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Fallen Martyr

From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Fallen Martyr news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Fallen Martyr Offering Free Song Download

Melodic metal act Fallen Martyr is currently offering one of their tracks as a free MP3 download. The song "All In," which is from their latest EP "The Six Roots of True Will," can be downloaded for free through Pure Grain Audio. You can also hear other sample tracks from the EP via the Fallen Martyr MySpace page.

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Fallen Martyr Announces Tour with Acirema

FALLEN MARTYR has announced they will take part on the Most Infernal Of Hails Tour with Indianola Records artist Acirema. The band is currently on the METAL AS ART second leg with Starring Janet Leigh, and is starting to become a touring machine. Here are the latest Fallen Martyr tour dates:

Most Infernal Of Hails Tour with Acirema:
3/16 – Washington DC @ The Asylum
3/18 – Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13
3/19 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Club Relevant
3/20 – Wilson, NC @ Luna Bean
3/22 – Fayetteville, NC @ Jesters Pub
3/23 – Murfreesboro, NC @ Zakks Coffeehouse
3/24 – Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligans
3/25 – Wilmington, NC @ Luckys Pub
3/26 – Burlington, NC @ The Raven
3/27 – Greensboro, NC @ Backdoor Skatepark
3/28 – Beaufort, SC @ House of Tunes Music Hall
3/31 – Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
4/1 – Dallas, TX @ Skillman Street Bar
4/2 – Denton, TC @ The Boiler Room
4/3 – Dallas, TX @ Bills Records $FREE, in store promo$
4/4 – Houston, TX @ The Jet Lounge
4/6 – Tallahassee, FL @ Big Daddy’s
4/7 – Orlando, FL @ Liquid Scrips
4/9 – Columbus, GA @ Gallery 13 w/ Within The Ruins, I Am Abomination

Remaining METAL AS ART tour w/ Starring Janet Leigh
2/26 – Oneonta, NY @ Foothills Pac
2/27 – Burlington, VT @ Daybreak Community Church
2/28 – Manchester, NH @ Ground Zero
3/3 – Danbury, CT @ City Ale House
3/4 – New York, NY @ Fontana’s TONES OF DEATH SHOW

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Metal As Art Second Leg Hits Chicago

The Metal As Art Tour had some good success on the first go round, with Hypno5e, Revocation and The Binary Code headlining clubs across the U.S. The currently running second leg features Starring Janet Leigh and Fallen Martyr as the touring bands, and they are supported by local metal outfits in each city. The 2nd leg hit Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago on February 17, 2010, and crushed an appreciative, but small, audience. More...

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Fallen Martyr Posts "Metal As Art" Tour Video Blog

Fallen Martyr are currently on the "Metal As Art" tour supporting Hypno5e and Starring Janet Leigh. The band has posted a video blog from the first week of the tour, which can be viewed below.

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Fallen Martyr To Support Hypno5e On Tour

Fallen Martyr have announced they will be supporting Hypno5e and Starring Janet Leigh on the upcoming second Metal As Art tour. The currently announced tour dates are as follows:

2/9/2010 – Philadelphia, PA @ Khyber w/ This Or The Apocalypse
2/10/2010 – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
2/11/2010 – Charleston, SC @ The Oasis
2/12/2010 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
2/13/2010 – Savannah, GA @ The Wormhole
2/14/2010 – TBA
2/15/2010 – Lexington, KY @ Buster’s
2/17/2010 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s Rock Club
2/18/2010 – Indianapolis, IN @ Melody Inn
2/19/2010 – East Lansing, MI @ Small Planet
2/20/2010 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Breakroom
2/21/2010 – Detroit, MI @ Paycheck’s
2/22/2010 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
2/23/2010 – TBA
2/24/2010 – Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s
2/25/2010 – TBA
2/26/2010 – Oneonta, NY @ Foothill’s Pac
2/27/2010 – Burlington, VT @ 242 Main
2/28/2010 – Manchester, NH @ Ground Zero
3/1/2010 - TBA
3/2/2010 – TBA
3/3/2010 – TBA
3/4/2010 – New York, NY @ Fontana’s - TONES OF DEATH SHOW

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Fallen Martyr To Re-Release EP

Fallen Martyr has issued the following update about re-releasing their "The Six Roots of True Will" EP:

"Maryland melodic metallers Fallen Martyr have just announced the re-release of their EP 'The Six Roots Of True Will.' The band hit the studio this last weekend set to melt some faces, and the outcome is a continuation of the original EP’s six songs, taking an even more epic approach both musically and conceptually. Expect Fallen Martyr’s new gems to be even more unrelenting, uncompromising, and undisputable."

