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From: Chester, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Dyinise News

Below is our complete Dyinise news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Dyinise Streaming New Songs

U.K. thrash act Dyinise has issued the following announcement about streaming new songs online:

"New Dyinise album: OK friends, its been a while in the making but dyinise has a new cd dude to the whirlwind that is life for an unsigned band. But the whole thing is now available to hear on our myspace player. So check it out and we hope it hits you harder than the menopause!"

You can check out the new tracks by heading over to the official Dyinise MySpace page at this location. Metalunderground.com's review of the band's last album "...And The World Will Bleed," can also be found by navigating here.

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Dyinise Announces New Guitar Player

U.K. thrash act Dyinise has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitar player:

"Hi all! After a weary 9 month search, we can finally announce the new co-lead guitarist : Chris Barker. We had many auditions however Chris Barker stood out of the crowd and convinced the band with his up-to-our-standard shredding skills while displaying his individual solo-ing style. Barker will from now on appear on the new Dyinise recordings which are a work in progress."

You can also check out the band's music via the Dyinise MySpace profile.

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Dyinise Offering Album As Free Download

U.K. based thrashers Dyinise are currently offering their entire "...And The World Will Bleed" album as a free MP3 download. All nine tracks from the album can be downloaded at this location. You can also hear sample Dyinise songs via the band's MySpace page. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. The Calm Before The Brawl
2. Dedication To Black
3. Covert Enemy
4. Raining Fire
5. Fight In The Shade
6. Soulless
7. Underfoot Of The March
8. Emergence Day
9. Pedal To The Metal

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Dyinise Seeks Second Guitarist

UK melodic thrash metal band Dyinise has issued the following update regarding their search for a second guitarist:

"We need a new 2nd Guitarist. The Criteria is: we want someone who's organized, tight on rhythm and the REAL DEAL. (eg gona join the band and stay). and if your the worlds greatest shredder..... Great!"

Contact the band at their MySpace page.

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Dyinise Issues Band Update

U.K. thrashers Dyinise have checked in with the following update about parting ways with their guitarist and finishing a new demo album:

"Hi, Chris here. Just a quick check in to let you all know whats the latest with the band. most of our friends will know that Faz left about 3-4 weeks ago. We are still good friends and there's no bad feelings. He just decided that the band wasn't for him anymore. We've had a lot of interest from potentials but we just haven't found the right person to take on that second lead guitar sound we need. At the moment anyway.... So if you know any shredders (6 or 7 string) tell 'em to give us a call.

"Also you may know that we finished our 2nd demo cd and now were ready with the art, print and package to send the album of to the record companies. We had some really positive feed back from the last cd, So with this one being much finer recording, Heavier, more influences, we hope they may want to talk more.

"Some of you have asked us about the Slayer cover we said we were going to do, truth is we recorded it but it may be just one of those things you only get to hear if you get close and personal with the band. We haven't put it up for everyone to hear only as we didn't want to get involved in the legal/copyright stuff that's involved with doing a cover like that. Even with a man down were playing more and more gigs and even looking into doing a few shows London way."

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Dyinise Parts Ways With Guitarist Faz

UK's Dyinise has issued the following update regarding the departure of their guitarist:

"Sadly Faz decided to leave the band for personal reasons. We are therefore looking for someone to replace him. Please message us if you can play up to our standard; live experience is preferred."

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Dyinise Finishes Recording Demo Album

UK metal band Dyinise has announced they have completed the recording of their new demo album. The album will be mixed over the next few days and samples will soon be posted online. The current track listing is as follows:

1. Raining Fire
2. Dedication To Black
3. Fight In The Shade
4. Pedal To The Metal
5. Underfoot Of The March
6. Emergence Day
7. Covert Enemy
8. Soulless

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Dyinise Issues Recording Update

UK metal band Dyinise has issued the following update from the studio:

"Just checking in to let all our friends and fans know what's happening with the band and the new CD. Well its official, all the drums and rhythm guitars are all done. YEAH!!!!! (finally). The process has taken a bit longer than we had hoped but we are now in the final stages. We've enjoyed making and recording this new music... but to tell you the truth we cant wait to have it all done as its getting a little grueling now. However all we have to do now is 3 songs of Bass, 2 of guitar solos, and 5 songs of vocals and then mix it. The artwork too is close to completion, being drawn and designed by bassist Bruce.

"CD is shaping up to look like:

Raining Fire
Dedication To Black
Fight In The Shade
Pedal To The Metal
Underfoot Of The March
Emergence Day
Covert Enemy

"Then there's the extra cover we've done of War Ensemble just for our youtube and myspace pages. More...

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Dyinise Issues Studio Update

UK metal band Dyinise has issued the following update from the studio:

"Month two of recording for Dyinise's new demo album. The new cd should be finished mid September and will be loaded to our myspace and youtube pages for all to hear. It will feature 6 new songs and 2 songs from the last cd re-recorded and it... is our first to feature our new 7string Guitars... Also exclusively to the internet there will be a cover of Slayer's War Ensemble." More...

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Dyinise To Cover Slayer's "War Ensamble"

UK's Dyinise has issued the following update regarding the progress of their new demo CD:

"We're currently writing and recording our next demo cd. We've got a whole bunch of new songs.

Emergence Day
Covert Enemy
Pedal To The Metal
Dedication To Black

and two others that need titles. And.... a cover of War Ensamble." More...

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Dyinise Seeks New Drummer

UK thrash metal band, Dyinise, has issued the following update regarding the search for a new drummer:

"Unfortunately Dyinise has to find a drummer AGAIN! as our previous guy found band life to much pressure and couldn't commit to what was needed. We may have to because of this have to cancel our 22nd gig because of this... we'll let you know. But as it happens a good friend of our has offered to fill in for the Rigger gig until we find a permanent drummer." More...

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Dyinise Welcome New Guitarist

Chester, UK based metallers, Dynise, issue the following update on their MySpace page:

"Hey everyone, just a quick note to all our friends to say that we've found our new guitarist. His names Faz and hes an ace, crazy, shredder!"

"So yay we can play harmonies live again,lol."

"He'll be with us when we play the Limelight in Crewe on the 23rd! So come and have a headbang with us!"

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