has joined our ranks to lend his outstanding guitar skills to our ongoing mission of transforming emotion into sound.

"With this addition, the options open to us and the possibilities within our live performances have now greatly expanded. Please join me in welcoming Travis to the fold!

"We'll begin booking shows again very soon and trust me when I tell you that you'll want to see what we will do next! Stay tuned." More...

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New Heaven And Hell Sampler Available

A new Heaven and Hell sampler titled "Over the Top" is now available for download courtesy of the label at this location. Below is the listing of the 21 tracks from each of the artists on the label, plus you get a sneak peek at their upcoming releases.

1.Dark Design- No Death
2.Witches Mark- Cauldron Boron
3.The Reticent- Enemy
4.False Prophet- Holy Deception
5.Eugenic Death- Medication Time
6.Dogbane- Fire and Brimstone
7.Overlorde S.R.- Keeper of the Flame
8.Blacksmith- The Beast
9.Ancient Creation- Apocalypse
10.Seventh Calling- Paid in Blood
11.M-16- Shot Down
12.Demontuary- Days of Infernal Insanity
13.Hellrazor- Darker Days
14.Ritual- Dark Star
15.Praetorius- Pirates of the West
16.Core Device- Trail the Vein
17.Overlord- White Witch
18.Twisted Tower Dire- A Dangerous Meeting
19.Thunderstick- Afraid of the Dark
20.Natu Sabverata- Godless State of Mind
21.ESP- Take ‘em Alive

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The Reticent Posts Q & A Interview

A lot is brewing in the world of The Reticent, including new members added to the live line-up, a free EP and the next full-length. Recently, The Reticent recruited former Oracle guitarist Robert Kerns as the new resident lead guitarist. This has allowed the band to return to the stage and begin playing some select live dates. Show updates can be found at the band's Facebook Page.

Fans of the band will be keen to hear from mastermind Chris Hathcock that there are not one but two albums in the works this year. The first is an EP of unique interpretations of some yet to be disclosed cover songs. The EP will be titled "Artifice" and will be made available for free via download through the Heaven & Hell Records' website for a limited time.

Said Hathcock, "I wanted to do something where I could explore some lesser known songs I enjoy and take some more well known songs and rearrange them. I'm not at all interested in covering bands that The Reticent is already compared to nor covering anything that is already in the 'progressive' sphere. It's far more interesting to step away from expectation and explore, in my opinion. I think a lot of people will be surprised by some of the tracks on the album and hopefully they won't be too awful to listen to."

"Artifice" will be recorded this spring with a late spring or early summer release. Hathcock also gave a lot of insight into the anxiously awaited fourth full-length follow-up to the well-received "Le Temps Detruit Tout." "In many ways this will be the angriest The Reticent has ever sounded and in some ways the most sorrowful. A better way to put it is that it will be the most honest and exposed I've ever been."

The album, titled "Chronology Of My Disgrace," is set to be a concept album in which every song revolves around a single narrative which is aimed to give the listener a ride along a very revealing and personal journey. Due to the amount of material to complete this vision, the release may very well end up as a double-length CD.

When asked about the album, Hathcock said, "It is the next step in the evolution of this band. That's not to say it will be great but it will be different. It will be much heavier than the last album while also being more honest and sorrowful. Elements of jazz and experimental music will be there right along with elements of death metal, prog rock, etc. So hopefully it will be if nothing else a dynamic listen. But don't listen to me, artists are terrible judges of their own work." Hathcock plans to head to the studio to begin work on "Chronology Of My Disgrace" this summer with a release next winter.

Earlier this year, Hathcock received fan submitted questions about his influences, recording process, among many other topics. His answers were posted via a series of YouTube videos, part one featured below.

Hathcock commented, "Some long-winded answers at way too late an hour from your least favorite mediocre musician. All the questions were collected via Facebook and are reproduced verbatim. If your question did not get answered, don't worry. Due to the amount, the interview was broken into a few parts. Thanks to everyone that helped in this."

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The Reticent Posts "With Folded Arms" Music Video

The Reticent posted a new music video for the track "With Folded Arms." The song appears on the bands latest LP "Le Temps Detruit Tout," which was released in May 2012 via Heaven And Hell Records. The song and video both serve as a tribute to the life and work of noted contrarian and self-described antitheist Christopher Hitchens, whose career of critique, debate, and authorship spanned four decades.

The Reticent mastermind Chris Hathcock had the following to say about Hitchens and the video made in his honor:

"I found in Christopher Hitchens much the same inspiration I have found in many of my favorite musicians and composers. Hearing him speak or reading his work always stirred me and captivated me. And it is not necessarily the case that he informed my worldview as much as he lead me to my deep love of debate and open discourse of ideas. With my last album, and particularly with the song specifically dedicated to him ('With Folded Arms'), I wanted to pay tribute and give my honorarium. While most tribute songs are about the person or their life or the impact that person had on their life, I didn't want to go down that road. I'm just a nobody, who cares how Hitch affected me? I wanted my song to be perhaps an interpretation of him via ideas. Arguments and critique. Which does not rob the song of emotion in my opinion. To the contrary, I feel it is infused with even more because I am discussing ideas that are bigger than me rather than my own experiences as I have done in the past. Though I know it falls short by a mile of Christopher Hitchens' genius, I still wanted to say goodbye in my own way."

