"some music was meant to stay underground..."

We, the Undersigned

From: Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Ninjaspy Posts "No Kata" Tour Teaser

Vancouver's Ninjaspy has posted a teaser clip online for the band's upcoming "No Kata" tour, which can be viewed below.

The upcoming Ninjaspy tour dates are as follows: More...

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We, The Undersigned Posts New Tour Blog

We, The Undersigned has posted a new blog online detailing the band's recent tour dates. An excerpt from the blow follows:

"As I mentioned in the previous entry, our friend from ninjaspy Tim has graciously let us stay with him in Vancouver since we have a few days off. As it happens Tim and his roomate have quite an extensive VHS collection and the WTU Clan are quickly becoming old-school junkies. Sooooo we spent the next 3 days watching Arnold Sweartznegger (?) and Sly Stalone movies, some of which include Commando, Judge Dredd, Total Recall, Die Hard 3, True Lies, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Ace Venture 2, 12 Monkeys and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's amazing watching the movies from the 80's and 90's depict what the 'future' was supposed to be like. My only regret was that we didn't get to watch 'The 6th Day,' another Arnold classic.

"We all managed to get out and about and did a bit of shopping. I hit up a hippie store and bought some organic soap and spent way to much $ in a used record store. The coolest musical acquisition would have to be the Live Matthew Good double CD that is amazing! Tonight (Feb 23rd) we rock a bar in downtown Vancouver called Funky Winkerbeans. Best venue name ever? More...

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We, The Undersigned Checks In With Tour Blog

We, The Undersigned has checked in with a new blog detailing the band's recent tour dates. An excerpt from the road report follows:

"February 17th - Amigo's, Saskatoon SK: As we venture deeper into Canada's flattest terrains I find my eyes pained by the longest sunsets ever to be witnessed. I have yet to see the infamous Prairie Dogs but my gut tells me they're here... somewhere. The central regions of this country are not without their bleakness, visually and socially, but there are cool people in all walks of life and all regions of this messed up world. We found them in Kenora, Regina, and again tonight, in Saskatoon.

"We're playing what appears to be the coolest venue in the town, Amigos. In the daytime it's a gnarly mexican restaurant with delicious eats and various beers on tap and in the evening it's a great sounding rock n roll venue. Perfect. As usual with the western hospitality of this country, we were offered free meals and beverages. The vegetarian fajita and Grasshopper on tap has already made my night a success. The show begins with an awesome disappointment... More...

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We, The Undersigned Posts Tour Blog

We, The Undersigned has posted a blog online detailing the band's recent tour dates in Canada. An excerpt from the blog follows:

"February 9th - Mad Hatters, Montreal QC (with Endast): Tonight was our very first show since the summer of 2010 and I cannot tell you how excited we were to hit the stage and make some organized noise for the masses. Preperation for this cross country tour has been a bit stressful so we are badly in need of releasing the tension through some cathartic heavy metal! And that we did mes amis. Mad Hatters was packed from wall to wall (thanks to our good buddies ENDAST) so we cranked up the tube amps and plowed through our 7-song set. It was clear that we missed the sensation of excitement and adrenaline that comes from a We, The Undersigned performance. Despite our 8-month break, the mission has not been forgotten. Awesome show!

"As our 3rd cross Canada tour begins, we would like to give a huge shout out to our new Super Friend, Mr. Josh Ingram. He has decided to help us out by playing drums with us every night! He's a rockin dude so when you come out to our show, be sure to send him some love and creep on his facebook.

"We would also like to thank our sponsors for the tour: Jagermeister, D-Tox, Red Tentacle, Diminished Fifth Record, and The Outlook Agency.

"February 11th - The Highland, North Bay ON: For our first North Bay show ever we found ourselves at a venue that was basically somebody's upstairs transformed into a rock hall. This was cool because there were no rules, but it was also a bit sketchy because there were NO RULES! It's been a while since I've been subjected to that much tabacco smoke (etc etc) but it made me thankful that no one can smoke in bars nowadays. More...

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We, The Undersigned Announces Canadian Tour

New Brunswick’s We, The Undersigned is gearing up for the Canadian "Tonight We Dine" tour, which will span from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. The band commented: "It feels like we haven't hit the road in way too long so we're dying to get away from the slave shackles of our 9 to 5 jobs. Hopefully the All Mighty Economy can survive without us..."

