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From: Wollongong, Australia
Last Known Status: Active

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Unearthing The Unblack Metal Underground

Each week with Unearthing the Metal Underground we take a look at quality underground bands in an attempt to spread the word of lesser known acts. This week we're diving into a divisive and controversial subject: Christian "unblack" metal. Also known as "white metal" or "holy unblack metal," the genre twists the standard Satanic or anti-religious themes and instead presents a pro-Christian worldview.

Say the phrase "Christian black metal" to the average metal head and you're likely to be met with a confused giggle or a baffled comparison to Jewish Nazi metal bands, but believe it or not there is a thriving religious black metal scene. While many of the black metal legions may see Christian lyrical themes as an irreconcilable contradiction, there are quite a few unblack bands with music every bit as dark and menacing as anything from the likes of Mayhem or Dimmu Borgir.

As a companion to this look into three unblack metal bands, we also have an editorial dealing with the subject of Christianity in black metal.


Destroying any preconceived notions of unblack metal lacking the force of an anti-religious band, Finland’s Renascent is a thrash-influenced symphonic black metal power house that equals or exceeds many secular bands. The level of fury present in the music is pretty astonishing, and the band doesn’t slouch in the melody department either. It’s a shame the band isn’t better known in the extreme metal community, as the aggressive symphonic tones are sure to please fans of acts like Dimmu Borgir or Dragonlord. Several Renascent tracks are available for streaming through the band’s MySpace page, with “In Hell” and “Exodus” being the most potent examples of crushing brutality mixed with keyboards. The songs “Scenes of a Tragedy” and “Through Darkness” can also be found in the video clips below.


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Fearscape Going On Hiatus

Australian Christian black metal act Fearscape has issued the following update about the band going on hiatus to focus on other projects:

"A 'Hiatus,' Ok, change of plans. The material Phil and I have been writing is now the core material for our new 'band' War Decisive. It was heading in a very different direction to FS so it was better to go that way.

"Pete and Phil are working on 'reprisals' of some of our darkest moments from S.I.L and S.O.D.B for the Blackstump festival. We may choose to record this material if it turns out well, going a bit Amorphis?

"Pete will write more heavy material whenever the lightning bolts of creativity hit. Hey Astriaal took 7 years to do a new album........hopefully not. In the mean time, Phil and I will be working on War Decisive and Rose of Sha'aron so stay tuned for those when they arrive-and arrive with force they will."

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Fearscape Writing New Material

Australian Christian black metal act Fearscape has issued the following update about writing new material:

"The process has begun. Phil and I have recently started putting together material and I have been busy penning lyrics for at least 4 new songs ( I have another 2 'on the drawing board'). Phil and I will be meeting regularly to stitch together and grind over riffs, Phil will tab this material and pass on to Pete for him to play with, re write, build on etc. We will continue the process with a number of songs at once until we are happy with the end structure and atmosphere.

"What to expect? RAGE. Dark...darker than we have ever gone before. Aggression.....more than we have ever had before. This time we will be writing from the heart and digging into the mind, no holds barred on a range of subjects we have been dwelling on and researching over the last 2 1/2 years. Will some people get upset and offended-YES. The truth hurts. Besides, a little revolution now and again is a good thing."

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Fearscape To Appear On New Compilation Album

Christian black metallers Fearscape have issued the following update about their song "Nightmare Hymn" appearing on an upcoming compilation CD:

"That's right people! Welkin Entertainment are releasing another awesome compilation cd of the finest in Aus Metal. Some of you may recall Fearscape were on the Opeth tour cd a little while ago, and now will appear on the Suffocation/Archenemy Aus tour cd. Nightmare Hymn will be on the compilation, and this will be the only cd the song will feature on. The compilation cd will be available at the tour venues so get in quick."

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Fearscape Announces Upcoming Live Show

Christian black metallers Fearscape have issued the following update about an upcoming live show in Australia:

"That's right people, Fearscape will be coming back to the stage after an extended break on Friday October 2 ( at the Blackstump Music festival-Equestrian centre Sydney).

"We will be a 5 piece with Dei Elithaeon's brilliant axeman Allan joining us on rhythm guitar and the one and only drumming supremo jayson Sherlock ( InExordium, Paramaecium) unleashing on the battery.

"The night will be recorded and 'NightMare Hymn' will make it's live ferocious debut. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Fearscape soon."

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Fearscape Issues Album Update

Australian black metal band Fearscape, who recently signed a record deal with Bombworks records to release their debut album "Scent of Divine Blood," has issued the following update about a bonus track:

"We said there was another surprise to come for the new Bombworks release of Scent of Divine Blood, and here it is...

"The bonus track on the album will be called Nightmare Hymn and is currently in production with guest drummer Jayson Sherlock (inExordium, Altera Enigma). Be prepared for Fearscape as you have never heard it before!"

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Fearscape Signs To Bombworks Records

Australian black metal band Fearscape has issued the following update about signing a record dwith with Bombworks Records:

"It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you all that Fearscape have signed with Bombworks Records U.S. Joining such label mates as Sympathy and My Silent Wake, we are certainly in very high calibre company!

"2009 will see Bombworks re-issue 'Scent of Divine Blood', with new artwork, , a brand new song ( oh yes, a behemoth which will see the next phase of development from Scent of Divine Blood) and some fantastic live footage. There will be other surprises along the way."

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