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Band Photo: Amoral (?)

Formed: 1997
From: Helsinki, Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Amoral Announces Final Show Of The Year

Finland's Amoral has issued the following announcement about scheduling the band's final tour date of 2010:

"The very first show we played after recording Show Your Colors was a secret gig at Helsinki's On the Rocks. This show (played under the moniker Gold Johnson Big Band) was also the very first time we played live with Ari. So what better way to wrap up the touring for SYC than to return to that very same place for one more show before we start concentrating on putting the finishing touches to the new material!

"This gig on Saturday, October 23rd is gonna be a special 'an evening with' party, as we're gonna fuck around with the set list a lot, with unusual tunes from our back catalogue, as well as throwing in some odd cover songs. And who knows, you just might hear some new material for the very first time... So, mark your calendars: Amoral @ On the Rocks, Helsinki, Saturday 23rd of October. See you there!"

The upcoming Amoral tour dates are as follows: More...

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Dio Memorial Gala To Be Held In Finland

Tavastia Club will host a Ronnie James Dio Memorial Gala in connection with the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki, Finland in July. The vocalists of the night include Marco Hietala, Tuple Salmela, Ari Koivunen and Patrik Eriksson. All proceeds of the show go to charity.

Ronnie James Dio Memorial Gala, Tuska 2010 Evening Club, Tavastia
Vocalists: Marco Hietala, Tuple Salmela, Ari Koivunen, Patrik Eriksson
Date: Friday, July 2
Time: 21-04:00
Tickets: 10 / 12 e, Tiketti (All proceeds of the show go to charity)
Age limit: 18 years

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Amoral Issues New Album Update

Finland's Amoral has issued the following statement about working on a new album:

"Hi guys, as you might've noticed, it's been real quiet here in the past few months. We've been writing, rehearsing and recording demos of the new material that will eventually become Amoral studio album number five. There's been a nice, long break from gigs, so we've been able to fully concentrate on this, which also explains the lack of updates or news online.

"So far, we have about 50% of the next album completely written and demo'd out, and we're really happy with what we're hearing. It's still gonna take a good while to complete writing the other half, figure out all the boring business side of things (new label etc) and actually record the album, so please be patient. We also have some shows to do during the summer, which slows the writing down a bit...

"We've posted a couple of videos of us recording new songs, one with Juffi's beats and another with Ari's vocals. Sorry for the lack of new music heard, but we don't wanna get the riffs out there this early in the process, we'd rather keep it fresh for when the album is actually out. More...

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Ari Koivunen Forms Cover Band Crazy Mooses

Ari Koivunen, current Amoral frontman and winner of the 2007 Finnish national TV talent competition "Idols", has formed a cover band called Crazy Mooses. The trio includes Ari Koivunen on vocals and drums, Jukka "Juki" Harju on guitar and vocals, and Jussi Kinnunen on bass and vocals). The first gig of the band was held at the Dublin Irish Pub in Lahti, on April 23.

You can check out their Facebook fan page here where you can find some videos off of YouTube. Check out their cover of Whitesnake's "Fool For Your Lovin" below.

The guys are clearly doing it for fun, as you can't help but notice on their rendition of "The Final Countdown."

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Dead Shape Figure Announces First Show Of 2010

Finland's Dead Shape Figure has issued the following update about their first live show of the year:

"We are playing a special show with our friends Amoral and Ghoul Patrol next month in Vernissa, Tikkurila. The show is kind of 'special' for us cause it's gonna be probably our only Finnish-date for this fall. We're gonna play lots of new shit from our new album 'The Disease Of St. Vitus' which is not even released yet as you know so it's gonna exciting for us too. And the fact that we haven't rehearsed or even jammed together (except the new years-show) after the studio makes the show even...raw? ...or sloppy might be the better word. But tomorrow we are finally getting the new rehearsal space running so maybe we'll try to rehearse few times before the show...PSYCHE! Ps. News about the release date of 'The Disease Of St. Vitus' coming up soon..."

