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From: NJ, United States
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Below is our complete The Dillinger Escape Plan news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Announce New Drummer

The Dillinger Escape Plan has confirmed that Stolen Babies drummer, Gil Sharone will be playing on their new album. This was confirmed in an update on the bands site and is as follows:

"Know that what we are in the process of recording will be everything we have ever been capable of, and now more. This last year, and how we have gotten through it and to the place we are now, will define all of our lives for a long time. You will hear it in the music and words when you hear this album, and when you see us play live you will see the newfound energy that we now have from making it through all this together. Some of you are new, some of you have been with us for a long time. Regardless, we have a long way left to go, and the thing that we share together besides the music is making it through obstacles in our lives. We have overcome everything from multiple member changes in the early years, members suffering physical impairment or injury that has made it impossible to continue playing, and financial, physical, personal, and internal problems that many bands would never make it through. We take forever to put out records, and put everything we have into them. This band goes beyond just writing music and lyrics for us, it exists in every aspect of our lives 24 hours a day, and everything we experience and go through ends up going into this band in some way. When we see familiar faces on tour, we know that in the time since we have seen you last, you have had to deal with a lot in your own life just to get there again. Life is not easy, but it is the overcoming of obstacles and the amount of fight we have inside of us that will define us. We are going through all this together in some way or another. Please welcome this new time for us. The past was great, but the future will be greater I promise, if every day we didn’t know for a fact that it would be, we wouldn’t continue. We love you all for sticking though us through all of this. You’ll hear it and see us soon.

The album is called ‘Ire Works‘ and is being produced by Steve Evetts for a fall release. Recording members of The Dillinger Escape Plan are now:

Ben Weinman
Liam Wilson
Greg Puciato
Gil Sharone“

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Dillinger Escape Plan Drummer Departs?

Although nothing is being officially confirmed, it seems that drummer Chris Pennie has left the Dillinger Escape Plan. Rumour has it that the band are working with Gil Sharone in the studio, as they search for a permanent replacement.

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Go Inside The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan are preparing to begin recording their new album with producer Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Sepultura). An update on that, complete with various behind the scenes footage, can be found here. A fall/winter release date through Relapse is expected.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Album Details Revealed

In the new issue of Decibel Magazine, there is a little write-up on the upcoming Dillinger Escape Plan album, in which a few details are revealed. The currently untitled effort will be produced (once again) by Steve Evetts (Sepultura, He Is Legend) and is slated for a September release through Relapse Records. Tentative song titles include:

"Saigon Whore"
"Fix Your Fucking Face"
"Doll Keeper"
"Party Smasher"

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Zombi Announce Headlining Tour Dates

Zombi has announced their first headlining shows in support of their new album, "Surface To Air." The group will begin the tour in late-November in Washington, DC, making their way up through the Northeast U.S. and into Canada. Joining Zombi on various dates throughout the tour will be Icy Demons (ex-Man Man, Need New Body), Maserati and a special appearance from the experimental jazz project of Ben Weinman and Chris Pennie of Dillinger Escape Plan. Here are the dates:

11/29 Washington, DC @ The Red and The Black w/ Icy Demons
11/30 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas w/ Icy Demons
12/1 Baltimore, MD @ The Talking Head
12/2 Brooklyn, NY @ North Six w/ Maserati
12/3 Wallingford, CT @ Wallingford American Legion Hall w/ Maserati
12/4 Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Maserati
12/5 Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa w/ Maserati
12/6 Ottawa, ON @ Cafe Deckuf w/ Maserati
12/7 Hamilton, ON @ The Underground w/ Maserati
12/8 Toronto, ON @ Tranzac w/ Maserati
12/9 Buffalo, NY @ Sound Lab w/ Maserati

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DEP Drummer Steps In For Coheed And Cambria

Coheed And Cambria have paretd with both drummer Josh Eppard and bassist Mic Todd. The band are currentlty rehearsing with Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Chris Pennie and bassist Matt Williams. Whether this wlll cement into a permanent line-up remains to be seen.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Drummer Announces Clinics

The Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Chris Pennie has scheduled a handful of free drum clinics for late October.

