"some music was meant to stay underground..."

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

Formed: 1998
From: Orebro, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active


THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX started up in 1998 after years of talking between the two long-time friends and band leaders Lord K. Philipson and Jörgen Sandström. Lord K. Philipson was already widely known for his work with GOD AMONG INSECTS, LEUKEMIA, HOUSE OF USHER, LAME as well as stepping in as a touring bassist and guitarist for renowned bands like DARK FUNERAL, VOMITORY and GRAVE among others.

Jörgen Sandström: vocals
Ruby Roque: vocals
Tobben Gustafsson: drums
Lord K. Philipson: guitars, bass, programming, keyboards, serpents and backing vocals

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The Project Hate Finishes New Album

Updates have been coming fast and furious this week from The Project Hate MCMXCIX about a new album, with work on that impending release now wrapping up. Today the band comments:

"And the album is 99% completed, ladies and gents of Hate! The lovable bastard known as Mr. D over at Unisound Studios handed over the sixth and final track, 'Treacherous,' a while ago - and again I'm beyond grateful for the incredible work he's done for me. I can seriously never fucken ever thank him enough, but thank you, Dan Swanö. It's been a majestic ride to make this piece come to life, to put it mildly.

"'Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures' has exceeded all of my expectations, and I have known for quite some time that it would be absolutely spectacular to begin with. The work that everyone involved provided for me is the best shit I've ever heard. I speak greatly of 'OCACP,' and I do so for the simple reason it truly is something special that has been created.

"2 years, more or less on a daily basis ranging from 5 minutes to 12 hours a day, is what I have been spending on perfecting my vision for this pending beast. That's a long fucking time and with the result at hand - I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

"A certain amount of borderline insanity goes into creating the TPH entity of today, that's for sure. All the time I put into my music takes away from something else of course... Add to that a regular day job and I can never fully thank my beloved wife Kathrin for the support I get from her when I do this, coz she's the one who barely get to see me when I'm locked inside The Dungeon working on my music. More...

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The Project Hate Checks In From The Studio

Work is progressing on The Project Hate MCMXCIX's new release "Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures," with the band now checking in to say:

"And song number 5, 'Perversion,' is nailed mixed wise! As always, Mr. Swanö at famed Unisound Studios is doing such a spectacular work I don't even know what to say anymore in regard to this hero's work ethics.

"Without a doubt, 'Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures' is our best sounding album to date. So kudos to Dan for really giving it his all while dealing with my demands for perfection. I'm sure it's frustrating for him at times, that poor bastard, but not a single complaint has been uttered in my direction. And this is the very guy who's absolutely doing more for the album at hand than I could really ask for. Thank you, Dan!

"With this information that I've just given to you, I guess you can figure out we have but one more track to finalize before I do my very last listening session to this masterpiece and then we're muthafucken DONE!

"Soon, Haters... soon you'll have your reward for supporting me and the work I've spent with my invaluable cohorts for 'OCACP' over the last 2 years. Feels kinda good, no?" More...

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The Project Hate Issues Album Update

Following the "There Is No Earth I Will Leave Unscorched" album from 2014, The Project Hate MCMXCIX is continuing work on new album "Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures." The band comments:

"And we're halfway towards the completion of the mixing for 'Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures!' The third tune, "Reign" has been finalized. That means 3 songs down and but 3 to go.

"Mr. Swanö is outdoing himself this time around and I couldn't be happier. The album is turning out to be all kinds of amazing.

"Now the holidays are coming up so a little break is warranted, but we're back at it again shortly.
Stay tuned for more Hate." More...

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The Project Hate Comments On New Album

Following the "There Is No Earth I Will Leave Unscorched" album from 2014, The Project Hate MCMXCIX has issued an update on impending album "Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures." The band comments:

"Haters, here's a quick (except it's not quick at all) rundown for ya about what's going on in the Hate Camp, so grab a beer and enjoy! You who have followed all of my updates know that at this very moment drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren's got but one more song to nail and then his work is done for the album. Actually, he's already pretty much nailed that song and is just now finding the time to do some small alterations according to my wishes so the tune is a hundred percent. The work he's done on the material is completely insane, lemme tell you that.

