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Formed: 2001
From: Ez-zahra, Tunisia
Last Known Status: Active


Myrath (which means Legacy) is a Metal band from Tunis-Tunisia, a small country well known for its resort areas on the Mediterranean coast but certainly not for its metal bands, yet in just few years what started out as a teenager cover band became a relatively well known and respected band by the international Prog-Power Metal community.

It all started in early 2001, when guitarist Malek Ben Arbia (who was just 13 years old at the time) and two of his childhood friends, Fahmi Chakroun (drums) and Oualid Issaoui (guitar) living in the same neighbourhood in Ez-Zahra (suburbs of Tunis-Tunisia) formed a cover band which they named Xtazy. The lineup was shortly after completed by Zaher Ben Hamoudia (Bass) and Tarek Idouani (vocals).

For the first two years the band played in numerous local gigs, mainly DEATH covers, then for the following two years exclusively SYMPHONY X covers, when Elyes Bouchoucha (keyboards and vocals), who just graduated from Tunis conservatory, joined the band in 2003.

After four (4) years of playing covers, the band gained enough experience to start writing its own music. Thus in March 2005 they released (in Tunisia only) "double face", a self produced album with a lineup which included new drummer Saief Louhibi (who joined the band in the summer of 2004). Even though "double face" was more of a demo with an obvious Symphony X influence it did however show very encouraging signs of composing skills especially that it was the first recording experience of a band consisting of students still in their teen years.

In March 24th 2006 the band opened for ROBERT PLANT and ADAGIO in a concert held in Carthage roman amphitheater and attended by about 7OOO metal/rock fans. That day they met Adagios keyboard player Kevin Codfert who later became the band producer and sound engineer.

With the valuable support of Kevin, the addition (in September 2006) of experienced Bass player Anis Jouini and the improved composing and playing skills of guitarist Malek Ben Arbia, who graduated (in July 2006) from the prestigious French guitar school Music academy international (M.A.I.), the band became more ambitious in pursuing an international career.

To this respect they started by changing the band name from Xtazy to MYRATH then in December 2006 they recorded the album "Hope" with Kevin Codfert as sound engineer and producer.

This album was a turning point in Myrath carrier as the band was signed by the French label Brennus-Music, who released "Hope" worldwide in September 2007.

"Hope" was praised by the media in numerous reviews by well known webzines and magazines and was even voted third best album of the year by two major US webzines and album of the week by several webzines and major metal radio stations.

Most critics predicted a bright future for the band as summarized by one of them who wrote "Myrath will probably be the first band from Maghreb which will have a famous international career. This album is one of the best releases of Progressive Metal that I had the chance to listen to lately. Thumb up to Myrath for this exceptional release… this band will become really big and famous you'll see, I will not be wrong".

The success of HOPE contributed to improving the notoriety of Myrath, and paved the way for prestigious European festivals (such as METAL ROCK FESTIVAL - Norway and PROGPOWER-EU – The Netherlands) to include the band in the lineup of their 2008 edition. Thus on May 2nd 2008 Myrath made an impressive debut live performance outside Tunisia in PROGSUD Festival (Marseille – France) with talented singer Zaher Zorgati (who joined the band in June 2007) as front man.

The follow up album ‘’DESERT CALL’’ which was officially released on January 25th 2010 in Europe by the major French labels XIII BIS RECORDS (Sony distribution) and in the rest of the world by the prestigious American Label Nightmare Records was a second turning point in Myrath carrier in terms of improved notoriety and increase of its fan base as well as a wider interest of the media and promoters.

DESERT CALL, which offers a new style of Progressive Power Metal consisting of a mix between traditional Tunisian music and metal enhanced by a balanced Arabian and western orchestration was praised by the media in numerous well known European and American webzines and magazines and had a huge success worldwide which increased considerably the band notoriety and fan base. the album was even voted in the top 1O albums of 2010 by several webzines.


Latest Myrath News

Below is our complete Myrath news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Myrath Will Make You A "Believer" In New Video

Franco-Tunisian progressive metal act Myrath has issued the new music video "Believer." The song marks the first new track from the long awaited new album "Legacy." Myrath shines forth with a special brand of "oriental metal" "Legacy" will be released via Nightmare/Sony/RED to North America on February 12th, 2016.

Both European and North American tour plans are on the way. The track list for "Legacy" is:

1. Jasmin
2. Believer
3. Get Your Freedom Back
4. Nobody's Lives
5. The Needle
6. Through Your Eyes
7. The Unburnt
8. I Want to Die
9. Duat
10. Endure the Silence
11. Storm of Lies
12. Other Side (North American Bonus Track)

Check out "Believer" here: More...

