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Formed: 2000
From: Antwerpen, Belgium
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Pantheist News

Below is our complete Pantheist news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

"Fortress Europe" Book Available As Free PDF

The complete book “Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II) ” is now online as a free PDF download. 10 years in the making, “Fortress Europe” is the long promised beast of nonfiction journalism from underground USA journalist Ryan Bartek.

Clocking in at 222 pages, this career defining & genre bending work details the author's travels throughout the European Underground in Summer 2011.

Refuting every stereotype of traditional journalism, “Fortress Europe” combines the classic autobiographical road novel with the current state of European Counterculture. The result is an odyssey of monumental scope featuring face-to-face interviews with a number of legends in extreme metal, hardcore punk, industrial, experimental, psychedelic & good old rock n' roll.

Appearances include Laibach, Wolfbrigade, Rotting Christ, Killing Joke, Funeral Winds, Enochian Crescent, Moonsorrow, Fondlecorpse, Defeated Sanity, First Blood, Hello Bastards, Armed Response Unit, Melting Walkmen, Abortion, Panthiest, CNK, Arkangel, HATE, Repulsione, Dehuman, Dickless Tracy, General Surgery, Grind The Enemy, Fides Inversa, Excavated, Terri Bomb, Flowers of Flesh & Blood, Knuckledust, Chiens, Vanguard, Splitter, Pyramido, Fen, Black Breath, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Scavenger Brats, El Schlong, Spacemen 3 & legendary Detroit writer/60's radical Mr. John Sinclair.

“Fortress Europe” also includes a bonus section featuring commentary by members of Brutal Truth, Master, Agathocles, Battlelore, Corpus Christii, Manzer, Seita, Cruadalach, Livstid, Nahemah, Der Blutharsch, Mincing Fury & Primordial.

The free PDF download is available online at this location. You can also read through the book on Scribd here. More...

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"Fortress Europe" First Chapter Available Online

Underground journalist Ryan Bartek has just released chapter one of his forthcoming book “Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)” as a free PDF download. "Fortress Europe: London" features interviews with members of Killing Joke, Pantheist, Hello Bastards, Armed Response Unit, Fen, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, as well as a barrage of industry insiders and renowned metal/punk journalists.

Also included in this PDF download is the prologue to “Fortress Europe,” which was released earlier this year and features face-to-face interviews with Polish death metal legion Hate, Grecian black metal kingpins Rotting Christ, and the USA’s own blackened extreme metal machine Lecherous Nocturne.

"Fortress Europe: London" details the first week of Bartek’s travels throughout the European underground during Summer 2011. “Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)” is the follow up to 2009’s “The Big Shiny Prison” -- a book in which the author traveled the USA covering all forms of counterculture fringe through a genre-bending combination of nonfiction journalism and the classic autobiographical road novel.

"Fortress Europe: London" can be downloaded here or can viewed via Google Docs at this location. More...

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Pantheist Posts "Unveiling The Signs" Artwork

Pantheist has posted the cover artwork online for the Redrum666 compilation album "Unveiling the Signs." The artwork can be found here. The track listing of the album is:

1. KOSTAS PANAGIOTOU - Overture: The Madness of Crowds
2. GALLILEOUS - Zabobon (Superstition)
3. WIJLEN WIJ - The Wall of Life
4. DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY - Zlodejska svetelka (Lights of Thieves)
5. PANTHEIST - Barock

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Pantheist Streaming Teaser Online

Pantheist has issued the following announcement about streaming a teaser from the band's contribution to the upcoming "Unveiling the Signs" album:

"We have uploaded a teaser of the upcoming Redrum666 release 'Unveiling the Signs', due in November 2010. The release in question is quite Pantheist tinted, as it contains not only a brand new Pantheist track (Barock) but also a track personally contributed by Pantheist member Kostas Panagiotou, as well as a track from Wijlen Wij, a band consisting of Kostas and three ex Pantheist session members. Hope it heightens your anticipation until we are able to inform you when we have copies available."

