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Formed: 1993
From: Jönköping, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Narnia News

Below is our complete Narnia news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Narnia Releases "I Still Believe" Music Video

Swedish melodic metal band Narnia just released a music video for the new single "I Still Believe," which you can check out in the player below. The song comes off the highly anticipated self-titled album that drops today, September 16th, via Ulterium Records.

On the new album Narnia re-visits the melodic roots, but with an updated sound, creating a perfect blend; a powerful production by guitarist CJ Grimmark, mixed and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson.

Over the years, Narnia has been established as one of the leading forces in melodic, neoclassical metal, with a strong reputation of being a great live act that always delivers. And so it continues... The fans are asking for more and the band is hungrier than ever!

Upcoming Narnia tour dates:

September 23rd: Scenen Sofiehof Underjord - Jönköping, Sweden
September 24th: Nalen Klubb (Alcazar) - Stockholm, Sweden
September 25th: iNTiMAN - Västerås, Sweden
November 5th: Faddergalan - Kungsängen, Sweden
November 11th: Brainstorm Festival - Apeldoorn, Netherlands

More tour dates will be announced soon.

Check out the clip here: More...

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Narnia Sends "Messengers" In New Video Clip

Swedish neoclassical power metal act Narnia, who reunited in 2014, released another new music video and single - this time for "Messengers." The song is lifted from new album simply entitled "Narnia," which will be independently issued September 16th worldwide.

"Narnia" sees the return of vocalist Christian Rivel-Liljegren, who fronted the band from 1996-2008.

The track listing for "Narnia" is:

1. Reaching for the Top (see music video here)
2. Still Believe
3. Highest Mountain
4. Set the World on Fire
5. Thank You
6. Who Do You Follow
7. Moving On
8. Messengers
9. One Way to the Promised Land

Check out "Messengers": More...

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Narnia Issues Music Video For New Song

Swedish neoclassical power metal act Narnia, who reunited in 2014, issued a video clip for the new song "Reaching for the top." The song will be the opening track of the new album "Narnia," which will be independently issued September 16th worldwide.

"Narnia" sees the return of vocalist Christian Rivel-Liljegren, who fronted the band from 1996-2008. The track listing for "Narnia" is:

1. Reaching for the Top
2. Still Believe
3. Highest Mountain
4. Set the World on Fire
5. Thank You
6. Who Do You Follow
7. Moving On
8. Messengers
9. One Way to the Promised Land

Check out "Reaching for the Top" here: More...

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Narnia Guitarist C.J. Grimmark Injured In Fall

Swedish metal act Narnia reported that guitarist C.J. Grimmark (Carl-Johan Grimmark) (Rob Rock/Planet Alliance/Empire 21) was injured in a fall from a cliff and is currently in the hospital to undergo a series of operations. According to the band, Grimmark is badly hurt, having sustained multiple fractures in his legs.

On its Facebook page, the band commented: "Our guitar player...CJ Grimmark is badly hurt and broke several [bones] in his [legs] and foot when he fell from a cliff yesterday. He is on a hospital now and they will do operations. Please pray for the doctors and the team around CJ to make this as good as possible in this very moment so he will recover soon. Please pray for CJ and and the family for rest, health, strength and to take away the pain."

Narnia regrouped in 2014 after a four year hiatus and is currently working on new material. The band's next scheduled gig is August 15th at Sävsjö Celebration. More...

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Narnia Reuniting

After calling it a day back in 2010, Christian metal outfit Narnia has now returned. The following press release was issued about the

"Narnia, one of the world’s leading bands in neo-classical metal, are back again, stronger than ever. The praised album, and also the fans’ favourite, 'Long Live The King,' this year celebrates fifteen years since its release.

"This anniversary will be celebrated with bombastic live shows and a deluxe re-issue of the album on CD and limited edition vinyl. Confirmed concerts so far in 2014:

May 24, Metallsvenskan festival in Örebro, Sweden
June 14, Goodmoodstock Festival in Pieksämäki, Finland
July 5, Gullbranna Festival in Halmstad, Sweden

"More dates will be announced later. The lion will again roar on stage, where Narnia waves the melodic metal flag high and mighty!"

