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From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Hauk Streaming Entire New EP Online

Heathen metallers Hauk have announced they are currently streaming their entire "Baconic" EP online. The EP can be heard in its entirety at this location.

The "Baconic" track listing IS as follows:

1. October Rain
2. God
3. Spinning Jenny
4. 3 Dead Demagogues Walk into a Bar...
5. I'll Eat Bacon on your Grave
6. Where the Road Turns to Fire
7. Quinnipiac
8. The Bacon Song
9. Industrial Jenny (Remix)
10. Drum and Bacon (Remix)

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Hauk Reveals New EP "Baconic" Details

Heathen metallers Hauk have issued the following announcement about releasing a new EP titled "Baconic:"

"Hail all! So... it's been about 2 months since 'The Path of Ice' hit Itunes. A bold, mighty Thank You to everyone who's downloaded it and told their friends to do the same! If you haven't yet- get on over to Itunes and check it out!

"That being said, we had a couple tracks left over from those sessions. While I was in the Bay Area this summer, Techno (producer/mixer for NMFTS and the Trumpets EP) and I recorded a couple acoustic songs. I'd written a few more acoustic songs and once I'd finished the mix on TPOI I started tracking a few of them in between doing demos for the next electric album. Techno and I started talking about releasing a short acoustic EP, and I got serious about doing songs for it. More...

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Hauk Posts "Hookers And Blow" Video

Heathen metallers Hauk have posted a music video online for the song "Hookers and Blow." The video can be viewed below. "Hookers and Blow" is off Hauk's most recent album "The Path of Ice," which was released on October 10th through Baldur Rising Music. Samples of Hauk's music can be found at their official MySpace page. More...

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Samples Of New Hauk Album Available Online

Heathen metallers Hauk released their new album "The Path of Ice" on October 10th through Baldur Rising Music. Samples of all 11 tracks from the new album can be found at this location.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Green
2. City of Fallen Angels
3. The Ghost of Johnny Cash
4. Frostbite
5. Cold (Love Song #5)
6. Hookers and Blow
7. Gasoline
8. All Souls
9. Crossroads
10. Karma
11. Hymn to Freya

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Hauk Streaming Three New Songs Online

Heathen metallers Hauk have issued the following announcement about streaming three new songs online from their upcoming album "The Path of Ice:"

"Hail all!

"The new album is finished, and is being processed by Itunes. It should be available for sale in 4-6 weeks. I've uploaded the first three tracks- let me know what you think!"

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Hauk Issues New Album Update

Heathen metallers Hauk have issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Hail all!

"Still working like a madman to get 'The Path of Ice' finished. Spend the entire day working on the song 'Green.' My mixing philosophy is pretty much start with the drums, and then add instruments one at a time to make sure everything is crystal clear.

"Of course, first things first, I need to make the drums crystal clear. And that ain't easy, especially when Chris is wailing like the madman he is! Making sure the bass drum is crisp and dead on, then adding in snare, then checking fills on the toms, and making sure the overheads aren't bleeding in too much... I get a good sound on the snare, then find out it's also in the mics that were on the toms and hi-hat, so I trim that down and aim for clarity- it ain't easy. But it sure is fun! :D Lots of work, but fun.

"All in all, I'm really happy with where this one is going. We've got a real nice choral sound on the vocals (Uber Props to Kristy Hanson!) and some really sweet solos from Boyd. Plus the usual doomy and death lyrics and my Odinic howl up front. I used an SM7B for the vocals, and it's really sounding good and strong.

"All in all, it's a nice little group of songs. I've got rough mixes of everything except Karma, and that should be done in another week or so. Then polishing, then mastering, then victory. I'll try and have a couple songs up on Myspace soon for y'all to listen too."

The track listing for the album will be as follows: More...

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Hauk Song "Raven Wings" Appears In Movie Trailer

Heathen metallers Hauk have issued the following update about their song "Raven Wings" appearing in a movie trailer:

"Hail all!

"Check out this -we got 'Raven Wings' placed in a promo trailer for a film. Good times!

"Still working on the new album- it'll be up as soon as it's finished, but I'm having trouble getting it just right... good times!"

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Hauk Working On New Material

Heathen metallers Hauk have issued the following update about working on new material:

"Hail all!

"Just a quick note to say I am alive and well- the trip east was one of truly epic proportions. I've landed in New Haven CT, and am getting up and running. I should be in the new apartment next week, and then finishing up 'The Path of Ice' for release on Itunes. I've got a bunch of new songs written, and I can't wait to start album #6.

"Can we say Workaholic? Yes we can! Hope everyone is well!"

Hauk has also posted a fan filmed video clip of their performance at Pantheacon 2009, which can be viewed below. More...

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Hauk Readies New EP

The heathen metal band HAUK (USA) will release their new EP "To Hear the Trumpets Call" on September 19, 2008.

The EP contains 2 brand new songs, a re-recorded metal version of the classic "Lamentation," and a remix of "Raven Wings."

Front man Hauk commented: "This EP for me is really a perfect combination of music and Heathen spirituality. Every song on this album has Heathen Anthem written all over it- they are unrestrained songs about the impending victory of the Gods and their people at Ragnarok. Nothing was held back recording this one- we didn't think a minute about reviews or record labels or anything while we were recording. We just went into the studio and made the music we wanted to make, channeled the Gods and let the full fury of the North Wind rip through our songs. The arrangements were stripped down, sticking with just the live band- no extra fiddles or flutes, just pure guitars, drums, and keyboards. In the end, what we've accomplished is the soundtrack to Ragnarok, a call to arms for all Heathens- No Mercy For the Slain, not now, not ever."

Here is the tracklisting for "To Hear The Trumpets Call":

1. To Hear the Trumpets Call
2. Love Song 4 (Burn Rome)
3. Lamentation
4. Raven Wings (Thrashing Ravens Remix)

The title track can be listened to for streaming at the band's MySpace page.

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