"You've heard it before from me, but to be able to work with my absolute fave drummer once again is such a fucken honor. The fact that Mr. Verbeuren even found the time to do this album with TPH in the midst of being the new drummer of metal legends Megadeth is beyond comprehension, really.

"I actually told Dirk that it was completely understandable if this well deserved and major opportunity for him (to join Megadeth) would make it real hard to do TPH even though I already paid him (thanx to you Haters and The TPH Donation Experiment 3). I even told him to keep the money since he's not been paid what he deserved over the course of our albums. He would have none of that, which speaks volumes of how incredible this guy is. Not only as a drummer but as a human being. When I grow up I wanna be Dirk. All of you should wanna be Dirk. More...

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The Project Hate Checks In With Album Report

The Project Hate MCMXCIX has checked in with the following update about progress on the new "The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda" album:

"After telling Mr. Swanö what I thought was missing from the mixes I have gotten so far there are but a few very small details left before it’s perfect. I got the third mix of the first song today and we have been shooting each other e-mails over the last week or so, working closely together to get to the point I am aiming for.

"And Mr. D’s fucken nailed it! That guy is a wizard and this production will crush, for sure. Now, as mentioned, there’s these 2 minor details that I wanna get right before we can consider ourselves done with the sound for 'The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda.'

"I am currently waiting for those to fall in place and then we are moving forward big time! Oh, how glorious it is to see this beast come to life…" More...

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The Project Hate Reveals New Album Artwork

The Project Hate MCMXCIX has issued the following update about revealing the cover artwork for the band's new album:

"You have waited patiently and will now be rewarded accordingly. Here it is, the complete artwork for our coming beast, 'The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda.' Just click the picture over here to get a better look at it. Marvel at the monstrous work courtesy of Marko Saarelainen.

"Do you fucken play in a band? Do you need some awesome artwork for your album/demo/whatever? Hire Marko Saarelainen. Understand. How many times do we need to point this out? Just contact him. So, there you go, you have the whole cover in front of your eyes. Now, say the title out loud and look at the cover. Feel it. Live it. Be it. You will eventually be enlightened.

"Stay tuned for more news about the final recording sessions and how everything is coming together now. In a not too distant future you will be, as mentioned, rewarded. Perhaps even more than you can handle?" More...

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The Project Hate MCMXCIX Issues Album Update

Swedish metal act The Project Hate MCMXCIX has posted the following update online;

"To beat [this year's] 'Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)' will be a monumental task, one we will, of course, accomplish.

"I am currently working on a huge bunch of things music wise and at the moment there's tons of stuff, song sketches and ideas to continue to work with, with one of these ideas already clocking in at over six minutes — meaning it looks like this one will be the first one completed for the next recording.

"We really do not have any schedules as for when to record this and it will take the time it takes to make it all answer to the standards I have for The Project Hate MCMXCIX. We haven't even discussed with Season Of Mist if they will release the next album or not; it will all show eventually. What we do know, though, is that we are determined to create another insane monster of apocalyptic visions, brutality and beauty."

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The Project Hate Offering Free Song Downlaod

The Project Hate MCMXCIX is set to release the new album "Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)" on February 14th, 2011 in European and February 22nd in the U.S. The band has now issued the following announcement about streaming a song online from the upcoming album:

"So, your first taste of the diabolical inferno that is 'Bleeding the New Apocalypse' will now be unleashed upon mankind. The song in question is called 'Summoning Majestic War' and is the fourth tune on the coming masterpiece that will be released on February 14th, 2011, thru Season of Mist.

"Why have we chosen this particular track to be your first glimpse of the new album? No reason really, we could have chosen any of them since they all absolutely dominate. We just thought it’d be nice to have Leif Edling somewhat introduce you to what we have created this time around. Yeah, CANDLEMASS bassist/everyday legend Leif Edling contributes some spoken words in this track. You can all start applauding now. But not only that. In this tune you’ll also get some insanely nice vocals from Christian Älvestam (who also sang a line or two on our last album).

