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From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Trollfest News

Below is our complete Trollfest news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Trollfest Shooting Music Video

Norway's Trollfest has begun recording a new music video for a track off the band's upcoming album "Brumlebassen," which is due out August 24th via NoiseArt Records. The first photo from the video shoot can be viewed here. Trollfest also commented:

"Good morning fellow trolls! Starting the day early as we are recording the first official musicvideo for the new album! The song we have chosen is 'TrinkenTroll.'

"Stay tuned for more pictures and hillarious updates as we go along!!! So to all of you, from all of us, a merry merry Saturday! Cheers!"

The band also recently posted making-of footage online from the recording of the album. Check out the clip at this location.

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Trollfest Posts New Album Making-Of Footage

Norway's Trollfest has posted a sequence from "The Making of Brumlebassen" about the song "Illsint." Check out the video clip below. The song "Illsint" will be on the upcoming album "Brumlebassen," due out August 24th via NoiseArt Records. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Brumlebassen
2. Böse Tivoli
3. Illsint
4: Hevlette
5. Finsken, Norsken And Presten
6. Mystisk Maskert
7. Apis Mellifera
8. TrinkenTroll
9. Verboten Kjærleik
10. Bråk
11. Sellout
12. Rundt Bålet
13. Konterbier (Bonus Track) More...

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Trollfest Announces Lineup Changes

Trollfest has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with two members:

"Time to unveil the new promo photos and you must be wondering why there are two of us missing. Well, we’ve had to bid a fond farewell to two of our members whose personal and work commitments meant that they could no longer dedicate the amount of time needed for a band that’s as active as TrollfesT. So please join us in wishing PsychoTroll and St Beinhard lots of luck for the future. We have lots of musicians waiting to fill in on stage for us, some of whom you know and love, some of whom you don’t know yet, but you’re bound to love them once you do.

"And don’t worry everyone, as you can see from the photo we’ve been celebrating the next phase in TrollfesT’s career. All of us are having the time of our lives not only because we get to play the music we want. Not only because we get to work with the fantastic people at our label NoiseArt, our Booking Agency Rock the Nation and our Manager Patricia Thomas. Not only because we get to travel round and share the stage with some fantastic bands. But also because we get to meet all of you (well some of you anyway), and you are the best fans that any band could have.

"So put our party photo up on your screens, blow up a few balloons, put on your party hats and pretend you’re sitting round the table with us making a mess of your beards with the cream cakes and getting happily drunk on the beer (naked hairy legs optional).

"Skäll everyone to a bigger, brighter, and better future with Trollfest. Love, kisses, hugs and other manly things from

Mr. Seidel
Drekka Dag

"And remember, as Drekka Dag is saying below 'TrollfesT wants YOU' – or Trollmannen will break your window." More...

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Extremefest 2012 Confirmed For July

Extremefest 2012 will take place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on July 5th through the 7th in the three cities of Hunxe, Salzburg and Pratteln. It will feature over seventy bands on two stages, with acts still confirming. Head on over to the Extremefest website and Facebook events page for more information. The event is being presented by Metal Hammer, Noizeletter, Legacy, Musix, Metalnews.de, Metal.de, Blast Corpse Promotion (DE) and Catapult Promotion (AT). Check out the list of confirmed bands below, which includes the first European performance of Guttural Secrete.

5. July 2012 – 7. July 2012 DE – Hünxe, ExtremeFest Germany
5. July 2012 – 7. July 2012 AT – Salzburg, ExtremeFest Austria
5. July 2012 – 7. July 2012 CH – Pratteln, ExtremeFest Switzerland

Cannibal Corpse
Suicide Silence
Belphegor *the return of BELPHEGOR*
All Shall Perish
Suicidal Angels
Dornenreich – exclusive Metal-Set!
Deströyer 666
Cephalic Carnage
Desaster (Germany only)
Milking The Goatmachine
Excrementory Grindfuckers
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Nexus Inferis
Internal Suffering *comeback shows*
Severe Torture
Hellish Crossfire
Gama Bomb
Forgotten Tomb *AT & DE only*
Ultrawurscht *AT only*
Rectal Smegma
Dawn of Disease
Hour of Penance
Guttural Secrete More...