These dates (October 23 in Rockaway, NJ and October 26 in Dearborn, MI) are the first to be announced for Pennie's second clinic tour. The two-hour clinics will include demonstrations on technique, performance and solo pieces, an extended question and answer session with Pennie, and his perspective on the application of music theory in the writing and performing of the music of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Pennie comments on the clinics; "First and foremost, being able to perform, teach, and ultimately share your knowledge with other people is a great feeling. I love talking about the process of making music. That's probably the most fascinating aspect to me; getting inside someone's head and finding out how they arrived at that sound they made on whatever instrument they may play."

"Doing clinics is much different from playing shows," Pennie continues, "I try to cover as much as possible within the two hours I have. Everything from playing Dillinger songs to talking about a practice routine, to music technology, etc. On the performance side, it's just me alone on the drums, so the challenge is making that statement on the kit."

Additionally, Pennie appears on Magna Carta's recently released Drum Nation Volume 3 alongside some of the best players (Ken Schalk [Candiria], Chris Adler [Lamb of God], Jermey Colson [Steve Vai], Justin Foley [Killswitch Engage] and more) in the hard rock drum world. Pennie created, composed, and performed all the instrumentation on "YMCA Or TCBY" exclusively for Drum Nation. To preview "YMCA Or TCBY" check out the following link: http://www.magnacarta.net/drum/songs/MA908609.mp3.

Chris Pennie drum clinic performances:

October 23 - Rockaway, NJ @ Ritchie's Music Center (7 pm)
October 26 - Dearborn, MI @ University Center Stage at University of Michigan-Dearborn (7 pm)

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Post Update

Hahaha you guys clicked fucking HARD. Seriously though we get a lot of messages a day asking when it's coming out. It's coming, the wait will be worth it, just hang in there. Only six more years. Hahaha! Remember that one time....that time when we didn't put a full length album out from 1999 to 2004? What if our next cd comes out in 2009? I know you all don't think it's funny but we think it's hilarious. Kinda.

In reality, we are far into the writing of our new cd. Everyone is living and breathing this record 24/7 and we're all excited. We spend most of our time holed up in a couple different Dillinger living/writing spots, including an underground lair and a house with an interior that resembles the one from fight club, rarely coming outside or even being awake during daylight hours for that matter, living like little rats. We only come out for Dunkin Donuts or 24 hr grocery stores at 3am. Rest assured the album will come out much sooner than our previous track record would indicate. We appreciate everyone's patience....good things come to those who wait. Uh....unless you're waiting for the new GNR record which apparently is coming out Nov 21st, 'cause that shit is gonna be an abomination mark my words. I hope I'm wrong, but seriously, since Slash rolled the fuck out, braided Axl imposter guy has had not only a guy who wears a chicken bucket on his head filling in for him but about 30 other dorks too. None of whom have magical top hats that somehow never fall off and none of whom have a cool name like Slash or even Corpsefucker for that matter. The forecast is here and the outlook is decidedly GRIM. Get Adler back and stop dicking around.

ANYHOW, In the meantime, check out Ben and Chris playing a mix of prearranged weirdness and improv at John Zorn's wacky beatnik avant-garde club The Stone in NYC on the 20th of this month. It's located at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street in the east village and starts at 10pm. All tickets are $10 and sold at the door only.

Chris is also doing some drum clinics coming up where he'll be showing people how to play in time signatures nobody's ever heard of at the speed of light. Come out so you can watch Chris go "ok here's how you do this" and then proceed to play something nobody could possibly figure out. The first one is Monday October 23rd at Ritchie's Music Center at 424 Rt. 46 West Rockaway N.J 07866 and starts at 7pm. The second is Thursday October 26th at University of Michigan Dearborn Center Stage 4901 Evergreen Rd. Dearborn MI 48128 and also starts at 7pm.