The currently announced shows are as follows:

Feb 9, 2011 – Montreal, QC?
Feb 11, 2011 – North Bay, ON
Feb 12, 2011 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Feb 13, 2011 – Thunder Bay, ON?
Feb 15, 2011 – Regina, SK?
Feb 17, 2011 – Saskatoon, SK?
Feb 18, 2011 – Edmonton, AB?
Feb 19, 2011 – Prince George, BC?
Feb 20, 2011 – Kelowna, BC?
Feb 24, 2011 – Victoria, BC?
Feb 25, 2011 – Nanaimo, BC?
Feb 26, 2011 – Duncan, BC
Feb 27, 2011 – Vancouver, BC
Feb 28, 2011 – Calgary, AB?
Mar 1, 2011 – Edmonton, AB?
Mar 3, 2011 – Brandon, AB?
Mar 4, 2011 – Kenora, ON
Mar 5, 2011 – Thunder Bay, ON?
Mar 6, 2011 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Mar 8, 2011 – Sudbury, ON?
Mar 9, 2011 – Sudbury, ON?
Mar 11, 2011 – Toronto, ON?
Mar 12, 2011 – Ajax, ON?
Mar 13, 2011 – Guelph, ON?
Mar 18, 2011 – Moncton, NB
Mar 19, 2011 – Charlottetown, NPE
Mar 20, 2011 – Summerside, PE?
Mar 21, 2011 – Moncton, NB?
Mar 23, 2011 – Sussex, NB?
Mar 24, 2011 – St. John, NB?
Mar 26, 2011 – Halifax, NS?
Mar 28, 2011 – Fredericton, NB?

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We, The Undersigned Splits With Drummer

New Brunswick’s We, The Undersigned has announced that the band has parted ways with drummer Chris Gatza. The group is currently looking for a new replacement drummer.

"Unfortunetaly it didn't end the way we had envisioned, but as everyone in the band is well accustomed to, things change, responsibilities and expectations change, and the direction of the music changes" commented bass player Jai Sadler. "We're at a point in the bands career were every member needs to be fully committed to helping the band/business as a whole, so I feel like we made the right decision for both parties involved."

Anyone interested in trying out for the drummer position can find the band's requirements and contact information at this location.

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We, the Undersigned Debuts New Music Video Online

New Brunswick’s WE, THE UNDERSIGNED have released their first music video for the single "Burning Bodies (In The Distance)" from their album "Bleed The Constants" (2009 – Diminished Fifth Records). The Video was filmed in the icy hills of New Brunswick in January.

"I was kinda hoping the video for Burning Bodies in the Distance would involve MY body burning as I lay on the sandy beaches of of Madagascar with lots of pretty girls playing volleyball and drinking margaritas, you know, like a hip hop video. Wishful thinking?"Commented Guitar player Andy Stevens. Fellow band mate and drummer Chris Gatza said "It was probably one of the coldest mornings I've ever witnessed, but the experience alone was worth every nipple tightening second."

Watch the music video for "Burning Bodies (In The Distance)" below:

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We, The Undersigned Posts Making Of Footage

We, The Undersigned has posted behind the scenes footage from the recording of the music video "Burning Bodies," which can be viewed below. The band also issued the following statement about the clip:

"Hey friends...long time no chat eh? Well check this out, we're gearing up to release our debut music video for Burning Bodies (In The Distance) and in celebration of that we've decided to upload the making of/behind the scenes footage from the day of the shoot. Stay tuned for the release of the full video in a couple weeks."

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Rusted Dawn Signs To Diminished Fifth Records

New Brunswick, Canada based thrashers RUSTED DAWN has announced their signing to Diminished Fifth Records.

Diminished Fifth Records' owner Josh Hogan comments, “We are incredibly excited to get behind this album and to help expose these killer tunes to the masses. Not only is Rusted Dawn a great addition to the growing and diverse D5R family but there is no doubt that they are one of the hardest working bands out east and anyone who knows D5R knows that hard work is integral to us!” More...

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We, The Undersigned Issues Final Road Report

We, The Undersigned have issued the following final tour blog from their "Off With Their Heads" tour:

"November 20th - Langford Legion Auditorium – Victoria, BC. For our 2nd show on the island, we hit up the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, one of the more beautiful places Canada has to offer. Headlining the show is local funk rockers 'Funk Vigilante.' Legion shows are typically fun so we were looking forward to this one.

"The trend of good draws we’ve been having through BC didn’t let up, we got what looked like about 80-100 through the door (thanks to both NS and Funk Vigilante for that). Unfortunately during our set the power to the main PA was cutting out and we lost all mics. This happened 3 times in the set, one time taking 20 minutes to resolve. Luckily it stayed on for the last 4 songs so we ripped them as hard as we could for the ones that stuck around. Oh well, we were about due for some tech issues, it had been a while. Karma, you sly duck! More...