The details of the show are as follows:

3/26 2010 Vernissa Tikkurila, Uusimaa

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Ari Koivunen To Make Guest Vocalist Appearance

Solo artist and current Amoral vocalist Ari Koivunen will be making an appearance as the guest vocalist at the rock ’n’ roll restaurant "Jack The Rooster" in Tampere, Finland on Friday, January 22. For more info, visit Jack The Rooster's site.

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Amoral Parts Ways with Guitarist

Finland's Amoral has posted the following message regarding the departure of guitarist Silver Ots:

"For the past months it has been unclear whether or not Silver would continue in the band, and now he has made up his mind to leave. Apparently he didn't feel motivated enough to be part of Amoral anymore, as well as wanting to concentrate on other things in life.

"As bothersome as it is to lose a band member we've been working with since the very beginning, we're not going to let this affect our own enthusiasm and the future of Amoral. Valtteri Hirvonen will be our 'permanent stand-in guitarist' for the time being, so he'll be joining us on gigs and helping out with the songwriting process (he did a GREAT job on the European tour by the way, so we're more than happy to have the guy with us).

"So, all the best for Silver in the future, and towards new adventures with Amoral!"

Silver comments: "I would like to thank the guys for dedication and determination throughout the years and making things happen. I treasure the experiences and miles travelled. I hope nothing but the best for Amoral and raise my thumbs up to Valtteri Hirvonen for stepping up to the challenge!"

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Raskas Joulu 2009 Tour Underway

The traditional Raskas Joulu (Heavy Christmas) tour is on the road again already for the fifth time. The Raskas Joulu project consists of many well known Finnish metal musicians who will perform classic Christmas songs in their own style.

The vocalists of the Raskas Joulu 2009 tour are:

J. Ahola (Teräsbetoni, Northern Kings)
Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot, Northern Kings, Sapattivuosi)
Ilja Jalkanen (Kiuas)
Ari Koivunen (solo, Amoral)
J-P Leppäluoto (Charon, Harmaja, Northern Kings)
Antony Parviainen (Machine Men)
Tommi "Tuple" Salmela (Tarot)

The tour dates are as follows:

Nov 24 Private Christmas Party, Vantaa (J. Ahola, Ari, Ilja)
Nov 27 Night Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä (Antony, Tuple, Ilja)
Nov 28 Puustelli, Nivala (Antony, Tuple, Ilja)
Dec 04 Raahe-Sali, Raahe (Ari, Tuple, JP)
Dec 05 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki (Ari, Tuple, JP)
Dec 10 Puijonsarvi, Kuopio (Marco, Tuple, Ari, Ilja)
Dec 11 Bar'n'Night Vaakuna, Mikkeli (Antony, Ari, Ilja)
Dec 12 Rikala-Sali, Salo (Antony, J. Ahola, Ilja)
Dec 16 Klubi, Turku (Marco, Tuple, JP)
Dec 17 YO-Talo, Tampere (Marco, J. Ahola, JP)
Dec 18 Nosturi, Helsinki at 18:45, no age limit (Marco, J. Ahola, JP, Ilja, Ari)
Dec 18 Nosturi, Helsinki at 21:30, age limit 18 years (Marco, J. Ahola, JP, Ilja, Tuple, Antony)
Dec 19 Osmantupa, Eura (Marco, J. Ahola, Ilja)
Dec 26 Puustelli, Alavus (JP, Tuple, Antony)

The band's lineup consists of:

Erkka Korhonen - Guitars & backing vocals, musical director
Tuomas Wäinölä - Guitars
Mirka Rantanen - Drums
Erkki Silvennoinen - Bass
Vili Ollila - Keyboards

Check out some of their music on the Raskas Joulu Myspace player.

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Amoral Working On New Songs

Finland's Amoral has issued the following tour recap and announcement about working on new material:

"We made it back alive! The falling down the stairs, the near-broken ribs, the 't-shirt incident,' the breaking into our own van, the 16 000 km of driving in one month. Still, we'd get back on the road tomorrow if that was an option! We wanna thank Amorphis for being the great headliners that they were, and for taking us with them in the first place. Thanks to Before the Dawn for being the best possible co-support act, things have never run smoother. The crew, especially our designated driver Peki and our tour master Joey, you guys rule! Sami-Hannu, the sound engineer, for making us sound good night after night. Tuomas from BTD for stepping up and helping us out in Prague in our time of need. And the thousands of people we had the pleasure to play to this past month: thank you very much for the warm responses, the kind words after the shows and just for showing up in time to catch the first band of the evening! We hope to see you all real soon...

