"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2007
From: Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Memoira news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Misantrof Releases 2013 Anti-Christmas Compilation

Carrying on the tradition that it started in 2008, Misantrof ANTIRecords has, like every year so far, released its Christmas compilation, titled "Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas Volume 6." Misantrof comments:

"The album takes an irreverent poke at what Christmas has become. This year's compilation is again, for your pervert delight, a double CD release, thanks to the amazing interest it has arisen among bands, and then it contains 30 tracks of varying genres, wantonly based on the sick meanings of Christmas. The tracks have been newly written and recorded for this release and like all Misantrof releases this compilation is available for completely free download...

"Regarding the ANTIChristmas albums: If you are reading this you probably don't really love Christmas and its meanings. Humanity is great in creating sick things for everybody to believe. It is such a pity that last year the armageddon did not happen as we wished with our 2012 compilation. So, doomed to live on, our xmas joy reaches such unholy levels in knowing you'll love this new stream of free music, and since Christmas has lost whatever religious significance it had, and it has become a sick orgy of exploitation where everyone is encouraged to spend money to buy stuff they don't need and probably cannot afford, this makes us definitely proud."

The compilation features the following lineup: More...

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Memoira Issues Album Update

Finland's Memoira has issued the following announcement about gearing up to release a new album in early 2013:

"First of all we would like to thank you all for your patience with our new album! We promise you that the album will be released EARLY NEXT YEAR!

"We all know the album has been delayed many times and here is why! You have a band that is looking for an opportunity to record/mix/master and album that is already delayed and the studio is one of the best studios in our region and also the busiest. Also the guy who is doing everything (recording/mixing and mastering) is busy with his own schedule. We have been mixing this album everytime there has been a free spot on the studio schedule, Heikki's schedule and our schedule...And it has been nerve wrecking for all of us!

"As we have all the tracks at Ansa studios we can't simply start over with the mixing process because we are already so near the finish line. We have been doing shows and playing the same songs over and over again during this whole time and it has been like running in a wheel....We will be taking the rest of the year off to load our batteries and spend time with our other projects.

"Jani and Jarkko will be joining forces to write some new material, as will I. So the beginning of the next year looks really promising! We would like to thank Heikki for his patience and also Teemu from Ansa studios for giving us the chance to do this album.

"Also we would like to thank our families for their patience and all the people evolved! All the details of the release will be announced later. Kiitos! Memoira would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

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Memoira Recruits New Guitarist

After splitting with the band's previous guitarist back in March, Finnish act Memoira has now issued the following announcement about recruiting a new member:

"We are thrilled to announce that the guitarist search is now over! Jarkko Kokko is the new guitarist of Memoira! Everyone in the band is so happy to welcome Jarkko to be the newest member of Memoira.

"When Jarkko promised to fill those couple of live dates we all knew that Jarkko was and is a very talented musician and a great guy, but after the first rehearsals with him we were all just one big smile cause we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for!

"And as far as the songwriting goes, with Jarkko being in the band it opens a whole lot of new doors!"

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Memoira Issues Album Update

Finland's Memoira, which split with its guitarist back in March, has checked in with the following update about the band's current activity and the progress of working on a new album:

"Hey gang! Had blast at this years On The Rocks festival! Had a great show on the outside stage with amazing crowd! And the afterparty at Baarikaappi with amaizing people was also just plain sweet!

"We'd like to thank all the organizers who made the festival so damn amaizing this year! And a special thank you goes to our own puppie dog Heikki Kaplas behind the knobs! Everyone told us that the sound was great despite we didn't hear a thing cause the stage sound was really terrible.

"Jarkko also had some minor problems with his gear and Timppa manage to loose the china cymbal with stand and all cause it flew off the drum raiser a couple of times and ended up behind the stage....we have already told him to hit the drums a little smoother, but hey what can you do when you are having so much fun!

"About the new album....we are currently working on with the final mix...we still have a couple of more tweaks to do and then it will be ready for mastering...Also we are working on with the album cover and artwork so there is some things to be done!