Check out "With Folded Arms" here:

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The Reticent Streaming Entire Album

GuitarWorld.com has teamed with Heaven and Hell Records for an exclusive stream of The Reticent's newest and third release, "Le Temps Detruit Tout," in its entirety. Click here to listen to all eleven darkly introspective tracks from the album. Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing The Reticent's "Le Temps Detruit Tout" on May 29th.


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The Reticent Denounces Gay Marriage Ban Bill

The Reticent's Chris Hathcock recently denounced the May 8th passage of Amendment One - North Carolina's constitutional amendment prohibiting the legal recognition of domestic unions, including same-sex marriages. The amendment, which has made North Carolina a national focal point for the issue, defines marriage as solely a union between a man and a woman, and expands an existing North Carolina law banning gay marriage. Hathcock posted the following statement on The Reticent's Facebook page:

"The Reticent is collectively disappointed in North Carolina's passage of an exclusivist, misguided, and ill-informed piece of legislature today. The mind reels. It is all too clear what really fueled those voters that checked 'For' which is terribly disheartening. Billy Graham took out an ad in 14 NC newspapers proclaiming his support and we quote him: 'The Bible is clear...' Alright, then we would like to posit the following as other examples of marriage found in that text."

In response to reactions from Facebook posts about the statement, Hatchcock went on to write:

"The anger and vitriol on all sides of the current debate in our home state and country is troubling to us. And further we do not want to entertain any further debate on our page because all we want to do is make music. The thing that is most staggering and regretful in all of this is that it seems we as a people cannot have an earnest discussion about this."

On May 29th Heaven and Hell Records will release the much anticipated follow-up to The Reticent's 2008 second album "Amor Mortem Mei Erit." "Le Temps Detruit Tout" marks the next and third chapter for multi-instrumentalist Chris Hathcock.

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The Reticent Releasing Third Album

After a four year wait and a brief time of disbanding, The Reticent is coming back with its third album of progressive and experimental music, "Le Temps Detruit Tout." On May 29th, Heaven and Hell Records will release this follow up to 2008's "Amor Mortem Mei Erit." Now based out of North Carolina, The Reticent's sole member, composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris "Mordrid" Hathcock promises that the album will challenge the listener both intellectually and emotionally. Check out a couple of promo teasers streaming for "Le Temps Detruit Tout" below, which feature the cover art of the album, as well as the track listing below.

01. Nihil
02. In Pursuit of Redemption
03. Mutually Assured Destruction
04. Enemy
05. Lie to Me
06. Silence
07. Le Tenia
08. Patience
09. Nihil Ex Nihilo

bonus tracks:

10. With Folded Arms
11. Losing My Religion

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Heaven And Hell Records Releases 2012 Sampler

Heaven and Hell Records is issuing its new promo sampler as a free download by going to its website. It features cover art of the Westboro Baptist Church and tracks from fourteen artists. Check it out to get a sneak peek of the artists that Heaven and Hell Records has to offer.

1.Core Device- Revelations
2.Ancient Creation- Through Prophets Eyes
3.The Reticent- Enemy
4.Dogbane- God Forgive You
5.Seventh Calling- Paid in Blood
6.Hellrazor- The Soothsayer
7.Blacksmith- A Taste of Darkness
8.Overlorde S.R.- Enchantress of the Night
9.Praetorius- Sin on Sin
10.Ritual- Dark Star
11.Witches Mark Ethereal
12.Thunderstick- You Get Me in Pieces


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The Reticent Calls It Quits

Chris Hathcock of The Reticent has issued the following statement about the band calling it quits:

"Regretfully, I have not mapped out exactly what I wish to say here and so, foolishly, I shall be writing it as it comes to mind. Yet, I feel I must say what I must in an urgent manner so I pray you will bear with me.

"It is with a great sense of sorrow that I officially announce that I am hereby ending the project known as The Reticent. This was far from an easy decision to make but I feel a most necessary one. This project is to be considered dead. More...

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Wehrwolfe Drummer Focusing On The Reticent

In the wake of death metallers WEHRWOLFE, drummer Chris 'Mordrid' Hathcock is now focusing more of his attention towards his darker introspective project THE RETICENT. "Fans of OPETH, RIVERSIDE, NICK CAVE, and LEONARD COHEN should check out The Reticent’s sophomore effort Amor Mortem Mei Erit on Heaven and Hell Records," states the label. "A beautiful and emotional album for those not afraid to delve into ones soul."

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