"Back home now, we have the rest of the year off. Well, off from playing shows anyhow. The plan is to start working on new songs immediately. A bunch of new ideas have been waiting even before the tour, and new riffs were worked on every day at the back stages across Europe, so we have a lot to go with already. No schedules or deadlines yet whatsoever, but naturally we'll let you know as soon as something comes up."

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Amoral Cancels Upcoming Show

Amoral has issued the following announcement about canceling their tour date in Cracow on October 27th:

"We are sorry to announce that we will not be playing in Cracow on tuesday the 27th. Yesterday our singer Ari slipped in a stairway and hurt his chest badly, among other places. Today, during our sound check in Prague, the pain got unbearable and he was taken to see a doctor. This was just an hour before our showtime, meaning he wouldn't be able to do tonight's show. Since we were already there, our gear all set up, we decided to play a short instrumental set without Ari. Tuomas from Before the Dawn stepped up and sang Pusher with us, which he learned just 30 minutes before the gig! A huge thank you to Tuomas for helping us out, and also to the amazing crowd, who were more than understanding and supportive of our situation. You guys rule! We can't wait to get back and play you a proper show.

"We've decided, given the doctor's advice, to let Ari rest for the next two days. Unfortunately this means that the Cracow gig is a no-go. We hate cancel ling shows more than anything, but this is absolutely nessessary to make sure he won't get worse and that we won't have to cancel the rest of the tour completely. We were really looking forward to the Cracow show, as we've never played in Poland before. We hope you understand and enjoy Before the Dawn's Amorphis' great gigs. If all goes well and Ari gets better fast, we'll be joining the tour again in Budapest on wednesday the 28th. We'll keep you posted."

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Amoral Comments On Fan Questions About Shirt

Finland's Amoral has issued the following statement about fans questioning vocalist Ari Koivunen's Burzum shirt at a German show:

"After yesterday's sold out show in Hannover, Germany, we had a lot of people come over and compliment us on a great gig, but also asking about Ari's stage shirt. Ari was wearing a Burzum t-shirt (a band he's not even into, he bought it as a 'kvlt' joke while in Norway), which, we learned yesterday, is regarded as a very 'pro-nazi' band in Germany. We want to make it clear that neither Ari, nor anyone else in Amoral, have ANY sympathy for these kind of ideologies, and want nothing to do with them. We apologize for any misunderstandings."

Amoral also have the following upcoming tour dates: More...

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Amoral Gearing Up For European Tour

Finland's Amoral has issued the following update about preparing for their European tour dates:

"Hey all,

"We (Amoral) are about to leave to Berlin this Wednesday, where the 'Forging Europe tour' will start. The lineup consists of Amorphis (the headliner), Before the Dawn and us. We know most of the guys from both bands from previous gigs together, so we know how cool the company is gonna be on this tour. Last friday was the 'warm up' show at Nosturi, Helsinki, where we met the bands and crew, went through the backline and kicked off the tour in front of a sold out audience. In other words, a killer start to a killer tour!

"We'll be updating this blog from the road as often as possible, with thoughts, comments and random bs, as well as pictures from around Europe. So keep checking back every few days to see if the boyz are still alive..."

Amoral's currently confirmed tour dates are as follows: More...

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Amoral Announces Two Finnish Shows in January

Amoral has announced two shows in their home of Finland in the new year:

Jan. 29, 2010 Hämeenlinna - Suistoklubi
Jan. 30, 2010 Seinäjoki - Bar 15

More shows may be announced in the future.

Amoral's latest album, "Show Your Colors," was released in Finland on May 6. The album has also been released in Germany on May 22, in The U.S. on June 9 and in Japan on July 22. The Japanese release contains a cover of The Misfits-song "Dig Up Her Bones" as a bonus track.

Here are some upcoming Amoral tour dates: More...

