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Band Photo: Sepultura (?)

Formed: 1984
From: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Sepultura news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Bruce Dickinson In Tribuzy Project In Brazil

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson is travelling to Brazil this week to play with friends in a special Tribuzy project. He met Renato Tribuzy a few years back and was very impressed with his music. They became friends and Bruce contributed the vocal on a song on his album. On this trip Bruce will sing on this song backed by his mates Roy Z and Chris Dale, both of whom he has played a lot with in the past.

Also involved in the project are Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura).

The set will consist of Tribuzy songs, but it is likely that Bruce will pull on his own repertoire a little too at some stage...

Dates are as follows:

Nov. 12 São Paulo - Credicard Hall
1ov. 13 Belo Horizonte - Chevrolet Hall

The support act for the concerts will be Jeff Scot Sotto.

For ticket information visit www.tribuzy.com.

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Rob Flynn Talks About Roadrunner All Star Sessions

Austin Powell of The Daily Texan recently conducted an interview with MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn about Robert's contributions to the ROADRUNNER UNITED "The All-Star Sessions" CD, a collection of original tracks that are collaborations between numerous Roadrunner Records stars. The short question-and-answer session follows:

Daily Texan: Jeff Waters (guitarist for ANNIHILATOR and solo musician on two of Flynn's tracks [on "The All-Star Sessions" CD], "The Dagger" and "Independent"), goes absolutely off on this album. What was your relationship with him before the project?

Robert Flynn: "We never toured with ANNIHILATOR. That was a little before our time. I actually met him while coming home from England. This guy standing in front of me at customs was wearing an ANNIHILATOR shirt, which is really rare. You just don't see it coming to America, so I was just like 'Are you in ANNIHILATOR?' and he was like, 'Yeah, Robert Flynn?' And I was like 'Yeah,' and we just kind of hit it off from there."

Daily Texan: Waters is definitely an amazing shredder, but let's talk about your guitar work on the album. What brought about that 3-part guitar harmony in "Independent"?

Robert Flynn: The whole concept of that song is loosely based around [late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist] 'Dimebag' Darrell. Around the time of his death this guy named William Grim put out an article on this extremely conservative web site called The Iconoclast entitled, 'R.I.P. Dimebag Abbott and Good Riddance.' It basically called him a scumbag that brought this on himself. It was pretty vile and it was published the day after his murder. I copied it, and sent it to Max Cavalera [SOULFLY, ex-SEPULTURA], who ended up singing on the track. So the topic of the song is a response to that and three-part guitar harmony was just going for this big, epic guitar-oriented outro piece with piano and strings as a kind of tribute to him."

Daily Texan: How did your track with Howard Jones of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE come about?

Robert Flynn: "I had written the song and it had a killer melodic hook, and I envisioned Howard singing it from the get-go. I thought it would be cool to hear him on 'The More Things Change'-era MACHINE HEAD track. I wrote the vocal melody and lyrics, recorded it and sent it to him. He was originally just supposed to be the singer, but during the course of recording we started messing around with it and I started singing. It kind of just became the 'Ebony and Ivory' of metal music. The whole process was just spontaneous. So much of what you hear is a first take, just this magical moment put to tape."

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Soulfly Guitarist Talks About Return To Thrash

Cameron Edney of Inside Out 666 interviewed Soulfly's Marc Rizzo and discussed the re-release of his solo album, the new Soulfly album, the possibility of releasing a live DVD, touring Australia, those comments Max recently made about touring again with Sepultura and much more. Here are some excepts:

INSIDE_OUT666: I love the new album it’s somewhere along the lines of old Sepultura meets new Soulfly!

MARC RIZZO: Exactly! Joe & I are both huge thrash metal fans as is Max. We wanted to get back to that style. We love the Soulfly stuff but we really wanted to get back to solos & great thrash riffs.

INSIDE_OUT666: How long did it take to record the new album?

MARC RIZZO: Not long at all; it took about a month to record the basic guitars, bass & drums. Max took a bit of time doing the vocals & going over the world to find those weird instruments. It took us about six months all together.

INSIDE_OUT666: When it came time to record ‘Dark Ages’ did you approach it in a different way to albums you have worked on in the past?

