"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Zebulon Kosted

Formed: 1998
From: Bozeman, MT, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Zebulon Kosted Releases Split Album For Free

Poland's Acrybia and Montana based experimental black metal band Zebulon Kosted have released a free split album through Thesperate Records titled "Rise, Conquer, and Destroy." The split can be downloaded here.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Rise, Conquer, and Destroy
2. Pro-Creation
3. Jesus is Dead (Lost Souls)
4. Nyarlathotep
5. Ia D'at
6. Digital God of Disaster
7. ESV
8. Post-Creation (Third Omen)

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Zebulon Kosted Announces Commissioned Albums

Ambient black metal band Zebulon Kosted has issued the following announcement about recording albums by fan request:

"I am now recording for a new set of releases called the 'Persona Series.' These cassettes will be commissioned works (not by content, but by payment) for individuals. If John Smith in London, England wants his own Zebulon Kosted album, I will make a 45 minute album (one side of a 90 minute tape), 2 hand drawn mini posters, I will name the album after him (Zebulon Kosted - John Smith), and the fan will retain all rights to the recording (for use of any future release, sampling, or broadcasting rights).

"One copy of the album will remain in my personal collection, and one will be sent to the customer, so that the only copy that will be in circulation will be John Smiths copy! Each album is available for the ridiculously low price of $10 (not including shipping), and will be shipped in its completed form no later than 6 weeks from the date of purchase!!!"

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Zebulon Kosted Offering Free Music Sample

One man ambient black metal band Zebulon Kosted is currently offering a sample of the album "Dragon's Blood" online for free download. The sample can be downloaded here. Zebulon issued the following statement about the download:

"This is a 3 minute 30 second excerpt of Dragons Blood that I am giving to y'all for free to try and bolster sales of this album (why would I lie, I'm broke as a joke and need the cash :D!!!), PLEASE SPREAD IT AROUND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, SEND IT TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!"

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Zebulon Kosted Cancels Midwest Tour Dates

One man black metal band Zebulon Kosted has issued the following announcement about canceling his upcoming Midwest tour dates:

"Thanks to everyone on the Westside, sorry to the Midwest :(

"Tour was an intense and epic adventure, I would like to thank all of the clubs, promoters, and bands that made the 2009 ZEBULON KOSTED WEST COAST TOUR a success!!! Our car waited to break down until we got back to Montana, which was nice because I didn't have any 'no shows' for gigs. A huge repair bill was payed for by both sides of my wifes and my own family, which will need to be paid back promptly(anyone who knows me well understands my loathing for any form of debt).

"Christina and I are also moving to Stevensville, Montana, a very beautiful little town outside of Missoula. With all of these major expenses being heaped on me, I regret to announce that I must cancel my mini Midwest tour. I'm going to have to get a second job to become financially stable again, and the strain put on a 1991 Oldsmobile by doing 2 tours in 2 months would just be too much. I apologize to everyone who has been putting this together for the last 2 months, and to the fans in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago."

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Zebulon Kosted Announces Extra Charity Tour Dates

Experimental one man black metal band Zebulon Kosted has issued the following update about extra tour U.S. tour dates:

"I will be doing a small mini - Midwestern tour -

7/30 - Minneapolis - The Rat Hole
7/31 - Chicago - The Metal Shaker
8/1 - Milwaukee (or Madison) - ?

"All of these shows are benefits to raise money for international charities. I am having a hard time finding a venue for the last show in Wisconsin. This show is a benefit to raise money to build an orphanage in Bolivia (This is done by Charity Bolivia). If you can help out, please let me know as soon as possible, thanks!"

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Zebulon Kosted Announces 2009 North American Tour

Experimental black metal act Zebulon Kosted has announced the following upcoming tour dates in the U.S. and Canada:

4/1 2009 ZACC Basement Missoula, Montana

5/22 2009 The Underground Calgary, Alberta
5/23 2009 The Cretin Hop w/ Throne of Malediction, Age of Nefilim and Doom Lit Sky Spokane, Washington
5/24 2009 Squid & Ink Seattle, Washington
5/25 2009 Plan B w/ Transient, Anon Remora, and Honduran Portland, Oregon
5/26 2009 The Samurai Duck Eugene, Oregon
5/27 2009 The Golden Trapper Keeper Lodge w/ Al Qaeda and Droughter San Francisco, California
5/28 2009 TBA w/ Al Qaeda Oakland, California
5/29 2009 Rituals in the Shadows Private Party w/ Tomhet Valencia, California
5/30 2009 The High Maintenance Bar Las Vegas, Nevada
5/31 2009 The Old Curtis Street Bar Denver, Colorado

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Zebulon Kosted Posts Three New Songs Online

Experimental black metal act Zebulon Kosted has posted excerpts from the songs "Cavernous Quiet," "Rise Conquer and Destroy," and "Issky Kul" on the band's official MySpace page. The songs come from upcoming split albums with both Acrybia and Terre & Neige.

Zebulon Kosted has also stated that a live DVD is in the works titled "Neuschwabenland" which will be released at an undetermined date through Kapustin Yar Records.

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