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Formed: 1999
From: Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active


Xystus is a Dutch progressive metal band formed in 1999 by drummer Ivo Van Dijk and guitarist/vocalist Bas Dolmans. They enlisted bassist Mark Brekelmans and second guitarist Bob Witsma. Through the course of releasing two albums – 2004’s Receiving Tomorrow and 2006’s Surreal the band built up a buzz and fanbase in The Netherlands. The band supported Kamelot and made numerous festival appearances. In December 2005, Xystus went on a European tour in support of Epica. The band had even greater ambitions and in 2006 they contacted the Utrechtsch Studenten Concert - the oldest symphony orchestra in The Netherlands. The resulting two-year collaboration resulted in the rock opera "Equilibrio."

Latest Xystus News

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Xystus Announces New Bass Player Luuk Van Gerven

Xystus has issued the following announcement about acquiring a new bass player:

"Dear all,

"We are more than happy to announce you that our new bass player is none other than Luuk van Gerven! Luuk is currently playing in the bands Cardamon and Cell 29, and most of you will also know him from his work with After Forever.

"With Luuk Xystus gained an incredibly talented and professional person and a really cool and relax guy on top of that. :) Keep checking back, 'cause we'll be rocking the stages near you in no time!"

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Xystus Announces "Equilibrio" Release Date

Sensory Records has announced the upcoming release of Dutch progressive metal band Xystus’ third album, "Equilibrio." This rock opera was recorded with a 60 piece orchestra and a 30 member choir, and includes guest performances from Simone Simmons of Epica and George Oosthoek of Orphanage. With an influx of gothic, progressive and traditional heavy metal influences melding with this dramatic orchestration, fans of Epica, Ayreon and Kamelot should keep both eyes peeled for this release to strike. "Equilibrio" is set for a North American release date of September 30.

Conceived as both an actual stage production and studio recording, "Equilibrio" was performed to four sold out audiences in July, 2008 - over 4,000 people witnessed the opera.

The studio recording of "Equilibrio" features key scenes from the opera. In addition to the 60 piece US Concert orchestra and 30 member choir, Xystus enlisted vocal performances from Simone Simons (Epica), George Osthoek (Orphanage, Delain) and Dutch theater veterans Michelle Splietelhof and John Vooijs.

The story of Equilibrio revolves around a wanderer named Diegu (Bas Dolmans) who finds himself caught between the forces of good and evil the power mad ruler Primos (John Vooijs) and the altruistic rebel Avelin (Michelle Splietelhof). Primos makes a pact with Death (George Osthoek) take over the world. After unsuccessful efforts by Diegu to mediate between Avelin and Primos, the latter ends up with complete power and the world is thrown out of balance. Diegu is summoned by the godess Lady Sophia (Simone Simons). She watches over Earth and entrusts Diegu with the job reuniting Primos and Avelin in order to restore the balance between good and evil again.

You can check out some of the band's music on their MySpace page.

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