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Formed: 1998
From: Helsingborg, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Darkane news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Century Media Release Metal For The Masses Vol 4

Continuing the highly successful Metal For The Masses series, the Century Family unseals Metal For The Masses Volume Four, once again exclusive to Hot Topic locations nationwide. The 2-disc compilation contains 40 tracks totaling over 2 hours of music. The artwork for Volume Four incorporates the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to stunning effect and also depicts the album art for each featured artist within as well as additional artist and album information. Volume Four comes housed in a deluxe double Digipak and is available now at all Hot Topic locations nationwide.

Started in 2003, Metal For The Masses has become The Century Family's largest-selling compilation series, replacing the budget priced Identity series. The Metal For The Masses series is also one of Hot Topic's longest-running exclusive compilations. Selling well over 60,000 copies each, Metal For The Masses continues to disseminate the word of metal.

Disc One Includes Century Media Artists:

God Forbid, Manntis, Diecast, Brand New Sin, Agents Of Man, Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Behemoth, Old Man's Child, Naglfar, Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore, Eyes Of Fire, Into Eternity, Cryptopsy, Watch Them Die, Napalm Death, Despised Icon and Immolation

Disc Two Includes:

Nuclear Blast Artists: Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork, In Flames, Meshuggah, Bleed The Sky, Darkane, Mnemic, Hypocrisy, Exodus and Cathedral

Liquor And Poker Music Artists: Fireball Ministry, Nebula, The Hellacopters, The Illuminati, The Black Halos, Crash Kelly, The Thieves, Scott Reeder, American Heartbreak and Backyard Babies

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Darkane Check in From the Road

DARKANE guitarist Christofer Malmstrom has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"It's been a few days since I was on the computer! We've played Grand Rapids where I had lots of trouble with my gear, but I think the rest of the guys had a good show. Then we had a day off in Cleveland and Gene Hoglan of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, our tour manager Bryan and us DARKANE dudes went to the Rock'n' Roll Hall of Fame museum! We enjoyed it a lot. The show also went very well. Detroit was next up and the Harpo's! Huge place! Kind of rough neigborhood, but we were prepared for that. We were told not to go anywhere but the bus and the venue. The stage was REALLY tall and the audience seemed like 'midgets' from up there."

"Next stop was Toronto and our first-ever Canadian show! Beautiful town (which we didnt get to see much of...) but most special... the crowd!!! You people rocked the Opera House!"

"Yesterday we had another day off in NYC where we did the usual touristing stuff such as checking out the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the Grand Central Station. Not the juiciest news you would have hoped for but we are tourists in this country right now! In the evening we went to B.B. King's at Times Square and checked VADER and CRYPTOPSY, because our ears really longed for some death metal!"

"Today SOILWORK joined the package and from now on there will be the four of us on the bill. SOILWORK seemed jet lagged, but put on a hell of a show here at the Irving Plaza. Our set tonight wasn't the best so far but it felt ok and we've got a lot of good response from the audience."

"Well, Jorgen just entered and told me that people are waiting at the merch booth to get their CDs signed, so... gotta go!"

"See you out there, and remember to come early as DARKANE is the opening act!"

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Darkane Check In From The Road

DARKANE are currently treading on U.S. soil for the first time, joined by FEAR FACTORY, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and SOILWORK. Guitarist Christofer Malmström posted the following update from the band's North American tour:

"Today we´re in Milwaukee, WI. Been doing four shows so far, so only 29 to go! The audience has been really great so far! I´m surprised that so many people have shown up for the opening act... something that is not taken for granted when you open up in Europe.

Two days ago we were in Chicago. The first thing we did was to take a walk in that beautiful city to the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the US. The view was fantastic! We also took a group photo with this green screen where they put the tower in the background if you buy the pic. We´ll see if we can scan it and put it up here. When returning to the House of Blues we suddenly found ourself in one of the VIP opera boxes in the balcony at a gospel concert! For five Swedes that was a really cool experience!

