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Formed: 2000
From: Seattle, WA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Inquinok Streaming New Song

Seattle based black metal act Inquinok has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song online from the band's upcoming third album:

"I am proud to announce that we have posted a brand new Inquinok song entitled 'Tormented Skies.' This is a sample of what's to come with the 3rd Inquinok album, but expect a good amount of variety with the songs as with our previous releases.

"In other news this song features the return of the drummer that appeared on our first album (Entranced by Twilight's Gaze) now being known as Xorn and will be taking on the drums and possibly some keyboard parts as well for the 3rd yet unnamed album. Stay tuned for any updates, new song uploads, etc. and thanks for all the support over the years, it is much appreciated."

The new song "Tormented Skies" can be heard at this location.

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Inquinok Becomes A Solo Project

Vocalist Krelian of Seattle black metallers Inquinok has issued the following update about parting ways with all of the other band members:

"The members of Inquinok (including myself) will be focusing on our other projects which in turn makes Inquinok a solo/studio project of mine. This means no live shows, I will just be focusing on writing and recording for this band. I may use session musicians here and there to spice things up (including perhaps some former members). So in other words, not the end of Inquinok, just going to focus on writing/..recording albums.

"On a positive note, I will most likely be writing and recording for a 3rd album here and there throughout the rest of the year, and will be able to do something a little different this time around and give a lot more samples (rough mixes) of the new material then in the past. Also since It's become purely my solo/studio project, I'm going to make the album as epic as possible, since I'm not going to worry about trying to re-create the experience live.

"As for our other bands/..projects, Rob (Kythving), Joe (Mordred) and Simon (Tormentor) are playing with Shaded Enmity which will have a new release out soon. Rob and myself are also involved in a melodic metal project called Somnae. I also have several other projects I am or will be working on as well, including my industrial/..metal/dark techno hybrid project Tyrant Synthesis which is working on it's debut album.

"Anyways, feel free to send me comments, and thanks to all that have supported us over the years and went to our shows, it is very appreciated by myself and former members of the band."

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Inquinok Releases New Album, "Immortal Dawn"

Seattle black metal band, Inquinok, have just released their second full length album, "Immortal Dawn," on January 8th. For samples visit their MySpace page.

The tracklisting for "Immortal Dawn" is as follows:

1. Legions
2. Torn
3. Triumphant
4. Vengeful Tranquillity
5. Candlelight (Instrumental)
6. Immortal Dawn
7. Beyond The Horizon
8. Bloodlines
9. Divine Tragedy

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Inquinok Posts Two New Songs Online

Northwest black metal band Inquinok have released two new tracks from their upcoming full length album, which is set to be released independently sometime summer 2008. This will be the band's second full length release, and their first album with extreme metal drummer Tormentor. You can hear the new tracks as well as other tracks from the 2006 album, "Entranced by Twilights Gaze" on the band's MySpace page.

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