"So, that’s a lot of bonus stuff for ya apart from the simple fact that ‘Summoning Majestic War’ is a goddamn phenomenal symphony that represents TPH in every shape, way and form. If you survive these 12+ minutes of pure excellence, pray you’ll survive the remaining five tracks on 'Bleeding the New Apocalypse' as well. It will not be an easy task. Domination is a fierce beast. Our work is done – now it’s your turn to purchase the album and help us ship a few copies so we will be able to record another masterpiece with a great label such as SOM backing us up. If you consider yourself a fan of music in general and TPH in particular, and do not absolutely love what we have created in this song, as well as the whole album – you are apparently deaf.”

The song can be downloaded at this location. More...

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The Project Hate Announces Album Track Listing

The Project Hate MCMXCIX has announced the new album "Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)" is scheduled for a February 14th, 2011 European release, and February 22nd in the U.S. The cover artwork can be viewed here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Iesus Nazarenus, Servus Mei
2. They Shall All Be Witnesses
3. A Revelation Of Desecrated Heavens
4. Summoning Majestic War
5. The Serpent Crowning Ritual
6. Bring Forth Purgatory

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The Project Hate Announces New Album Details

The Project Hate MCMXCIX has announced the title of the band's upcoming seventh album will be titled "Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)." The album is scheduled for a February 14th, 2011 European release, and February 22nd in the U.S.

"'Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)’. There you go, the title of the finest work of our career so far," Lord K. Philipson comments. "The new album. The title itself has a deeper meaning to us for natural reasons. This is the new era of The Project Hate MCMXCIX. My dream team is finally gathered when Ruby (vocals) and Tobben (drums) joined me and Jörgen, and together we have created what is the perfect vision of how I always wanted us to sound. We are there now. This is perfection.

"There's not a single thing left to chance on this album and when the time comes you will notice exactly that. For now you can just taste the sulphur, the diabolical essence and the wrath that this title promises. And when the album is unleashed you better be prepared - for the new Apocalypse. It is not pretty in any way, shape or form."

?The band's new six song, 60+ minute album has been mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö.

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The Project Hate Signs To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Swedish act The Project Hate: "Season of Mist is proud to welcome infamous industrial Death Metal act The Project Hate MCMXCIX to the roster! The Swedes' 6 song, 60+ minute seventh album will be mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö and has been tentatively scheduled for an early 2011 release."

Band leader Lord K. Philipson also made the following statement:

"Obviously there's a label in this world realizing there's some fucking potential in what we do, being ready to take the risk in today's illegal downloading dilemma, meaning they want to release the next album of The Project Hate MCMXCIX. The fact that there are still record companies around who try their hardest to get the best music out there absolutely astonishes me.

"To be able to do this album with a world wide distribution, thru a label who absolutely seem to know what they are doing, feels great. In the little time I have been in touch with the people of this label I have seen more professionalism than during my entire career. That says a lot. We can now concentrate on delivering the best damned recording we have ever done and leave the rest of the business to the record company in question. To be on the same roster as quality bands like Morbid Angel, Watain, Mayhem, and Cynic feels great. And to know that this disc will see the physical light of day is exactly how we want it to be. We want the whole package to be more than a thing on your monitor, and hopefully a lot of you guys feel the same - meaning you will buy a real copy of it in these times of digital theft being the new black. More...

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Rock Band Uploads New Metal Tracks This Week

As the end of the week swiftly approaches the average metal head may find himself wondering what's going to jam out to this weekend. Look no further intrepid masher of plastic guitar buttons, for the Rock Band Network has new metal tracks available. This week the Xbox 360 is actually lagging behind the PS3 in terms of metal, with new songs from Evile and Asking Alexendria. On August 10th the PS3 will see new releases from The Project Hate, Arsis, Dance Gavin Dance, and Steve Vai. The complete list of new songs added to the Rock Band Network, including the non-metal tracks, is as follows:

Hugh Cornwell - "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
We the Kings - "Anna Maria (All We Need)"
We the Kings - "Rain Falls Down"
We the Kings - "Spin"
We the Kings - "What You Do To Me"
We the Kings - "Summer Love"
Evile - "Genocide"
Loren Dircks - "I Hope You're Happy"
Lightwires - "Magician"
Robotmakers - "Building a Robot"
Sleater-Kinney - "Entertain"
Asking Alexandria - "Hey There Mr. Brooks"
Band of Horses - "The Great Salt Lake" More...