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Darkane To Tour The US For The First Time

Touring in support of their critically acclaimed 2005 release, Layers Of Lies, DARKANE - who formed in the late '90s and hail from Helsingborg, Sweden - have performed only once before on North American soil and were received with raving applause at 2001's Milwaukee Metalfest XV. With their first full-fledged tour of North America set to launch on October 28th at Granada in Lawrence, Kansas, guitarist and founding member of the band, Christofer Malmström, has this to share:

"Finally! We have been waiting for so many years for this opportunity, and now it's finally come... What a great package! It´s unbelievable! We´ve been fans of Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad since many years back, and we´ve practically grown up with Soilwork here in Helsingborg, so this is really a dream coming true for us! Ever since we released our debut album Rusted Angel back in 1999, we've received requests from American fans to come over and tour, and believe me, we've always wanted to, but circumstances have made it impossible until now."

With a high-profile maiden tour, a well-received album, and eager fans awaiting their arrival, what will be the most difficult thing DARKANE will face while out on the road?

"It will be quite hard to decide what songs we are going to play," muses Malmström. "We haven't toured that side of the world before, and fans have many different favorite songs. With only a 30 minute set each night, it will be difficult to choose music from all our albums, but because we don't want people to leave disappointed, we'll alternate our setlist from evening to evening, so if you see us more than one time, chances are big that you´ll hear the song you've been waiting to hear!"

Christmas is coming early for fans of extreme drumming, as the upcoming Transgression Tour will place DARKANE's own Peter Wildoer on the same stage as Fear Factory's Raymond Herrera, Strapping Young Lad's Gene Hoglan, and Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren. Is there anything the band is looking forward to?

"I've always been interested in geography, so for me personally, I'm looking forward to experiencing new places I've never been to like Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Toronto, and Vancouver. I'm sure very city will be a fucking blast... I will finally get to meet the drummer in my solo project in Vancouver, Ryan van Poederooyen, who I´ve never met in person!"

Darkane's North American tour dates with Fear Factory, Soilwork, and Strapping Young Lad are as follows:

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More Stops Added To Fear Factory Tour

More stops have been announced for Fear Factory's tour with Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad and Darkane, here's the latest:
December 02nd Sacramento, CA - The Boardwalk
December 03rd Portland, OR - Roseland Theatre
December 04th Seattle, WA - El Corazon
December 05th Vancouver, BC - Croatian Cultural Center

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Soilwork, SYL To Tour With Fear Factory

Soilwork singer, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has posted the following tour update on the band's official website:

"Just wanna update and confirm what's going on with the upcoming tours:

"Today we have confirmed Hatesphere and Construcdead as supporting acts for the european headlinertour starting on the 5th of october in Helsinki. Both bands are very promising and both have great albums coming out very soon. Both bands has also a reputation of being great live bands, this bill won't make you disappointed!! Check out the tourschedule and don't you miss the show...

"We have also confirmed the novembertour with Fear Factory in Northamerica. We will be direct support to Fear Factory and there will be two more killer bands on the bill: Strapping Young Lad and Darkane! How about it folks!? Unfortunately we'll jump on the tour a week later from where the tour starts, i'll keep you posted on exactly what date..

"Stay tune folks and have a good one..


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Speed Issues Terror 2000, Soilwork Updates

Soilwork frontman Speed has checked in with the following update:

Hi there!

I'm so sorry i haven't posted anything in a while..
I've been recording the vocals for the new Terror 2000 album. We've had so much fuckin' fun in the studio here in Helsingborg.. we decided to take thrash metal to where it never has been before and have no boundaries of what a thrash metal album should or shouldn't contain.. So, it's all in there folks: This album is gonna be the most hilarious, intense, brainless, aggressive, silly, fast, immature and nervewrecking album you ever heard! An example: a thrash metal blues in 285 bpm called "Bloody blues blaster"... stay tune..

We're flying in to Amsterdam tomorrow and we'll play our first european gig for the new album at the Waldrock-festival, can't wait!
Right now we're also setting up a headlining tour in Europe for this fall.. hopefully we'll manage to cover the world before the year is over..

When we come home from Waldrock i'll get my ass over to the Sweden Rock festival and watch some M'y..

Anyways, we'll see you on stage on the festivals! Metal up your ass!


Terror 2000 is the Swedish thrash metal band featuring Speed (Soilwork), Klas Ideberg (Darkane), Nick Sword (El Mago), Erik Thyselius (Construcdead) and Dan Svensson (Hatelight).

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Darkane Pre-listening Section Now Available

An exclusive pre-listening section for the coming Darkane album, "Layers Of Lies," is now available online. Click here to hear the title track of the CD, watch the video for 'Secondary Effects' and check out the artwork.

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Darkane Album Release Date

Darkane's new album has been given a July 12 release date and is entitled, "Layers of Lies".