The Narnia 2014 line-up features:

Christian Liljegren (vocals)
CJ Grimmark (guitars)
Andreas “Habo” Johansson (drums)
Martin Härenstam (keyboards)
Andreas Passmark (bass) More...

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Pit Stories: Germán Pascual Braves The Elements

Tuesday has rolled around again and that means its time for more Pit Stories taken from directly from the musicians who keep the metal world running. Normally the mosh pit is where all the action is at, but sometimes just getting to the venue can be quite the ordeal all on it's own. Today Germán Pascual (Divinefire, ex-Narnia) shares the following story about an "act of God" nearly stopping the band from performing during a Brazilian tour:

After a great gig in Sao Paulo and a decent good night sleep we headed for Curitiba. The trip was estimated 5 to 6 hours, so we would have plenty of time to rest before next show. The weather broadcast was looking good and all of us were in great spirit.

Then it all started to go wrong BANG, a flat tire! Imagine 10 hungry metal heads in 40C = to about 110F degrees in the middle of nowhere. Thank God the chauffeur took hold of the situation together with the roadies. The rest of us started a long walk to the nearest restaurant. Drained in sweat we finally had lunch and later on met up with the others. Still on time we continued our trip south.

After half an hour the traffic started to get crowded. Very slowly but still in motion we noticed that the sky went darker. It started to rain. For all of you who haven't been in a tropical country I must mention that when it rains, IT RAINS! The traffic stops and we don't move for hours. Now we are getting the picture of a wrecked schedule, but still in a hopeful mood. We start to move, slowly, and now we can see what made the traffic jam. The road is totally flushed away, gone, zero, nothing! With heavy heads we almost gave up. But still we were moving forward and we saw cars that crossed to the other side. High up in the mountains with just a tiny string left of the road, we too took the daring and insane decision to move on. Safe on the other side and half way there we were late. Okay, Sound check: no time, a refreshing shower and change of clothes: no way.

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Narnia Guitarist Issues Band Member Update

Christian power metal act Narnia officially called it a day back in 2010. Guitarist CJ Grimmark has now checked in with the following statement about the various projects of the former Narnia band members and teaser about upcoming plans:

"Hello and a happy new 2011 and 2012 (haven't been here for a while:) Sorry for the long silence! I hope You've all been well over the past 2 years. If anybody would be so kind and be a little curious about what's been going on, I'll gladly share some information with you.

"For those of You who have been here before You're most likely aware of the fact that NARNIA hasn't been around for a couple of years now. We officially split up in early 2010 and made two farewell concerts at Christmas Rocknight in Germany and Revolution Metal fest in Mexico City in late 2010.A lot of happenings and thoughts have passed since we decided to put Narnia to sleep...it's been a time of both confusion, and sometimes sadness, and well needed relaxation and blessings.

"Having been almost completely absent from the Internet and social media such as Myspace I'm guessing many of You have no clue what's been going on. So, to give You a brief update I have had the chance to make an album and tour with the new Swedish metal band Fullforce.The guys in the band are Mike Anderson, vocals (Cloudscape), Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, ex Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force) Stefan Elmgren (ex Hammerfall) and Tommy Larsson (ex Heed). Keep Your eyes open for Fullforce in the future. I've had a truly GREAT time and lots of fun with these guys. More...

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Divinefire Recruits New Members

Divinefire has issued the following announcement about recruiting members from Golden Resurrection and Narnia:

"The Swedish/Finnish and now also Brazilian melodic metal band Divinefire are back and will release their 5th studio album called 'Eye of the Storm' in late March 2011 in Japan and in April for the rest of the world.

"The big news is the new line-up of Divinefire. The band is now fronted by two vocalists Christian Liljegren (GOLDEN RESURRECTION) & German Pascual (NARNIA) and both vocalists have fronted the loved melodic neoclassical metal band NARNIA who did their last concert at CHRISTMAS ROCKNACHT December 3, 2010.

"Together with guitarist and composer JANI STEFANOVIC, DIVINEFIRE are complete and will deliver an exploding metal album called EYE OF THE STORM. Soundclips from the new album will soon be available at this location."