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Trollfest Details New LP "Brumlebassen"

Norwegian folk metal band Trollfest has announced further details on the band's upcoming fifth LP "Brumlebassen." The album "tells a story about one of the characters that inhabit the fantastical universe created by the band. his time the story is about Brumlebassen, the Bee Keeper, whose task it is to care for the bees and brew the Honey Mead that is much loved by the Trolls. Brumlebassen adores his bees so much that he would secretly like to become one of them himself and he is therefore depicted wearing a bee costume!"

Trollfest, known for it's exuberant stage performances which have won over myriads of fans wherever they play, recently announced that Tor Einar Rognhave (stage name St Beinhard) would be joining the band as a permanent member, to replace Per-Olav Wiik, whose personal commitments no longer allowed him the time needed for the extensive schedule of live appearances. Immediately after the performance at Norway’s Inferno Festival, the band will embark on a 20-date European tour with Korpiklaani, followed by appearances at ExtremeFest in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in July, MetalCamp in Slovenia in August (where something special has been planned), and the Heidenfest Tour in Europe in October and November. A tour blog for the April tour will be available at this location. More...

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Trollfest Streaming Re-Recorded Early Song

Norway’s Trollfest is streaming a track dating back to the early days of the band’s existence, but which has never been released, although fans familiar with the Trollfest’s exuberant live appearances may have heard the track before.

The band’s decision to make the track available a few months before the release of the upcoming fifth full-length album is best summed up by the close, and very interactive relationship TrollfesT has developed with its fans over the years:

“While we were in the studio recording our new album we wanted to do something for all our fans while they wait for the release of 'Brumlebassen.' One of the songs that often features in our live set is 'Skogsfest,' which happens to be the third song we ever wrote, and was a part of an early TrollfesT promo that was never released. We know that this is a popular song with the audience at our shows, so we came up with the idea of re-recording it, and uploading it so that everyone can listen to it (it will not appear on the new album). And that’s exactly what we did! So if you’re coming to see us (and raise a few glasses together) on the Korpiklaani tour you may hear it then. But if you’re not, then you’re not going to miss out, because here it is – from us, to you."

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Forgotten Tomb Confirmed For Extremefest 2012

Extremefest 2012 will take place in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on the following dates:

5. July 2012 - 7. July 2012 DE – Hünxe, ExtremeFest Germany
5. July 2012 - 7. July 2012 AT – Salzburg, ExtremeFest Austria
5. July 2012 – 7. July 2012 CH – Pratteln, ExtremeFest Switzerland

The organizers of Extremefest have now issued the following announcement about confirming Forgotten Tomb and Ultrawurscht:

"Forgotten Tomb been around since 1999 and the Italians have caused quite a stir in the black and dark metal underground! 'Songs To Leave' (2002) or 'Love`s Burial Ground' (2004) are rightfully considered milestones of melancholic dark metal that the fourpiece infuses with doom and black metal elements. In 2011, Forgotten Tomb released their most recent effort 'Under Saturn Retrograde' and fans can look forward to one of the rare appearances of the Italians at the Austrian and German editions of Extremefest!

"It´s all about the sausage with Bavarian / Austrian act Ultrawurscht! Their highly explosive mixture of death metal, grind and hardcore – or simply 'Wurschtcore' – will one day conquer the world, and if you had the chance to check out albums such as 'Cheese Ass Built My Hot Dog' you`ll agree! Mixing metal and sausages should be declared a form of art anyway, so slap some wieners on the grill before checking out Ultrawurscht`s exclusive set at the Austrian edition of the Extremefest 2012!"

So far these bands have been confirmed to play Extremefest 2012: More...

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Trollfest Posts First Studio Update Of The Year

Norway's Trollfest has checked in with the following first 2012 studio update about the band's time working on the new "Brumlebassen" album:

"Alright, we are back in the studio! First studio day in 2012, so why not celebrate it with some gooood Pokal-beer!

"As always, Manskow Production is documenting every move and every sip of beer. This day was mostly spent on recording more choir, vocals and also some soundeffects (like cheering, opening bottles, drinking, you know, all those cosy sounds from a party). Trollmannen also wrote the lyrics for the last unfinished song and manage to record the vocals aswell. So it was a really productive day!

"Here you see Trollmannen busy trying out TrollBANK many many bells. Used as percussion and soundeffects throughout the album.

"We are getting really close to a finished album now! We have booked StrandStudio for mixing in mid February, so just a month left of recording and we are done! Wehuuu!!!"

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Trollfest To Play Inferno Festival Kick Off

Trollfest has been hard at work on the new album "Brumlebassen," and the band has now checked in with the following update via Facebook about appearing at the upcoming Inferno Festival:

"Management here. I guess the boys haven't made it out through their New Years Eve party hangovers yet to wish you all a brilliant 2012, so I'll do it for them.

"Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming friendship and support you've shown Trollfest throughout 2011. They'll all be on the road again this year, and looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible face to face, and of course, there is the release of the new album on NoiseArt Records to look forward to.

"First stop for us will be the Inferno Festival kick off in Oslo, so let the fun start there! Cheers everyone :)"

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Trollfest Issues New Recording Update

Norway's Trollfest has checked in from the studio again with the following update about recording the upcoming "Brumlebassen" album:

"Hello fellow drunks bloggers!! Last few days have been spent mostly drinking and recording percussion and acoustic string instruments. Every melody on the album needs to be recorded multiply times with different instruments. So its a very time consuming process, So we desperately needs to lubricate our joints with lots of beer and Gin Tonic to endure the insane pressure (of death and misery!).

"Manskow and Trollmannen have been very busy (and drunk) recording all kind of percussion like tambourine, maracas, eggs, darbuka, djembé, And it really sounds like we have been visited be some ancient tribes doing some sort of mad and sacrificial mating ritual (of death and misery)!!

"Mr. Seidel has been mostly eating chips, but has also contributed with some insane and smooth guitar and Bouzouki shit. More...

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Trollfest Checks In With New Recording Update

Norwegian act Trollfest has checked in from the studio with the following recording update about the new "Brumlebassen" album:

"Okay, first off, sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. It might look like we have taken a break, but hell no. We are more busy than ever. We have done shitloads the last few days and manage to record alot of different stuff! We are soon getting done with all the choirs!:) Let me hear you say 'Ahhhoooooo'....

"TrollBANK has recorded alot of trumpet during these days, he made Fanfare Ciocarlia sound like a kindergarden of small children playing flute for the first time.

"We have also received the drawings for the new album from Jonas Darnell, and it looks killer! Terje started working on the design today, and this will truly be the coolest TrollfesT cover in history! Cant wait to show it to the world!:)

"We have also had our good friend Trym Hagen visiting us. He recorded some really emotional vocallines for one of the new songs, it made us all feel sorry for poor old Brumlebassen.... Here is TrollBANK and Trym doing some minor changes to the lyrics before recording."

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Trollfest Posts New Studio Update

Norwegian act Trollfest has checked in with the following update from the recording studio:

"Day 20 of the recording was mostly spent recording vocals, PsychoTroll came to do his vocal parts and we also manage to record some drunk-choir!:) TTS = True TrollfesT Style! The beer brand off today was Hansa Fatøl and Tuborg! We also manage to record some acoustic guitars, both nylon-strings and steel-strings.

"Even TrollBANK recorded vocals today! Been a really productive day. Its amazing how some alcohol makes us work faster and more efficient...(or, maybe i should wait until tomorrow before i can confirm this)...

"Tomorrow we will contiune recording some more stringed instruments, stay tuned....There is so much more to come!!! In the meantime, we will enjoy our beer, and we hope you will do the same!"

You can check out the full blog, along with pictures from the recording studio, by heading over to this location. In other recent Trollfest news, the band announced that Tristania vocalist Mariangela will be guesting on the new album.

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Tristania Vocalist Guesting On Trollfest Album

Norwegian band Trollfest is in the process of recording the new album "Brumlebassen," and the band has now checked in with the following announcement about recruiting Mariangela from Tristania to appear on the album:

"Yesterday Mariangela from Tristania stopped by to do some guest vocals for TrollfesT. This is the first time we have had the honour of having female vocals in our music!

"This albums never stops to surprise us, and we find ourselves trying new stuff all the time! Having 'fun' recording this album is a great understatement! Mariangela delivered some killer vocals and its going to be exciting to hear the end result!"

You can also find recently posted studio footage from Trollfest by heading over to this location.

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Trollfest Posts Studio Footage

Trollfest is currently working on the band's fifth album "Brumlebassen," set to be released through NoiseArt Records. The band has now checked in with a video clip from the recording sessions, which is available below. You can also find Trollfest's previous recording update by heading over to this location.

