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Band Photo: Amon Amarth (?)

Formed: 1992
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Amon Amarth Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Amon Amarth.


Amon Amarth Talks The Rising Of Surtur

One of the best known names in melodic death metal, the Viking themed act Amon Amarth has now returned with "Surtur Rising," the latest foray from the band into tales of fire giants and war between gods.

As the Swedes sharpen their axes and polish off their helmets in preparation for upcoming U.S. and European invasions, drummer Fredrik Andersson spoke with Metalunderground.com about the new album "Surtur Rising" (reviewed here).

Below you can find Fredrik's thoughts on the band playing the entire album and songs from the back catalog for upcoming tour dates, how the release was recorded, and the band's stance on whether "Viking metal" is an accurate description of the music. More...

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Interview with Amon Amarth's Johan Söderberg

"I am the only one in my family who plays an instrument," says Amon Amarth guitarist Johan Söderberg of first picking up the guitar when he was a 19-year-old in Tumba, Sweden. "I was playing lots of Metallica riffs – James Hetfield was a big inspiration in the beginning – and Iron Maiden was one of the first bands I started to listen to. Also a big influence was the German band Accept. I was very into them when I was a kid, and I wanted to also play metal riffs."

Seven years later, Söderberg riffed his way into Amon Amarth, probably best known for their melodic instrumentation and Viking themes. "We friends since we grew up, and then one day they fired their old guitar player and they need to find replacement for their first tour. They asked me." After a successful stint on the road, Söderberg joined the band on a more permanent basis with 1999's "The Avenger," the second Amon Amarth album in the Metal Blade catalogue. Söderberg's guitar techniques have been an integral part of the band's sound ever since.

Currently invading North America on a headlining tour de force to promote their latest album "Twilight of the Thunder God," Amon Amarth has played to full venues in nearly every city. Before hitting the stage at their Montreal stop, Söderberg graciously took the time to fill us in about making "Twilight of the Thunder God," the band's future with Metal Blade Records, and life on the tour bus. More...

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Interview With Amon Amarth

For the 3 years that I’ve been going to The Palladium in Worcester, MA, rarely have I seen the venue as full as this past Saturday night. I’ve also never seen 98% of the crowd show up for the opening band and cheer as much as they would the main act. Stripped to the waist and drinking out of a horn, Johan Hegg presented a formidable sight. Amon Amarth solidly delivered all the rigour and intensity that fans who had not yet seen them live were hoping for. The Swedes blasted out a furious start to a night that will now be the archetype of a great metal show in the collective consciousness of all the fans present.

Trivium’s performance was plagued by screeching feedback but nonetheless the set was powerful. They managed to unite the crown by doing a fragment of Pantera’s “Walk” and had every single soul sing and headbang vigorously. Children Of Bodom stirred up some confusion by showing up on stage under the sounds of Twist And Shout which I assume was simply a vivid display of humour. The Finns offered a long and inspiring set including Silent Night, Bodom Night, Needled 24/7, Follow The Reaper and Are You Dead Yet.

Before the show, I caught up with Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg. Here’s what he had to say about Norse Mythology, drinking and why he never wears a shirt. More...

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