MARC RIZZO: I think we talked about getting back to the thrash style because Joe & myself are really into that style of music & we’re both well schooled in that style of music. Max also wanted to go back into more of the world music vibe that he’s always had. He continued to go around the world to look for strange instruments to use on the record.

INSIDE_OUT666: Max recently said in an interview that he is looking forward to playing shows again in the future with Sepultura. With statements such as that & yourself having side projects, what does the future hold for the Soulfly?

MARC RIZZO: I think Soulfly will be going on forever. For as long as Max is around Soulfly will continue. If Max put Sepultura back together that would be awesome, I’m the first person who’d love to see that. I’m a huge Sepultura fan, I grew up on Sepultura, & they’re still one of my favorite bands.

INSIDE_OUT666: Now Soulfly are heading back out on tour this month, what can fans expect to see this time around?

MARC RIZZO: This time around we’re going to do everything off the new record; the fans can really expect to see a thrash set. We’re also going to be doing all the old classic Soulfly songs & a lot of old Sepultura stuff like ‘Inner Self’, ‘Dead Embryonic Cells’, ‘Territory’ & ‘Mass Hypnosis’. We try to get all these songs perfect, note for note cause we’re such fans of the music. I think you can expect a fast, brutal & heavy set from us.

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Roadrunner United "House Band" To Play One-off

the year-long, multi-tiered celebration of Roadrunner Records' 25th Anniversary culminates on December 15 when the label will host a once-in-a-lifetime concert at the Nokia Theatre in New York City. The show will feature a ROADRUNNER UNITED "house band" comprised of Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT) on drums, Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA) on lead guitar, Dino Cazares (ex-FEAR FACTORY, BRUJERIA) on rhythm guitar, and Adam Duce (MACHINE HEAD) on bass, and is shaping up to be a defining event in hard rock history. Special guests, including past and present Roadrunner artists and other metal icons, will join the band onstage to play 20 classic Roadrunner tunes along with a few choice cuts from "The All Star Sessions". Tickets for the concert will be available in the coming weeks.

The label has been celebrating 25 years through the release of several 25th anniversary special editions of landmark Roadrunner records, including classic albums from MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, SEPULTURA, COAL CHAMBER, SOULFLY, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and others.

October 11 marked the release of a groundbreaking album from ROADRUNNER UNITED, entitled "The All Star Sessions". Created as the ultimate celebration of the label's anniversary, the album features 55 artists from 45 different past/current Roadrunner bands playing 18 original songs written by four chosen captains. It is a true master-class in hard rock/metal that also includes a DVD with a full hour of behind-the-scenes footage on the recording of the album.

The DVD that accompanies the album was shot by Techtonic Rocket Society (CHIMAIRA's "The Dehumanizing Project" DVD) and captures all aspects of the recording of the album through interviews and in-studio footage. It films captains Jordison in Des Moines, IA, Robert Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) in San Francisco, Cazares in Los Angeles and Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM) in Florida. Along with interviews with all four captains, the DVD includes interviews with many of the album's featured artists, including Glen Benton (DEICIDE), King Diamond, Mike D'Antonio (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), Dave Chavarri (ILL NINO), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), Matt DeVries (CHIMAIRA), Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD), Roy Mayorga (ex-SOULFLY) and many others.

ROADRUNNER UNITED's "The All-Star Sessions" features the first single "The End". Written by Cazares and featuring Heafy on vocals, the song is already catching fire at radio with adds at WBUZ in Nashville, WJJO in Madison, WBZX in Columbus, KILO in Colorado Springs, WIYY in Baltimore and more. Additionally the video for the song debuted on Fuse's "Metal Asylum" on Wednesday, October 12 along with an interview with Dez Fafara of DEVILDRIVER, Cristian Macado and Dave Chavarri from ILL NINO, Josh Silver from TYPE O NEGATIVE and Cazares. A performance of the Jordison-penned song "Tired & Lonely" which features Jordison on drums, Keith Caputo (LIFE OF AGONY) on vocals, Nadja Peulen (ex-COAL CHAMBER) on bass, Matt Baumbach (VISION OF DISORDER) and Acey Slade (MURDERDOLLS) on guitars and Omar Clavijo (ILL NINO) on keyboards will air on Fuse this Friday, October 14 and include an interview. MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball" will premiere the video this weekend.