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We, The Undersigned Issues New Tour Report

We, The Undersigned have issued the following fifth tour blog from their current "Off With Their Heads" tour:

"November 16th – The Kelowna Club – Kelowna, BC. Oh what a night! As previously mentioned, we decided to drive over night to Kelowna. Desipte the fact that we met up with a snow storm in the mountains of Alberta, with the help of a little bit of shift-work driving, I found myself waking up in what the Tim’s employee told me was Kamloops, BC around noon. Not bad! One motivation behind the night-time drive was to ensure that when we begin our 4-day trek back to Halifax, we’re ready.

"Our first show in British Columbia this time around is in Kelowna. I was once informed by Ottawa’s 'Fuck The Facts' that Kelowna has a lot of passionate music lovers, or so-says their song named after the city. I think we proved their theory because we (er...i mean.... Ninjaspy) filled this small community center and had the craziest pits we’ve seen all tour for both ours as well as NS’s set. Thanks Kelowna for losing your freakin’ minds!!! Can’t wait to come back.

"Something that deserves mentioning about this night is that I took a huge bail during our 2nd song of our set, Pangea Mind. I fell right on my ass and had my guitar signal cut out. As any professional would (lol!), I got my guitar working just in time to hit an A-minor and scream 'Disipate!!!'. That’s what I get for trying to pull off the 'Eddie Vedder' power jumps. Amazing show, sold some shirts/cd’s, got to see my longtime friend Charlie Robichaud. Looking foward to the remainder of our BC dates... More...

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We, The Undersigned Checks In From The Road

We, The Undersigned have issued the following road report from their Canadian "Off With Their Heads" tour:

"November 10th – Kilroy’s – Thunder Bay, ON. Ding Ding Ding! Tonight round 2 in Thunder Bay is going down literally 2 blocks down from Black Pirate’s Pub at Kilroy’s. Playing a Monday and Tuesday back-to-back is always risky but the rockers in T-Bay LOVE their live music so we had a decent handful out. The line-up tonight was the same as last night as from local openers which names escape me. We were also graced with the singer from Faceless Hulk, Ted, doing a 30 minute set of hip-hop songs. Strangely I was reminded of Eminem mixed with some Immortal Technique. Also, he took a nap during the set . I believe this was the manifestation of an inside joke involving Ted once missing his own set at an Edmonton bar because he fell asleep.

"Faceless Hulk kicks ass, if they come east spend the 7 or 8 dollars and go see them. Also, it was great to play with Endast again as they wrap up their west coast tour. These Jagr swigging hard rockers are a force to be reckoned with, look out Canada. Big James wants to pwn you!!! More...

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We, The Undersigned Posts New Road Report

We, The Undersigned have issued the following road report from their Canadian tour:

"November 7th – Knights of Columbus Hall – Ottawa/Vanier, ON. Tonight we find ourselves in a posh-y suburb of Ottawa known as Vanier. This is most assuredly our first time being in this place and I must say, we had quite the rock show! These halls only have tolerable sound if there’s enough bodies to absorb it. Luckily the 60-70 kids that showed up did the trick and moshed their faces off!

"Strangely we were offered a sponsorship deal with a local restaurant called 'Best Pizza' while we ate our supper. We’re not sure what they thought we could offer them, or vice versa, but none the less it gave us a laugh. I’ll wear their t-shirt for a couple free meals a year in Vanier! Mmmm...shwarma...

"One of the standout bands of the evening was the promoters' 'Pressure Makes Diamonds.' Another young band that has loads of potential as they grow into their 20`s at making some great music. More...

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We, The Undersigned Issues New Road Report

We, The Undersigned have issued the following road report from their Canadian tour dates:

"November 5th - Mikado’s - St. Catherines, ON. On our way to a Thursday night shindig in St. Catherines we skipped down to one of Canada’s greatest wonders, Niagara Falls. For most of us this was the first time and I must say, it’s pretty badass! Go Canada!

"This particular bar is equipped with a projector and so along with cold beer and live music, the patrons are also subject to whatever sort of visual stimulation the DJ deems appropriate. I looked up at one point and saw teletubbies... during our set. Imagining our tunes with a backdrop of those little creatures is pretty comical.

"We rocked Mikado’s with 2 local bands, The Overfiend and The Flame of Iris, and had a great time doing it! Ninjaspy administered some serious pwn, as per the usual. It’s great to see brothers making music together, and doing it so well. This was the 1st show/bar that gave us a beer tab so that was kinda nice. We demolished it in a timely manner. Hopefully we caught a few eyes and ears in the St. Kitts because we’ll likely be back in the future since this show went so well. Mainly though we just want to see the Falls again! Tomorrow we backtrack to Montreal, the metal capital of Canada! More...