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The Project Hate Issues Album Update

Swedish death metal band The Project Hate has checked in with the following update about recording a new album:

"We have started to look into the plans for vocals and such as well now and it seems like J will start doing his stuff in August and Ruby will first finish up her pre-productions for me before starting do do her real takes for the album. If everything goes as planned, drums are also to be put down this fall – in September, meaning we can hopefully deliver this absolute bastard of an album to Swanö in October or something.

"I will also visit Tobben and we’ll go through everything before he tracks the drums, just to see if there’s anything I wanna change (remember Tobben’s got absolutely no boundaries as for what he’s allowed to do with this recording – he got guidelines though) or whatever. He will most probably bring on a lot of different drums and cymbals to really be able to go crazy when needed. That’s what Tobben does – that’s why he’s made out of the purest of gold.

"I’m sitting here listening to the songs in the planned order they should end up on the album and it sounds amazing. This really is on another level when it comes to TPH. And you know I am right about this. You should trust me by now, haha…"

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The Project Hate Begins Work On New Album

Swedish death metal band The Project Hate has issued the following update:

"As you all know we are currently writing the next album, our first with Ms. Ruby. Last week I finished up the lyrics for the completed songs and now I am working on the next piece of the puzzle songwise. Ruby is working on her lyrics and vocal lines for the already finished tunes and we sure are taking our time with this album to make it as perfect as humanly possible. Tobben has already started to rehearse the songs he’s got so far and we are all certain this will be the best album we have ever done. So far. Until the next one. As always."

"There will be a lot of small updates for you as we go along and this post is just to make you aware of the fact that we are hard at work and things are going great. It will take some time before you get to hear anything though, that’s for sure. Just hang in there, keep an eye on our forums and praise Father Satan in the meantime."

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The Project Hate Announces New Album Details

The Project Hate has announced that their upcoming album "The Lustrate Process" will be released on July 6th through Vic Records. The album cover artwork can be viewed here.

The track listing for "The Lustrate Process" will be as follows:

1. Descend into the pits of eternal possession
2. You come to me through hell
3. See the filth become flames in this furnace
4. Our wrath will rain down from the sky
5. The locust principles
6. Arise to His world of infamy
7. The burial of gods

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The Project Hate Posts New Promo Video Online

Swedish death metal band The Project Hate has posted a new promo video online for their upcoming album, which can be viewed below. The band also issued the follow statement about the album:

"As we have told you we will post video updates from the process of recording the new piece of blasphemy leading up to the release on July 6th, 2009 thru Vic Records. We have no specific dates or anything for when we will launch these updates so just keep on checking in and you won’t miss out on anything. We will also have some thoughts on the album from people involved with it; guest musicians, band members and whatnot. First off, let’s see what Mr. Dan Swanö (who mixed and mastered this masterpiece) has to say about it:

"Howdy folkz! So, it´s time once again for me to proclaim that I have mixed the best TPH record so far!! K has an uncanny ability to always top his own work, no matter how hard it may seem! Musically it sounds like classic TPH but the songs are better in every way. I know K worked his ass off, trying to top the previous record, and it must have been a nightmare, but to my ears the songs flow better and it was never boring to mix the record, because the music entertain you and challenge all your senses (yes, you can even taste blood in your mouth while listening to it!!!) Sonically I have tried to give each instrument their own little space within the mix and separate the bass from the guitars. The bass sounds like a blowtorch in your face and the rhythm-guitars rape your eardrums… but with finesse ;)

"Enjoy the sonic journey to hell and back!!" More...

