"some music was meant to stay underground..."

The Howling Void

Formed: 2007
From: TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest The Howling Void News

Below is our complete The Howling Void news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

The Howling Void To Release New Album

The Howling Void returns with "Nightfall," the project's fourth full-length album of glacial, symphonic funeral doom metal. The album is due out in late 2013 via Solitude Productions.

"Nightfall" features a relatively new evolution of the sound of The Howling Void, with haunting, chanted vocals and dark ambient and orchestral touches. A teaser video has been posted on YouTube featuring short clips from several songs on the album. Check it out below.

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The Howling Void Streaming New EP

The Howling Void has just released brand new EP "Runa," featuring new musical vision. According to a press release, the usual funeral doom has now been blended seamlessly with folk melodies and chanted vocals, for fans of Ahab, Agalloch, Drudkh, and Negura Bunget.

The Howling Void also comments: "The EP focuses on the mythic paradigm of Initiation in the Left Hand Path as represented by Woden/Wotan/Odin's journey into darkness in search of wisdom."

You can stream the EP over at Bandcamp or through the player below. A physical release is coming early summer 2013 on Solitude Productions. The track listing is as follows:

1. Irminsûl 10:14
2. Nine Nights 07:23 More...

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The Howling Void Releasing EP

San Antonio, Texas depressive doom band The Howling Void will be self-releasing a new two song EP entitled "Sunshine and Shadows" on November 15th. The band is said to be experimenting heavily with chanting on the release. Look for more updates on the band's website as they become available. The Howling Void is also streaming a few songs from its recent one "The Womb Beyond the World" over on YouTube, such as the epic upload for the song "The Silence of Centuries" below.

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Metalhit.com Completes Free Download Series

Between October 2010 and February 2011, Metalhit.com launched a series of six free monthly music samplers showcasing various genres of extreme metal: Thrash, Death, Folk, Gothic, Doom and Black Metal.

The "Metalhit Free Download Series" was made available exclusively in the USA via Amazon.com and to eMusic subscribers worldwide. Metalhit now has the compilations posted online and available for free download worldwide.

Some select artists featured on the samplers include:

Abominable Putridity, Asphyx, Behexen, Diathra, Doom:VS, Evoken, Hirax, Inquisition, Lifelover, Manegarm, Moonspell, Nunslaughter, Obtest, Ophis, Pathology, Possessed, Sacred Reich, Sig:Ar:Tyr, Sinister, Skepticism, Skyforger, The Howling Void, Urgehal, and many more.

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Solitude Productions Releases Free Compilation

While downloading MetalHit.com's latest free black metal compilation on Amazon.com the other day, I also noticed another free compilation released in January 2011. Solitude Productions has released their own free compilation, which you can sample and download here.

Here's the "Solitude Productions Compilation 2010" tracklisting:

1. Who Dies in Siberian Slush "Leave Me" (6:35)
2. Revelations of Rain "Our Cathedral" (5:51)
3. Funeral "The Poison" (5:29)
4. Ea "Aullu Eina" (5:02)
5. Shattered Hope "Enlighten the Darkness" (4:58)
6. Heavy Lord "Fear the Beard" (5:52)
7. Ophis "Suffering is a Virtue" (6:24)
8. The Sullen Route "Gates" (4:53)
9. Stoned Jesus "Occult" (6:09)
10. Astral Sleep "Angel 2" (5:02)
11. Hellight "The Light that Brought Darkness" (4:42)
12. Septic Mind "Beginning" (6:03)
13. The Howling Void "Shadows Over the Cosmos" (6:25)
14. St Erik "Closer" (unreleased) (5:05)

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MetalHit.com Releases Free Doom Metal Compilation

Metalhit.com has released a free doom metal compilation. It is currently available in America via Amazon.com and worldwide via eMusic and Metalhit.com. Here's the compilation's complete tracklisting:

1. Colosseum "The River" (7:07)
2. Cryptal Darkness "The Coldest Winter" (8:35)
3. Doom:VS "Empire of the Fallen" (5:41)
4. Evoken "In Graven Image" (8:04)
5. Exiled from Light "Funereal of that which lies beneath" (6:03)
6. Monumentum "Consuming Jerusalem" (4:51)
7. Ophis "Suffering is a Virtue" (9:37)
8. Remembrance "The Omen" (7:05)
9. Revelations of Rain "Hidden" (8:24)
10. Skepticism "The Arrival" (6:38)
11. The Howling Void "The Primordial Gloom" (12:20)
12. Wolfsschanze "Cause of Affliction" (6:35)

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The Howling Void Signs To Solitude Productions

Texan metal band The Howling Void has announced their signing to Solitude Productions. The band has also begun composing a second full length CD, entitled "Shadows Over the Cosmos," which will be released in early 2010.

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