"About the guitarrist search....We will have some news about that real soon So stay tuned!"

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Memoira Splits With Guitarist

After announcing yesterday that the band's new album is currently being mixed, Memoira has now checked in with this announcement about splitting with guitarist Marko Heurlin:

"Where there is good news there will be always bad news! Marko Heurlin and Memoira go separate ways! We circled every possible solution to make him stay with the band but with heavy hearts we have to let one of our founding members and the one who actually got everyone acquainted in the band go!

"Marski simply didn't have the time for the band as the rest of us are still eager to make this band bigger and better. We will always consider him as a big brother and the guy who got us together. We wish Marko and his family all the best now and always.

"As of this moment Memoira is looking for a new guitarist! Applications can be posted into our e-mail memoiraband@gmail.com"

You can also read the band member's memories of how they got together with Marko over at the Memoira MySpace page.

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Memoira Issues New Album Update

Finnish act Memoira has checked in with the following announcement about mixing the band's new album:

"Finally after loads of blood, sweat, and tears our new album is getting mixed at Ansa-studios! Mr. Heikki Kaplas will naturally mix the album as well he was the man behind the tubes and knobs, while recording our forthcoming masterpiece!

"So far the raw mixes that he has done sound awesome and we all know that it will be even better. We would like to thank Heikki for his patience and hard work, he truly made us give the 110% to this album!

"- 'I hate your band' - the text message from mr. Kaplas a few minutes after he had began mixing the first song :D See you guys around."

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Memoira Posts More Recording Footage

Memoira has checked in with a fifth studio video update, which can be viewed below. The band commented:

"Merry Christmas from the Memoira camp! We are currently taking the weekend off to spend our time with our families and loved ones! We will be continuing the vocal recording process soon! Here is a little X-mas present! I am not sure if this will be the only present....Well have fun!"

You can also check out the band's previously posted fourth video update at this location.

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Memoira Posts Fourth Studio Video Journal

Finland's Memoira has posted the fourth in a series of studio video journals online from the band's time recording new material. You can check out the new clip, titled "Adding the 'key' Element," in the player below.

Memoira's previously posted third studio video journal is also still available by navigating to this location.

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Memoira Issues Album Update

Memoira has checked in with the following update about working on the band's upcoming album:

"Hey it's been a while since I wrote here...but here goes. First off! Yesterday Marko and his wife Tuija had a baby girl! Congratulations for the new mommy and daddy!

"Studio: We have been working like hell to get this album done and so far all is good! The truth is that everyone is putting their 110% into this album and because of that you guys need to hold a bit longer! But I guarantee that the result is worth of waiting!

"Due to our busy schedule, we had to cancel the BLACK FALLS ROCK performance! We apologize for this but the album comes first!

"The next video diary episode should be up in a few days...so be sure to tune in! Be sure to join our Facebook group for recent updates and Q & A's cause we love to answer! Untill next time! Your friendly neighborhood keyboardist!"

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Memoira Posts Third Studio Clip

Memoira has now posted a third studio video blog online, titled "Band-Aid," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the clip:

"Yeah it's long overdue but here is the third part of our studio diaries. If you can't see the subtitles, click on the little CC button at the bottom of the player to see the translation."

The previously uploaded second studio video clip can be viewed at this location.

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Memoira Posts Drum Recording Footage

Memoria has posted a second studio video blog online, which can be viewed below. This clip, titled "Don't bang the sticks together," shows the band recording drums for an upcoming release.

The band's previously uploaded first studio video clip is also still available to be seen at this location.

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Memoira Posts Studio Footage

Memoira has posted the first in a series of video clips chronicling the band's time in the studio recording new material. You can check out the footage below.

Memoira's last update about recording a new album can also be found online by heading over to this location.