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Myrath Announces New Album "Legacy"

Franco-Tunisian progressive metal act Myrath have return with a long awaited new album of its special brand of "oriental metal"! After many shows in many countries and over four long years since their last album, the band returns with a new collection of great tracks simply titled "Legacy." The album will be released on Nightmare/Sony/RED to North America on February 12th, 2016.

“Legacy” promises to rocket the band higher yet, with both European and North American tour plans and the most exciting album to date.

The track list for the album is:

1. Jasmin
2. Believer
3. Get Your Freedom Back
4. Nobody's Lives
5. The Needle
6. Through Your Eyes
7. The Unburnt
8. I Want to Die
9. Duat
10. Endure the Silence
11. Storm of Lies
12. Other Side (North American Bonus Track) More...

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Melted Space To Support Symphony X On Tour

Following a successful autumn tour of Europe with Leaves' Eyes and Diabulus In Musica, the metal opera Melted Space will now take debut album "The Great Lie" to Europe supporting Symphony X this winter.

The "Underworld Europe" tour 2016 will see Melted Space and Tunisian prog rock act Myrath supporting headliners Symphony X, the tour confirmed to run from February 12th through March 20th, with twenty-eight concerts confirmed at press time. More...

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Symphony X Announces Support Bands For New Tour

World Management and Symphony X are pleased to announce the complete lineup for the "Underworld Europe Tour 2016."

Support will be coming from Tunisia’s fantastic progressive rockers Myrath and from France the incredible Melted Space.

Symphony X states: “Together we are excited to offer what we feel will be a great night of live music for the fans and hope to see all of you at these shows.“

Catch Symphony X live on these upcoming dates:

February 12th – Wolverhampton, Robin 2
February 13th – Manchester, Club Academy
February 15th – Sheffield, Corporation
February 16th – Glasgow, Garage
February 18th – Bristol, Bierkeller
February 19th – London, Islington Assembly Hall More...

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ProgPower USA XIV: A Friday To Remember

Internationally respected, domestically loved, and locally interesting (“Look at all these black-shirted people walking into this Einstein Bagel Co!”), the ProgPower USA festival returned to its frequent home at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend for its fourteenth year of bringing quality metal to the stateside masses.

Through the hallowed gates (err… glass and metal doors) of the venue, almost anything was possible on the days of September 5-7. To some, it was an ocean of opportunity or a place to be reborn in metal. To others, a place to spend endless nights with the masters of the world themselves. To most of the 1,000+ attendees, it was where they went to reach within, feel alive, and leave with a sense of pride -- nobody was wondering “Why am I here?,” even if it was only the 1st chapter of their ProgPower story. (For this writer, the festival was also a chance to write 9 song/album titles from the bands that would be performing at the show into this second paragraph about the show. Because it sounded really cool.)

As previously detailed, the festival brought 5 bands to the states for the first time and 16 in total throughout the three days, with an extra 2 added to that in a separate Wednesday show. When I had arrived on Friday, the ProgPower elite who had come both days prior to it were feeling quite at ease and even had a sort of comfortable glow about them. I later learned that this was due in part to warm hangovers, but mostly due the awesomeness of the concerts on the days leading up to Friday, which were written about in part by Metal Underground admin CROMCarl. This, however, is the record of my time at this year's crazy heavy wonderland. More...

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ProgPower USA XIV: At A Glance

In its 14th year for 2013, the ProgPower USA Festival is one of the longest-running US festivals, and the longest-running US multi-day festival to feature bands from outside the US.

This year, it has the special distinction of being the US debut show for five bands. Totaling more than a hundred and twenty band performances in its time, it has developed a reputation as a tastemakers’ festival, heightening awareness within the US of foreign bands.

It can be a daunting festival, price- and endurance-wise, but it’s one that should be considered if the genres it derives its name from at all turn your head. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s celebration of the fast and the nerdy down at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia, starting on September 4th. More...

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ReinXeed Cancels ProgPower USA Performance

Swedish metal act ReinXeed has cancelled its first U.S. performance, which was scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2013 at the ProgPower USA Festival in Atlanta, GA. Festival promoter Glenn Harveston announced that Chicago progressive metal act Divinity Compromised will fill the 2-3pm opening spot for that day.

The band provided the following explanation: "We are very sorry to announce our cancellation of ProgPower USA and all other shows and festivals in 2013. Due to personal private reasons Tommy ReinXeed will not do any more live shows after the "Rock out Wild" festival and for the rest of the year.

"We are all very sorry about this but respect his decision and are looking forward to the upcoming release of the album 'A New World' and new strength and motivation to tour in the future."

The revised lineup for ProgPower USA is as follows:

Thursday, September 5, 2013 (Kickoff Show):

In The Silence - 6:00 to 6:45
Circle II Circle - 7:15 to 8:45
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - 9:30 to 11:45 More...