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More Sepultura Footage Online

Sepultura have been posting various video footage online from the recording of their upcoming new album "Dante XXI", you can find it all over at www.sepultura.com.br. The album is expected out through SPV early next year. A live album entitled "Live In Sao Paulo" is set to precede it, being released as both a 2-CD live album and a DVD through SPV on November 08th.

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Sepultura Post New Studio Report And Video Footage

Sepultura's webmaster has posted the following at the band's official website:

"Studio Report #6

8:30 PM, my cell phone rings, Andreas calling:

Me - "Hey Alemão!"
Andreas - "Hey man, can you come to the studio tonight?"
Me - "Sure.. what's up?"
Andreas - "We're recording the Horns today!"
Me - "I'm on my way!"

As a result, probably the most unexpected of the reports, download the video here. (Windows Media, 22MB).

This week they'll also record the Cellos, more guitar solos and finish the vocals. Keep checking."

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Sepultura To Cover Judas Priest, Sick of It All

Sepultura are to record covers of Judas Priest's 'Screaming For Vengeance' and 'Scratch The Surface' by Sick Of It All, during the sessions for upcoming albume 'Dante XX1'. The record, a concept based around The Divine Comedy, is due out early next year on SPV.

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Roadrunner To Do Anniversary Show

Roadrunner Records are planning a special 25th anniversary show in New York on December 15. The band will feature drummer Joey Jordison (Slipknot), guitarists Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory), plus bassist Adam Duce (Machine Head). There will be a number of guests joining them during the evening.

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Sepultura Record Bass For New Album

SEPULTURA have posted the following message on their official website:

"Almost done? Almost. Last Sunday Paulo finished recording the bass tracks for SEPULTURA's new album.

Most of the bass lines were done in the studio, while recording them. Song by song working on every detail. Amazing bass sound and really cool bass lines which will make the difference, for sure. You have to listen to understand!

The guys will have a busy week. Tomorrow they will all be in the studio to listen to all the songs - now with drums, guitar and bass - to check how is everything going so far. If needed, Andreas will redo some stuff and then Derrick starts recording vocals.

Thursday they take a break to practice for the show in the morning and do the sound check in the afternoon. On Friday the guys play with SLIPKNOT in São Paulo and right after that, back to the studio to finish recording the album."

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Sepultura Hard At Work On New Album

The following update has been posted at SEPULTURA's official web site:

"SEPULTURA got back in the studio to record thei 11th full-length album. Everybody is in São Paulo, Brazil, close to their families and friends working everyday from noon to midnight.

"During the first week of September they recorded the drum tracks for the new songs. It works like this: Paulo [bass], Andreas [guitar] and Igor [drums] play along while the drums only are being recorded. Later Andreas records the guitar tracks playing along with the drum tracks. Then bass and vocals. Easy? Yep, that's why it takes at least a month to record a decent album.

"They'll record to cover songs to be released, later, as b-sides. JUDAS PRIEST's 'Screaming for Vengeance' and SICK OF IT ALL's 'Scratching the Surface'.

"The new album is based on Dante Alighieri's 'The Divine Comedy' and the 10 songs of the album are separated [into] three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

"This week Andreas starts recording the rythm guitars. Everything is going smooth in the studio."

A later posting on the web site reads as follows:

"SEPULTURA enters the third week of recordings. Last week Andreas started recording the rhythm guitar tracks. Two tracks for each song, using different guitars.

"The songs, with no vocals yet, start to get the sound and shape we'll hear on the album. We can identify some new stuff and influences in SEPULTURA's music. SEPULTURA won't let you down, that's for sure.

"This week Andreas will finish his part and later on, Paulo will get in the studio to record the bass lines."

Check out a video clip of SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser recording his tracks in the studio: Windows Media.

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Sepultura To Debut New Songs in Sao Paulo

Sepultura are expected to play some new songs when they support Slipknot in Sao Paulo on August 23. These will come from their new album, 'Dante 05', a concept record, which will be recorded in Sao Paulo and released next year by SPV. The concept is based on 'The Divine Comedy'.

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Sepultura Begin Work On New Album

Sepultura look to have now reconvened in the studio to begin recording their new album "Dante 05". The group have been working on the effort with producer Andre Moraes and are expecting a release early next year through SPV. The outing is said to take its conceptual theme from the classic work, "The Divine Comedy".

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Sepultura Guitarist Recording Solo Project

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser is currently in a Brazilian recording studio working on his as yet untitled, debut solo album. This is to be released next year by Mascot.