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The Project Hate Posts New Album Promo Online

Swedish death metallers The Project Hate have posted a new promotional video for their upcoming album online. The video can be viewed below. The Project Hate's vocalist J also issued the following statement about the new album:

"First of all let me tell you, this album is the best TPH album so far. At least that is my opinion, in a few months you all can decide for yourselves. But personally I like this album a lot more than any of the other albums. Recording wise this was a lot easier for me as well. In the past we have done all the vocals over a weekend, which is hard as fuck to do. I have no problem with sounding like I do for an hour or two, but after that I don’t feel like doing it anymore coz I get pain in my head, neck, chest, dick…etc etc… And of course when the pain sets in it is just not as fun anymore…

"I recorded the vocals together with my friend and neighbor, Jonas Åhlén, who is the singer of the band Backdraft and also run a studio here in Stockholm called A.R.T Studios. It is based like 3 minutes away from where we live so it is very easy for us just to go there late at night and record for a couple of hours and then head home… But it took a bit longer than we expected. Mainly because both of us have small kids and with kids come all kinds of diseases and other things to take care of. So over a 3 month period we worked maybe for 10 hours or so in total, haha… But in the end I think it made my performance better. To make it as smooth as possible I was rehearsing the lyrics, as well as writing most of them, in my car at work. So I would sit there learning the songs and lyrics during the day and then around 21.00 we would head for the studio and recorded, edited and so on until 23.00 and then went home for some sleep. And it worked out real fine.

"Also I am so fucking damn proud of K to have managed and bring in some of the finest guest musicians around. And one of them is my long-time favourite death metal vocalist Martin van Drunen. When K told me that - I pissed my pants out of happiness… First time I heard Martin was with Pestilence on “Consuming Impulse”. And it knocked me flat. It is still one of my favourite albums of all time. And now I have the honors to be on the same record as him. I can sure die a happy man now. I have toured with Iron Maiden, Slayer, Neurosis, had the pleasure to scream my guts out together with Chris Reifert from Autopsy during the Murder Squad recordings - the list goes on and on… And now Martin and me are doing vocals together? Metal up my fucking ass for sure!!! More...

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The Project Hate Completes Recording New Album

Swedish death metal band The Project Hate has issued the following update about completing the recording for their upcoming album:


"That’s right… And we have a huge update coming your way asap, we just need to work with some stuff before it happens - but hang in here. It will be worth the wait. And yes, we will give you teasers and whatnot when the time is right. Same goes for album title and everything else that comes with this fantastic album. Just stay tuned.

"Hate has never been a stronger force."

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The Project Hate Issues Album Update

Swedish death metallers The Project Hate have issued the following update about their upcoming album:

"Yet another step closer to finishing up this album…

"Just came home from Swanö where we made the last corrections. Now there’s but a few small things left for him to fix before I get the second and supposed to be final mix so I can check everything so closely it’ll drive me insane. This will take but a few days. We came up with some fantastic shit today as well, stuff I have been thinking about for a while and now it fell into place.

"Now we are real close to wrapping this bastard up…"

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The Project Hate Enlists Dan Swano For Mixing

Swedish death metal band The Project Hate has issued the following update about Dan Swano mixing their upcoming album:

"Mr. Swanö’s now got his hands full this weekend for the first corrections of the mix that is needed. He’s done an amazing job with the sound but there are some stuff that we are not fully satisfied with that Dan will take care of to try to please our asses. The album sounds absolutely fantastic, that’s for sure. Once again we are very happy that Dan is the man to handle the mixing, making this album everything we want it to be. It looks like this masterpiece will be fully completed within a week or two, then it’s off to Vic Records for printing.

"Vic’s been awesome to us so far so it feels really great to be on board with them. Statik Majik is currently working his balls off with the album cover and the booklet, and believe us - not only have we outdone ourselves music-wise, Statik’s been outdoing himself big time with this beautiful package that is coming your way. As you understand, the album is being very close to be completed now and as soon as we can we will announce the release date and hand you some teasers (perhaps we have some nice surprises up our sleeves until the album is out too)."

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