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From: Greece
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Zemial News

Below is our complete Zemial news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Zemial Kicks Off First U.S. Tour

Zemial's first tour of the USA and Canada is taking place this month as the "Nykta" tour 2015 continues, passing through America for 12 concerts September 7 to September 20.

Zemial will present most of the "Nykta" album (reviewed here) on this tour, released during the fall of 2013 by Hells Headbangers, along with pieces from the band's entire discography from 1992 to the present day.

In Denver, Zemial will present a special set of completely improvisational music at the old Aztlan Theatre, where multi-instrumentalist Vorskaath will showcase his new touring lineup and Zemial's avant-garde leanings. Shortly before the end of the tour, Zemial will perform in Kansas City in a private setting, in front of a maximum of 50 invited audience members, giving those few fans a "behind the scenes" perspective. More...

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Hells Headbangers Releases Compilation

Hells Headbangers is presenting a new label compilation, which can be heard below and is available at Bandcamp here.

Available now digitally, the compilation will be a free CD handout for orders through the Hells Headbangers webstore and at the label's Maryland Death Fest merch table. A double-LP vinyl pressing is forthcoming during the summer.

Featuring brand-new/upcoming songs from Midnight, Children of Technology, Gouge, Barbatos, Nunslaughter, Cemetery Lust, and Sacrocurse among others, the compilation is the label's seventh to date. Its cover art, hand-drawn by Antichrist Kramer (Inquisition, Vasaeleth, et al), is an homage to Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," but the entire layout as a whole incorporates minor aesthetic elements from the first six Black Sabbath albums. More...

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Zemial Streaming Full New Album

Zemial is now streaming the entirety of the new "Nykta" album online (reviewed here). Check it out at the Zero Tolerance website here.

"Nykta" is set for international release on October 31st through Hells Headbangers on CD and LP formats. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ancient Arcane Scrolls
2. Eclipse
3. Under Scythian Command
4. In the Arms of Hades
5. Breath of Pestilence
6. Deathspell
7. The Small
8. Pharos (i - Dreamer Lost, ii – The Great Dark, iii – Alone, iv - Jewels in the Dust)
9. Out of the Cage - (3:33 for Drumset and Mechanical Reproduction)

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Zemial Streaming New Song

Zemial has premiered the new track "Pharos" online, which can be heard below, courtesy of Invisible Oranges.

The track hails from Zemial's upcoming album, "Nykta," set for international release on October 31st through Hells Headbangers on CD and LP formats. "Nykta" follows previous album "In Monumentum" (reviewed here). More...

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Zemial To Release "Nykta" Album

Hell Headbangers announces October 31st as the international release date for Zemial's new album, "Nykta," to be released on CD and LP formats. This will follow previous full-length "In Monumentum" (reviewed here), along with two EPs. The following press release was issued about the band:

"Greece's Zemial ake their long-awaited return to the full-length front with the vast 'n' visual Nykta. Seven years on from their last album, 2006's towering In Monumentum, Zemial's Nykta stylistically ranges the band's entire, 25-year history but with bold, new strokes entirely fitting with the band's ever-evolving lyricism.

"From gritty blackthrash to epic heavy metal, from art-music experimentation to moments of prog-inflected psychedelia, from soundscape ambience to realms completely uncategorizable and many mesmerizing points in between, Nykta displays Zemial in all their austere, multihued glory: masters of storytelling songcraft and adventurous instrumental acumen, honoring tradition whilst defying boundaries all the same, their theatrical sweeps of sound ably transporting the listener across space and time, to the very ends of the cosmos and back. And while they may have begun in the darkest, earliest days of black metal, Zemial have effortlessly developed into a many-tentacled force of magick and dynamism; their sound now can only be accurately described as 'Zemial.' More...

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Zemial Reveals "Dusk" Details

Zemial front man Vorskaath has issued the following update about the band's new single "Dusk:"

"Lyrical themes continue to lead the listener along the vastness of Sumerian cosmogony and existentialism and the symbolism of the Cthulhu Mythos. Mixing analogue synthesizer soundscapes with dreamy guitar melodies and harmonies this EP signifies Zemial's music direction toward the mysteries of space and is the direct precursor to the vastness of NYKTA.