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Just For Fun

Christmas Metal 2010 Roundup

Another Christmas is just around the corner, which means jolly fat men in red suits scaring the bejeesus out of crying children and uncomfortable dinners with family members who don't actually like each other. Christmas isn't just caroling and spiked egg nog though, it's also another opportunity to rock out with some metal steeped in the holiday spirit. We already gave Christmas the metal treatment with a list of the top 10 most metal light shows, as well a new edition of the Rockstar Ramblings describing what aging rockers really want to get under the tree. Slipknot front man Corey Taylor also recently posted a Christmas music video here. To keep December heavy, we've also rounded up a list of the 2010 Christmas and Anti-Christmas rock and metal songs available online.

First off is the 2010 edition of the Misantrof AntiRecords "Holy Fucking AntiChristmas" compilation, which features 15 punk, instrumental, and metal tracks tearing the most commercial holiday of the year a new one. You can stream or download the songs here, and the track listing is as follows: More...

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Narnia Comments On Final Shows

Christian power metal act Narnia has issued the following update about the band's final shows before disbanding:

"Hello! We're happy to say that original keyboard-player Martin Härenstam (formerly known as Martin Claesson) joins us for our very final concerts in Mexico City and at Christmas Rocknight, Germany.

"We can't think of a better way to say goodbye to our fans than with this hybrid classic/modern lineup: Germán Pascual, CJ Grimmark, Andreas Johansson, Andreas Passmark and Martin Härenstam. See You soon."

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Narnia Announces Final Two Performances

Christian power metal act Narnia has announced the dates for its final two performances together as a band. Narnia guitarist C.J. Grimmark commented by saying:

"These two occations have been carefully chosen among the many wonderful audiences and fantastic concert promoters that we have met during the years. We really hope to see each and everyone of you who is able to make it to these two VERY special concerts."

Nov. 20 - Mexico City, Mexico - Together For The Revolution
Dec. 3-4 - Ennepetal, Germany - Christmas Rock Night

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Narnia Comments On Westboro Baptist Protest

Christian power metallers Narnia recently announced their intention to disband. Narnia Guitarist CJ Grimmark has now checked in with the following statement regarding the plans of Westboro Baptist to protest Ronnie James Dio's public memorial service:

"With the resent statements of the 'Westboro Baptist Church' regarding Ronnie James Dio in mind, I feel obliged to make the following statement. First, I sincerely hope it's all a prank by someone with a bad and hopefully rare sense of humor (such as someone wanting to bash the WBC), but if it's not - let me say: Statements by fanatics does NOT represent a majority - never ever. What was said about Ronnie after his recent passing away made me sick to my stomach. As a christian believer there are many things that was written and sung by RJD that I'm not behind at all. But do I want to judge him? No!

"Does God allow or encourage ANY human to judge him or any other human for that matter, or wish someone 'to hell'? NO, it's strictly against the teachings of Jesus! What would Jesus do?
Think about it before you answer. Remember, we are all sinners but we're equally loved by God, and he wants us ALL by his side. The door is open to anyone who wants to enter. Not by our perfection but by the grace of God. More...

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Headline News

Narnia Calls It A Day

Christian power metallers Narnia have issued the following update about deciding to call it quits:

"Some of You may have heard rumors, and some of You may be surprised by what you're about to read. We confirm today that we're facing the end of the journey of this band. We want to thank all our fans, friends and our families who stood behind us all the time. Thank You for believing.

"The decision was made around new-year 09/10. It's time to move on. Music business is tough, and it's getting tougher every day. But it's also the greatest business to be in thanks to the crowds and the people we've met along this long road. Thank you for sharing your stories and for letting our music and message be a part of You lives. Last summer, after a concert, a guy around the age of 20-25 walked up to me, thanked me for the show and said 'I listened a lot to You guys when I was a kid.' (...and I thought WE were still kids...hey, wake up)

"To celebrate this long journey we will do ONE more concert that will serve as the Grand Finale of Narnia. The event has been chosen with great care and we hope to announce this.....soon. Stay tuned, God bless...over and out."

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Audiovision Signs To Ulterium Records

Swedish melodic metal band AUDIOVISION has signed to Ulterium Records. The band's new album, "Focus," will be released later this spring, release dates and more information will be announced within the coming weeks.

