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Below is our complete Pod People news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Initial Bastardfest Details Revealed

Bastardfest, a new Australian metal fest, has been announced this year, organized by Rodney of Metal For The Brain and Alchemist. The Melbourne lineup is complete, and there is one more spot left on the Brisbane lineup, and there is a Perth show on the way but no details of that one have been announced yet.

Here are the lineups so far:

Brisbane – August 28th @ The Globe
Pod People
High Plains Drifter

Melbourne – September 4th @ The Corner Hotel
Captain Cleanoff
The Kill

Tickets for the Melbourne show go on sale July 12th through the venue’s website, and ones for Brisbane are now on sale through globetheatre.oztix.com.au. Get more info on the festival at /,a href="http://www.bastardfest.com/">bastardfest.com.

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Support For Coffins' Australian Dates Announced

Obsidian Records have announced the support bands for the upcoming tour by Japanese death doom band Coffins. See below for details (and note the venue change for the Brisbane show):

BRISBANE – Friday September 17th @ The HiFi, West End
Cauldron Black Ram (SA)
Laceration Mantra

MELBOURNE – Saturday September 18th @ The Hifi, CBD Doors @ 6pm
Gospel of the Horns
Cauldron Black Ram
The Day Everything Became Nothing

SYDNEY – Sunday September 19th @ The Gaelic
Pod People (ACT)
Rookwood (final ever show)

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Slaughterfest III Line-up Announced

The line-up for Slaughterfest III was recently finalized and announced. The Sydney show boasts 15 bands. Here's the line-up:

Slaughterfest III in Canberra: Friday the 18th of December - The Basement, ACT

Captain Cleanoff (NSW/SA/VIC)
Pod People (ACT)
The Kill (VIC)
Space Bong (SA)
Cuntscrape (WA)
Nothin’ Suss

Slaughterfest III in Sydney: Saturday the 19th of December - The Sandringham Hotel, NSW

Captain Cleanoff (NSW/SA/VIC)
Pod People (ACT)
The Kill (VIC)
Looking Glass (ACT)
Mother Mars
Cuntscrape (WA)
Space Bong (SA)
Brazen Bull (QLD)
Nothin’ Suss
Ignite The Ibex

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Pod People Guitarist Speaks On New Album

Spiritech of PyroMusic recently interviewed Josh Nixon, guitarist for Australian doom metal/stoner rock act Pod People. The band has recently released their new album 'Mons Animae Mortuorum,' the follow-up to 2001's 'Doom Saloon'. Josh talked about the new record, its incredible artwork, and the band's place in the current metal scene. Some excerpts from the interview follow:

Spiritech: Why did you decide to go with this particular title?

Josh: We wanted the title to not be obvious for a couple of reasons. When you see the artwork, you will know why we called it what we did. It fits with the theme of the record, which is set on Mt Purgatory, in the second chapter of Dante's Divine Comedy, Purgatorio. Now while we went with Inferno for the theme on Doom Saloon, and we continue to use the imagery of the Divine Comedy on the cover of the second album, it is not a concept album trying to tell a literal version of the story. We are using it as a backdrop for songs that tie in with the themes the story is exploring, in this case, purging the seven deadly sins. So in trying to keep the theme consistent but not mislead people into thinking this is like a 70's concept album, we wanted a strong title that worked with the overall picture of the album. A Latin name was suggested and so I got in touch with a Latin educated colleague at my old job and I gave her a brief. She came up with some amazing titles, but they were usually far too long. Finally she gave us "Mons Animae Mortuorum" which is more accurately translated "the mountain, where the souls of the dead reside" and we were sold.

Spiritech: Awesome stuff. I caught you guys live back in May and you played a bunch of new songs, the majority of which were more doom-like and less stoner rock-esque than Doom Saloon. Was this the aim when you set out to write the album or just something that occurred naturally during the writing process?