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We, The Undersigned Checks In From The Road

We, The Undersigned have issued the following road report from their current Canadian tour:

"November 1st - The Vinyl - Guelph, ON Our first official show of the tour has us playing in the beautiful city of Guelph ON. This is exciting because sharing the bill with us is local tech-metal masters Time, The Destroyer. Also sharing this bill with us is the 'Triad in Blood,' Vancouver’s own Ninjaspy. They’ll be playing every show with us until November 21st in Vancouver at which point we’ll sadly part ways, hopefully a little wiser than the day we left our home in NB.

"Anyone who’s been to Guelph knows that The Vinyl is probably the best venue in town for a rock show. The place can probably hold 200-300 but since it’s only us in town we brought out 50-60 head-bangers. Someday though, we’ll pack the place. Good times.

"November 4th - The Green Bottle - Oshawa ON Similarly to our last venture across this great country, we’ve become victims of unreliable promoters and found our Nov 2nd and Nov 3rd in Toronto and Hamilton canceled. Although these days off were quite useful as we accomplished numerous things that should’ve been done before tour, we were itching to destroy Oshawa tonight, hopefully in front of a decent pile of people. And so... More...

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We, The Undersigned Streaming Entire New Album

Canada's We, The Undersigned are currently streaming their entire new album "Bleed The Constants" online at their MySpace page. "Bleed The Constants" is set to be released via Diminished Fifth records on October 13th in North America, with a release date yet-to-be-announced for the UK.

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We, The Undersigned Issues Band Update

We, the Undersigned has issued the following update about posting new songs online and getting ready for upcoming tour dates:

"Good morrow Gents and females.

"It's been a while, so I might as well waste some more of your time. First, we're posting new songs! I'm sure you've noticed, we spam right good, but as time goes by we'll be posting a few more tunes. At the end of the month we'll be posting the ENTIRE ALBUM! Dun dun dun....so if you're really keen you could download a stream recorder and leak that shit everywhere, you might as well really...binary should be free, fuck paying for 1's and 0's.

"Next, the tour! It's coming along nice and we should be able to announce the dates at the end of the month, maybe sooner. We're pretty stoked to be sharing the road with Ninja Spy so check them out, fucking awesome. We'll be with them from Nov 1st to the 20th covering land from Ontario to British Columbia, so keep watch.

"Alright, hmmm...nothing else witty, or important, is coming to mind thus I might as well stop wasting you time."

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Of The First Born Son Part Ways With Members

Of The First Born Son has announced upcoming tour dates with Fredericton, NB based We The Undersigned. Of The First Born Son recently parted ways with guitarist Mike Rideout and bassist Curt Long. The group is currently auditioning replacements and will make an announcement shortly.

"We were disappointed that Curt and Mike decided to leave the band, but in the end it will benefit us as far as song writing for our next release goes. We just consider this a small bump in the road," says frontman Jamie Schoch. "It's always unfortunate to see people leave our family but we understand that not everyone is cut out for this business. We are dedicated, ready to continue with the tour and already have Hutton W. (ex-A Satellite Connecticut) and Paul Taylor (ex-Skylight Drama) filling in for us. Nothing will stop this band."

Of The First Born Son released their debut album on Year of the Sun Records and have been making a name for themselves in the hardcore and metal scenes utilizing a lethal combination of blistering breakdowns and metallic fretwork. The band's non-stop tour schedule has earned them high profile spots opening for the likes of Emmure, Arise and Ruin, Legeia, Endwell, Farewell to Freeway and A Perfect Murder.

We, the Undersigned have made a name for themselves as one of the most promising bands to emerge out of the Canadian East Coast metal scene. The band has opened high profile shows with Cancer Bats, The End, Ten Second Epic and was handpicked by Protest The Hero to open dates on their headlining tour.

Here are the latest OF THE FIRST BORN SON tour dates:

Apr 01 2008 Peterborough, Ont @ The Underdog
Apr 02 2008 Guelph, Ont @ The Shadow w/Of The First Born Son
Apr 03 2008 London, Ont @ The Wick w/Of The First Born Son
Apr 04 2008 Kitchener, Ont @ The Gig w/Of The First Born Son
Apr 05 2008 Brantford, Ont @ Bottoms Up
Apr 06 2008 Windsor, Ont @ Coach and Horses

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