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More Roadrunner "All Stars" Announced

Roadrunner Records has advanced in the process of putting together the ground-breaking "Roadrunner All-Stars" record to mark the label's 25th Anniversary. The full-length release will contain original musical collaborations between past and present Roadrunner artists. Approximately 50 musicians are expected to participate in this record, making it a most elaborate collaboration project.

Four central musicians have been chosen to produce and write all the songs. Previously announced were Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory/Brujeria) and Robert Flynn (Machine Head). The fourth writer/producer has recently been selected - 19 year-old metal prodigy Matt Heafy will take the lead of the fourth team. His band, Trivium, has been called "the valedictorian(s) of the 2005 metal class" by Hit Parader Magazine. "It blew my mind to be asked to participate on this album and write a few tracks," says Heafy "It's an amazing honor to be able to record with artists that I used to emulate and listen to growing up." These four musicians will not only play on the songs they have written but also assemble a unique team of Roadrunner artists to appear on each track.

Notable progress has been made in Jordison's, Cazares' and Flynn's teams. Music has been laid down, but vocals have yet to be added. The vocalists for the tracks have not been confirmed as of yet. The artists that have contributed to the tracks recorded thus far are: More...

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Roadrunner Begins 25th Anniversary Re-issues

Roadrunner Records' 25th Anniversary celebration continues today with the double-disc releases of two RR classics - Fear Factory's "Demanufacture" and Sepultura's "Roots." The 2nd disc of each release? Basically, it covers everything that was recorded during each of the respective recording sessions, and the releases contain expanded artwork with liner notes in a 24 page booklet.

For the exact specs on these releases, check out the ecard at www.roadrunnerrecords.com/25/ecard.

Coming up next in this series, classic releases from King Diamond and Soulfly.

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Roadrunner Celebrates 25 Year With All-Stars Album

Roadrunner Records is in the process of putting together a groundbreaking record to mark the label's 25th Anniversary. Tentatively titled "Roadrunner All-Stars", the full length release, a 'master-class' in hard rock, will contain original tracks that are collaborations between past and present Roadrunner stars.

Four central musicians will be chosen to produce and write all the songs. Those chosen thus far are Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory/Brujeria) and Robert Flynn (Machine Head). The fourth writer/producer is yet to be named. These four musicians will not only play on the songs they have written but also assemble a unique team of artists to appear on each track. In order to cover as wide a spectrum as possible, no musician will play for more than one writer/producer and each song will feature a different vocalist.

Musicians who have already recorded for this project are Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory/Brujeria), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Paul Gray (Slipknot), Roy Mayorga (ex-Soulfly), Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head), Marcelo Dias (ex-Soulfly), Dave McClain (Machine Head), Nadja Peulen (ex-Coal Chamber) and Mike Sarkisyan (Spineshank). More...

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Sepultura Guitarist To Record Solo Album

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser is to record his first solo album later this year. It should be released in 2006 on the Mascot label. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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Machine Head and Sepultura Headline Dubai

Machine Head and Sepultura are heading to Dubai. The two bands will play the Desert Rock Festival, which happens on March 25 at the Dubai Country Club.

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Vote For The Best Metal Videos Of 2004

MTV.com is currently running a poll for the "Best Metal Videos of 2004." Go here to vote and then tune into MTV2 for the premiere of Headbangers Ball Best of 2004 on Saturday December 25th at 10 p.m. EST to catch the winning videos.

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The Ring On Tour With Motorhead And Sepultura

Swedish epic heavy rockers the Ring will support Motorhead and Sepultura on their German dates. Tour dates are as follows:

Dec 1 Osnabruck, Germany, Halle Gartlage
Dec 3 Erfurt, Germany, Thuringenhalle
Dec 4 Magdeburg, Germany, A.M.O.
Dec 5 Wiesbaden, Germany, Schlachthof
Dec 7 Dusseldorf, Germany, Philipshalle
Dec 8 Hannover, Germany, Capitol
Dec 9 Dresden, Germany, Schlachthof
Dec 10 Stuttgart, Germany, Congresscenter

Band: http://www.thering.se
Label: http://www.scarletrecords.it
Distro: http://www.point-music.com

The Ring's debut album Tales From Midgard Distributed in Germany by Point Music.

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