"Both Dusk and Nykta will be presented live in their entirety to Greek audiences in September 2011. More details to come.

"Dusk comes in full colour gatefold, with lyrics and is available in two limited vinyl editions. Featuring outstanding fractal art by respected artist and fractal expert Damien Jones, the EP marks a highlight in Zemial's discography.

"Order your copy from Hells Headbangers or directly through the band by writing to: merchandise (at) turelur.de Previews of Dusk can be heard here on MySpace or you can check out the Zemial page on Last FM here."

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Zemial To Play Rites Of Darkness Fest

Front man Vorskaath of Zemial has checked in with the following announcement about the band performing at the Rites of Darkness Festival:

"The time for Zemial to land on the shores of the New World has arrived. It is with great pleasure that I now confirm that Zemial will headline the Rites of Darkness Festival in San Antonio - Texas on Saturday the 9th of December 2011.

"Our headlining slot will give the American fans the singular opportunity to experience Zemial live, performing music from our entire discography and including songs from 1991 all the way to 2011 - from the rawest to the most progressive material.

"The USA has, since the very beginning, been a very strong and loyal fan base for Zemial (Texas particularly so) and this show is a great chance to connect with those supporters and leave our mark forever on the shores of the New World."

You can also check out Metalunderground.com's review of the Zemial album "In Monumentum" at this location.

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Zemial To Release New Single

Front man Vorskaath of Zemial has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming album and the release of a new single:

"Realizing that a delay was forthcoming for the completion of NYKTA, I suggested to Hells Headbangers that we release a 7” single in the meantime. It is symbolically titled: DUSK.

"I chose two pieces: the pre-production version of 'In the Arms of Hades' (which will feature certain new parts recorded for the album) and 'Cries Behind the Golden Walls.' This last piece was composed in 1991, just as things were taking the direction that Zemial would follow in the coming years. It is in fact the companion to 'Words from The Temple of Shadows' as they were the two new pieces that we were practicing back then and the two new pieces that caused the dissolution of that 2-year line-up and turned Zemial into a one man project.

"Thanks to all of you for the positive feedback. I am glad that this music is still reaching deep. A word of warning to the collectors out there: this edition will be strictly limited.

"I know that there has been no update regarding NYKTA and this is as good as any time to shed some light into why. The craziness of the last half year has not allowed me to properly concentrate on finishing NYKTA.

"Aside from (other) music and teaching commitments, in October 2010 I began the long process of relocating my entire studio. Aside from the arduous process of sorting through the cable salad and moving all the equipment, we have had to completely renovate the new studio room and start from 'scratch.' It has taken very long but we are almost done. With all installations complete and the studio up and running I will entirely focus on completing NYKTA and moving on to some other music for Zemial. This I can guarantee. In the meantime, many thanks to all of you for being patient and I do hope that DUSK will at least partially satiate your thirst for new Zemial music. Good things take time."

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MetalHit.com Releases Free Black Metal Compilation

Metalhit.com has released the sixth free compilation in their free comp series, this time featuring black metal. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Avsky "Vultures" (5:04)
2. Behexen "My Soul For His Glory" (5:52)
3. Grand Belial's Key "Shemhamforash" (3:07)
4. Horna "Orkkivuorilta" (3:40)
5. Inquisition "Command of the Dark Crown" (3:50)
6. Judas Iscariot "Journey through Visions of War" (5:41)
7. Lifelover "Brand" (4:17)
8. Profanatica "The Blood of the Lamb" (4:57)
9. Sacrilegious Impalement "March of Doom" (6:32)
10. Storhet av Morke "Field that Covered by Eternal Ice" (4:05)
11. Urgehal "Mirror Satan" (4:22)
12. Zemial "Born of the Crimson Flame" (4:29)

You can download the free black metal compilation from Amazon.com or from Metalhit.com.

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Zemial Checks In With New Album Update

Front man Vorskaath of Zemial has checked in with the following update about the release of a new album:

"So here it is at last! I am very pleased to announce that the long-awaited NYKTA will be released via Hells Headbangers Records worldwide. As some of you have already noticed, a teaser of NYKTA is already uploaded to give you a taste of what is to come. Yet, the scope of NYKTA reaches farther, into new territory and the music itself will speak louder than anything I have to say here. Good things take time and the time for this good thing is almost here.