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Spylacopa Post New Tracks Online

Ambient/electronic act Spylacopa has posted some new material. The band is led by John LaMacchia (Candiria) and includes Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato, Chris Hornbrook of Poison The Well and Jeff Caxide of Isis. You can check out the songs on their myspace page.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Seeks Band Photos

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN has issued the following update:

"We are looking for photos from about mid-2003 til now. If you have any and would like to help, please send them to DillingerPhotos@yahoo.com. If they are live shots please include the date and the name of the club. If you have them hosted on some kind of site like photobucket, just send the web address and we can pull them off of there. Any other kind of memorabilia you might have, like a setlist from a show or anything you may have, feel free to take a picture of that and send it as well. Rough deadline for everything to be in in order for them to be used for what we are using them for is around the end of September. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps out." More...

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Dillinger Escape Plan Not Playing Dirt Fest

Despite previous announcements to the contrary, Dillinger Escape Plan will not be playing Michigan's Dirt Fest on Saturday. The band has issued the following statement:

"There has been a lot of confusion as to whether or not we are actually playing this fest coming up called Dirtfest. Their website has us advertised as playing, ours does not, blah blah. WE ARE NOT PLAYING. We apologize to anyone who bought tickets just because they thought that we were playing, even though it is not our apology to give. We have never confirmed to play that show, and although we talked to the promoters about it, never signed a contract nor received any kind of agreement of any kind. One day after discussing it we were just announced as playing it. It is a pain in the ass for us to look like assholes now to people who have paid to see us thinking that we would be there, but again, it is not something we ever confirmed to play, and it was poor decision making on their part to advertise us before confirming anything and at this point in the game is just plain old false advertising. Again, unfortunately, the person who is affected the most is the one who paid to see us play only to find out that we are not, and we apologize on behalf of all parties involved, regardless of who is at fault. Go and have a good time anyway, there are a bunch of bands playing, some of whom you should surely find to be decent if you don't like them already. In the future, if it is not posted on this website or on our www.dillingerescapeplan.com site, don't believe that shit!"

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Dillinger Escape Plan Explain Missed Shows

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN have posted the following update:

"Because there have been numerous people wondering what the fuck is going on, and because we haven't said anything yet, I feel as though we need to address what people who have been to the last two shows already know. Ben Weinman had to fly home the morning of August 4th to deal with some personal issues, and could not play the final four shows of this tour. Ben has played through injuries too numerous to count, and severe enough that most people wouldn't have even gotten out of bed, let alone play intense and physically demanding shows. He has played through sickness and ignored family emergencies to never ever miss a show, so when he tells me that he has to go home I know that he has to go home. So just a heads up, tonight and tomorrow night, he will not be there, but in the word's of Chris Farley in Billy Madison, "you can imagine what it would be like if he were." Except Farley was talking about banging Billy Madison's hot teacher and we're talking about a dude running around onstage like a pissed off rabid chimpanzee."

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Dillinger Escape Plan, Black Dahlia In Dirt Fest

The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, The Black Dahlia Murder, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Daughters and many more will be appearing at this years "Dirt Fest", which will take place on August 19th in Birch Run, MI. More details on that can be found at www.dirtfest.com.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan To Head Into Studio

The Dillinger Escape Plan have announced that following the completion of their current touring schedule, they plan to disappear and finish writing new material for their next album which will likely see a release next year. More on that can be found here. In addition, if you've yet to hear it, you can check out the bands cover of Massive Attack's "Angel" online here. The track was taken from the groups recently released iTunes only EP, "Plagiarism".

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Third Drummer Nation Announced

The drummers from Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Candiria, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Killswitch Engage, Unearth, As I Lay Dying and more will all be featured on the upcoming third installment of the "Drum Nation" series. Dubbed "Drum Nation Volume 3", The effort will see a release on August 15th through Magna Carta and along with audio, will also feature various off-color video footage from the participants. More on it can be found here.

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DEP Cover Of "Jesus Christ Pose" Online

New Jersey-bred maniacal metallers DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN have posted their cover of SOUNDGARDEN's classic "Jesus Christ Pose" on their official MySpace page. The track comes off the band's upcoming iTunes-exclusive digital download EP, "Plagiarism", due on June 13.