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Unearthing The Metal Underground at ProgPower USA

Each week, carrying on faithfully in the tradition of bringing the bands that are currently simmering in the underground up to a rolling boil, we feature several quality underground bands in their respective genres. With the 'power' side of the ProgPower USA XIII festival already unearthed in October, the 'prog' side remains unspoken for.

The ProgPower USA festival has taken turns at skewing the balance toward one genre, but has been notorious for bringing in bands who straddle the line between both in the eyes of those with a more liberal view of things. The lines of demarcation are not very clear and the next year's roster often ends up surprising many. Fortunately, many prog bands are able to weave their way into the system and capture some attention. One such band hopped the ocean to pre-empt their 2nd album release, unveiling that they would be selling the CD months in advance at the show.


Few bands brought the prog with such unabashed love as Haken in the festival's history. As the openers of Day Two of 2011, a spot happily filled this year by fellow prog-heads Beyond The Bridge, the boys of Haken unleashed a set list that included one song from their upcoming album, "Visions" (reviewed here,) but focused mostly on the first album, "Aquarius." Multiple melodic themes are developed throughout the albums, with expert re-interpretations for emotional impact linking up with the storylines. Both albums are concept albums, and both involve songs that go beyond the 20-minute mark, showing their prog side.

Haken is a five-piece, with keyboardist and Haken main brain Richard Henshall performing both keyboard and guitar duties. Henshall and Diego Tejeida both focus on crafting synthesizer sounds not heard elsewhere, which often makes for multi-faceted lead tones. Haken bassist Tom Maclean heads a prog metal sideproject by the name of To-Mera with Henshall assisting, as well.


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ProgPower USA Reveals 2013 Festival Lineup

Just following Epica's performance on the first day of ProgPower USA XIII, festival promoter Glenn Harveston revealed the lineup for ProgPower XIV, held annually at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. For 2013, Saturday's event will be held on Friday, September 6-7, 2013 and will have one less band, but Saturday there will be a triple co-headliner. The roster was revealed as the following:

Friday, Sept. 6, 2012:

Damnation Angels
Ashes of Ares
Soilwork (co-headliner)
Shadow Gallery (co-headliner)

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2012:

Heaven's Cry
Circus Maximus (co-headliner)
Armored Saint (co-headliner)
Sabaton (co-headliner) More...

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Nightmare Records Releases Free Sampler

Today Nightmare Records has released a sampler album as a free download including eleven killer tracks of heavy rock and progressive and symphonic power metal from the latest Nightmare releases. You can get the download at this location. The track listing is as follows:

LANCE KING "A Moment in Chiros"
ANDROMEDA "Manifest Tyranny"
ANUBIS GATE "Anubis Gate"
THEOCRACY "As the World Bleeds"
MYRATH "Tales of the Sands"
PATRICK HEMER "More than Meets the Eye"
DIVINE ASCENSION "As the Truth Appears"
VANGOUGH "Kingdom of Ruin"
HALCYON WAY "IndoctriNation"
PASTORE "The Price for Human Sins"
ENBOUND "And She says Gold"

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More Metal Songs Added To The Rock Band Network

If you need some extra headbanging material for the upcoming Halloween weekend, there will be new metal tracks hitting the Rock Band Network. The following new tracks are now available on the Xbox 360 edition of the game:

Halcyon Way - "Death of a Dream" (80 MSP)
Between the Buried and Me - "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" (160 MSP)
Between the Buried and Me - "Selkies: The Endless Obsession (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Without Mercy - "CMDUC" (160 MSP)
A Day to Remember - "2nd Sucks" (160 MSP)
Powerman 5000 - "Show Me What You've Got" (160 MSP)

The following songs will be available on the PS3 edition this Tuesday, 11/1/2011 (North America) and Wednesday, 11/2/2011 (Europe):

Emery - "Scissors" ($1.99) - Rock
Myrath - "Madness" ($1.99) - Prog
Suicide Silence - "You Only Live Once" ($1.99) - Metal

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Myrath Posts New Music Video

Myrath posted a new music video for the song "Merciless Times," which appears on the band's latest LP "Tales of the Sands." The album was released on October 11, 2011 through Nightmare Records. The album was reviewed by Metal Underground at this location.

Check out the video here:

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Myrath Streaming "Merciless Times" Online

Myrath is currently streaming a new single online titled "Merciless Times," which is taken from the band's new album "Tales of the Sands." Head over to Noisecreep.com to check out the song.

