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Frost Like Ashes

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Sebat Frost Explains His Stance On Unblack Metal

Christan "unblack" metal act Frost Like Ashes was recently covered in our Unearthing the Metal Underground column, which took a brief look at the band's lyrical themes. As a companion to that article, an editorial is now online delving deeper into the controversial subject of Christianity in black metal. To get better perspective on the issue, I sent out a questionnaire to both black and unblack metal bands asking for their thoughts on the subject.

The answers provided by guitarist Sebat Frost from Frost Like Ashes can be found after the jump. The band's music can be heard through the Unearthing the Metal Underground column, or through the Frost Like Ashes MySpace page.

Anyone interested in reading the other interviews in the series can check out the answers from Ophidian Forest, Plaag, Dehumanation, Frames, and Throne of Malediction on the anti-Christian side, Diamoth, Elgibbor, and Winter's Dawn on the pro-Christian side, and Nierty on more neutral ground. More...

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