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Trollfest Checks In From Day 17 Of Recording

Norway's Trollfest is currently recording a new album, and the band has now checked in with the following update from the studio:

"Today Mr. Seidel and TrollBANK manage to record a lot of acoustic guitar, trumpet, drum and flute. And it was all just super fast balkan melodies. As you can see from the pictures below, we are not kidding when we say super fast! It has taken us years and years and years of practice to achieve the technical skills to master these extremely fast balkan melodies. Speedy Ggonzales have been our apprentice and we hope and think he will be very proud when he gets to listen to our new speedy songs! All hail Speedy Gonzales and True Norwegian Speed Balkan Metal!!!!

"The acoustic guitar is also used to enhance the balkan melodies. Here you see Mr. Seidel in action, relaxed and enjoying himself, while recording the super fast and intricate balkan melodies.

"And just to prove to all you non-belivers out there, that there is really no effort for Mr.Seidel to lay down the fastest melodies known to mankind, he agreed on posing for another picture as well. The multitalented TrollBANK also recorded trumpet today for the super fast melodies. More...

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Trollfest Posts New Recording Update

Norway's Trollfest has checked in with the following update from the recording studio:

"Today is the last recording day in Strand studios for TrollfesT. We have just completed all of Trollmannens vocals, Mr. Seidels electric guitars, Psychotrolls bass and of course Trollbanks drums. Trollmannen celebrated with a burger.

"At the moment we are all enjoying Per Spelemans company and talent as he lays down his awesome vocals on some of our songs. He also has a really nice smile, as Manskow has proved by taking a picture.

"Mr Seidel on the other hand could not afford a burger today, so he ate some plastic that used to contain bakery goods but had unfortunatly been emptied before he found it. Between us though, my guess is he didnt notice...

"In this picture Manskow finally got to hold Trollmannens favorite lyrics-writing pen. This particular container of ink has actually written stuff for the last three trollfest records and we are all surprised it is not lost yet. Who the fuck has a pen for more than a week???? Apparently Trollmannen does. What a nerd!

"Now, it might seem like we are done recording the new album, but that is not the case. Now we are going into trollskogen recording studios (also known as our respective flats and apartments), and this is were it will go from fun to awesome for us. We are now going to record everything else that makes up a Trollfest record. That means choirs, trumpets, acoustic guitars, bouzoukies, tambourin, accordion, saxophones, oud, mandolin, banjo, violin, cello, mellotron, darbuka, djembe, Psychotrolls clean vocals, woodblocks, castanyetts, eggs, maracas, MORE COWBELLs of course, triangle, flamenco guitars, stupid shit we think of right then and there, some more guest vocals from some fine folk we know and of course have a truckload of beer to test out our music properly!! Wish us luck people, best regards."

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Extremefest Trailer Posted

A new video trailer was posted for the 2012 Extrmefest to be held in Hünxe, Germany and Salzburg, Austria from July 4-7, 2012. The festival will feature over 70 bands, including the following:

Cannibal corpse
Suicidal Angels
Destroyer 666
Milking the Goatmachine
Excrementory Grindfuckers
Hellish Crossfire

Check out the trailer here:

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Trollfest Checks In With Studio Update

Norway's Trollfest has checked in from the studio with the following new album recording update:

"With drums, bass and guitar done by yesterday evening there are only vocals left for the next few days. Even this being quite on the way of completion with five songs all done and accounted for.

"Listening to how the album is coming together is an interesting process. Once you add an element, you don't really think it can get any better, but as soon as something more finally finds it's place the songs just evolve into greatness. Look forward fellow trolls, look forward."

To follow the latest info with Trollfest, head over to the band's official Facebook profile at this location.

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Trollfest Checks In With Recording Update

Norway's Trollfest is currently in the process of a recording a new album, and the band has now checked in with the following update via its studio blog:

"Today Mr.Seidel and Per Spelemann started recording the guitars. By the end of the day 3 songs were finished. This is by far the heaviest and most technical songs recorded by TrollfesT so far, but they are also the most catchiest!:D

"Now its back home for some much needed rest and a well deserved beer, will be back tomorrow with some more stuff for ya! In the meantime, you can enjoy a closeup of the fantastic TrollfesT guitar pick!" More...

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Trollfest Issues Recording Update

Norway's Trollfest is currently in the process of recording a new album, and drummer TrollBANK has now checked in with the following studio update:

"TrollBANK checking in from Strand studio where we at this very moment are finalising the drums tracks for our upcoming album.

"Its been four days of intensive recordings which has been very successful. This album contains the most groovy, extreme and funky drumming I have ever done, and it already blows us away.

"On Monday we start with guitar and it will be super duper fun! Cheers!"

A video clip of the drum recording process has also been posted online and can be found at this location.

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