The track listing of the album is:

1. KOSTAS PANAGIOTOU - Overture: The Madness of Crowds
2. GALLILEOUS - Zabobon (Superstition)
3. WIJLEN WIJ - The Wall of Life
4. DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY - Zlodejska svetelka (Lights of Thieves)
5. PANTHEIST - Barock

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Pantheist Records Song For Split Album

U.K. act Pantheist has issued the following update about recording the new song "Barock" for the upcoming "Unveiling the Signs" split album:

"Pantheist have completed the recordings of the track 'Barock' for the conceptual split album 'Unveiling the Signs'. Sound wise, the track harks back to the sound of the band's demo '1000 years', but with a few subtleties that suggest it's the year 2010 and Pantheist are a full band now. Lyrically, it is a nostalgic looks at a long lost and uncertain past where heroism, fantasy and magic reigned supreme. A preview of the track will be available on this site as soon as it is mastered."

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Pantheist Streaming New Promo Tracks

U.K. metallers Pantheist have checked in with the following announcement about streaming two new promo songs online:

"We have recently completed a promo to be sent to record labels and other contacts relevant for the band. Both tracks of this promo can be listened to for a period of time on this myspace site. Please bear in mind that these are raw home recordings and not finished versions. Hope you enjoy them."

The new songs "Broken Statue" and "Brighter Days" can be heard via the Pantheist MySpace page.

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Pantheist Recruits New Guitarist

Pantheist has issued the following update about recruiting a new guitar player:

"So, the radio plays constantly and unrelentingly 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year' or 'Let It Snow'; yet all I see around me are executions of people with learning difficulties, greedy publicans walking like zombies in multistories and snatching last minute deals while at the same time exchanging their Christmas presents for money, radical lunatics trying to blow up transatlantic planes during landing and other such heart warming events. To make matters worse, my favourite football team has failed -for the third year in a row- to buy a trustworthy central defender, and are now in danger of having their patchy defence exposed by the warriors of AS Roma. It's all looking gloomy, and I guess I'll blame it on my extensive 'doom' training throughout the years.

"Anyhow, we are not here to discuss world events; there are luckily some positive news as well. After a search that lasted for several months, we found ourselves jamming and rehearsing with Pepijn Van Houwelingen (ex In Age and Sadness). Although he is is known as a bass player/vocalist from his previous band, we discovered that he is a damn fine guitar player as well, so we'll continue to work with him and look forward to introduce him as our second guitar player in our upcoming gigs. We thank everyone who applied for the position, but as you all know there was only one position for guitar player to be filled. More...

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Pantheist Seeking New Guitarist

Pantheist has issued the following update about seeking a new guitarist:

"Pantheist is still looking for a second guitar player after last Saturday's unsuccessful auditions. Pantheist are a signed, London-based underground band. Rooted in heavy metal, Pantheist cross-over into 70's prog rock (King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Eloy), atmospheric doom/death (Anathema, Paradise Lost, Thergothon, Unholy) and explore byzantine, middle-eastern and Asian scales. So far we have 4 CD releases which have received great reviews internationally and routinely play in the UK and Europe.

"We are looking for a replacement for guitarist Pete Benjamin (Akercocke, Corpsing, For the Blind). You must be capable of both rhythm and lead guitar, have your own equipment suitable for live performances and be willing to commit to at least 3 rehearsals a month in London, England. Confidence, live and recording experience are necessary and skills in other instruments are highly welcome. If you feel you are the right person for the job, contact the band at pantheistuk@googlemail.com or through our Myspace site."

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Pantheist Parts Ways With Guitarist

Pantheist has issued the following update about parting ways with their guitarist:

"Following 3 great years of collaboration, fantastic times at gigs, in tour vans and the studio, we have sadly decided to part ways with guitarist Pete Benjamin (Akercocke, Corpsing, For the Blind). For the upcoming gigs this year, our Belgian, Czech and Polish fans will have the opportunity to witness Pantheist with Esoteric's Greg Chandler joining Ilia on guitar duties. We are really excited about this one-off set of appearances, as Greg, who engineered our latest album 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', brings his own flair into our music.

"Following these concerts we will be looking into recruiting a suitably talented and open-minded replacement for Pete. We are looking for someone capable of both rhythm and lead guitar, with their own equipment, suitable for live performances and willing to commit to at least 3 rehearsals a month in London, England. Live and recording experience and skills in other instruments are not necessary but highly welcome. If you feel you are the right person for the job, contact the band at pantheistuk(at)googlemail.com or through our myspace site."

