"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Formed: 1999
From: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Last Known Status: Active


Abuse began collaborating on their trademark style of punishing hyper-grind, chunk-beef in May 1999 as a 3-piece featuring MisterNasty (bass), BigPimp (guitars/shrieks), and BitchSlapper (drums). In late September 1999, after auditioning multiple vocalists, OffalConsumer was invited into the band as a permanent member and on November 12, 1999 Abuse unleashed their brutality upon the unsuspecting masses with their first live show.

On October 25, 2000 a now-discontinued 5-song demo CD was released and received rave reviews from fans & critics, and sparked substantial interest from several labels. This demo was never properly promoted or distributed because the band members deemed it to be a poor representation of Abuse. Finally, on November 21, 2001, after 11 months of recording and tweaking, the 13 song album "Like A Virgin" was unleashed. An instant classic, this sadistic masterpiece of truly ground-breaking deathgrind is a must-have for all fans of extreme music and places Abuse amongst death metal's elite.

Abuse then rampaged through western North America, raping and pillaging after victorious assaults in Alberta, Washington and Oregon. Before the end of 2002, Abuse had opened for such esteemed colleagues such as Cannibal Corpse, Kreator, Destruction, Cryptopsy, Blasphemy, Exhumed, Nevermore and many more established bands before taking a brief break.

2003 arrives and Abuse has returned stronger than ever, with new members MisterFister (bass, replacing MisterNasty) and Sinned (guitars) in tow.

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Abuse Announces New Album

Like a sucker punch to the gut, Abuse storms back onto the death metal landscape after a lengthy sixteen year hangover.

This Canadian outfit recently enlisted the inhuman skills from U.S. skin basher Lord Marco (Neurogenic & Six Feet Under) on drums. Together they have blended the rawest ingredients of death metal, with a hint of tasteless grind, for an unforgiving cocktail of immoral brutality.

New album "Nothing is Safe" drops May 26th via Comatose Music and includes the following amusingly ludicrous track listing:

01. Fuck Me or I'll Kill Us Both
02. Gibbeted
03. She Never Knew What Hit Her
04. Pwned!
05. I'm so Horny...
06. ...Nothing is Safe
07. Unsafeword
08. Swine
09. Snake
10. Bitchkabob More...

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Tard Signs To Comatose Music

Grinding spastic death metal from Canada featuring Mr. Nasty formerly of Abuse, Tard has signed to Comatose Music. Tard is fronted by Hilary Muff, who according to the releases is "quite possibly the most brutal female vocalist ever." The band's upcoming album is entitled, "Disgorging Guttural Regurgitations of Dismembered Disembowelment and Effluvious Visceral Entrail Secretions With a Side of Emaciated Malignant Lymphatic Putrescence, a Glass of Ensanguined Malodorous Discharge to Drink, and Coagulated Pustular Rectal Seepage for Dessert (With a Cherry on Top)"

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North West Metal Fest Info

The second annual North West Metal Fest in Vancouver will take place again this year from August 13th to the 14th. The 2-day outdoor metal show features 30 north-western bands, including: Abuse, Allfather, Angel Grinder, Day Glo Abortions, Demyse, Explosive Rage Disorder, Gross Misconduct, Gordred, Human Resistence Program, the Joint Chiefs, Omega Crom, Sack Blabbath, Widow Maker, Zuckuss, and many more. For more info, visit North West Metal Fest.

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