Commented the band: "SOUNDGARDEN, man. I'm talking about glory days glass shattering Chris Cornell, not this easy listening slop he's got going on now. Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Chris Cornell, Ben Shepherd.... whew! Remember that shit?! That time period was the jam. Shit like that is hard to find now. Anyhow, this is our little homage if you will to a great band from a great time that was influential to all of us."

Other tracks featured on the EP include new versions of DILLINGER classics "Unretrofied" (radio edit) and "The Perfect Design" (live), plus "Wish" (NINE INCH NAILS), "Angel" (MASSIVE ATTACK), and "Like I Love You" (JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE), all recorded and mixed by guitarist Benjamin Weinman on his laptop in his bedroom.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN are currently writing material for the group's fourth studio LP, the follow-up to 2004's "Miss Machine". The writing process has been stymied, as Weinman's been sidelined for several months due to surgery on his arm. The band are also preparing for the release of their "Miss Machine" DVD. The disc will reportedly contain all "Miss Machine"-related material, including all the music videos made for the record, behind-the-scenes footage and a live video from the "Miss Machine" touring cycle.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN will will be supporting AFI during their inaugural North American tour for their new record beginning on June 13 in Montreal, Quebec. This summer tour will also include NIGHTMARE OF YOU and be making stops in major cities across the country. In addition to their dates with AFI, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN will be doing several headlining shows with label mates DYSRHYTHMIA in tow.

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A7x and Dillinger Escape Plan Feud Heats Up

A beef between Avenged Sevenfoldand the Dillinger Escape Plan is taking shape. According to Dillinger's MySpace page, a feud had been festering for several months when Avenged frontman M. Shadows turned up the heat during a recent interview, saying Dillinger "make sh---y noises and try to pass it off as music." "What about bands that make sh---y noise and try to pass it off as Guns N' Roses?" a Dillinger MySpace post read in response. "This guy and his merry band of musical clowns get more hilarious by the minute. M. Shadows' real name is Matt Sanders or some sh--." With that in mind, Dillinger say they've decided to change their stage names in derision. "So, in his honor, our new names are officially as follows: G. Piranha, Blaster Master Weinman, Bullwhip Benoit, Corpsef---er Pennie [and] Leafeater Wilson. Those are going to be the names on our new CD — 100 percent serious."

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Dillinger Escape Plan To Issue iTunes Exclusive EP

Dillinger Escape Plan will issue an iTunes-exclusive EP on June 13. The release will feature new versions of "Unretrofied" and "The Perfect Design," along with four covers: Nine Inch Nails' "Wish," Massive Attack's "Angel," Soundgarden's "Jesus Christ Pose" and Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You."

As previously reported, Dillinger Escape Plan have lined up a handful of headlining dates with support from Dysrhythmia as well as festival appearances "Infest" (Asbury Park, NJ on June 11th) and Show Of The Summer (June 10th in Virginia). The tour dates with Dysrhythmia are as follows: More...

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Show Of The Summer (VA, NJ) Info

Show Of The Summer will take place on June 10th in Virginia, and June 11th in New Jersey. Here are the details:

June 10 - Fredericksburg, VA @ KC's

Dillinger Escape Plan
Haste the Day
Sworn Enemy
The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Full Blown Chaos
From a Second Story Window
Cattle Decapitation
Misery Index
Black My Heart
Despised Icon
Suicide Silence
The Showdown
Flee the Seen
Suprise Special Guests
+ local talent on second stage

June 11 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony More...

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Dillinger Escape Plan and Dysrhythmia Tour Dates

Dillinger Escape Plan have lined up a handful of headlining dates with support from Dysrhythmia. Here are the tour dates so far:

7/14 Tucson, AZ @ Skrappy's
7/15 Albuquerque, NM @ Launch Pad
7/18 Houston, TX @ Walter's On Washington
7/19 Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room
7/20 Austin, TX @ Emo's
7/21 Fayetteville, AR @ The Music Hall
7/22 Des Moines, IA @ House of Bricks
7/23 Madison, WI @ The Annex
7/28 Papillion, NE @ The Rock
7/29 Wichita, KS @ Headway Skatepark

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