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Pantheist To Re-Issue Debut Album

Pantheist has issued the following update about re-releasing their debut full-length album "O Solitude:"

"Greetings from the English summer of doom. Since the constant weather fluctuations, incessant rain followed by brief spells of sun and then dark clouds etc don't give us much opportunity to enjoy the summer (in a most un-doomly way), we decided to sit behind our laptop instead and give you a small update about what has been going on in our camp lately.

"I have been informed today by Rami that the O Solitude reissue has been finally sent for printing, and it will be available in a few weeks time. This critically acclaimed (so I've been told, I'm not making this up) debut album will feature stunning new artwork with cold natural landscapes (literally, as the photographs have been taken at the Black Park near Slough under freezing weather conditions) from our in-house artist, Cheryl Pinnock. We will notify you when this long out-of-print album is again available for ordering.

"We are also excited to announce our first gig in Poland at the third edition of the Brania Fest on the 31st October. This gig has been set up by our friends the Polish ancient doomsters from Gallileous. It will be combined with a second gig in the Czech Republic (Karvina) set up by another legendary band, Dissolving of Prodigy (whoever hasn't checked our their first two albums doesn't know enough about doom death). In return, we are planning a gig in London at some point early next year featuring special guests Gallileous and possibly also Dissolving of Prodigy. More news about that soon. Also finally, for our friends up north, we will play at The Witchwood in Ashton-Under-Lyne again on the 6th of February next year. We promise a very special gig with tons of atmosphere."

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Pantheist Announces First Headlining London Gig

Belgium metallers, Pantheist, have issued the following update regarding a headlining show in london:

"The time has come for our first proper headline gig in London. Come and see us at The Unicorn on the 7th March performing a 90 minute set. Most tracks of our latest album, as well as selected tracks from the band's back catalogue will be performed. Support will be provided by promising atmospheric blacksters Crom Dubh. Entrance is FREE so don't miss this unique opportunity!"

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Firebox Records Doomy Tidbits

The release of PANTHEIST's second album, recorded in November 2004, has been pushed to March 2005 due to some problems with the CD cover artwork.

The second album of Sweden's GRAVE FLOWERS has been recorded. It is being mastered at Phantom Studios in Finland, while the cover artwork is being completed by artist Tuomo Lehtonen. Expect nearly 70 minutes of melancholic gothic/doom metal, including a stylish cover version of Count Raven's song 'Leaving The Warzone'. Release is in March/April 2005.

The Australian band THE ETERNAL has updated both their lineup and the tidings regarding their new album: the band's new drummer goes by the name of Marty O'Shea, while the forthcoming CD is entitled 'Everlasting'. It shall feature 11 songs, which the band will record in February at Palm Studio. Some titles include: 'Everlasting, 'To Drown', 'Hollow Inside', 'A Dreams End', 'In My Skin', 'Beneath The Soil', 'The Sleep Of Reason', 'The Dying Light and Weight Of Empathy'.

MAR DE GRISES from Chile will tour Europe for three weeks in April 2005. The tour encompasses nine countries, including such exotic and often-ignored locales as Serbia. The band will also appear at Germany's legendary Doom Shall Rise festival.

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Pantheist Looking For Drummer

UK based doom band Pantheist is currently looking for a drummer. Rehearsals will take place in the West London area. They have just recorded their second album and are currently signed at Firedoom Music.

Pantheist is mainly a studio band, but a few select gigs will be played occasionally. Ideally, some gigs will be played after the release of their second album.

Auditions are welcome for the position of permanent drummer or session live drummer.

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Pantheist Finish Recording

Pantheist entered the Lodge studio in Northampton to record the follow-up album to 'O Solitude' earlier this month. The recordings have been succesfully completed, while the mix is taking place the upcoming weekend.

Mark (Esoteric) had this to say regarding the album tunes: "If you liked O Solitude, well, this is really just an all round 'better' album, the songs are more interesting, even if it is in some ways more stripped down."

Tentative release date for the "Amartia" album is February 2005 via Firebox Records.

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Mourning Beloveth Begin Work On Third Album

The Irish Doom/Death act MOURNING BELOVETH are working on new material for their third album, to be recorded at some point this year. The album will feature a 17 minute epic track.

The band will also do a tour in April with WHILE HEAVEN WEPT and PANTHEIST. Appearances include the Doom Shall Rise Festival (Germany) and the Belgian Doom Night Festival. Upcoming live dates include: More...

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