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Amoral Announces European Tour Dates

Amoral will be touring Europe with Amorphis and Before The Dawn in October. The tour lasts for one month and the bands will play in 14 countries. During September Amoral is still touring in Finland.

Here are the latest upcoming Amoral toud dates:

Sep. 04 - Karhulinna, Helsinki
Sep. 11 - Bar Totem, Lappeenranta
Sep. 17 - On The Rocks, Helsinki
Sep. 18 - Henry's Pub, Kuopio
Sep. 19 - Teatria, Oulu
Sep. 20 - Klubi, Tampere
Sep. 23 - Klubi, Turku

Amoral with Amorphis and Before The Dawn: More...

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Amoral Announces European Tour With Amorphis

Amoral has issued the following announcement about upcoming tour dates supporting Amorphis and Before the Dawn:

"We're thrilled to announce that we'll be touring Europe with Amorphis and Before the Dawn between October 7th and November 7th! 28 dates of Finnish metal excellence! You'll find the dates on our Myspace main page.

"We'll try to get a new date for the Helsinki gig in Virgin Oil (originally cheduled for October 16th) for November."

Amoral's complete listing of upcoming tour dates (including September dates without Amorphis and Before the Dawn) are as follows: More...

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Amoral Posts "Year Of The Suckerpunch" Video

Finnish metallers Amoral have posted a new video online for the song "Year of the Suckerpunch," which can be viewed below. The band issued the following statement about the video:

"The video for 'Year of the Suckerpunch' is finally done and online! Watch it here. A big thank you to the film crew (Toni Salminen, Timo Honkanen, Leeni-Maria Hovila, Maria Jaskari, Valtteri Hirvonen & Ilkka Taponen) for their hard work!" More...

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Amoral Drops Out of Agent Steel Tour

Amoral will not be part of the Agent Steel tour in November.

The band comments: "The booking agency responsible for the tour failed to give us ANY information concerning the specific dates etc, and after tons of emails that we never got any replies to we decided to look for another package for the end of the year. At the moment we have no idea if the Agent Steel tour will even happen or not, but either way, Amoral will not be a part of it.

"We're working on finding a replacement tour as we speak. Naturally we'll keep you posted, and will inform here as soon as something is confirmed."

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Amoral Streaming Entire New Album Online

Finnish band Amoral is currently streaming the entire new album "Show Your Colors" online. The songs can be heard on the band's MySpace page. "Show Your Colors" is set to be released on May 6th in Finland, May 11th in the UK, and June 9th in North America.

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Amoral Signs To NEM Booking

NEM Booking has issued the following statement about signing Finnish metallers Amoral:

"We are extremely proud to announce that Amoral has been added to our artist roster.

"Amoral started off in 1997 as a thrash metal cover band, but in the beginning of the year 2000 Amoral started writing their own songs. Amoral released their debut album, "Wound Creations" in 2004, after which they quickly changed record labels, moving to Spinefarm Records.

"In July 2008 their lead singer left the group and in his personal statement claimed that this was due to a lack of motivation. In November 2008, Amoral released a press-release, revealing that their new singer is bronze-medalist at the Karaoke World Championships as well as Finnish Idol winner, Ari Koivunen . Ari Koivunen is known for his amazing voice, which suites metal the best. Hi & lo, long & short.

"Amoral is due to release their fourth studio album on the 6th of May."

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Amoral Updates Tour Schedule

Finnish metallers Amoral have updated their tour schedule with several summer shows. The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

5/1 - Dino's - Maarianhamina, Finland
5/2 - Dino's - Maarianhamina, Finland
5/6 - Nosturi - Helsinki, Finland
5/8 - Kellari - Joensuu, Finland
5/9 - Woodoo - Imatra, Finland
5/15 - Hellä - Tampere, Finland
5/16 - Donington - Porvoo, Finland
5/21 - Bar Kino - Pori, Finland
5/23 - Osmantupa - Eura, Finland
5/29 - Rocktown - Hämeenlinna, Finland
5/30 - Donington - Kouvola, Finland

6/13 - Tavastia - Helsinki, Finland

8/1 - TLY 2009 - Tammela, Finland

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