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Memoira Issues Recording Update

Memoira has checked in with the following update about gearing up to entering the recording studio next week:

"Hitting the studio next week! That's right! We are finally ready to hit the studio next week to start recording our next album! We are also giving you guys a chance to take a look behind the curtain cause we are planning to make a video diary of the studio sessions!

"We are extremely excited to work with the guys at Ansa studios again and hopefully make some history along the way and of course a kick ass album!

"P.S. Memoira salutes our lions on ice! Ice hockey world champions of 2011: team Finland! What a great day to be a Finn!"

You can also check out the band's music by heading over to the Memoira MySpace page.

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Memoira Gearing Up To Enter The Studio

Memoira has issued the following update about writing new material and gearing up to enter the recording studio:

"Hey guys! We got our website done and running finally! The new promos and stuff are also available so go check it out at this location.

"We just have finished writing couple of new songs and they sound awesome! One more to go and then we hit the studio!"

You can also check out Memoira's last demo session update by heading over here.

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Memoira Issues Demo Session Update

Memoira has checked in with the following update about demoing new material:

"Hi gang! Been a while since we have put out any words about anything! Well here goes: We had another demo session at Prostata studios this week and so far we got three songs done with all the drums, bass and some guitars. We will finish up those demos this week. The new ones are called Recoil, the most progressive piece in the whole album, Last Will, the monster song, epic travel through a gentle beginning to the massive instrumental journey. And finally Medusa which we feel that could be the first single, it's slightly different than the other tracks but the chorus will stuck in your mind and haunt you the next day.

"We also had a photo shoot last weekend. The sessions were held in the theater of Pori, and we could like to thank them for that. Also we would like to that Jari Pelkonen who took the photos. Those turned out great! We will update also our site and myspace really soon.

"We are quite ready to start recording the follow up for our debut album, we still need couple of more songs to complete the whole album. We are already booking the studio....we'll let's not tell you guys everything just yet! Here are some photos from the demo sessions, enjoy."

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Memoira Begins Work on New Album

Finnish metal band Memoira has issued the following update:

"We've been busy creating new songs for the upcoming album and we have been in talks with Nightmare Records if they would be willing to release it! But that's about all I can say for now!"

"In other news Memoira has started to work with Harjavalta/Pori based rock band called Korus! Two shows are already confirmed for the Winter! So check back for full details!"

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Memoira Posts New Demo Music Online

Memoira has posted new demo tracks on their MySpace page.

The band comments on the recording, "We would like to thank mr. Ville Virtanen aka Kisu for his time and patience while recording, mixing and of course waiting for us when we were rehearsing and re-arranging some of the already recorded tracks with the new singer! We all had a lot of fun allthough it took so much time for us to get here!"

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Memoira Issues Studio Update

Finnish metal band Memoira has issued the following studio update:

"Me and Kati hit the studio yesterday and she did some vocals! Everything went simply great and we will be looking forward to do the rest of the songs."

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Memoira Begins Work On New Album

Finnish gothic metal band Memoira has issued the following update regarding the progress of the new album:

"We have been rehearsing and writing and arranging material for the new album like hell! The truth is we are really excited and Kati has been working a lot with the old ones!"

"About the new album! There have been a lot of discussing about making a concept album and now finally it seems real! The details of the story of the album is being developed but the main idea is a story about a night at the theatre! During the play an actress gets murdered, the crowd gets to escape but the remaining actors realize they have been locked inside the theatre with the murderer! While they begin to solve who is the murderer they discover horrifying truths about the play itself and about the other actors..."

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Memoira Announces New Vocalist Kati Rantala

Finnish gothic metal band Memoira has issued the following message welcoming their new singer, Kati Rantala [photo]:

"We are really happy to announce that Kati Rantala is our new vocalist. We were blown away by her vocal abilities and her work ethic! We received a lots of contacts from all around the world and we would like to thank everyone and wish you all good luck! We were surprised that how easy the whole process was and the amount of time that it took. We are excited and really looking forward to hit the studio after we have finished the song-writing process! Memoira wishes you all a happy new year of 2010!"

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