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New Darkane Song Available For Download

The new Darkane song "Layers Of Lies," taken from their new album of the same name, was put online for download at this location.

The band has issued the following statement regarding the track:

This song is one of the slower songs and doesn't fully represent the whole album. Check it out and be prepared for some more ass kicking when "Layers Of Lies" is released in Europe June 27th and North America July 12th.

The video to "Secondary Effects" is also finished and will be released in some way quite soon.

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Dark Album Cover Artwork Posted Online

Swedish thrashers Darkane have posted the following message on their official web site:

Here is the "Layers of Lies" cover artwork [view cover here], made by Fredrik Ödman. The album will be released June 27th in Europe and July 12th in North America.

Darkane are taking a break from everything right now. Peter [Wildoer, drums] and Christofer [Malmström, guitar] were at the Nuclear Blast HQ in Germany last weekend to meet with some European press and let them hear the new record. The overall impression was very positive!

Right now Klas [Ideberg, guitar] is recording the third album with Terror 2000 and Christofer is recording his solo project Non-Human Level."

"Layers of Lies" track listing:

01. Amnesia of the Wildoerian Apocalypse
02. Secondary Effects
03. Organic Canvas
04. Fading Dimensions
05. Layers of Lies
06. Godforsaken Universe
07. Klastrophobic Hibernation
08. Vision of Degradation
09. Contaminated
10. Maelstrom Crisis
11. Decadent Messiah
12. The Creation Insane

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Darkane Album Tracklisting Revealed

Darkane have posted the following news at their official website on March 29:

The end!
At 7:00am this morning Peter and Klas burned the final version of "Layers Of Lies" on a CD-R after another long night of mixing. The end result is a very brutal, but clear production. The performance from the band is better than ever and the vocals are very raw and aggressive, yet melodic and powerful. Here is the total track list:

'Amnesia Of The Wildoerian Apocalypse'
'Secondary Effects'
'Organic Canvas'
'Fading Dimensions'
'Layers Of Lies'
'Godforsaken Universe'
'Klastrophobic Hibernation'
'Vision Of Degradation'
'Maelstrom Crisis'
'Decadent Messiah'
'The Creation Insane'

A Japanese bonus track called 'Subliminal Seduction' has also been recorded. Tomorrow, "Layers of Lies" will be mastered and then sent to Nuclear Blast for printing.

The cover art work will be revealed in a few days.

"Layers Of Lies" will hit the stores on Juni 27.

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Darkane Mixing New Album

Darkane guitarist Christofer Malmström has posted this recording update on the band's official website:

The Darkane album ("Layers Of Lies") is being mixed at the moment. This upcoming weekend we will record the cello and double bass for the intro and some other parts of the album and then we´ll finish the mix, mastering and send it all to Nuclear Blast for printing. The release date is still set to June 27. Last Sunday I was watching the filming of the side story to the video, "Secondary Effects." I think it will be great!

I'm also very excited right now because at this moment Ryan (van Poederooyen) is laying down the drum tracks to Non-Human Level in Vancouver. I know it will kick ass, but it's a pain that I can't be there and hear it for myself! Ryan will hopefully put up a video clip from the drumming session on his own website.

Something completely else: In October 2002 Peter (Wildoer) and I participated in a very cool project called "Seven Deadly Pieces - A Concert for Chamber Orchestra and Thrash Metal Band." We did a live show in Helsingborg which was recorded and will be released on DVD later this year. The author of the piece, Lale Larson, who's also a very good friend of me and Peter has put up a trailer on his website for download. The most brutal metal parts of the concert is not included in the trailer, but you will see some of Peter and myself in a new environment. You have to be open-minded so don't expect to see metal if you download it, but very strange and cool and well-arranged music! Check it out! I love it!

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Darkane Posts Studio Photos Online

Swedish thrashers Darkane have posted several new photos from the recording sessions for the group's new studio album at this location.

As previously reported, Nuclear Blast Records has set a June 27 European release date for the new CD from Darkane, entitled "Layers of Lies". Song titles set to appear on the album include "Secondary Effect," "Fading Dimensions," "Organic Canvas," "The Creation Insane" and the projected title track. A video for "Secondary Effect" will be filmed during the coming weeks.