The tracklisting for the re-release of "The Six Roots Of True Will" is as follows:

1. Like A Sinking Feeling
2. Reverse Metamorphosis
3. Mr. M
4. All In
5. Scars of Dissociation
6. The Man Becomes The Prophet
7. Passing Through The Veil of the Exterior World
8. Body Of Light

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Just For Fun

Metal Musicians Spill Their "Guilty Pleasures"

All About The Music has posted a new blog featuring musicians describing the "guilty pleasure" bands they like outside of metal. Excerpts from the blog follow:

Dave Davidson (Revocation) – “One of my guiltiest pleasures would probably be Fall Out Boy. Not really a fan of their older stuff but the last couple of records they've put out were awesome. Phil's guilty pleasure is probably Boys 2 Men, he will straight up sing that CD from front to back when he’s drunk and it always brings the laughs. Anthony is also into a lot of pop, right now I think he's on a Lady Gaga kick.”

Micah Kinard (Oh, Sleeper/Violent Lighting/Steadfast Modesty Clothing) – “My guilty pleasure band is Flickerstick. Haha, though that is not necessarily the most random thing you will find on my iPod. I also LOVE Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan, but I rep them proudly. haha.”

Gabriel Luis (Fallen Martyr) – “Muse and Radiohead. 2 amazing bands. What I like about them the most is that they are progressive music; they do and sound how they want. And that’s a pretty metal thing to do. Also, Radiohead is pretty strange. Strange bands are always awesome. 3 6 Mafia and Project Pat. I like rap, and sometimes I gotta listen to something else other then metal. I also find that it’s better to write new material when listening to music that is very unlike the style you play. You can pick up inspiration from anything if you really just have an open mind.”

Read the full article at All About The Music.

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Fallen Martyr Posts New Song, "All In," Online

Fallen Martyr has just uploaded their third track, “All In,” from their EP “The Six Roots of True Will” released June 5, 2009, on their official MySpace page.

“We feel this song really shows our songwriting capabilities on a fast technical side and yet shows we can still change things up and touch base with a variety of other styles, all in one cohesive package”, says Gabriel Luis, guitarist of Fallen Martyr.

Be sure to catch Fallen Martyr live on these upcoming shows:

August 21, 2009 - @ Krug’s Place - Frederick, MD
October 3, 2009 @ The Silo - Reading, PA

You can also snag some sweet deals on merch, including EP “The Six Roots of True Will” from Fallen Martyr at their shows or order online at fallenmartyr.bigcartel.com.

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Fallen Martyr Posts "All In" Drum Video

Jake Ford, the recently added drummer of Fallen Martyr, has done a video of the drum section of FALLEN MARTYR's son ALL IN off their EP "The Six Roots of True Will." You can watch the video below. More...

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Fallen Martyr Posts New Song Online

FALLEN MARTYR has uploaded another new song, “Reverse Metamorphosis,” off their new EP, “The Six Roots of True Will,” to their MySpace player. “The Six Roots of True Will” was released on June 5th and is available at any Fallen Martyr show as well as online starting June 9th.

On June 9th Fallen Martyr will be launching their online web store where you can order their EP, as well as merchandise online anytime.

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Fallen Martyr Posts New Song Online

Fallen Martyr has posted their new song, "The Man Becomes the Prophet," for streaming on Myspace and Last.fm.

The song is a available for purchase on the EP “The Six Roots of True Will,” which will debut June 5th during the band's show at the SONAR in Baltimore, Maryland for the Summer Slaughter Tour.

The EP features 6 tracks with 5 full-length songs displaying Fallen Martyr's greatest work to date.

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Fallen Martyr Posts Live Video Of New Song Online

Fallen Martyr presents from their upcoming EP titled “The Six Roots of True Will” a live video of “The Man Becomes the Prophet.” You can watch the video below. More...

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Fallen Martyr On Opening Date Of Summer Slaughter

Fallen Martyr has announced that the'll be playing the main stage of the Summer Slaughter festival on June 5th. Fallen Martyr will be playing alongside legends Necrophagist, Suffocation, Darkest Hour, Winds of Plague and many more on the main stage of this summer festival, marking the biggest show the band has played.

The show starts at 2pm on Friday, June 5th at SONAR in Baltimore, MD. Tickets are $25 @ the door.

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Fallen Martyr Announces New EP Title

Fallen Martyr has announced the title of their upcoming EP as "The Six Roots Of True Will." Here's an explanation from Ryan himself:

"The first idea is "the six roots" which comes from buddhism. The belief is that everyone has six roots within them 3 of good and 3 of evil. The good being generosity, loving kindness and wisdom, the evil being hate, greed and delusion. And you have to accept all these parts of yourself and others before you can reach enlightenment. In the beginning of my story i believe that these parts have to battle for dominance inside me but come to realize that by accepting every part of me i can achieve my greatest potential.

