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Ninth Moon Black

From: Eugene, OR, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Pit Stories: Fungus Enhanced Meshuggah

The mosh pit is home to some of the craziest events known to the musical world, from flying body parts to bizarre sexual encounters, and each week we find metal bands to share their most interesting mosh pit stories. Today we've got the following tale of Kasey from Ninth Moon Black experiencing technical metal live in a whole new way, courtesy of a few psychedelic fungi:

I once took mushrooms right before going into a Meshuggah concert. For a very brief moment, I contemplated the ramifications then shrugged them away. I quickly popped the magical fungi into my mouth thinking I’d have plenty of time to adjust once I got through the doors but the mushrooms had other plans. While I stood in line for what seemed an eternity, the psilocybin took over my senses. My stomach churned, my mind turned sideways and the antennae of heightened awareness tuned into the world with that bizarre psychedelic slant. As I entered the venue I felt like a ship navigating some alien terrain.

The Faceless were in full swing and never before had I experienced music so terrifying, yet so awesome. The venue was already near capacity and the floor a sea of movement. I hugged the walls trying desperately to avoid any contact with the people moshing as well as the extraterrestrial spirits hovering above the crowd. They watched me with their sinister gaze that was most likely only visible to my eyes. I managed to make my way to the back of the room, anchoring myself to the wall until Cynic took the stage. Their entrance was serene and they lured me away from the walls as they calmed the crowd with their meditative musings. I closed my eyes throughout the duration of their set, allowing myself to journey through their progressive zen. As they finished off their set with "Evolutionary Sleeper," I opened my eyes only to realize I was damn close to the front row.

It was time to make a quick decision; take the plunge and enter the dark waters of Meshuggah or steer my inebriated vessel back to where I had watched The Faceless, and witness Meshuggah from the safety of the “outside.” Since the very reason I was there that evening was to see Meshuggah, I decided I needed to brace myself and grabbed tightly to the barrier between myself and the stage. A moment later, Fredrik Thordendal positioned himself right in front of me with Jens Kidman just off to my right. They began to play, their music taking hold of sanity and commanding bodies into rhythmic collisions. Song after song, I fought the wave of bodies crashing into my own when suddenly I had an epiphany, the madness of the mosh pit becoming a metaphor for my life. Rather than fight the aggression, why not ride it?

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Ninth Moon Black Streaming New Album

Ninth Moon Black is a 5 piece instrumental band from the Pacific Northwest, conjuring musical influences from the realms of psychedelic, ambient, and post metal. The band has now released a new album titled "Chronophage," which is available for streaming through bandcamp or in the player below. The following press release was issued about the band:

"Aware that instrumental music is not for everyone, NMB strives to write pieces which challenge that boundary, keeping listeners involved with intricate melodic passages, emotionally driven progressions and cohesive yet uniquely structured songs.

"Writing and performing music that is very cinematic in nature, Ninth Moon Black aims to create an experience for the listener, often showing self-produced experimental films, or providing an epic soundscape for visual odysseys such as Begotten, Decasia and Man With A Movie Camera.

"Since the release of their 2008 self-titled debut, NMB has shared the stage with bands such as Middian, Melt Banana, Indian, Earth, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Dead Meadow and Ludicra. In 2009, they provided West Coast tour support for Wolves In The Throne Room and Minsk.

"January of 2011 saw the kickoff of a college radio campaign with Team Clermont for their follow up EP Kalyug, which debuted on the CMJ Loud Rock chart at #31. It was the only self-released album on the chart that week and continued to hold various positions for the duration of the campaign. Kalyug also debuted on the CMJ Loud Rock Select albums chart at #58, and the track 'Kalyug' charted on CMJ's Loud Rock Select Tracks chart at #87. More...

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Forgotten Empire Announces New E-Cards

Charlotte based indie label Forgotten Empire Records (home to The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Day Without Dawn, among others) has just launched a series of e-cards online in support of their recent and upcoming releases.

These include Portland, Oregon's Ninth Moon Black, fresh off sharing the stage with the likes of doom giants Middian and Indian as well as label mates Blackwaves from Germany. Ninth Moon Black push the progressive ambient genre with dropped guitars that go from metal-induced to eerily slow and delayed, drum beats that serve to hold the whole structure of sound up with double-kicked metal parts or even trip-hop-influenced loops, spacey synthesizers that add epic strings, retro synth lines, and experimenting into noise, a loud bass that rumbles below every track, never venturing too far from the lower strings, and unsettling movie audio samples that surface from time to time as the only human voice that is heard, communicating a feeling of desperation.

"Boston's Voyager" is a self-titled EP clocking just over 32 minutes of sparse, emotional, melodic, desperate and always punishing music. Fans of Mare, Old Man Gloom and ISIS should take note.

Also available in it's full is a split cd, consisting of Scottish instrumentalists Fire on the Horizon and North Carolina's From Oceans to Autumn. Fire on the Horizon has an amazingly dense, thoughtful sound slow moving sound. Focusing on textures of ethereal guitar melodies, their music has often been compared with Cult of Luna, Mono or This Will Destroy. From slow paced riffs to bone crushing rhythms, ambient interludes and beautiful melodies, From Oceans To Autumn combines experimental metal and psychedelic rock with a spaced out feeling of weightlessness and droned-out atmospheres.

You can listen to the albums at forgottenempirerecords.com.

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Ninth Moon Black, Blackwaves Tour The West Coast

Forgotten Empire Records labelmates Ninth Moon Black and Blackwaves are kicking off their west coast tour with Indian and Middian. Ninth Moon Black hail from Eugene Oregan and bring a unique blend of ambient music and psychotic disturbing visuals that have a distinctively dark mood, fitting of the North West.

Blackwaves are a creative force hailing from Germany, their music is a blend of straight up stoner rock, psychaedlic stuff, metal, or even goth.

In other news Ninth Moon Black's debut full length is being released today by Forgotten Empire. Copies will be available on tour as well as across various retailers and from the label directly.

The dates are as follows, visit their respective websites for more info:

Mar 25 2008: Samurai Duck w/ Indian and Middian ,Eugene, Oregon
Mar 26 2008: Monstros Pizza w/ Iron Fish and MADMOM ,Chico, California
Mar 27 2008: tba w/ Blackwaves Nevada City, California
Mar 28 2008: The Jury Room ,Santa Cruz, California
Mar 29 2008: The Stag w/ Der Spazm, Mister Vague and The Products ,Woodland, California
Mar 31 2008: tba w/ Blackwaves ,San Francisco, California
Apr 1 2008: Audies Olympic formerly Club Fred w/ Done For Good ,Fresno, California
Apr 2 2008: tba Los Angeles, California
Apr 3 2008: The Unknown Theater w/ ELEMENOPY ,Los Angeles, California
Apr 4 2008: Dayton’s Bar and Grill w/ Motherclimax ,Martinez, California
Apr 5 2008: Oak Street Speakeasy w/ Vanishing Kids and Blackwaves ,Eugene, Oregon

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