"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1997
From: Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Cephalectomy Working On New Album

Cephalectomy has issued the following announcement about working on a new album:

"As you can see, this is our first website update in over a year. Why? Honestly, because there really hasn't been anything to report. However, we finally have some news to share, so here goes...

"First off, Cephalectomy is working on a new album, it's in it's early stages, so don't expect it any time soon, but it's in the works. One song is almost done and a 2nd is underway. However, with this good news also comes bad news, we are officially calling it quits after the next album. Yes, that's right, our upcoming album will be the last release by Cephalectomy. There had been talks about calling it quits after the release of An Epitaph To Tranquility, however, as happy as we are with that album, we didn't feel it had the chaotic nature that previous releases have had, and we didn't want to end the Cephalectomy legacy on that note.

"Also, we're sad to announce that the next Cephalectomy album will be without vocalist, Peter Mestre. Peter is relocating for work and therefore will be unavailable to contribute on our final release. We wish Peter and his family all the best and thank him for his efforts in the band."

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Cephalectomy Offering Full Album As Free Download

Cephalectomy has issued the following announcement about offering their entire new album for free download:

"Cephalectomy's 3rd Full Length Album 'An Epitaph To Tranquility' is now available for free download at their website, which includes the full album in mp3 format @ 320Kbps and a link for the artwork in full quality. Pre-Ordered CDs will be mailed out next week when they're received from the printer.

"Cheers Everyone! Feel Free To Leave Us Feedback"

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Cephalectomy To Release New Album as Free Download

Canadian death metal band, Cephalectomy has decided to release their upcoming album "An Epitaph To Tranquility" a free download. The album will be available at this website when completed in the spring.

The band comments on their decision, "Instead of sinking money into cds, which they feel is a dying format, Cephalectomy will put those funds towards other merchandise like shirts, patches, etc. The band, however, realizes there's people who would rather an actual cd and for those people, the option to pre-order the album is now available. If you must own a hard copy of this album, you're advised to pre-order to secure yours. There will be a few copies printed otherwise, but these will be first come first serve and some will be reserved for promos, therefore leaving very few copies for actual sale."

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Cephalectomy Announces Additional Vocalist

Cephalectomy have issued the following update regarding the addition of their new vocalist, Peter Mestre:

"Cephalectomy would like to announce the arrival of its newest member. Peter Mestre of Thy Flesh Consumed (CDN Records) will share vocal duties with Jason Nichols and Corey Andrews on the band's upcoming release 'An Epitaph To Tranquility.' Mestre performed on Cephalectomy's 2007 single-song EP 'The Dream Cycle Mythos' and was a major asset. Peter will continue to work with his original bandmates in Thy Flesh Consumed who have 3 full-length recordings. Cephalectomy's bass tracks are just being finished and vocals are to ensue very shortly. 'An Epitaph To Tranquility' is expected a spring release."

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Cephalectomy Releases "The Dream Cycle Mythos"

Canadian death/grinders, Cephalectomy, have just released their new CD, "The Dream Cycle Mythos," on Discorporate Music. This new CD is a 23 minute song that takes the listener on a voyage into other dimensions as one man's mental illness brings him face to face with horrid visions from the darkest recesses of his mind. This new release features guest vocals, including Raland Kinley of Discorporate Music's Dichotic and Peter Mestre of CDN Records's Thy Flesh Consumed.

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