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Formed: 2002
From: Tehran, Iran
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Ahoora News

Below is our complete Ahoora news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Ahoora Remasters Second Album

Ahoora has issued the following announcement about releasing a remastered version of the "All in Blood With You" album:

"We know among our friends there are many metalheads, so this concerns you more! On September 2007 our 2nd album 'All in Blood with You' was released inside Iran. Back then the album was received warmly by metal & underground media.

"Recently we’ve had this chance to remaster this album, giving it a much better sound quality. And now for the first time it’s available digitally through famous online music stores. You support us either by buying the album at a much discounted price at CdBaby, or just simply download your own very much anticipated album for free!"

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Ahoora Streaming "This Is Your Life" Cover

Iranian act Ahoora has issued the following announcement about streaming a cover song of Dio's "This Is Your Life."

"About a month ago Ronnie James Dio passed away. Here is our version of 'This is Your Life;' one of his masterpieces among many. This is our little gesture of appreciation to the man whose music, words and attitude has never stopped influencing this band. Please check it out and spread the word about it."

The song can be heard at this location or downloaded directly here.

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Ahoora Posts New Music Online, Releases New Album

Iranian band Ahoora has released their latest album, "Awkward Diary" and posted five new songs off it on their website. The song titles are "Masks & Balefires," "Nervous Ghost," "Drizzle Knight," "Free as a Man" and "Out of the Past." "Awkward Diary” is available worldwide on CD and as MP3 download. In Tehran fans can buy it at Beethoven Music Center.

Unfortunately, "Awkward Diary" sees the band dropping the heavy guitars in favor of a synth sound, removing nearly all traces of metal from their music.

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Ahoora Reveals "Awkward Diary" Cover Art

Ahoora has revelaed the cover art for the Iranian metal band's long awaiting third album, “Awkward Diary.” “Awkward Diary” will be out mid February via Washington, D.C’s Iranian label Zirzamin. The album will be available worldwide on CD and also digitally within the major online music stores. Below, you can see the front cover of “Awkward Diary,” which was exclusively done for Ahoora by Richard Baxter. More...

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Ahoora Readies Second Single, "Closure"

"Closure" will be the new single from Ahoora's upcoming third album, "Awkward Diary." The single will be available for free download on November 25th. After "Crimson Baby," "Closure" marks the second single off our their soon-to-be-released third album.

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Ahoora Posts New Single, "Crimson Baby," Online

Ahoora has released their first ever single, "Crimson Baby," and posted it online on their MySpace player. Here's what the band had to say about it:

"We're Proud to present our first ever single, 'Crimson Baby'; off the new album Awkward Diary. The song is dedicated to Neda & all who died innocently in ....Tehran.... streets during last June conflicts. Crimson Baby and other 11 new songs will be heard on our upcoming 3rd album, Awkward Diary, which will be out soon. Please check back here for exact release date; and don't forget to spread the word if you enjoy the single!"

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Ahoora Reveals New Album Tracklisting and Single

Iranian metal band Ahoora has revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming third album, "Awkward Diary:"

Masks & Balefires
Nervous Ghost
Drizzle Knight
Crimson Baby
Perfect Day
Free As a Man
Out of the Past

The band has also announced the release of the first single, “Crimson Baby,” for download beginning October 26.

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Ahoora Gives Studio Update

Iranian metal band Ahoora has issued the following studio update on their latest album, "Awkward Diary:"

"It’s been almost a week now that we’ve resumed recording the new album, things are going great and we hope to start mixing and mastering by mid-November. Check back soon for the track listing and few samples of our upcoming new album, Awkward Diary."

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Ahoora Reveals New Album Title

Iranian metal band Ahoora has announced that their new album will be titled "Awkward Diary." "Awkward Diary," the band's third studio album (following Ahoora (2006) and All In Blood with You (2007)), is expected to be out later this fall.

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Ahoora Gives New Album Update

Ahoora has issued the following update on the progress of their upcoming third album:

"After 3 months of none-stop recording, the process has been put on hold for more than a month now. Some social and personal problems have been involved. Anyhow we’re trying to pick it up ASAP. Please stay tuned to get all the information and new stuff about our next album."