"Now Hells Headbangers were Zemial’s very first distribution partner in the USA when I decided to release In Monumentum via NYX and have remained one of our closest and most valued associates over the past 4 years. Having secured a major distribution deal with RED handling Canada and the USA and PHD/Code7 handling international distribution, Hells Headbangers will ensure that the music of Zemial will finally become widely available to friends and fans across the globe – an important step for us after years of very limited distribution.

"In the meantime, the recording of NYKTA continues. What I have uploaded is only a rough version of the final product. However I am very glad to see everybody’s appreciation of the new material and sound I thank all of you who wrote with positive commentary. Being the musician, sound-engineer and producer at the same time is a challenging task and your opinions and feedback give me that much needed objectivity. More...

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Zemial To Appear In Book About Black Metal

Vocalist Vorskaath of Greece metal act Zemial has issued the following update about making an appearance in an upcoming book about black metal:

"I was recently honoured with an in invitation to contribute to the upcoming book: Black Metal (R)evolution. As Black Metal courses through its third decade of existence, the music and ideals behind this social phenomenon have become subject to review and investigation: 'Spawned by Venom, channelled by Bathory and proselytized with equal degrees of worship, obsession and homage by Euronymous of Mayhem, there is an ordered evolution that Black Metal has undertaken since the opus that bears its namesake was vomited forth in 1982.

"'Black Metal is not simply a musical style; it is a cult, a religion, a malignant manifestation with one unifying theme - its exponents are all acolytes of those conjurations which preceded their own. Be that the chaotic rampage of Venom, the morbid primitivism of Hellhammer, the esoteria of Burzum, or the ritual of Von, Black Metal's present, just like its future, pays tribute to its past. And while the noise may diverge from one band to another, and the philosophy may bear factional witness, the past will always reflect on the present. The purpose of this book is to invite artists to discuss the virtue of their most revered BM albums. The most engaging offerings will be featured in the book along with in-depth interviews with some of the instigators of the first wave of BM, where we will explore their points of view on those long influential records.' More...

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Zemial To Stop Playing Live Shows

Zemial front man Vorskaath has issued the following announcement about tentatively ending all plans to play live shows:

"After some years of touring and presenting the music of Zemial live, I have come to tentatively decide that our show at the Hells Pleasure festival this past July 2009 was the last Zemial show for the foreseeable future. Embracing everything that change signifies, I rarely make such unexceptional statements; hence I would caution you that this is subject to change when and if the conditions are ripe.

"What I have with certainty decided, is that a return to the stage would only be plausible from my side if I am to find a line-up of musicians above the ‘norm’ standard found in metal, who are technically able and willing to push the borders of this music style. I find no interest in playing Zemial’s music without offering any new musical explorations and resting upon any reputation we may have developed as a live band. My waning concern in presenting something with Zemial requires a kindling of the sort that only comes from change and from that which is new.

"The album NYKTA is still heavily under consideration and a sample of the album will be uploaded on this page presently. Beyond that album, I will either breathe life into this music style with something new and oppose the ‘standards’ or put Zemial to rest. I will continue recording for various bands, (metal and otherwise) focus on my other music projects and bring Alpha Centauri back to life and activity. If Zemial remain is something to be seen. All this, in search of connecting with Music. Music – the gift of the Gods and nothing less – remains paramount in my priorities. More...

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Absu Completes New Self Titled Album

Texas-based mythological occult metal outfit ABSU has announced the addition of bassist/co-vocalist Ezezu (ex-PANZRAM) to the group's ranks. This is the first time the band is experiencing a permanent quartet-type line up since the band's debut album "Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L." Drummer/vocalist Proscriptor says of the latest addition, "We are very proud to welcome Ezezu as the newest member of ABSU. He was the missing element we have been searching for and definitely fits in the group. We are delighted to convey our next chapter of mythological occult metal with him." More...

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Zemial Signs With MetalHit For Online Distro

Greek black metal band ZEMIAL has signed an exclusive agreement with Metalhit.com to make their music available to digital download stores worldwide, including iTunes, eMusic, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, Napster and others.

Band leader, Vorskaath, states: "In keeping with the times, we are in the process of making the entire Zemial catalogue (including vinyl only releases) available digitally for those who prefer digital downloads."

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