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Darkane Release Date Set For New Album

Nuclear Blast Records has set a June 27 European release date for the new CD from Swedish thrashers Darkane, entitled "Layers of Lies". Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Secondary Effect", "Fading Dimensions", "Organic Canvas", "The Creation Insane" and the projected title track. A video for "Secondary Effect" will be filmed during the coming weeks.

Darkane's last studio album, "Expanding Senses", was released in 2002 via Nuclear Blast.

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Darkane Set Working Title On Upcoming Album

The Swedish thrash metal band Darkane have set "Layers Of Lies" as working title on their upcoming album wich will be released through Nuclear Blast Records in May 2005. Some songtitles that will appear on the new CD are: "Secondary effect", "Fading dimensions", "Organic canvas", "The creation insane" & "Layers of lies."

Drummer Peter Wildoer have posted the following message on the bands website:

We're working our asses of right now with the final recordings. So far six songs out of ten are done with vocals. A bit more than half of the guitar solos are also to be recorded. Just came back from a meeting about shooting a new video for a track called 'Secondary effect'. The video team will start working asap.

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Darkane Guitarist Issues Album Update

Darkane guitarist Christofer Malmström has provided this update on his official website regarding the new Darkane album:

Ok, we are still recording the Darkane album. Right now we have vocals to 5 songs, and 5 more songs to go. I've recorded a few of my solos too. I'm very eager to get this album ready because it's taken a lot of time. We started in october and it's taking so long because we are working our day jobs at the same time, and you can't be in the studio every day either. Got to take care of personal stuff too. Some days we enter the studio just to fix something that might have gone broken or just make backup copies of the hard drive, and such things takes a lot of time too. Anyway, the end result will be good I'm quite convinced. If you like our former albums you will probably like this too. On "Expanding Senses" there were a lot of "one-note-vocal lines", and we have tried to avoid that this time by writing "more-than-one-note-vocal lines"! Get it? =) Anyway, today I think some new photos from the studio turned up at www.darkane.com.

Today was a day off from the studio for me so I thought I would check in and at least give you something. And when I give something it´s mostly video clips because I am the guy in the band that always runs the video camera when things are happening. I've taped a lot of all of our recordings and tours and someday parts of it will end up on a DVD. That´s been the plan for a long time.

This time however I won't put up anything that I've shot myself, but a small TV clip from December 2003 when Darkane was on the national television program "Musikbyrån". The show was about the Sweden Rock festival earlier that year and we had the opportunity to be a part of it. It starts with an interview in Swedish with Mr. Wildoer, and after that is a small segment from "Violence From Within" played live. Shots from that festival also ended up on the "Chaos vs Order" video.

The clip is 1.35 min long and 4.7 MB large. Download it by clicking here! (Windows Media)

Til next time take care and stay metal!

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Terror 2000 To Record New Album In March

The Swedish Thrash Metal band Terror 2000 will record their new album in March 2005. Bjorn Speed Strid (Soilwork), Klas Ideberg (Darkane), Nick Sword (El Mago), Erik Thyselius (Construcdead) and Dan Svensson (Hatelight) are still writing new songs announced as the most neck-breakin', fast and aggressive recorded by the band. No title for the new album is yet confirmed but the release date is planned for June 2005 through Scarlet Records.

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Darkane Guitarist Issue Studio Update

Darkane guitarist Christofer Malmström has posted this studio update on the band's official website:

The rhythm guitars has been put to hard drive and Jörgen is right now finishing the bass recording. So far we are happy with the result and it feels like some of the songs are gonna be very good! In the next days we are going to start the recording of the vocals and solo guitars as well.

After the holiday seasons we will put up a new video clip from the guitar recordings..

We have also had a meeting with four video producers about making another video. Two of them are Johan and Per who did Innocence Gone and Chaos vs Order. The other two are graphic designers and will be presented later.

Darkane would like to wish you all a merry christmas and an evil new year! Watch out for the new album coming up in May 2005!

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Darkane Check In From The Studio

Darkane guitarist Christofer Malmström has checked in with this studio report on the band's official website:

Klas, Jörgen and myself have started to record the guitars and bass. So far we've put down two songs, and I guess there is not much more to tell. Working daytime and recording during evenings keeps the recording progress go forward slowly but safely.

Andreas has had the flu after the show in Denmark and will probably start to record the vocals in one or two weeks. Then we´ll continue to alternate between vocals and instrument recording to keep his voice fresh.

Not much more to tell at this moment!

Stay evil!

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