"The Second idea is 'True will' which comes from the writing of Aleister Crowley, specifically the book of the law. According to him everyone has a true will which isnt necessarily something conscious, but ones calling or purpose in life. And it is realized not through any kind of divine aid but by ones own efforts and self discovery. Which is really what my whole story is about and what most closely describes the ideology that im trying to express. I also have subtly included some other words phrases or ideas from thelema and the book of the law into the lyrics (i.e. the great work, the new aeon, etc.) so it works on that level as well"

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Fallen Martyr Posts Promotional Video Online

Fallen Martyr has posted a promo video in anticipation of their first new live date with new drummer Jake Ford. The update from the band and promo video follows:

"We would like to inform that this will be our first show back after seeking a new drummer, which we have filled the position with drummer Jake Ford whos drum skills are absolutely spectacular.

"We will also be playing an entirely new set consisting of some epic new tunes that will be released on our ep this spring / summer we assure you that the music will not disappoint you. If you haven't gotten a chance, go back to our page and listen to the track "Sinking Feeling" and enjoy!


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Fallen Martyr Parts w/ Drummer Lovie Lee

Fallen Martyr has announced that they've parted ways with drummer Lovie Lee, who will need further surgery and recovery time. Here's an update from the band:

"We regret to inform that Fallen Martyr has parted ways with Lovie Lee, while still on good terms with lovie, situations have forced the departure. Lovie's surgery on his shoulder set him back, and still hasn't recovered and soon will need surgery on his wrist. So please take a second to wish Lovie all the best and a full recovery so he can continue to play drums and tear it the fuck up! We are still on great terms with lovie, hes a bro and will always be.

"However, the search for a new drummer is at hand, and the next chapter of this band will begin. We are recording several songs for our drummer search using 'Drum Kit From Hell.' If you aren't familiar with this program, well you wont be able to tell that its a fake drum kit lol.

"We will be mapping out and writing the drum parts, and so far its amazing, any drummer that is up for an audition will need to learn the drums that will be on the songs posted within the month or so. We are so excited to share you all our new unique sound and we know you all will not be disappointed :) its an in your face taste of thrashy death metal with a melodic edge, with a symphonic back round... Basically its epic :P

"So please stay with us, we promise when we return we will be better, more powerful, and stronger than ever, we promise that we will get on the road and deliver tunes to your door step, just help us make it happen :) until then keep in touch everyone and keep it metal!"

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Fallen Martyr Seeking Fill-In Drummer

Frederick, MD metal band Fallen Martyr is in search of a fill-in drummer for a few shows in early 2009. Here's the announcement from the band:

"We are currently looking for a technical metal drummer to fill in for a few shows during the winter of 09. Lovie is still injured due to surgery preformed on his shoulder, and may need more time to heal in which case there is a great possibility of a permanent replacement. We are on good terms with Lovie and that will never change.

"We need someone who is a fast learning, great sounding kit, easy going and easy to work with attitude, a godly drummer that can blast and has quick feet. Also someone over 18, 17 is an exception as long as you have evenings off so we can show you the songs.

"We don't know what to expect in future events but we can assure you, we do not want to drop off of these shows, more details will be given if you message us.

"If you know of any drummers please send them our way we will be forever in your debt! And you will receive a free shirt or merch of your choosing for finding the drummer that will fill in for us!

"We also need the drummer to be in or around Baltimore MD or central Maryland. We live in Frederick, Germantown, and Gaithersburg so if you know anyone around there then tell them to say hello :)

"So that being said, wish Lovie a speedy recovery, we love that big ol guy. Take care everyone and keep it metal!"

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Fallen Martyr Working On Debut Full-Length

Washington, DC area metal band Fallen Martyr has been writing new material for a full album. They have six songs finished so far and plan to write another three or four to include on the album. The band will be taking a full month this summer to record these songs, with plans to release the CD by late July.

Fallen Martyr will will be playing one or two of these songs at their upcoming shows and are in the process of booking an extensive tour to support the yet-to-be-named album's release.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Fallen Martyr and Live To Die Rock Krug's Place

On Saturday, March 22, 2008 I made a point to get out to the best (if not only) local Frederick, Maryland metal venue, Krug's Place, to catch a local show. My main incentive to go was to see two bands I'd already seen there and enjoyed: Live to Die and Fallen Martyr. Of course, I was interested in checking out the new bands as well, and happy to get out to see some live metal and not have to drive an hour or more to do so. More...

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