"Tales of the Sands" was Produced by Kevin Codfert, mixed by Frederik Nordstom (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames), and mastered by Jens Bogren (Symphony X). The album is set for release on October 11th, 2011 via Nightmare Records. To promote the release of "Tales of the Sands," Myrath is working on a full length video in August, and will support Orphaned Land in a one month long European tour starting in November 2011.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Under Siege
2. Braving the Seas
3. Merciless Times
4. Tales of the Sands
5. Sour Sigh
6. Dawn Within
7. Wide Shut
8. Requiem for a Goodbye
9. Beyond the Stars
10. Time to Grow
11. Apostrophe for a Legend

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More Metal Songs Added To The Rock Band Network

This week's lineup of new Rock Band Network track is a little more diverse than usual, with songs from After the Burial, Amberian Dawn, Devin Townsend, Myrath, and Skindred. The PS3 edition will also be getting a new After the Burial track next week.

The complete list of newly added Xbox 360 tracks, including all the non-metal songs, is as follows:


After the Burial - "My Frailty" (160 MSP)
Amberian Dawn - "War in Heaven" (160 MSP)
Blue Water Dance - "Making Love (To a Foreign Woman While Reading Time Magazine" (160 MSP)
Devin Townsend - "Hyperdrive" (160 MSP)
Skindred - "Stand for Something (RB3 version)" (160 MSP)
Terrorhorse - "Magnolia" (160 MSP)
Terrorhorse - "Magnolia (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Myrath - "Madness" (160 MSP) More...

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Myrath Reveals New Album Details

Myrath has announced the new album "Tales of the Sands" will see release October 11th, 2011 via Nightmare Records. "Tales of the Sands" was produced by Kevin Codfert, mixed by Frederik Nordstom (DimmuBorgir, In Flames), and mastered by Jens Bogren (Symphony X)

To promote the release of the album, Myrath is working on a full length video and will also support Orphaned Land in a one month long European tour starting in November. The "Tales of the Sands" track listing and artwork are available below.

1. Under Siege
2. Braving the Seas
3. Merciless Times
4. Tales of the Sands
5. Sour Sigh
6. Dawn Within
7. Wide Shut
8. Requiem for a Goodbye
9. Beyond the Stars
10. Time to Grow
11. Apostrophe for a Legend More...

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Myrath Begins Work on New Album

Myrath has issued the following update:

"We are pleased to announce that our producer Kevin Codfert is in Tunis since Tuesday July 27th 2010 to work on the pre-production of Myrath new album."

"The actual recording of this new album is anticipated to next November and the release date to first quarter 2011"

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Myrath Posts New Song, "Forever and a Day," Online

Tunisian progressive metal band Myrath announced that thier first song, "Forever and a day," from thier new album "Desert Call" is available on the band's official Myspace page as streaming audio as well as video trailer format.

The audio track will be the XIII BIS RECORDS version of "Forever and a day" (the verse is sung in Arabic, the rest in English). The video trailer will be the NIGHTMARE RECORDS version of the same track (vocals all in English). Check out the trailer below.

On Wednesday, January 7th another track, "Madness," (track 4 of DESERT CALL) will be added.

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Myrath Signs Worldwide Deal With Nightmare Records

Tunisian progressive metal band MYRATH has inked a worldwide deal with Nightmare Records for release of the band's for third album, entitled "Desert Call," on January 26th, 2010. The worldwide deal excludes Europe where the album is being released through XIII Bis Records.

The "Desert Call" tracklisting is as follows:

01. Forever And A Day
02. Tempests Of Sorrows
03. Desert Call
04. Madness
05. Silent Cries
06. Memories
07. Ironic Destiny
08. No Turning Back
09. Empty World
10. Shockwave
11. Hard Times (Exclusive Bonus Track)

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Myrath Signs To XIII Bis Records

Tunasian progressive metal band Myrath, who recently signed to XIII BIS RECORDS (SONY distribution) for the exclusive release in Europe of the new album "DESERT CALL" in Europe, has issued the following comments regarding the recent signing, "We wish to thank Mehdi EL JAI (chairman executive officer) Samuel Pernes (administrative and financial manager) Emmanuelle Charles (Sales Manager) as well as all XIII Bis Records staff"

The band has also made the following announcement, "We are pleased to announce that Myrath new album 'DESERT CALL' will be officially released in Europe on January 25th 2010, it will be available in most stores throughout Europe. The album will also be released worldwide (excluding Europe) by a prestigious American Label" More...

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Myrath Announces New Album Title

Tunisian progressive metal band MYRATH announced the title of new studio album as "Desert Call." Mixing is completed and mastering in House of Audio (Germany) is now in progress.

The band commented: “We would have hoped to release the album earlier as recording was completed since November 6th, 2008; however we have elected to dedicate more time to mixing / producing process so as to insure that the result will meet or exceed everyone’s expectations”

The official release date of the album will be announced soon

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