Josh: The goal for me has always been to be heavier and over time we have evolved a denser sound. I think with Doom Saloon there were pretty distinct stoner sounding tunes and the doom ones stood out as a dynamic device on the record to break up the more mid-paced stuff and give the album some ebbs and flows. Aside from gravitating to heavier sounds on this record, the evolution of our songwriting is now more holistic in approach. On the last album you had a stoner song or a doom song, whereas now we combine the two influences in our own way so that we create the bastardised "stoom" or metallised stoner doom sound we make. There was definite intent on my part in riff writing to try and get an atmosphere of the songs to fit the story. Aside from the visceral punishment/purging aspect, the overarching message of Purgatory is contemplating the seven deadly sins on the terraces of purgation. Having that in the back of my mind has lead to a pretty heavy musical landscape.

Spiritech: Can you tell us more about the artist and the meaning behind the album art?

Josh: The artwork is like a map that shows the main narrative elements of the story and a layout of Mt Purgatory and the seven terraces of purgation. You have Dante and Virgil arriving on an angel powered boat, you have the seven P's which every soul or shade has placed on their foreheads to represent how many sins they have left to purge, with each advance up the mountain a P is removed. You have the Seven Deadly Sins and the tasks each shade must endure to remove the "p" for that sin. You have the proud carrying rocks to make them to bow to god and learn humility. Envy is purged when the shades have their eyes sewn shut, like a falconer does to an eagle with its hood to teach loyalty. The wrathful walk around in acrid smoke, Pod People's favourite terrace. Slothful are all like a congregation of lazy souls being forced to run around being super excited about god to the point of insanity. Avaricious shades are made to lay on their faces in submission to leave behind their wants for possessions. Gluttons are tempted being surrounded by food and water, but if they eat or drink it makes them starve and the water makes them parched. Lust is excess passion for the flesh being spiritually burnt away in flames. After the last "P" is removed from the forehead atop the mountain is the Garden of Eden. This represents a place that mankind was before sins- Adam and Eve prior to the Apple. Glenn is amazing. Utterly amazing and his overall album cover when you see it is just awesome.

Spiritech: You're well renowned for your variety of rock moves on stage. Do you have any exciting new ones that you've been practicing that you hope to unleash when touring for the new album?

Josh: Ha, um, they're all pretty improvised at the time. I kinda can't help what I do but there's certainly nothing planned out. For example, I don't intend on dislocating my kneecap and putting it back in before forging on with an hour set like I had to do in Melbourne once. I'm a dickhead and don't mind letting loose when we play- most people that have seen us are aware of that now, but there's no Fear Factory type rehearsed stage moves of markers to stand in the lights at certain times or anything like that!

Spiritech: You've been a part of the heavy music scene in this country for well over a decade and have seen its various rises and falls. How strong do you feel it is now and where do you think Pod People "fit" in a metal scene that can be more focused on chasing trends than the let's be honest- unfashionable- music that you guys make?

Josh: I am perfectly content with our place in the scheme of things. I have no expectations to buy fast cars, Lear jets, fingering the Veronicas at the ARIA after party and I don't like cocaine, I think it's a waste. So we're not really looking for the rock and roll band fantasy. The reason I am content is because I never expected when I joined Pod People to have Tom G Warrior tell you he was "honoured' to play with us- this is what I was supposed to say to him! I also never expected to be in a tour bus smoking cones with Jus Oborn or Danny Lilker. I didn't think that Cathedral would have us play with them on two tours and then put our album out. Really everything is gravy cause I would make these riffs and play anyway. The fact that so much cool stuff has happened for us without beating down doors and busting our ass is extremely satisfying for me musically and we all still enjoy playing. Now for example, yeah we played with Celtic Frost in Sydney. It cost us 140 bucks to hire the van and 80 bucks petrol. We were supposed to be paid 200 bucks and we never even got that. Now I know some bands that would still be chasing the 200 bucks. For me, I will remember turning around mid-set and seeing Tom getting into us on the side of the stage and a good 500 people out the front doing the same and I feel genuinely lucky. We'll get overseas, we'll do some bigger tours and the next album will be even better than this one. I'm confident in my writing and our direction, I don't expect it will make me rich, and as a result I feel richer for it.

Read the full article at PyroMusic.

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