The line-up of Audiovision is as follows:

Christian Liljegren [Divinefire, ex. Narnia] - Vocals
Simeon Liljegren [Ex. Modest Attraction] - Bass & Vocals
Torbjörn Weinesjö [Veni Domine] - Guitars & Vocals
Thomas Weinesjö [Veni Domine, Saviour Machine] - Drums
Olov Andersson [Grand Stand] - Keyboards & Vocals More...

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Nightmare Records Offering Free Christmas Album

Nightmare Records have announced they are offering their "Merry Metal Christmas" album as a free MP3 download. The album can be downloaded at this location. The "Merry Metal Christmas" track listing is as follows:

1. Bethlehem (5:51) - Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls
2. A Chosen Truth (7:19) - Edgend - A New Identity
3. Kings will Come (4:02) - Narnia - Course of a Generation
4. Forsaken (6:54) - Futures End - Memoirs of a Broken Man
5. Sea of Tranquility (2:40) - Heart of Sun - Heart of Sun
6. One Silent Moment (4:32) - Cloudscape - Global Drama
7. Wicked Land of Winter (5:11) - Sacred Dawn - Christmas Single
8. Tears Of Pain (4:14) - Keith Miller - Over The Abyss
9. Silently We Fade (4:41) - Harmony - Chapter II: Aftermath
10. Fall from Grace (1:11) - Avian - Ashes And Madness
11. Spiritual Path (5:47) - Scelerata - Skeletons Domination
12. Believe (6:00) - Glass Spires - Glass Spires
13. The Harem-remastered (3:35) - Gemini - Gemini
14. In My Dreams (6:09) - Darkwater - Calling The Earth To Witness
15. Ancient song (5:39) - Dimension - EGO
16. The Chronicles of Jacob Marley (8:28) - Order of Nine - Christmas Single
17. Orchestration For More Than One Horn (0:36) - Evil Masquerade - Third Act
18. FireoftheAncients (5:27) - Defyance - Transitional Forms
19. You Give Me Love (5:49) - Grimmstine - Grimmstine
20. The Calm (5:59) - Perspective X IV - Shadow Of Doubt
21. Coming Home - remastered (6:28) - Gemini - Gemini
22. Shadow Of A Lucent Moon (7:22) - Andromeda - The Immunity Zone
23. Heaven’s Gate (5:20) - Six Minute Century - Time Capsules
24. From Now On (4:25) - Shining Star - Enter Eternity
25. Guitar Concierto (3:19) - Six Minute Century - Time Capsules

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Narnia's New Album Release Delayed In Japan

Christian power metallers Narnia have announced that the Japanese release date for their new album "Course of a Generation" has been delayed. The album was originally scheduled to be released in Japan on October 28th. A new release date has not yet been announced.

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Narnia Updates Swedish Tour Date Venue

Christian power metallers Narnia have issued the following update about the venue of an upcoming Swedish tour date:

"Due to a misunderstanding our upcoming show in Gävle, Sweden, has been inaccurately listed to take place at 'Club Monster', which is wrong. The show will be at the club Wasteland! See You there!!"

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Narnia Signs To Nightmare Records For U.S. Release

Christian power metallers Narnia have issued the following announcement about releasing their new album "Course of a Generation" in North America through Nightmare Records:

"Hello everyone!

"Good news today - we are signing a deal with Nightmare Records in the US. We're very happy about this and we hope this will bring us closer to our north American fans and friends than ever before. Please visit here for further details.

"Take care! NARNIA"

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Narnia Streaming Two New Song Online

Christian power metallers Narnia have issued the following update about streaming two new songs online:

"We have uploaded 2 more songs from our new album COURSE OF A GENERATION for streaming on this site. For those of You Europeans who still haven't bought the album - we hope that the aggressive 'Curse of a generation' and the super sing-a-long friendly 'Scared' will convince You once and for all that this album is a must-have!

"Until next time, take care and God bless!"

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Narnia Announces US and Japanese Record Deals

Sweden power metal band, Narnia, has issued the following update:

"We are glad to announce that we are signing with the Japanese label SoundHolic. "Course of a generation" will be released in Japan on oct 28th. So, highly respected Japanese fans, hang in there - there will be bonus material for You!"

"FINALLY we have signed a deal for a USA release as well. This is great news to us, and with our album available we hope to get a good connection to US fans in the future. The release is coming up SOON and there will be bonus material on this edition ad well. More details will follow soon...."

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