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Ahoora Targets Summer Release For New Album

Iranian metal band Ahoora has issued the following studio update:

"It’s more than two months now that we’ve started recording our 3rd album and we can’t wait for you to the hear the songs so far! Make sure to check back soon for few surprises off our new album which hopefully will be out late this summer."

In other news, Ahoora just recently did an interview with Jorzine, which you can read here.

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Ahoora Recording A New Album

Iranian metal band Ahoora has announced they're currently recording their third album. Here's the statement from the band themselves:

"We’re more than happy to announce that Ahoora is currently recording a new album, which will be our 3rd. The writing process took several months and now it’s time to get into the studio. The band expects to have the album done by the middle of the summer. Please check back for more information on our upcoming new album! "

You can still download their previous album, "All In Blood With You," for free.

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Download Ahoora's Full Album For Free

Iranian metal band Ahoora has made a deal to get their full-length album, "All In Blood With You," online for download. Here's the announcement from the band:

"KO–REC is an open source record label from Italy We’re proud to announce that 'All in Blood with You' is now available via KO–REC, free and in its full length! Here in Iran we’re living far away from the situation that we can release, control or even hold back our music; so it’d be a better idea to make it available for few more ears."

The tracklisting for "All In Blood With You" is as follows:

1. Heart of Darkness
2. Out of Mind Walls
3. A History of Extinction
4. Between Maybe & Never
5. The Departed
6. The Journeyman
7. Hunger Within

You can download the entire album for free right here.

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Ahoora Takes a Look Back at 2008

Iranian metal band Ahoora have released a review of their adventures throughout 2008. Here are the highlights:

Since early 2008, the band has been involved with a project called Rock Comics, presented by Cypher Arts. This is the 2nd volume in the series, and it concerns 16th century pirates. The band contributed one song about a famous French pirate, François L’Olonnais, called "Limb by Limb."

A Slayer tribute CD was released in September with Ahoora covering the song "Blood Red." They were shocked to find that in place of their band picture, a picture of terrorists was in the tribute’s booklet.

Throughout the year, almost 30 articles were published concerning Ahoora and their latest release "All in Blood with You."

"In August, Alireza Saeidian, the lead guitar player, succeeded to immigrate to Canada."

Ahoora would like to wish everyone has a pleasant, successful year.

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Iranian Metal Band Ahoora Portrayed As Terrorists

Iranian metal band Ahoora has posted a message detailing their dealings with someone putting together a Slayer compilation album who has decided on their own accord to portray the band as terrosists. Here is the post from the band:

"Attention please! During the recording days of All in Blood with You we were contacted by a guy from Russian Slayer fan club. He told us that he was going to prepare a tribute album with worldwide participants, celebrating 25 years of slayer. We accepted the offer and recorded Blood Red off the classic Seasons in the Abyss. The track and the signed contract were sent to him. For months we were sending him emails following the project and yet there were no proper responses. Finally after almost a year we were informed that the album was going to be out early September 2008. We found a promo video about this album in You Tube. The video represents the bands involved in the Cd, Sliding the images while captioning the band names. When it comes to Ahoora, you'll see a picture of four suicide bombers with name Ahoora!!! Yes totally fuc*ing unbelievable!

"While we were unable to think of any idea that might've occurred to the guy's head; all our emails regarding this matter left unanswered. Then we found out that they have used the same picture in the booklet too! It seems that our bright guy had decided to do this as a brilliant business-wise innovation yet he had been unable to own the comprehension needed in this business. The harm that this thing will do to our image, in any size, is completely unforgivable. This IS the true terrorism within the media. Thanks for taking time to read this. Stay True!"

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Ahoora's Self-Titled Album Gets Worldwide Release

Iranian metal band Ahoora's self-titled debut album is officially available worldwide via Real2Can Records. The British label released the album, two years after the band self-released the album. "Ahoora" was illegally published in February 2006 inside Iran. Due to some copyright issues, the artwork had to be redone for the international release.

"Ahoora" includes 53 minutes of music, divided into six songs:

1. Spiritual Creator
2. Beyond the Reasonable doubt of a Lunatic
3. Flock
4. The Child of Volcano
5. Tale of the Crimson Path
6. Ahoora (instrumental)

"Ahoora" is now available on Amazon and few other online record stores, both as an audio CD and downloadable MP3 album.

You can download an MP3 of the single "Spiritual Creator" here.

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